Nympho Slave part 3 of 3 parts

The night air felt cool as it blow across my sweaty body and I could hear talking and laughing coming from the old building we were walking to. Master had to keep pulling me along with the leash because I kept hurting my feet as we walked on the stone parking lot. I was almost glad when we got to the back door. The place got quit as Master pulled me into the room. It was a large dimly lite room that smelled of sweat and beer. Everyone turned and smiled as they seen us enter the room. Most of them were men but there was a two women who were whispering to each other off to the side. I new my pussy was dripping wet from the shot and Masters fingers but I think it would have been with or without that. I heard a snap, then a buzz and lights came on. The lights lite up the center of the room where a old wooden crate stood. The crate looked as old as the building and at one time it must have been used for shipping, but now I knew it was use for something else. It had 4 steal rings one on each top corner and by the edge centered between 2 of the rings was a wide leather belt held in place with screws. I could see video cameras set up around the room and one facing down from the ceiling.
When we got to the center of the room Master stood me a few feet in front of the crate and said Hello everybody. Helding up my leash in the air like I was a trained a****l in a circus about to perform He said this lovely lady will be your entertainment for the night so please feel free to participate in our little show. Pointing at a man in dirty overalls Master said come sir inspect the slut. My new Master unhooked the leash and step back so I was standing alone. The man in the overalls slide his hand over my ass as he walked around me. Running fingers over my hip and then between my legs pushing them into my soaking wet pussy. His fingers felt so good in my pussy my knees buckled and I fell backwards catching my self on the crate . Everyone laughed and he said Oh she is so wet and ready to be used, I'd say she is Grade A meat. He removing his fingers from my pussy, smelled them, then pushed them into my mouth. Overall man looked at Master and said how does she suck? Well lets find out Master said as he pushed me down to my knees. Overall man pulled out his hard cock and waved it in my face. He grabbed the back of my head and said open wide forcing his cock into my mouth. I remember hearing everyone laugh as I choked and gagged on his smelly cock which tasted of pee and sweat. I could hear others calling me names and saying things like "Choke on it Bitch". He finally let my head go and I fell to my hands coughing up flam from my mouth and nose. Two men picked me up and laid me on the crate. They spread my legs and tied them to the steal ring hanging my butt over the edge of the crate exposing my ass and pussy and buckled the leather strap tightly around my waist. A man on each side were holding my arms over my head so I could hardly move. Everyone pushed in closer to look and touch at my naked helpless body. My mind was racing when my pussy felt what I believe to be the top of a long neck beer bottle slid into it. The bottle really started to feel good till they took it out and turned it around, tried pushing it in bottom first. My pussy spread and when the bottle slide in I let out a cry to everyone’s enjoyment and it brought another round of laughter. Then I heard someone said push it in the Bitches ass.
Please no I cried, Please don't sir. I heard overall man say no I got something better for your ass Bitch. Pushing the bottle back in my pussy he started rubbing his cock head on my virgin ass hole. His cock felt smooth on my well lubed ass hole from all the juices running out of my pussy. As he started working it in someone else took hold of my head and slid me to the side of the table. My mouth was f***ed open and filled with a large cock. With out being told I started suck the cock the best I could. At this point I let go and started to enjoy being used. The cock in my mouth didn't smell or taste bad. As I sucked the sweet taste cock thinking he must have just showered with body wash. The cock in my ass was starting to feel good to as it pushed deeper and deeper. I pumped my ass wildly as I had a huge orgasm. I could see flashed from cameras so someone must have been taking pictures. Others were masturbating as they touched every part of my body. The bottle was replaced by overall mans cock just as cum explored from the sweet tasting cock in my mouth. Sweet cock stepped away to be replaced by another cock and I came again as overall man slammed his hard cock shooting a load of cum into my pussy. Another man started fucking my sloppy pussy and the cock in my mouth was removed as it shot cum in my face. My head was held looking up and I was told to keep my eyes open as others masturbated there cum on to my face and into my eyes. After the man came in my pussy the two men holding my arms tired them to the top steal rings and every one took a few steps back. That is when I first seen Bobby.
I was so scared he was going to hurt me. He looked so big as he was lead into the room with a leash and collar like mine. My arms and legs were still held spread apart so I couldn't move. I felt so helpless and afraid until I seen how very afraid Bobby looked. He was pulled around to the end of the table and his head was pushed between my legs.
I jumped when I felt his tongue gentle lick the length of my pussy starting from over my anus and ending on my clitoris . He stopped for a few minutes as if he was severing the flavor. I heard everyone laugh when Master said like sipping a good wine hey boy. Then he started licking my pussy hard and slow. He increased his speed as he probed his tongue deep between my pussy lips. I could feel my juice as it oozed from my now hot wet pussy and soaked into the wood crate. As he licked deep in my pussy I couldn't help wiggling my hips. The feel his nose teasing me as it hit my clitoris made me let out a deep moan of pleasure. I knew others were there watching but God I never felt so horny like this before. I could hear Master yelling - take that tongue you slut Bitch and I started pumping my hips feeling on the edge of another orgasm. Bobby stopped licking and he got up and slide his hard long cock into my pussy as he pumped his cock deeper into my hot pussy. I spread my legs wider to take him all the way in. Harder and faster he continued to fuck me. I moan as a hot loads of cum poured from my hungry pussy. Everyone laughed as Master pulled him off me before he could cum and said That pussy is for the paying customers.
