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The great town hall was ablaze with the firelight of lamps, and boisterous
with laughter and talk of the townspeople. None were resting or idle,
except for the elderly who sat in corners talking about the good old
times. Grandmamma was hugging my sl**ping baby b*****r, while my old aunt,
whose arthritic hand awkwardly groped over her knitting, was humming a
sweet tune. The early evening was closing in and the moon was mounting; the
farm labourers came from their outdoor chores and were assembling in the
large hall, which gave space for a degree or more of partiers.

A number of the men were occupied in carving up the meat, and to these were
ceded the best place and light; others were drinking or dancing with the
women and jingling to the tune of the violin. The women, mostly middle
aged, were organising and placing the table for the banquet that would last
the whole night. This was my first banquet, seeing as I came to age a few
months ago. c***dren of a certain age were not allowed to participate after

My friend Nadia was there in the corner, she kept watching me all the time
with a brutal expression on her face. She was nine years my senior and,
like me, nobody had invited her to dance. Maybe it was because most men
feared her intimidating appearance. Her face was so muscular-like and her
temper so violent she scared people away. She behaved, dressed and hunted
like a man.

There were rumours that she'd finally found someone to marry her. It made
me happy, because my father had told me he'd found a suitable candidate for
me too. Maybe Nadia and I could get married on the same day.

She could have been married sooner if she didn't behave so much like an
Amazon. She had sworn she'd only marry a man who could defeat her in an arm
wrestle. Whoever he might be, her new husband had to be a colossus. I had
seen Nadia take on five men at once and win.

Nadia stood well over six-foot tall, a lot taller than the average village
male, and was magnificently pulsating and muscled from head to toe. Her
skin was tanned a dark bronze, both from the hot sun as well as the hours
of ploughing the fields. Her figure was still quite shapely, and

I'd say she was very beautiful. I was about the only friend she truly had
in the entire village; I was also the only one who could say more than
three words to her without her losing her temper.

However, tonight I was feeling uncomfortable by her glare and I hoped that
one of the boys would ask me to dance. I expected to see Gabriel at the
banquet, but he wasn't here. These past few months he'd been courting me
and soon he'd probably ask my father for my hand in marriage. I was at that
age when I was ready to start my own f****y.

I didn't understand why nobody invited me until I saw her. Nadia curled a
vicious snarl at any of the boys who dared to look at me. Her look had
become positively frightening and I was thinking about telling my father
about it. My father was the only one whom Nadia respected, because he was
the village leader.

Everybody looked at me strangely as though they knew something I
didn't. They deliberately avoided me.

Near me were some c***dren playing hopscotch and running around. Some of
the boys were peeking under the skirts of women, and I questioned if my
b*****r might one day do the same at their age. My mother walked towards me
and handed me a silver chalice to drink from.

"Drink Ligia," she told me. "It'll help."

I asked her what it is, but there was a mysterious smile on her face. I
only drank half the content but she obliged me to drink it all. The sweet
tasting liquid has left me dizzy and I had become submissive of myself.

The hall had now divided themselves into two groups of people and no one
was dancing anymore. The music had stopped and I saw my father ushering my
mother to take the c***dren to bed. For some reason they are all asl**p as
if d**gged.

The lamp in its centre burns with the light of the candles. Those farthest
from the fire had direct heat from two braziers filled with glowing wood
coals, replenished from time to time from the generous fireplace. My cheeks
were rosy red from the flickers of the immense fire, and my mind scarcely
prevailed beyond the limits of my consciousness.

That drink my mother gave me has left me weary; there is a strange friction
in my bl**d; a desolate absence in my brain. Familiar objects and faces had
grown repugnant to me. I wanted to be alone. I was in that state of mind
when complete repudiation of the general public was a necessity.

I walked out of the hall to breathe some air when I heard the doors bolt
closed behind me. I began to think that my mother might have poisoned me
with that drink. I endured a fire burn within me which I had never before
felt in my life. The fire was burning in the pit of my stomach and moving
downwards towards my crotch.

I rubbed my pussy against the wooden doorpost and it sent electrifying
sensations through me. It helped a little bit, but it was not by far what I
needed. I don't understand what had happened to me. I simply couldn't help

I tried to clear my mind, but the craving was worse. My dress was too thick
and wide for the doorpost to ease this strange itch. I tried to rub harder,
but to no avail.

All around my pelvic region was on fire. My breath got hotter and I started
to salivate. I f***ed myself to stop and took a deep breath. The cool air
helped me feel better.

Then, from out of the shadows into the flickering light of the oil lamp
came somebody stealthy. I startled horribly, because initially I thought it
was a wolf. The mystery being was a person who walked on two legs and was
incredibly tall. That partially put my mind to rest.

