After Work activities..

After Work activities : Part 1

"Thank goodness" I said to myself as I recounted the extremely busy week the staff had at our Technology Firm..Almost in disbelief that it was friday and that i had done loads of overtime,It completely skipped my mind That there was an office party to farewell our Human resources Manager (now that she was taking maternity leave).
And I didn't even Organise an outfit or heels to attend in style..So naturally one can understand my frustration,when the secure carpark's front gate took longer than usual to allow me to leave,the traffic also slow, and I was in huge rush to make it to the Fashion district of town to do my last minute Retail therapy..(oh goodness i deserved it after that crazy week).
Thankfully I managed to make it just in the nik of time to my fave store, and the clerk was happy to accomodate me allowing me to continue shopping after he locked the front door..

The clerk and i chose a sexy Lil black dress,matching gold n black heels and a cute clutch, and
I tried them on in the change rooms, a perfect fit or so the clerk complimented me, he even suggested a slim chic gold belt and placed it around my waist brushing his hands on my hips and thighs as he stepped back to admire my new look..
He grinned in approval while i noticed a bulge begin to grow in his trousers..
"Seems like we're both noticing something worth approval" I said to the clerk all the while making it obvious to lay a cheeky grin on him,my tongue in cheek..
As i reached out slowly to caress his growing bulge, i too noticed a small mirror at the base of the change rooms,and began to realise maybe the approving look he gave me earlier wasn't the style he chose for me, but more rather the Panties i chose to wear all day under my suit/skirt.
I could feel the outline of his manliness,I was indeed sizing him up,
"oh I reckon 7inches long,medium girth,big balls" i began saying to myself quietly hoping not to be heard...
"oh its that to begin with and more,if you're curiosity permits" he said while lifting the hemline of my new LBD and taking a peek underneath...
"So can i expect a generous discount,with this personal service" I replied (while doing a lil twirl and mock grooming of myself)..
"Maybe we can come to some arrangement,perhaps the lay-by plan" he said with a heart melting wink-wink...
And with that I knew just what he meant....
And so without words or hesitation, I unzipped his trousers, reached in and retrieved his package,till it sprang out n to attention followed by his two huge balls..
"oh my god " i exclaimed ,(his Cock was 8.5inches long, circumsized like a german helmet ready to do battle on/in my Rain soaked battlegrounds)..
By now I managed to take a knee, facing his cock 2inches from my lips, and saying "Ok big boy,ready to have your mind blown,for this dress"?
He gave a generous nod forward and back,as I hungrily took a good half of his awesome tool into my moist mouth,taking a few moments to slicken it up with my soft velvet red lips.
And gave my all to worshipping this mans "HOTDOG", like a hungry whore in need of nutrition,right up till the moment his tool began to throb,then spitting his cock out I panted
" Throw in the heels and clutch and the mess you're about to create on my new $1500 outfit,will be taken care of in a secure,no-drip way"
Again the clerk nodded ,as he gripped my Long lusciuos brunette locks of hair and my ears forcing my face back onto his cock,I took him all the way down my throat till his balls were slapping against my chin n neck...
And as he let out his roar,burst forth from his tool was the hugest 3 wads of thick,tasty,salty ball sauce...And knowing my new threads were paid for I gratiously accepted my gifts wiping my chin with his trousers...

After leaving the store now all glammed,primped and primed (I'll spare the details of my post filth make-up routine= its girls bussiness) I drove toward the After work drinks venue making the most of my dinner mints I stashed away in my new clutch...Thinking this is going to be One hell of a fabulous night...

To be Part 2.
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