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Sassy Breaks In The Party Pit

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**She holds the wound as the bl**d seeps through her fingers and onto the bright yellow bricks.

Drip. Drip.. Drip…

Sassy is dazed. The chill in the air around her threatens the warmth she feels from the time spent with the lionman creature.**

Damn. She reflects back, shaking her head. Why was I so afraid? He was harmless.
(Looking down at her arm) Mostly...
Just a big pussycat.
Danger? Yes. He had a lot of issues to work through, and Sassy tends to absorb things.

She has ummm… uncanny abilities. One's she won’t talk about much. Some she can’t control.

**Putting one foot in front of the other and each step further behind her, Sassy continues on the path she is pulled toward.**

A Scarecrow. Really. What does THAT mean, and where the hell am I going to find one of those?

Why can’t I see or sense what this is all about? Usually I have a foresight that is eerily clear. Where is THAT ability when I need it ? Useless!

Everything is foggy, distorted. All of the surroundings now except the
golden shimmer up ahead.

**After Sassy walks for what seems like forever… She stops stone cold in her tracks. Her heart is beating wildly. She can see her breath in front of her as the air gets even colder.**

Something is going on back in the Pit. She keeps getting glimpses like static TV. Her intuition, the sixth sense that so eluded her earlier is back.

And back in a big way. An image of Warrior Q
drinking and enjoying the introduction of Essence. Then another vision came through. Crystal clear. What the fuck! Has he lost his damn mind?

**She looks ahead… The golden shimmer gone for a moment. A portal opens just to the right of where the glow is fading.
A site rarely seen on that side.

She is unable to fight the urge to detour off the yellow brick road, back through the portal and into the Pit.

Sassy walks straight over to where Q is now being served up some food. She takes the plate out of the maid’s hands and sits it on the table next to him with a slight thud.

The skirt Sassy is wearing is tight but stretchy. (She still has on the black and red strip of a dress from her journey) She pulls it just over her round ass and straddles Q’s lap.

She dismisses the somewhat shocked maid.**

**Grabbing Q’s surprised face in both my hands, and looking right in his eyes, I lean in to slide my tongue slowly over his lower lip. Reacting now, he reaches his arms around to handle my bare ass. I go in deeper and put a little suction on his eager tongue. When I pull away, I gently yet firmly tug on his lower lip with my teeth.

I run my wet tongue down his neck teasingly, then back up to his ear. I suck his earlobe in and trace the outside rim.
He can feel the heat of my breath as I pull air in then out slowly.**

I whisper low, “Properly trained?” Know this warrior. I am no one’s pet. Nor slave. If I get down on my knees…
It will be to suck your cock and lick your balls until you pass out. And it will be MY choice. MY way.

**At that, Sassy stood up and adjusted her skirt. She turned her head back to Q.**
Now, if you’ll excuse me… I have a Scarecrow to find.

**She walks away swaying those hips, and back through the still open portal.**


Sassy doesn't back down or away from anyone / anything easily. But she will do so at the request of her man. Without question.

Request was made. Sassy gracefully acknowledges her host with a quick nod.

And walks away.

Lord Dark

**The Master nods back. He watches her walk out of the circle and through a Portal**

**When she has vanished he gets up and follows the same path she just did. He stops at the Portal. It is shimmery black but there is a halo of red at the edges. He smiles softly**

**When his hand comes up it has a red rose it in. He tosses it into the Portal. It vanishes and the doorway slowly closes**

Goodbye Sassy. You will be missed.

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