I was startled to discover the sight of Nadia. She wore a wolf's skin over
her head, but was naked from head to toe and smeared with mud. Between her
legs hung a massive wooden like phallus that was nearly as thick as my
wrist. It was almost horse sized and her eyes looked unforgiving. She gave
one quick glance up into my face, muttered something, a growl, I think, and
towered over me like a gigantic bull.

"You have seasoned well," snarled Nadia squeezing breast. "Your mother
didn't approve of this but ..."

"Nadia!" I cried horrified. "What do you think you're doing?"

Her only response was to slap me and bl**d gushed from my lip. She then
f***efully pulled me by my arm and stuck her tongue into my mouth. I pulled
away violently disgusted by her filthy behaviour.

"I'm telling my father about this!" I threatened.

"Who do you think sent me here?" She circled me like a she-wolf in
heat. "You are my betrothed."

"What are you talking about?" I stared horrified. "My father would never do
that, besides ... You're a woman!"

"No little one." She curled a wicked smiled on her face. "You are the
woman, you are my little bitch."

"I thought we were friends!" I bellowed. "Why are you doing this?"

"I take what I want," she ripped off my girdle and flounced skirt as if it
were paper. "I want you."

I stood before her completely naked and I covered my breasts in shame. I
felt the silence ensue. It was a thing still more awful than any amount of
her vulgar discourse; I held my breath and stepped delicately back;
planting my foot carefully and firmly, after balancing in a precarious way
and almost toppling over. I turned around and banged f***efully on the
door, and presently the heads of the villagers were thrust from windows.

Nadia spun me around and placed to fingers in my pussy and removed
them. They were full of my juices as she sucked them greedily. It shamed me
to admit it but I rather enjoyed Nadia sticking her fingers into my love

"Mmm," she observed my pussy. "You will be a good wife!"

"Stop that!" I slapped her hard on the face. "I will never be your wife!"

"I knew you'd fight me," she laughed. "I wouldn't want you any other way."

My arousal wasn't due to Nadia. I figured that it must've been that
diabolical drink mother gave me. Why had my f****y done this to me?

"Father! Mother!" I cried desperately on the door. "Save me!"

"Run Ligia" warned my father. "The wolf is after you!"

His words came a little slowly and deliberately, as though he spoke in a
contemptuous tone of voice. I hesitated, and stopped, as though I were
expecting everything to be some tasteless joke, for lack of a better word.

Nadia approached me from behind and squeezed my breasts hard. Her
enthusiasm for my body excited me to some degree, but it also inspired
dread into me. There was something portentous about this young, bright,
powerful woman planning to ravish me. Nadia's aspect was frightening. My
fear granted me strength beyond my normal capability and I pushed her onto
the ground.

So I ran forward, plunging through the darkness and knocking over whatever
blocked my way. I ran towards the woods passed the fir trees at an enormous
risk of getting lost. There was no grass in this area, only ample rough
vegetation. The valley itself was enclosed by unpleasant hills; no one
would come to my rescue.

I ran, for that was all I could do, but I could not stop; Nadia was chasing
me with her colossal wooden phallus strapped between her legs. I was a
virgin, but I needn't much imagination to figure what Nadia intended to
with it. So I splashed rapidly through the mud seeking safety in the

Nadia quickened her pace and I felt her gaining on me like a predator. I
judged her speed as admirable; it was a gloating security in her own
excelling and enduring efforts of speed that I felt that I'd never outrun
her. I hid watching from behind a tree Nadia howling furiously at the
moon. Her hands were balled into fists and punched the empty air outraged
that I'd escaped.

Never had I heard my heart race so hurriedly and loudly. Nadia gazed upon
the ground looking for any tracks which I might have left behind. She was
the best huntress in the village. I discovered that I found myself put to
the test as never had I been before in any chase.

I took another step back, with the same caution and the same risk; then
another and another, and then ... a twig snapped under my foot! My breath
stopped and Nadia listened. There was no sound; the stillness was perfect
for her to discover me. Her patience was measureless and I in my eagerness
to flee denounced my position.

She saw me and emerged like a she-wolf to attack its prey. I pick up and
turned nimbly on my heels and flew. Nadia swirled about and leapt to the
right, and I, unprepared for so prompt a lurch, found myself knocked off my
feet. I heard her laugh and shout of sheer exhilaration of catching her

There was an eighth of a ton on me, mostly bone and muscle, crushing my
tiny body, I was easy pickings and unable to budge the bulk over me.

