Nympho Slave part 1 of 3 parts,

Dear District Attorney,

I awake to the feeling of a light cool breeze blowing across my bare skin. I bury my face in the soft mattress and I inhaled deeply. Breathing in the male scent of my Husband, his aroma filled my nostrils. I smile almost Giggling to my self thinking of the Mattress, it was more like a large pillow laying on the grass under a large linden tree in the center of the backyard. It must be the cools place in the world and I'm the lucks girl in the world to have a Husband like Bobby. Again I have to smile thinking of Bobby, because Bobby isn't really my Husband. Not legally anyways. As far as I know I'm still married to Carl. Where Carl is a great provider, Bobby is a superior lover. It seems like Carl works all the time but Bobby enjoys playing and having fun. I wouldn't have them both any other way. Carl watches over me, seeing that I have all I need. Bobby send me flying with his tongue before delivering me to heaven with his glorious cock filling my love hole with his cum. I have never felt so safe and sexually fulfilled before in my life.
As I Look around I can't see Bobby. Bobby must be taking his morning walk so I will just lay here waiting for his return. I was surprised to see two women walking across the yard. One was my Doctor, Miss Shawn. Doctor Shawn was a short meddle age woman who treated me before I was released to Carl. The other one I did not know but she looked very professional in her black belted dress with a cute jacket. They both were having a very hard time walking in the grass with her high heels. As they got closer I stand to greet them and I said Hello Doctor Shawn, could I have a shot please? Doctor Shawn said shaking her head, Sammie you know the answer to that. Frowning I looked down and said I knew you would say no Doc, you always do but maybe this other lady will give me one? Placing her finger under my chin Doctor Shawn lifted my head to look into my eyes and said no Sammie she wont ether. Sammie I told you the shots you were getting have altered your brain and could have killed you. They were stolen from a pharmaceutical company which was testing them for live stock breeding. Yes I remember that I, but in some ways they did help me too I replied smiling now. Shawn went on to say I would like you to meet Jody William. Jody is from the DA’s office and would like you to write a statement about your k**napping. They have a strong cast but need your statement to get warrants. I answer sure and lead them into the enclosed porch where we sit around a glass top table. Jody placed some paper with the DA's letter head and a pen in front of me. I could see Jody was a little uncomfortable so I asked her if she would feel better if I dressed. Judy replied that was up to you, I understood what you went through so stayed naked if I felt better that way.
I never wear anything at home but, when I go to town I do because I have gotten arrested and they made me dress anyways. Now I just don't go there if I can help it. I just don't understand why we wear cloth all the time. In the winter we need them for protection for the cold and some times the sun does get hot. Maybe it's because men don't like you to see there cocks when there hard. But I can tell if they are thinking of sex anyways.
Looking at the paper in front of me I asked what I should say in this statement. Judy said she couldn't tell me what to write. The statement has to be in my own words, but I could just write it like a letter and to start at the very beginning. I looked down at the paper and start writing about when I first woke up this morning.
Well a little about myself. After being married for 10 years I guess you could have called me a neglected wife. Now if you call me that then you would have to call Carl a neglected Husband too. Before this happened I felt more like his employee then a wife and I bet Carl felt more like a Boss. I'm 28 years old, I think I have a nice shape, about 5 foot 8 inches tall. I weigh about 130 lbs now that I stopped watch what I eat, I use to watch that all the time. My hair is short Blond and my eyes are Blue. My Breasts are C cup now that I put on a few extra pounds and there not as firm. I think I'm getting a little more like Bobby every day, because I just don't care (lol) . Carl was always gone from home on business trips so I start entertaining myself . I smile as I think, He still is now but I have my Bobby to keep me busy. I felt frustrated so I started going on the internet sites to watch kinky Videos and masturbating. I would start the computer and watch till I got really horny then take a shower and masturbate while soaping up. In between house work I spent a lot of time watching videos during the day. Until it got to be routine and I wanted more.
