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Friends, Romans, countrymen,

We shouldn't complain about the censorship on xh that gets more restrictive and absurd day by day. No!
We should help to make the absurdity of this system perfect!
There ist still a lot to do! Do you have more stupid suggestions what could be banned next?
My friend raudy made a good start with "dirty fingernails, the number seven and flowerpots in the background".
Any more wicked ideas somebody?
Posted by Samsonight 2 years ago
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2 years ago
I saw a video on here the other day from a television show. When I went back to watch it it was deleted for "video was not porn". So xHamster isn't Facebook quite yet.
2 years ago
Aren't all the sponsors perverts,like us? I mean I see the adds all the time and I'm sure of it!
2 years ago
It´s the sponsors, stupid !
2 years ago
Bei der Zensur hat Ratze die Hand im Spiel, wie sonst sollte es zu so viel Unsinn kommen?
Man sagt ja Justizia sei blind, aber doch nicht so !!!!!
2 years ago
What raudy obviously is referring to is the censorship on the cartoon of our common friend Chris:

There seriously are some people around who think, this funny little sketch is offensive (c*hild and a*nimal porn). This ain't a joky. Sadly not!
2 years ago
can't stupidity be banned, pls?
2 years ago
Dogs-Day! Cause they smell terrible when wet.
2 years ago
today i'll go for the mechanics! got my car back today and this mofo called out 500 bucks. insane!
so please ban all mechanics today. thx!
2 years ago
just came home from the dentist today, and he wasn't very nice... so dentists and their profiles should be banned today! that possible? thank you very much!