She had landed so hard that the wind was blown out of me, and with such
tremendous impulsion, that I hadn't enough initial stability to take the
impact and bring myself back on my feet. I went down like a leaf, she on
top of me, laughing with mud on her face, pinning my shoulders down and
sucking my sensitive nipples.

"That's it!" She moaned pleased. "Squirm and fight it all the way! Resist

She picked me up, raising me to heights I'd never been before, and there
she stood erect. She placed my legs over her shoulders and began to suck at
my hole as her tongue plunged in and out, until I cried out as the waves of
passion overwhelmed me. I f***efully battered her head with my fists but it
was if I were hitting solid rock. I ripped the wolf skin off her head in
fury, but my resistance was only making her wilder and more eager.

To my horror I felt myself getting wetter and wanted nothing more than for
Nadia to continue, but I needed to fight her. She slowed down, gently
lapping up all of my sweet nectar, not leaving a drop to be wasted.

Her strength was incredible in the way she held me in the air with my legs
over her shoulders. It was if I weighed nothing to her. She engulfed my
clit into her mouth and sucked on it until I could feel it swelling in her
mouth. Then as she sucked it, she began to flick it with her tongue; with
each flick sending another spasm through my body. She kept her hands
wrapped tightly around my hips to keep me from kicking off in a moment of

Suddenly she pulled her mouth away and ran towards the town hall with me in
her lap. She stormed down the doors with an incredible ease. Inside were
the village elders, my f****y and all the other adult inhabitants.

They were completely naked and chanting around a statue which had an
enormous erect penis. There was a mischievous grin on the statue and it was

Nadia raised me over her head as if I were a trophy and roared like a
wolf. She paraded me around in display to the whole audience.

"She's my wench!" She shook me violently in the air. "She's mine! I
conquered her!"

She placed my body upon a white blanket, which I assumed the villagers had
placed there. They were all in conformity with what Nadia was doing to me;
my father, my mother, all of the elders was in agreement. They had betrayed
me to this savage woman.

"Mother? Father?" I looked at them. "What going on?"

"You're getting married to Nadia," answered my father.

"Don't worry darling," spoke my naked grandmother. "Nobody will judge you."

I rolled my eyes back as Nadia engulfed my breast whole into her
mouth. Then she looked at me with wild lustful eyes and greased her
wooden-like phallus with olive oil. An expression of horror radiated from
my face. Nadia was definitely enjoying this, because her pussy was dripping
with her own love juices.

"Maybe you should use a smaller phallus," my mother hinted mercifully.

"My wench can handle what I give her," Nadia snarled. "She is strong!!"

"She is smaller than you are," spoke my mother. "Be gentle with her,

She pulled my legs apart and passed her long finger between my dripping
pussy and showed my mother my juices. I felt so ashamed at the revelation.

"I'll do it slowly!" Nadia agreed.

She slowly penetrated my wet pussy and I bit down on my tongue preventing
myself from screaming. My little cunt was wet enough to let the cock tip to
slid into me. Nadia was breathing tremendously fast and was trying to
spread my legs even further as she penetrated my warm inviting cunt. I
shrieked out loud and Nadia suddenly stopped.

"I sorry Ligia," she finally looked at me tenderly. "I'm sometimes a brute
and I don't think of the consequences ..."

"Don't stop now!" I opened my legs wider. "I beg you!"

"I'll use a smaller cock."

"Don't you dare!" I threatened. "If you do that I'll hate you forever!"

"Very well," she French kissed me. "Bite down on my shoulder if it helps."

I bit down hard on her shoulder but she paid it no mind. My knees trembled
with fear and my heart pumped with anxiety of losing my virginity to her,
but it felt like the right thing to do. Each stroke inside me went deeper
and then I began to grab her asscheeks. I'd finally surrendered and urged
her to go deeper, faster and much harder.

I made soft moans with every entrance and then a loud noise in pain as she
f***ed her wooden phallus deep inside me with a fraction of the f***e she
could gather, tearing my hymen and making me a virgin no more.

A tiny amount of bl**d trickled out of me and I felt a little pain. She
thrust it in again, a little harder this time and the phallus entered our
pussies at the same time. Repeatedly pushing in me, her cock widened at my
aching pussy. Her phallus was rather large and the penetrations made its
very presence in my pussy a mind shattering cycle of a****l induced pain.

The phallus on her side was buried deep inside her pussy, but my pussy was
still too tight for a deeper penetration. I raised my hips to allow another
inch in me. I peered up at my lover and saw the gaze of lust in her
eyes. At that moment in time I silently swore to please her. I'd have no
other lover than her.

