nympho slave part 2 of 3

One day Carl was going out of town for 3 weeks. Master told me the night before Carl left I was to hide the video recorder and record us having sex. I was not to let Carl's cock go into my pussy and he could not pump it against me. He was to do anything but have a hard cock for me to make cum. I had to do it all and I better look like the slut I am.
I didn't know how I was going to pull this off with out getting laid. I wanted to please Master so bad and I was so horny for sex, I soon came up with a plane. First I hide the video recorder in the living room off to the side. I had it pointed at the chair Carl always sat in to watch the late news. After dinner when Carl was watching the news I went into the bed room and put on my collar, nylons with the garter belt and the sexy heels. I came out and stood in front of the TV set running my hands along my naked body. Stepping my left foot to the side to spread my legs apart I ran my hand over my wet horny pussy. When Carl seen me his just jaw fell open. I said take off you pants Honey so your slut wife can give you a going away present. Carl popped up out of the chair and quickly remove his pants. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled over to him and sitting back on my heels and started licking his cock. Lifting up his cock I kissed and started to lick his balls. Carl grabbed my head and moaned as I sucked one ball into my mouth. I stopped sucking his ball and said sharply - No hands - and Carl let his hands drop to his sides. Wrapping my hand around his hard cock I begin pumping it slowly over my head. Carl said in a soft voice , careful Baby I may cum all over you. Hearing that was like turning on a switch in my head. I stopped sucking his ball and said yes please cum on me Honey. Cover me with your cum. Now I started finger the edge of his butt hole as I wildly jack his cock. As I licked at his cock head every now and then I took a look over to the camera knowing the video was going to be seen by others and I would smile. Carl trying to pumping his hips as he was moaning loudly. I had to stop playing with his ass and hold his hips still so he would stop pumping. Holding him I had the control I needed to really suck on his cock. I gagged a little as his cock would start to go down my throat. It didn't take long before he was shooting his cum into my month. I pulled back to let it splashed in my face and hair. When he finished I pushed him back and down on to the chair and started licked his cock and balls clean as I seen so many girls do in videos. When his cock and balls were clean I got up. Leaving the cum covering my face I walked over to where I had the camera hidden. Carl was half laying on the chair with his eyes closed so bent over looking into the camera. Puckering my lips I blow a kiss at the camera so it could get a closeup shot of my cum covered face. I picked up the camera and sprinted to the bed room. After putting the camera in it's hiding place I removed the heels all but the collar and jumped into bed. I fell asl**p with the cum drying on my face and in my hair.
The next day I woke to find Carl already gone so I dressed in the cloth Master had sent me and went to express ship the tape to Master. When I got back home I logged onto the computer to find Master online. I told him I sent the video express like he said and he said good girl now get undressed. With Carl gone Master had me stay naked at all times on cam in the house. I would carry my laptop with me and set it so he could watch me as I did my housework. From time to time Master would tell me to do things like go outside naked and get the mail or masturbate. You would be surprised at the fun things one can do with a vacuum cleaner or a vegetable. Master would always stop me before I could climax. I needed to cum so bad by now I would have done anything to anyone just to get relief . It took about a week for the video Master posted on Xhamster to show but it was so hot. After 2 weeks of this Master said it was time to meet.
I was to dress in the things Master gave me including the collar and we would meet tonight for dinner. Master picked a place pretty far from my home so it wasn't likely anyone I knew would see us. It was a nice hotel with a dinning room so after we ate Master would use his slave. To be safer I was to pulled my car down a alley behind the hotel and park. I did and walked quickly up the alleyway to the main street. I tried pulling down my dress best I could before walking in the Hotel front door. Inside the Hotel the lights was dim and looked a little old fashion but very nice. I looked around to find Master and I seen him standing at the bar. He walked over to me, took my hand and said Hello cum slut. I said Hello Master it's nice to finely meet you sir. The waiter took us into the crowded dinning room and seated us at a small table. I tried to pull my dress lower as Master ordered our meal. Through Dinner we talked about the fantasies I was living over the internet. My face beamed as Master told me how proud he was of me. I was such a good slave to always obey him and I would finally get to do it for real now. After dinner Master said we would have a few drinks before going to the room and I was to find two places for us to sit at the bar. Master also said when I got up I was not to pull my dress down to cover up like he seen me do getting out of the car for my videos. I was to just stand and walk like I didn't notice now exposed I was.
