Dom'trix Fetish in the Burbs..

Dominatrix Fetish in the burbs (with a twist):

I'm not normally the sort of woman (I'm pre-op trans) that indulges in naughty bussiness outside
of a bedroom typically in a home/house.
But these past few weeks while on my hormones (during the times my levels peak) like the type
that help to restructure my body, smooth my toned yet soft milky skin even more, and help to grow
my size B cup titties (at present) even bigger, these Growing girly feelings are making me desire very intimate yet dirty sexual fantasies, Sometimes with well hung black men, other times with just one random stranger at the park in the privacy of some secluded bushes, and even a hot fantasy of making out with a str8 guy who loves experimenting with certain womens underwear while I'm the dominatrix Withholding his climax..
While I have to admit these fantasies are extremely erotic for me, I'm finding myself drawn more and more to the possibility of seeking out a potential man for such an encounter, even though I fear
both dismal performances from the guy or worse a knee jerk reaction from him whence he see's my
extra something downstairs.... (Normal T-girl fears)...

Well I'd like to tell all about my recent encounter :

While surfing the net one friday morning, i found a popular dating site and lodged a profile , and after browsing the 40 or so pages of suitable guys (whom i have to admit made me very wet,hard,and ultra horny), I noticed my 1st message in my inbox, He was called "Tall Latino Gentleman" (lets call him TLG for now) His photos showed a guy in his early 40's, Muscular yet not ironman, 6ft 5in tall (same as me), Bald -chosen, cut 7inches and thick...Not far away from me,
and willing to meet where ever i desired...
I thought sounds almost to perfect, so i responded to him, and needless to say, we had instant sparx,
I enjoyed our chat and allowed a cam session to begin, "Oh my god , once i saw him buff , my knees felt like jelly and i began to lust, Thats when he dropped the big hint TLG said " I love your style babe, I love T-girls, I love to be Sissified by a dominatrix like yourself if thats possible, You can do with me as you please if you wish, I'm also very attentive to mistress's wishes"
I mean WOW I've done this type of fantasy before but never for a guy who looked so macho, sexy and so str8 looking...And So I thought Oh well maybe just this once.
So we organised to meet in a nearby Motel (that i'm friendly with) in the late afternoon b4 Sundown. And he told me the room number Lucky #13..

That morning i packed a suitcase full of toys,lube,cockrings,delightfully sissy-girl/babydoll outfits for him , and then began to get myself ready... I knew just what this guy was expecting and after my soothing bubblebath and a lil playing with myself, shaved my gorgeous body,moisturised my skin, Blowdried my hair str8 n long, and did my makeup like a office power executive bitch (Dark crimson lippy, thick mascara,bold eyeliner,flawless complexion), and began to dress the part: I Slowly yet sexily slid each pedicured foot n leg into my Thick fishnet stay-up stockings,then added my black n purple bustier lace corset with suspenders attaching them carefully, then a dark grey knee length patent leather skirt and finally a hot fedora hat and Large dark black fur overcoat, before setting out put on my 5in Black Vinyl CFM boots with stiletto heels.And of course i took a paddle bat, a flail whip and some other niceties...

