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From Sinatra877

I begged and groveled for her to call,
she feared the flame that would burn us all.
She knew deep inside that she wanted us to begin,
the flame and the fire that was burning within.

She feared the retribution and she feared the shame,
if we did what we wanted there would be no one to blame.
The guilt would be immense and the pain would commence.
But she knew that we'd be lovers in a weird sixth sense.


My SassiDream

She’s five foot five with long red hair but she lives far from me.
She’s got the curves, she’s got the look, she’s sexy SassyBri.
She’s got that sultry look that drives me up the wall.
Although she’s posted a lot of stuff, I want to know it all.

She’s that type that’ll slowly tease, she patiently awaits her prey.
Then she’ll eat you up and spit you out unless she gets her way.
With her sultry eyes and her curves she’ll eventually draw you in.
With her smile, with her laughs and her mischievous evil grin.

I think of her every now and then when I toil through my day.
I dream of making love to her what else do I have to say?
I think she’d like my little jokes. She’s really a super catch.
And the dirty side of me wants to eat her sticky wet snatch.

I can only dream of her naked, her body on top of me.
Doing her reverse cowgirl trick ride with serious impunity.
Although she’s close, she’s still far, a bit too far to date.
She’s so close but yet so far but this is just my fate.

Posted by SassyBri 2 years ago
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2 years ago
It is a kinda little masterpiece. Damn it, why didn't I write it ??
2 years ago
That's a talented crooner but horrible Poo'et. Glad you liked it though.
2 years ago
yes..the flame of love burns all of the dross and only it remains...warm kiss back
2 years ago
very beautiful
2 years ago
Thank you Sinatra877 for this spur of the moment poem. I was amazed...

Warm Kiss,
SassyBri ~