As I walked across the room it got very quit and I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. My dress wasn't as high as it would have been had I not kept pulling it lower during dinner, but you could clearly see my public hair and maybe even my butt hole. Before I left the dinning room I took a quick glance around. I turn red as I seen most everyone was looking at me and they weren't looking at my eyes. This only made me wetter and excited.
I found a spot with 2 stools open and when Master came I sat in one without holding my dress hem letting it slide up to almost my waist. The dress now covered me no more then a wide belt. There were mainly men in the bar and when I looked around they would look away but I new I was the center of attention and I loved it. When I drink I get horny anyways but with this dress on I was dripping wet. Before I new it I was touching his arm and face and he was stroking the inside of my thigh so I opened my legs farther making it easier for Master's fingers to touch and enter my pussy lips. I wanted him in me so bad I leaned close and whispered in his ear “Can we please get a room now Master”?
Just then Masters cell phone rang. He answered as he walked away from the bar to talk. When he returned he kissed me, saying sorry slut I have to leave and walked out leaving me sitting there alone. I sat at the bar for a few minutes thinking what the fuck just happened? I must be nuts! I gulped down my drink and left the hotel bar. It was dark now as I walked around to the alley. I never felt so afraid as I was looking into it's darkness. I knew something bad was waiting for me down that alleyway but I felt it drawing me. My mind told me it wasn't safe but something told me I had to face my fear. I had to go where life lead me. My mind was screaming don't go as I entered the alley. Half way to my car a hand grabbed me around my waste from behind and then what I think was a cloth socked in ether was held over my nose and mouth. My face started to feel fussy and I blacked out.
When I awoke I looked around the best I could. I was strapped down naked laying on a hard cold table. There was pain in the joints of my arms and legs from being spread apart and tied tightly to the table. There was enough light to see that my nipple stood out hard and long, and I felt a dampness between my legs. I new I was turn on but I didn't know why. I could feel everything moving and I figured I must be in a back of a moving truck. After what must have been hours it stopped and the back door opened. A big man with a dark suit and long hair climbed in saying I see your awake. Where am I and who are you I cried. The man said you are starting your new life Slut and as for me I'm your new Master. What? I don't understand I said. He replied it seems your old Master Dave needed money and sold you to me. He stood looking down at me tiring to pull free and said I think you will do fine. I seen your videos and watched your live video stream. I stopped pulling at the ropes and said Video stream? Yes he answered looked a little surprised and laughed saying don't tell me you didn't know for a small price the whole world could watch you all day? I will say it was very sexy watching you naked doing thing we asked you to. You were quit the horny slut using that vacuum, that even surprised me. Well my new Master said we take videos and pictures here but no live stream. There maybe something happening that we can't show live he said laughingly.
My new Master then took a syringe out of his top pocket and said Lets see if you can take a little more. I could only watch as he pushed the needle into my arm. I could see a needle mark already on my arm so this wasn't my first. I felt his hand moving up between my legs and he started to rub my clitoris between his fingers. I was afraid but it felt like there was a fire burning in my belly and an aching in my pussy that needing to be touched. I couldn't help my hips from moving up so my pussy could rub hard against his ruff hand. Nice he said. I think the d**gs are doing there thing. He pushed his fingers into my pussy and just left them there. It didn't take long before I started humping his fingers like a bitch in heat. I moaned as I pumped my wet pussy on his fingers till I let out a cry and came harder. I felt my cum spray from my pussy and wash the insides of my legs. It was so humiliating but I couldn't help myself. He laughed and said “ yes there doing there job”. I like to call them my nympho boosters, you will be getting 2 a day for a week, then you wont need them any more. He put a collar around my neck with a leash and then untied my hands and feet. Be a good girl and everything will work out. If not I will sell you to someone who isn't so nice he said. I was pulled from the back of the truck and I walked bare foot across the stone parking lot.

Continued on nympho slave part 3
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