I grabbed her by the ass and took the phallus down another inch in my
pussy, this time more powerfully, almost violently, taking Nadia by
surprise. I could feel the walls of my pussy stretch to their elastic
limit. This satisfied her enough to allow her to enter me a little more.

She placed my legs over her shoulders and slowly pushed in, pausing briefly
when she felt me tense. After she had gotten half the cock inside me, she
began to withdraw, then push back inside, easing in even more. After
several minutes of careful and tender stroking, she was finally all the way

Pausing briefly, Nadia then began pumping in and out, slowly at first, then
gradually picking up speed. My tight pussy felt like a moist glove. Nadia
knew I wouldn't last longer at this rate, but she was besieged with
lust. She began to pump in and out faster and faster, till she felt her own
juice smearing the wooden phallus being drawn out of her cunt.

The phallus was completely concealed inside our cunts. Nadia reached around
me and began massaging her clit against mine, rubbing it hard and fast in
an effort to help us cum more quickly.

When I felt the Nadia's pussy juices splashing against my pussy, it sent me
over the edge to one last shattering climax. I held Nadia tight with my
legs, still moving, still in the convulsions of my orgasm. I knew that the
phallus would never grow soft and shrivel, yet I was nearly spent. I
pressured my cunt onto hers as long as I possibly could with the cock
wedged between us. I finally sighed with contentment, and let my legs fall
from her shoulders. The phallus fell from our cunts with a pop.

Nadia got up and picked me up with only one arm at her side. She wasn't
finished with me yet. She possessed the strength and power of a bull. She'd
stop making love to me only when she'd had enough.

"Remember our deal" said Nadia to my parents and to all the
villagers. "She's my wife."

She took me to the privacy of her hut and continued to pound my pussy
throughout the night non-stop. Finally, into the dawn, she straddled my
face and f***ed me to suck on her clit. She swivelled her pussy movements
to match my tongue. She began to thrust wildly, nearly suffocating me,
offering her female juices. I sucked greedily on the throbbing clit,
feeling it expand in breadth as her cuntjuice burst like a dam into my
mouth and face. I licked her nectar from her cunt lips and then from her
inner thigh. She was proud of me.

Only when all the energy had drained from Nadia's body did she collapse
into my arms and pressed her face into my bosom and began to cry. The
emotional intensity of what had happened, and indeed of our mysterious
marriage, welled up in her and I soothed her profuse tears.

The weight of her body was nearly crushing, but I enjoyed having her over
me. I felt protected from the world. Never had I been so happy, so
rewarded. My lover held me tight with her muscular arms, comforting me and
nurturing me as only I knew she could do.

For the next two days we made love like there was no tomorrow and nobody
bothered us during that time. Only on the third day did Nadia leave to go
to work. My mother came to visit me. There was a terrible sense of guilt in
her eyes.

"I have some explaining to do," she confessed.

Every year the villagers celebrated the transition of a new season
according to ancient pagan customs. At midnight they would d**g the
c***dren and send them to bed early. The adults, old and young, would all
participate in a sexual orgy in celebration of a new harvest. Although we
were Christians, this particular tradition managed to survive.

"What does this have to do with me and Nadia," I asked.

Nadia had been a difficult person even as a c***d; and finding a husband
for her was proving an impossible feat. All of her contenders were
systematically beaten to a pulp. She wouldn't let any man touch her. The
villagers would have left her as a spinster, but she was becoming more
aggressive. The elders knew her problem was an excess of sexual energy, but
how were they to solve her problem?

My father came up with the idea to marry her to a woman. It was unorthodox,
but Nadia apparently seemed to enjoy the idea, maybe too much. Nadia was
given a choice of any girl of the village and she chose me. My father
resurrected the old pagan religion and married us according to the ancient

It was all agreed that nobody would discriminate me or Nadia. We would live
as man and wife. My mother wanted to tell me and ask for my permission but
father had given his word to Nadia. He did allow my mother to give me an
ancient aphrodisiac potion to make our sexual union more pleasurable and to
give me more energy.

"I'm truly sorry Ligia," she lowered her eyes. "If you don't approve of
this marriage I can help you run away."

"Why?" I smiled. "I do not object."

"You mean you approve of Nadia?"

"I have grown to like her." I admitted. "But I will need to learn how to
make the potion."

"Nadia doesn't need that, does she?"

"It's for me," I blushed. "To help me keep up with her."

"Ah," she grinned. "In that case I'll come this afternoon."

She left and I took out Nadia's wooden phallus. I stroked it tenderly and
counted the hours when my lover and companion would return. She was like a
wolf ready to mount me at any time. She was my She-Wolf.
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