Needless to say later that afternoon, i met TLG @ room #13, 5mins late ( hey I'm a Woman its my right to be late), and once i'd walked in and locked the door , I saw Mr TLG Sitting on the bed with a rock hard Cock, I immediately asked him why he had started already , his reply being he became excited once he knew i had turned up (its commonplace for a no show with online hookups)...
I Said to TLG " Alright you lil maggot worm, are you ready to serve your mistress"
he replied "Yes mistress",So standing in front of him yet to open up my fur coat and treat his eyes I demanded in a sexy/serious low tone "get on your knees and put this sissy pink babydoll dress on , and then the Frilly pink Knickers, Frilly pink sockettes And this blonde wig with pigtails in it and make sure you don't get hard lest let cum dribble out..then get back on the bed and not a whisper from your lil sissy mouth until mistress says so,otherwise mistress will punish you severly"
TLG did as he was instructed (he looked experienced enough)And sat on the edge of the bed So quietly awaiting his next intruction..
A few minutes of pause then i slowly pulled apart my fur coat to reveal my Ultra sexy clad Dominatrix outfit and slender T-girl body.. My new Sissy slave's eyes began to bulge taking in the sight of my Awesome figure, neatly tucked behind the nylon,shiny patent leather and lace bustier..
I could see his flaccid cock begin to grow, So I commanded "Slave put your hands behind your back, and get ready for mistress to place you in hand cuffs" ,my new slave again did as he was told ,and as i placed the handcuffs on him i rubbed his nipples,pinching them also...
"Does my new Slave like that" ,he replied "Yes mistress, I love it, please do it again"
I Said "Alright slave tell me what you want mistress to do and I'll take it into consideration until you have shown me what a good lil faggot Sissy slut you are"
I could not believe just how much control this mucho,super strong hot guy was giving me over him,
I mean i'm normally the Submissive type of Woman ready to please my "guy of the hour" and then ready at attention again if he made me feel like such a hot wanted sexy slutty type of girl, by pushing my right buttons,seducing me with compliments and naughty talk like me might do with his wife...But the control i had of this guy made me feel kinda even more Femme-fatale like a Bitchy office boss whipping her staff into submission daily...
I managed to make TLG cry out "Yes mistress I'm your sissy slave, I love Tranny cock spanking my face, tranny fucking my face/ass, and to be slapped on my balls n cock if i misbehave"
I also made TLG get on his knees , while I enjoyed a ciggarette on the nearby sofa, and get his semi erect cock to within an inch of my Silky yet almost see through panties, while i began teasing his cock n balls (stroking them and them slapping them, on and off for 20 straight mins)..
When i noticed him almost ready to cum, I would grab his cock n balls so tightly and whip his ass with my soft leather flail and watch his cock become flaccid again...
This sissified slave showed moments of pure delight on his face, and moments of almost total relief while being spanked, but For some reason I felt neglected....

So I changed tactics : "TLG slave Sissy, Mistress is going to untie you carefully and allow you to touch mistress,Only if you do exactly as you're told when i tell you, Do you understand maggot"
TLG Nodded in obedience, "I want you to remove Mistress's Panties with your teeth, slowly over my nylons and stilletto's.... He did precisely as instructed while that his muscular shoulders touching my inner thighs, sent a nervous yet warm shiver down my spine.
"TLG I want you to lick my T-girl Clitty's tip, and while doing you're allowed to get hard for mistress, but no pre-cum -as thats not very sissy girly"
TLG did become hard immediatly once his lips made contact with my clitty, and I just couldn't take my eyes off his 7inch rock hard staff of joy, My Roleplay was begining to wear very thin at this point... as i took his Cock into my hand ,the two of us almost in a full blown 69er,
I felt my inner core begin to warm and my feminine urges mount up again,my mind almost about to plunge into another luccid fantasy... By now TLG was sucking my clitty (once a cock-now the remnant of one) and licking my tight T-pussy(my only love canal), while fondling my pert titties, like a baker kneads his dough...
As soon as I thought he was leaking pre-cum, I pumped my T-clitty harder into his sloppy wet mouth choking him just a lil, and reached for my Dom Paddle.... At this point he Totally took control over me and said "your sissy slave has become the master, and now I want You to give me Complete satisfaction like the Ultra Hawt Amazon T-woman you are, and just what God intended you to do for her much stronger Macho Lover" and with that he tore the sissy clothing off and

