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When Goodbye Must Come

There are many theories floating around trying to figure out the reason behind the human epidemic I like to refer to as the, “I want what I can’t have” syndrome.

For me, it was never about the thrill of the chase. I’m not much of a runner, so I definitely was not interested in going after anyone. No, for me it was more about the story. I believe anything is worth doing for the sake of the story.

Sometimes people come into our lives that are just so incredibly amazing that they pull at our heart strings, but for one reason or another they are not meant for us. They are simply our pr
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If You Get This, Then You Know Who I am.

I could have written this and thought it was important to share.

Occasionally, there is a calm in the storm.

A bird’s eye view of bipolar:

It’s time away from the rawness of everything being too real. A time when I can reflect. When the extremes lead to insights that can be sorted, categorized, caricatured. Times like this I can hope that others, whatever the form of their experiences take, can relate in some way.

Today I feel more balanced than I have in some ti... Continue»
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SassyBri and Leaflee's 1st Annual Halloweenie


How Does This Work?
Send your request to attend the party to SassyBri at or to Leaflee at
They will review your profile and let you know if you've been accepted. Only select members will be approved.

It helps to know somebody who knows someone.

The time zone for this on-line party is Central Standard USA time, so the party will begin at 8 pm Dallas, Texas time. W... Continue»
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"It's the way of Hk"


As I was
and as I am now,
where I was
and what I feel now
I know what I need, I know it.

as I was
and I know that I can now
and I hope
in what I still love
I know it, when I feel myself lost and alone.

How I'll be,
if every time I rewrite my story
I lose the pages in the time,
I'll wait,
it will rain before to love each other deeply.
You know,

just one among the many
will look at you as you are
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SassyBri and Lelslee's PARTY GUESTS

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SassyBri and Leaflee's Ultimate Summer Party

WORLD WIDE PARTY EVENT June 9th 2014- whenever it ends!

Naughty or Nice?
We would like to extend a personal invitation to you! We ask that you please consider joining our 1ST ANNUAL WORLD WIDE XHAMSTER GET TOGETHER.
As we women at Xhamster know, the men outnumber us by very many! We would like to include more fun filled ladies to join in the festivities!
Friends throughout the world will be attending and it is a great opportunity to meet others and have an erotically exciting experience! The party will be held at an Xhamster profile site yet to be design
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Poem's Presented from Other Users

One borrowed one from Michaela AKA MikeBasil

A user was once heard to say,
"I get fifteen trolls every day,
Since I'm stuck in the mire,
I might just retire,
And go skipping merrily away!

From Talonequ's most talented other half.


Every month the moonlight
rents a room in the mind
And unpacks its madness

This one from Talonequ on "RETIRE" THE BIG RED X BLOG

Sassy posted a blog on retiring
Which was read by so many minds inquiring
Like Al-anon it's a forum
That could produce more decorum
I've certainly fou... Continue»
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Beware: The TROLL

TROLLS are nasty little vermin that can and will infest each and every profile out there. Here are some additional reasons why in particular they enjoy the ripe environment here at XHamster.

These are 10 of my top reasons TROLLS are such an issue:

1) If you are a woman of strength, they will infest your profile in attempt to bully you down.

2) If you are a woman that shows the slightest weakness, they will typically bully you out.

3) If you show dominance in any form they w... Continue»
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"RETIRED" The Big Red X Syndrome

The humor dedicated from our talented Cartoonist TREX245

"News: A person I liked opted to "resign," it hurts. She was a good friend, suddenly, unexpectedly gone. Hope she comes back but that's life in the big Habitat, I guess. It still hurts a bit. Words of wisdom?"

I'm so sorry to hear that. It's always difficult and somewhat a bit disturbing when someone we like ends up retired. Coming to terms with it often feels like our best friend has died, as harsh as that seems. There is not many of us who can... Continue»
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My Friend May Not Be Your Friend...

Can we talk about something for a little bit? For those of you that know me, I'm real, genuine and straight up.

I want to ask that you not get offended if you see me post a few kind words to someone who is not your ideal of a friend. This happens occasionally. With the worldwide dynamic that we all represent here, it's bound to happen. I have friends myself who talk to a few people I have found to be distasteful. I'm sure you've run across this awkward problem here, and if you haven't,
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Real People of XHamster by SassyBri ~

Interview Questions for Women and Men

Some humor for the blog... courtesy of our TREX ~~
Question and Answer Section.

I am excited to introduce this Blog to my page.