When Master was satisfied my pussy was liked clean he had the two women untie me and help me walk to door that lead to a small room. The room had a small bed, shower and toilet and nothing more. I slept till the next day when the women returned with food and gave me my after noon shot. They told me there names. The larger one was a little on the heavy side with long blond hair was named Pat. The other was shorter then I with black hair cut like a boys, Her name was Penny. It seemed that Penny was the one in control. They told me that Master was Penny's b*****r and her Dad owned the place. Pat was Penny's girl friend. After I eat I couldn't help rubbing my pussy I was getting horny again from the shot. Pat seen this and whispered something in Penny's ear. They left and returned with Bobby and said we could have sex but I was to clean up when done and not say anything to Master about Bobby. There were suppose to take care of my sex training not Bobby. That afternoon I suck and fuck Bobby for hours until they took him from me. Some days I couldn't help but cry and Pat would sit and hold me saying everything would be ok other wise it went like this everyday. A afternoon shot and sex with Bobby, a midnight shot and sex at the show, except for the last day.
That day the women fed me and gave me my shot without Bobby. They both looked unhappy and were naked. Penny said Dad was here and to not let on that they didn't train me. Just do everything I was told to do like I have been doing it all alone. I walked with them into the show room. Master and a bigger man who I guessed was the Dad were sitting at a table eating and drinking. I walked over to the crate and Laid down on my back and spread my legs. Penny keeled with her legs spread and her ass over my face so I started licking her butt hole as she slapped my breasts and pinched my nipples. Pat knelt down on the floor between my legs and played with my pussy lips and clitoris After a few minutes Penny turned around and started to push and ground her pussy in my face. I Licked and sucked on her pussy and clitoris as I jumped and came from the pussy play I was getting from Pat. Penny’s clitoris was large like a small penis and I could lick and suck it like a tiny cock. After a few minutes Penny tightened and her cum washed over my face and she cried out as she had a orgasm. They changed places so Pats pussy was now in my face. Pats pussy was much larger and her clitoris was smaller but she moaned as I licked and sucked her juicy pussy. Penny didn't play nicely with my pussy like Pat. Penny pinched my clitoris and pussy lips and pushing her fingers up my ass. The abuse Penny was doing to my pussy and ass hurt but it made me so hot, and when she took her fist and pushed it up my pussy I lifted my hips to except it. As Penny pumped her fist in my pussy and Pat bounced on my face I started cumin and grabbed Pats hips and buried my face deep in her pussy hard making her yell out holy shit as she came. Her cum was felt like a bucket of cum was dumped over my face and it washed up my nose. As she leaned forwards onto her hands trying to catch her breath. I just laid there licking the cum from her pussy.
After they got up I stayed on my back and waited for orders. Dad walked over and grabbed me by my hair. Dragging me around so my head hung over the end of the crate where my ass would normal be. Looking down He smiling and said you really are a fucking nympho aren't you bitch? I smiled and said yes Sir, I'm a fucking nympho Bitch Sir ! Please fuck me Sir? He laugh and took out his cock and said fuck no. You suck on my cock with that shit hole you call a mouth. With my head hanging over the edge made it easy for him to jam his hard cock down my throat. I tried to breath as best I could and was so glad to feel him cum down my throat. When he did I coughed up some cum and flam which ran over face and dripped down to the floor. Seeing that he yelled you dirty fucking whore, your going to get cum on my shoes and he punched me in the side of my head. I fell off the crate and onto the floor. I seen him pull his leg back to kick me when the doors flew open and the place filled with cops. Master and Dad was arrested. Pat and Penny had left when they finished with me and they got away with Bobby. I'm not sure but I believe the girls may have been the ones who called the police. It looked like they were being made to help Penny's Dad and b*****r and had enough. It broke my heart to loss Bobby and every time I talked to anyone about what happened to me I would ask about him.
One day after I was released to Carl’s care I was sitting on the front pouch and a car pulled into the drive. It looked like Penny from the show was driving. The back door open and Bobby was let out. As I hugged Bobby's neck the car drove away beeping good bye. I guess all in all the women weren't that bad to me. They did understand how I needed him.
I could go on longer but I see Bobby coming down the path from his morning walk. If I don't go out and make love to him he will start barking and scratching at the door.

Love Sammie

- - - - Fin - - - - The end - - - -
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2 years ago
fasanaingseries ni don't know how many timesa i came but right now I'm going to sleep and maybe take a bath later
2 years ago
I love how she became a nympho.
2 years ago
This is really a nice story.. More pls.. Thanks for sharing!