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XH gets vegetarian (Bad words)

I wanna tell you a little weird episode from xh.
I tried to upload a little funny scene from "Familiy Guy". Maybe it's a violation of copyright, I dunno. I would have understand it if xh had deleted it for this reason. But this is why they did it: "This movie has been removed due to participation of a*nimals on the screen."
And no, this ain't a joke.

Funnily I posted a clip involving a real a*nimal before and it was not deleted.

Anyone here who can explain this to me?
Do I have to change my avatar now from a filthy pervert lion to a decent human cock? Obviously I am a really badass pervert. You can give me a*nimal names if you want to :D

Maybe you can help me to complete the list of bad words so all xh users know what terms to avoid.











Posted by Samsonight 3 years ago
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3 years ago
some more censored words: incest (incestuous) force (forcefully)
3 years ago
and that family guy clips funny i seen that on tv
3 years ago
some bad words brother and sister
3 years ago
i saw the word gra pe deleted. fruit for wine!
3 years ago
I think Steve already explained it to perfection!
3 years ago
Great explanation by SMICHAELS. Family Guy is funny and while it's hard to believe something broadcast on US network TV could cause a problem to users or owners of Xhamster, it could. There is a current wave of nostalgia here in the US for the 1950s, a return to simpler times when everything was repressed and suppressed.
3 years ago
XH is great word zensor . . .

You know the song: ,Search & Destroy´?

I write it in my status - Destroy was deleted

J.O.K.E.R. = deleted
J_O_K_E_R = deleted . . . . etc., etc. . . .*fg*
3 years ago
That is an interesting comment by smichaels. Awhile back I tried to post a picture gallery of animals and insects having sex with each other. Horses, crickets, frogs. But xhamster wouldn't post it.
3 years ago
Thanks for the explanations, Steve!
3 years ago
Samson, my friend, the sheep shearing clip is funny as hell...but it crosses the line, and both images and dialogue involve an "animal" having a sexual experience. That's a no-no.

xHamster will delete vids, photos and cartoons that deal with sexual acts involving humans and animals, as well as animals and animals. This is a taboo subject where the line must be drawn extremely conservatively for there to be any hope for enforced control on this site.

Animals that appear as pets in the same image as a human that is partially or totally nude are fine...much as a chair, tree, lamp and other parts of daily life would be.

Not all uploads and posts by xHamster users that cross the line get tossed immediately...some are posted to the site first and then are "reviewed".
If users come across anything like bestiality we encourage them to notify the site. The email link is on the bottom of each page..."contact".

Tens of thousands of photos and vids come into the site each day. We try to clean out the bad as soon as possible. And the bad represents a very wide range of things that most users would not find humorous at all.

Samson, clips like the sheep shearing are funny but will always be subject to deletion when found. Do things slip through...of course. Will they be deleted if brought to our attention...if they qualify they will be taken off.

The "word" filter isn't making anyone totally happy. I think things will improve in that category as soon as it is f**e tu**d a l**tle more...hopefully.

There are many things that cause us all to wonder WTF. But, in total, lines are drawn to best protect everyone, not just a few. Your specific point and experience is a good one to post. But the answer is complicated. Hope I've helped shed a little light on it with this response.

Best regards to you and all users.