I started chatting with men in chat rooms. Now I realize that was a stupid thing to do, but at the time it felt safe. With out anyone knowing who you really are you can really get sexy and talk about crazy fantasies. I liked the videos of the women being made to perform sex acts so I went by the name of Slave girl. I met this one man who called himself Master Dave. After getting to know him well enough we exchanged pictures and became friends. He would tell me of how he would get off thinking about role playing as a Master. I don't member if it was him or I that came up with it first but he became my internet Master. The next day He sent me a photo of himself standing naked holding a leather leash with the caption (your Master wants you). I sent him one of me kneeling naked that said your slave is ready to serve her Master. After seeing his picture I couldn't get being his slave out of my mind. After sending pictures back and forth ( mainly of me posing the way I told me to ) we started to cam together. It didn't take long before I was undressing and masturbating as he watched. As things progressed Master wanted to know more about me and Carl. I told him the truth to everything he asked, He was my Master after all. One day Master told me to give him my dress and shoe size. Master told me I should get a PO Box so he could send me a package. A PO box felt safe too, no one couldn't find you if they just had a PO box so I got one as he ordered. When the package arrived I rushed home to open it. My hands were shacking as I opened the package and looked inside. There was a black dress with sequins, black lace top nylons, a black garter belt and black stiletto heel platform shoes. There was also was a wide black leather collar with a brass plate attached to the front that read cum slut.
I logged online to find a email from Master telling me to buy a small video recorder that had a remote. The email went on to say I was to learn the following pledge by heart before our next cam date. When I was ready I had to be naked kneeling in front of the cam. There was also a document attachment on the email. The signed document would give Master the right to use my photos and videos as he pleases. I was to send it signed to his PO box along with the first videos I was going to make for him.
My heart was pounding when Master came on line. I knelt naked and said I'm ready to pledge my devotion to you Master and I begin.
I'm a worthless cum slut and I pledge to you Master my body and my mind. I will obey and warship you always. You own this body and this soul. This slave is yours to use and enjoy for all times.
Master told me from this point on I was never to wear a bra or panties again. This was to always remind me I was his sex slave. I could only have sex when I was told I could, not even if Carl insisted. I was to make videos and photos of myself for my Master and send them with the signed paper to him at his PO box.
For the first videos Master told me to drive to a self service gas station and fill my car with gas. I was told to find places to put the camera so it would get many video clips. Master would put them together as a longer movie.
I dressed in the cloth Master sent me, and of course I could not wear a bra or panties. The black dress was way to tight and was very short, it barely covered my pussy and ass. The top of the dress just covered my nipples so if I tried to pull it lower my nipples would peep out the top. When I sat down the dress moved up showing my hips and pussy hair. When sitting if I didn't keep my legs tightly together you could clearly see my pussy. I placed the camera on the front porch and recorded myself walking to the car and getting in. then I went back and got the camera. Then wedged the camera in the open glove box so it would show my legs and a little of my pussy hair as I drove to the station. I picked a station that was out of the way so there wouldn't be to many people driving in. The station wasn't far but the pumps were old and didn't take a charge card so you have to pay before getting the gas. I set the camera on the dash so it recorded me walking in and out of the station to pay. I moved the camera around to a few places so I got a different shots and angles. I tried to show my bare ass and pussy as often as I could. By the time I was done my pussy was so wet I had to recorded myself stopped along side of the road masturbating. Before I went home I drove to the post office, packed the tapes and the signed document in a flat rate box and sent them to Master.
After master got the tapes he edit and posted videos along with pictures of me I had sent him before to the website called Xhamster then told me to view them. When I watched the video I could see the station attendant watching me throw the window the whole time. At first I was afraid someone I new would see me but it was so hot reading the comments people wrote I didn't want to stop. Master had me record myself many times. Some at home doing things like undressing to take showers and masturbating. A few times Master would have me video myself driving naked around town and pulling into fast food drive up so I could be seen when paying. I soon became very good friends with the station attendant who I always made sure seen me banding over. On the way home they always ended with me parking and masturbating along side the road. This was the only time I could have sex but I just loved it! I never had sex this great in my life before and wanted more.

Continued on Nympho Slave part 2
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