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An Invitation To The Party Pit

Lord Dark

**The Master whispers a little something to a Maid. She looks at him funny for a second and then zips off. He smiles softly. Eyes sweeping the room but you cannot tell who he is really looking at**


Curiosity is taking over my senses. Why so much primal pain and punishment, I have to wonder as I finish off the last of the now bitter tasting drink.

The room begins to spin. The thin metal goblet she was drinking from feels suddenly very heavy. Sassy looks up and see's a flurry of motion, hands everywhere, all over her body for a few long seconds... Then they are gone.

What is happening?

She scans the Pit to see if anyone else noticed... The slightly cautious side of Sassy considers if she should leave.

A servant refreshes her drink.

No. The strong willed, stubborn women wasn't about to let a little annoying dizziness keep her from enjoying the night in this most unusual, unique place.

As Sassy strives to regain control, she misses the exchange between Warrior Q and the Master.

**Q's muscles twitch and tighten in his face. His strong arms and legs stand at ready to move. The Master appears over him instantly from out of nowhere.**

Be still my friend. No harm will come to this one.
Only awakening.

Lord Dark

My comments section is home to an ongoing party.

EVERYBODY is invited to make a comment which is kinda like taking a seat. If you know how to RP and want to get a little fancier feel free.

It is a very, very freeform little game. If someone says something to you and you come back days later you can still respond if you wish. It is a party and always a little chaotic but as an ongoing erotic story it works just fine.

What is it exactly?

If you read some of it I think it is pretty clear. It is a game. A neverending party hosted by me. I would have called it the Slave Pit but I thought the mix of Party and Slave Pit worked better. Just imagine the most exotic and fantastic party that could ever happen...

The Pit is soooo much better than that.

Women can join as Free, Owned, or Public. It is pretty simple. Free means don't touch without their permission. Owned means don't touch without their Master's permission. Public means make sure nobody else has her and then grab her.

Men are either Masters or Watchers. Mistresses who dom women are also welcome.

People who watch but never comment are called the Lurkers. Please don't take offense when I bait a little bit. The Lurkers are very much appreciated. An audience is always nice.

The Setting

There is a pool of light some 75 feet in diameter.

It sits in the middle of nowhere. But it does have hardwood floors. Starting at the outer edge of the light is a ring of seats. Leather couches and chairs. Some red some black.

Outside the circle of light it gets rapidly darker. The void beyond the light contains many things. Close to the edge of the circle but never touching are the Lurkers. The look but never speak. Beyond them is everywhere, nowhere and everything in between. Anything could come out from that inky darkness. At this party literally anything could happen.

Men and women sit on couches and large chairs. There are 3 rings of seats. To the north there is a 15' opening in the circle. The seats on either side of this area belongs to the Master and those close to him.

To the south in place of seats there are a few rather large cages.

Welcome to the Party Pit

Posted by SassyBri 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Looks great. Very nice of you to help out.

If anyone has any questions this would be a very good place to ask them. The Pit is one of those things that is extremely simple and yet contains infinite... possibilities.