My s****r and I part 1

A couple weeks ago my s****r turned 19 I am 16. For her birthday she went to some clubs with her friends. At about 2:30 in the morning she called me. It woke me up so i was a little angry.  

I asked her why she was calling me.

She said " come pick me up i can't drive I'm too d***k."

We argued but then I said ok.
( before you make a judgment in Georgia you get your drivers license at 16. )

I drove and picked her up at her friends house and she was wasted. I struggled to get her in the car but I did. I drove back home. I helped her out of the car and into the house. The entire basement is her room so I helped her down the stairs. She said she had to pee so I let her go in the bathroom as I looked in her bedroom. I never went down there so I was shocked at how messy it was she had all kinds if underwear all over the floor.  

She called my name and said "come here for a sec I need help"

I walked to the bathroom and asked her what she needed help with.

She said " I have to pee but can't get my clothes off help me."

I reluctantly tools off her belt which was like solving a god damn puzzle.  I started to walk out when she said "I still need help" and she pointed to her pants.

I told her no I don't want to see my s****r naked she told me to close my eyes.

I closed my eyes and pulled her pants down then walked out she took off her thong and started to pee.

Then she yelled my name. She slid off the toilet and started liking in it she mumbled" hold my hair"

I ran in and did then I realized she was naked. Her ass was sticking in the air and she was STILL peeing. I have always though my s****r was attractive. I felt myself getting hard at the sight of her bare ass. When she finished liking I helped her up and sat her in a chair in her bedroom.

I told her that she should change before bed. She said ok get my clothes. I went the he dresser and got her underwear, cotton shorts a bra and a t shirt. I walked over to her and helped her take off her shirt then she took off her bra. I was amazed at the sight of her beautiful b cups. The fact that she didn't care that I was seeing her completely naked made me ever harder.  

She said she didn't wear a bra to sl**p and just put on the shirt then said i only wear underwear. I helped her put her underwear on making sure to rub her legs in the process. I helped her in bed and she asked me if I could lay next to her. I did and we fell asl**p that way. The next morning I awoke to a huge erection poking her in the back. She woke up a couple minutes later and thanked me for everything. I said no problem and went to leave.

She said "hold up you think you can leave like that?"
I said what?
She answered " well it's not very that you saw me naked and I haven't seen you naked."

My jaw dropped

Before i could do anything she got out of bed and came over to me. She took my hand and let me to the bathroom where her clothes from the night before still layed.
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3 years ago
Part 2?????
3 years ago
I like it do more
3 years ago
good start now for part 2
3 years ago
Soooo ... did you fuck her???????????????
3 years ago
and so???????????????????????
3 years ago
yes and ???????????????????
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Good why do people got 2 leave people hanging like that
3 years ago
and ????