I continue to get suggestions for this blog and through several friends input, I have come to the conclusion that this is not only about the Real Women of XHamster... It's about the people as a whole. The community... Evaluating the responses so far indicates that I must ch... Continue»
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I regularly shave my man. It's hot, slippery.... and what woman doesn't like the idea of having a blade slide against her man's prized possessions? Especially when she is in control of it. Lol. It's just plain fun... and sexy. I'm all professional while handling his jewels. My problem is that I can't keep my hands or my mouth off him once we're almost done.

I've found the most efficient way to shave his junk is as follows:

1) A bucket of very hot water.

2) Prepare your work area with ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼
a. A brand new razor or blade. EVERYTIME My preference is BIC's "Soleil Bella" brand
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How I Shave My Man's Balls and Cock by SassyB

Thanks, with big wet kisses to my friend SMICHAELS for designing this gif just for me...

I regularly shave my man. It's hot, slippery.... and what woman doesn't like the idea of having a blade slide against her man's prized possessions? Especially when she is in control of it. Lol. It's just plain fun... and sexy. I'm all professional while handling his jewels. My problem is that I can't keep my hands or my mouth off him once we're almost done.

I've found the most efficient way to shave his junk is as follows:

1) A
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Another from Iceberg61

Hey, Sass. I've just had one of those a-funny-thing-happened-on-the-way-to-the-forum moments. I was on the way to the newsagents to buy a Sunday paper when a police car screeched to a halt next to me. Two burly officers leapt out and told me that I had to attend an identity parade.
'What?' I said.
'Oh, it's nothing to worry about, sir. We just need you to make up the numbers. Plus we'll give you £25 for your trouble (about $45 in your currency).
So I shrugged. 'Er, okay. How long will it take?'
'Not long, sir,' the copper said as he ushered me into the back of the car.

Seven minutes lat... Continue»
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From Iceberg61

Ah, my dream. It was a wet one, Sassy, I can tell you that much. I dreamt that I was woken up by a hot, sloppy, suction sensation as a wonderful mouth feasted on my stiff erection, from the tip right down to my shaven nutsack nearly eight inches away.
Anyway, I rubbed my eyes and blinked a few times, trying to get my focus in the pale morning light which halfheartedly attempted to invade the room via the curtain edges.
To my delight I looked down on a tangled mass of rustic reddy-orangey-auburney long hair (shit, I'm inventing colours now, but that's what I saw).
So I thought, Yes, I'm gett... Continue»
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From Sinatra877

I begged and groveled for her to call,
she feared the flame that would burn us all.
She knew deep inside that she wanted us to begin,
the flame and the fire that was burning within.

She feared the retribution and she feared the shame,
if we did what we wanted there would be no one to blame.
The guilt would be immense and the pain would commence.
But she knew that we'd be lovers in a weird sixth sense.


[image]htt... Continue»
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Sayings and Phrases

You'll never be alone
We'll be by your side
Cloaking you in blackness
So you can close your eyes

We won't ever leave you
In darkness or in light
We'll quiet your screaming
And hold you close and tight

You belong to us now
We'll never let you go
We'll take the pain away
For we are the Shadows

....By Blackmoonflower

When I am wrong I am the first to apologize
but when I am right I will fight to the dea
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Sexy Questionaire

Location:Fort Worth, Texas USA~

Last time you had sex: 32 hours ago~

Favorite position (s)? Reverse Cowboy~

Do you think I'm hot? Yes, Sexy is hot~

Would you have sex with me? Maybe~

lights on or off? On~

Would you have to be d***k? No~

Would you take a shower with me? Yes~

Would you leave after or stay the night? Leave~

Do you like cuddling afterwards? No~

What's my best feature? Your sense of control~

Condom or skin? Skin, condom for safety~

Will u supply ur own condoms or ... Continue»
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Sassy Breaks In The Party Pit

See more of The Party Pit at

**She holds the wound as the bl**d seeps through her fingers and onto the bright yellow bricks.

Drip. Drip.. Drip…

Sassy is dazed. The chill in the air around her threatens the warmth she feels from the time spent with the lionman creature.**

Damn. She reflects back, shaking her head. Why was I so afraid? He was harmless.
(Looking down at her arm) Mostly...
Just a big pussycat.
Danger? Yes. He had a lot of issues to work through, and Sassy tends to absorb things.

She has ummm… uncanny abilities. O... Continue»
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An Invitation To The Party Pit

Lord Dark

**The Master whispers a little something to a Maid. She looks at him funny for a second and then zips off. He smiles softly. Eyes sweeping the room but you cannot tell who he is really looking at**


Curiosity is taking over my senses. Why so much primal pain and punishment, I have to wonder as I finish off the last of the now bitter tasting drink.

The room begins to spin. The thin metal goblet she was drinking from feels suddenly very heavy. Sassy looks up and see's a flurry of motion, hands everywhere, all over her body for a few long seconds... The... Continue»
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