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Before you change your toothpaste, try this fun quiz. It's designed to help
you evaluate and understand your love life and your ability to put it in
life's proper perspective.

Print this test out and circle the answers of your choice. ONLY THEN should
you refer to the scoring scale and interpretation at the end of the test.

1. When you meet a person for the first time, you wonder:

a. if he or she should be cultivated as a friend.
b. how this person would react in bed.
c. how you can 'pick' his or her brain to better your own interests.

2. When a member of the same sex gives you a present, you hope it is:

a. something practical.
b. something elegant that will enhance your personal appearance.
c. something you can both enjoy.

3. When you talk to people, you usually look:

a. away.
b. into their eyes.
c. at their mouth.

4. When you come across a sexy magazine, you:

a. throw it away.
b. read it because it really turns you on.
c. find it vaguely amusing.

5. You consider lovemaking:

a. a positive statement of love.
b. a negative act.
c. fun.

6. If you found your love life unsatisfactory while in a permanent
relationship, you would:

a. change partners.
b.discuss the problem with your doctor.
c. find a new hobby, such as sports.

7. You think lovemaking should be:

a. for mutual satisfaction.
b. only to carry on the f****y tree.
c. enjoyed whenever the mood is right.

8. You:

a. have a lurking fear of love.
b. enjoy lovemaking with the right person.
c. keep looking for novel ways to express your needs.

9. When you become involved in lovemaking, you are happiest when:

a. the other person is satisfied.
b. both of you relax with the feeling of fulfillment.
c. you have been satisfied.

10. You feel current sex education:

a. lowers moral standards.
b. is healthy, wholesome.
c. is great because it encourages greater freedom.

11. You think there should be:

a. no taboos in love making.
b. many taboos which, if broken, should be punished.
c. scientifically established taboos.

12. If you were invited to spend a weekend at a nudist camp, you would:

a. refuse because the idea is vulgar.
b. accept for the excitement of it.
c. accept or decline for the same reasons you would any other

13. When you buy clothing, you look for:

a. practical attire.
b. clothing that displays your body beautiful.
c. the latest fashion.

14. Your urge for lovemaking is strongest:

a. when the lights are low and the mood is romantic.
b. any time.
c. on a set schedule.

15. When you give a gift to an attractive person, you:

a. feel happy you made the gesture.
b. expect to be thanked physically.
c. do it because you think he or she expects it of you.

16. When you take a shower, you:

a. enjoy having him or her with you.
b. like to have him or her soap your back.
c. want to be alone.

17. If you were choosing a perfume or aftershave on the basis of its name you
would buy:

a. Spring Breezes.
b. Love Potion.
c. Just For You.

18. You reslove your quarrels with your lover by:

a. an unemotional discussion of the issues.
b. walking away until the scene has cooled down.
c. forgetting the incident in the flame of passion.

19. You prefer to sl**p:

a. in a warm, well-blanketed bed.
b. in unironed sheets that smell of sunshine.
c. between satin sheets.


1. a-4 b-6 c-2 11. a-6 b-2 c-4
2. a-2 b-6 c-4 12. a-2 b-6 c-4
3. a-2 b-4 c-6 13. a-2 b-6 c-4
4. a-2 b-6 c-4 14. a-4 b-6 c-2
5. a-4 b-2 c-4 15. a-4 b-6 c-2
6. a-6 b-4 c-2 16. a-6 b-4 c-2
7. a-4 b-2 c-6 17. a-2 b-6 c-4
8. a-2 b-4 c-6 18. a-4 b-2 c-6
9. a-2 b-4 c-6 19. a-4 b-2 c-6
10. a-2 b-4 c-6

98-114 You're far too preoccupied by sex. You miss the many other
wonderful things around you. Your attitude is a parallel to those
who live to eat rather than eating to live. Cool down - or go see
a doctor.

78-96 You have more urge than good sense. Don't measure your
masculinity or feminity by conquests alone but rather by
contentment and peace of mind. You may be insecure in other
facets of life.

56-76 You have a wholesome, normal attitude toward sex. Changing times
do not mortify you nor do they cause you to cast aside your own
values. You know the difference between sex and love.

40-54 You are fearful of sex and negatively disposed even to consider
the subject. Even if you do not wish to join those who feel that
physical love can be beautiful, rewarding, kind, and magnificent,
give yourself the chance to consider the possibility.
Posted by Samantha 4 years ago
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