And replaced his girly clothing for just a red Addidas Head-sweat band, Two cuff bands and a Cock n Ball Ring, which now made his raging erection Rock hard with plenty of veins on the surface (now thats a Hot juicy looking cock i crave)...TLG groped both my titties out from behind my bustier, Picked me up close to him (by my mid section) so his cock pointed str8 up aiming for my aching T-pussy, he allowed me a moment to lube up my two sweaty fingers with his spit, to pre-moisten my hole and i said "TLG I'm so Hot for you right now, but please be gentle until I can get used to your Mammoth cock" I think TLG was so lusting for me , yet not yet willing to commit fully to his new found roleplay character (whatever it was I had totally melted for him) and began fiddling with his cock underneath me getting it into line annatomically with my pussy....
He slowly lowered me onto his cock , while standing and holding onto me in a way i felt he wasn't going to let me fall any time soon... And I straddled his torso locking my sexy stilletto booted ankles around behind his sexy bum.... This position <rocking up and down> slowly being penetrated by such a huge hard veiny mammoth, felt like pure divinity In my pussy, and i began to feel a huge orgasm about to come crashing over/inside me..Even with my now limp Clitty rubbing up against his Six-pack, and us kissing (with tongues probing each other deeply) and my hands now caressing his macho muscular shoulders, hard sexy back,( i also noticed he was smoothly shaven all over- except for his manly Goatee....<another turn on for me-guys bald by choice,with goatee's and circumcised cocks, 5+inches is perfect for certain types of rendevous>
TLG was grunting as his sexy thrusts began to steadily increase in momentum, my aching yet ecstatic T-pussy literally begging for yet another intense Orgasm (just around the corner),
I began to feel his cock throb, and Said "Please TLG I don't want to become pregnant" in a mocking
yet school girly type of voice...With that TLG threw me onto the bed, My back pinned down, My legs in the air ,heels pointed up to the heavens, and my cherry hole almost winking at him, guiding him back like an airtraffic controller does before a Military jet lands on a Navy aircraft carrier <i love military jets or haven't you guessed no reason why i'd share that with you all>
Then TLG's face showed a mix of lust/love/desire only a man shows his newly wed wife,And lay down over me, my Titties giving what best cushioning they could give to his sexy sweaty covered hard chest, as he began to glide/pump his cock deep into my pussy, enough for me to feel his (now hard) balls quiver ready to explode... He Said softly to me " I really could Imagine you being my secret girlfriend, until i'm able to leave my wife, and make you a wife of mine, where I could pay for your breast and any other body surgeries you may desire, make sure you have the best clothes and an allowance too where your worries be taken care of so you could be free to satisfy me Like you have done this afternoon/evening....And with that as I looked into his deep crystal blue eyes, I purred on the very urge to climax both clitty and pussy orgasm at once,
"Just a few more thrusts please "oh Daddy" please don't cum yet, save it for after my final orgasm"
I exclaimed fervently, And then OMG I came like i have never orgasmed previously so much intense hot rushes pulsating inside me, my pussy feeling electric/yet super wet n slippery, my clitty oozing a small yet intense squirt itself.
And I cried out " Oh Daddy I want the reward You've been saving for me, Can i have it now On my titties to make em bigger and hotter for you "..
TLG let out a roarous battlecry as he withdrew his now aching cock, and brought it up close to my titts, My intense horniness getting the better of me ,I grabbed it stroking it tightly,making hungry looks for my Hot lover teasing him to explode that salty,sticky load of hot manly Goodness at me, my mouth/face where ever it was convenient, and as it began to erupt throbbing his balls,I don't know what possesed me but i leant up and forward and swallowed this mammoth cock ,feeling the HOT Juicy salty tang, and globules full of spunk hit the back of my mouth/throat, And swallowing every last tasty drop, making sure to suck it further,swirling my tongue over the cock head, and further adding to his climax..
TLG began to pull me from off from his delicious cock, not allowing me to tease his climax further...To which we both lay there in each others arms, sighing that huge relief that only comes after an Intensely Hawt sex...

He confessed to me this was his 1st session with a T-girl, after a few gay/Bi sex times,
He also told me he was well off to rich owning his own bussiness and was now retired
he asked me if I intended getting the chop, and i replied "if it pleases him also"
and he replied "If thats what you've desired all your life,then I'll support you all the way"
<which is what a T-girl woman like me wants to hear, better yet when its delivered totally believable and sincere>
My TLG lover showed me a thai ticked for two(openended) and gave me his number, Offered me a lift to my home , which i gladly accepted... And gave him a hot BJ while he drove me home (making sure not to make a mess-wink wink)
He walked me to my front door, and guess what ....
I just had to invite him up for another 4 hours more intense Session time....
Sadly though We never became an item, but i was more than thankful for a huge wardrobe,many new heels, jewelry and a holiday as his secret mistress while he was on his f****y vacation twice....
Now looking for a Sugar Daddy to fill his boots.......are you up to the task....

10/10 encounter ever, <waiting for a session to beat it>
Wow I'm glad you made it to the final must be special(nice) kinda person.

Sincerely hoped you all found my story to your satisfaction....feel free to comment below or send me any topics/genre's/fantasies you want to hear about... I'll write the best ones and display again for you here....

Happily writing for your enjoyment : SaphireRose. xox
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Feel free to leave a comment, Perhaps a theme you'd love me to write about...I need ideas...Thankyou all Xhamster members..
10 months ago
wow great story! thanks for posting!
10 months ago
great story!! he is a lucky man to find such a hot, sexy TS like you :)