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Cinnamonas Erotic Dreams Memorial Wall

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Rothaus52's Erotic Dreams Memorial Wall

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Ban what you can!

Friends, Romans, countrymen,

We shouldn't complain about the censorship on xh that gets more restrictive and absurd day by day. No!
We should help to make the absurdity of this system perfect!
There ist still a lot to do! Do you have more stupid suggestions what could be banned next?
My friend raudy made a good start with "dirty fingernails, the number seven and flowerpots in the background".
Any more wicked ideas somebody?
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The Wheel's turning (The Hamster's dead)

My dear friends,

I don't feel any longer familiar here. To be true I'm fed up with xh and upset about the silly handling of rules here. Don't take me wrong. I think we need rules here and they have to be controlled.
But: You need a really sick mind to think drawn comic foxes having fun (or a funny horny sheep clip from a Fam*ily Guys episode) has anything to do with zoo sex. Sorry folks, that's ... Continue»
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XH gets vegetarian (Bad words)

I wanna tell you a little weird episode from xh.
I tried to upload a little funny scene from "Familiy Guy". Maybe it's a violation of copyright, I dunno. I would have understand it if xh had deleted it for this reason. But this is why they did it: "This movie has been removed due to participation of a*nimals on the screen."
And no, this ain't a joke.

Funnily I posted a clip involving a real a*nimal before and it was not deleted.
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My Music (Something for your ears)

These are my current top ten songs of 2012. Enjoy!

01 - Eels: Peach Blossom

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Art in Motion (Something for your eyes)

The following pieces ain't vids nor pics, but something in between. Or both? Anyway, enjoy!

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Making Friends (A simple guideline)

Friends in real life have very little to do with friends on xh. Here you get in contact more easily and you can quit without having a too bad conscience.
I'd never make rules for making friends in real life. But I have to do so on xh, because there are too many requests coming in (for my taste).
So I made up some simple rules.

I generally accept everybody without regard of his or ... Continue»
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Steckbrief (My profile in German)

Nein, ich bin kein Koffer, auch wenn mein Name danach klingt.
Und ich bin auch kein sprechender Löwe, selbst wenn das so aussieht. Ich bin Samson und nachtaktiv, deswegen der Name Samsonight. Ich mag alle netten Leute, egal ob Frauen, Männer oder irgendwas zwischendrin. Aber ich versuche, meinen "Freundeskreis" hier überschaubar zu halten. Ich bin raus aus dem Alter, in dem man möglichst viele Bildchen sammeln will:

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