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Making Friends (A simple guideline)

Friends in real life have very little to do with friends on xh. Here you get in contact more easily and you can quit without having a too bad conscience.
I'd never make rules for making friends in real life. But I have to do so on xh, because there are too many requests coming in (for my taste).
So I made up some simple rules.

I generally accept everybody without regard of his or her
- nationality
- religion
- race
- sex
- sexual orientation
- age (as long as it is legal)
- size
- abilities

But I refuse requests of people who
- I never had contact with before
- appear to be racists / sexists / homophobics
- signed in for commercial reasons
- have some hundreds or even thousands of xh friends
- upload their genitals (use your brain!) as avatar or nothing at all
- don't share anything on their profile
- bully others

Posted by Samsonight 3 years ago
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3 years ago
yes me too
3 years ago
o.k i agree
3 years ago
agreed. thanks for the pictures..michael t.