Play Time

I walk in to the bedroom to find you looking in my toy cupboard with wide
eyes. The shelves hold dildos, vibrators, butterflies and eggs of various
sizes and colours. Hanging on the rail are my leather harnesses,
blindfolds, gags and nipple chains. To one side hangs a cane and a short
multi stranded leather whip and a tawse.

"Like what you see?" I ask.

You turn around startled and blush deep crimson.

"Do you want to play, or is this all too rich for your tastes"

"I'm not sure," you reply "I've never tried anything like that

"Oh come now, an experienced girl like yourself and you never tried a
little bondage or S&M? I find that hard to believe."

"No honestly." you say quickly, shaking your head. " I can't stand
pain, but the idea does excite me."

"That's ok, I can temper the treatment to suit your abilities. What do
you say?"

You nod your head and I take you by the hand to the far side of the room.

Opening the curtains I reveal a wall fitted with a wooden cross of St
Andrew, bindings at each corner and at the centre. You stop dead in your
tracks and pull back from me slightly but don't let go of my hand as you
start to tremble.

"It's ok. I promise to be gentle with you at first. Shall I help you to

You shake your head, and without taking your eyes from mine you slowly
remove your clothes until only your panties remain.

"Those too. Or I'll rip them off."

You blush again as you remove your panties to reveal a shaven pussy. I
lick my lips at the prospect of what is to come.

"Face the wall and spread your arms and legs to the four corners of the

I bind your wrists and ankles, leaving your waist free, and stand back to
admire the view. Your body is slim and toned with soft white skin ; not
for long I think to myself and smile.

"Now, before we begin you must choose a safe word that you can call out
at any time that you wish me to stop. Think about it for a minute while I
get what I need."

I leave the room to get lube and ice, my mind starting to plan how I'm
going to give you a night to remember. When I return there are goose
pimples starting to rise on your skin, the room is warm so it can only be
fear or excitement causing such a reaction. We agree on your safe word
and I begin. Filling my hands with ice, I caress you body from the base
of your neck along your arms and back again. Moving down your back I
reach around to chill the sides of your breasts and down onto your
stomach. More ice, and I slide my hands from your ankles up the inside of
your legs to where your thighs and pussy meet. You are shivering with the
cold that will intensify the feeling of heat on your skin when I begin to
beat you.

"Don't worry, I'll soon warm you up" I laugh.

I pick up the whip and hold it close to your face so that you can smell
the leather. A quick flick of my wrist and the strands snap against the
wall alongside you, the sharp noise making you flinch with fear. How do
you know you can trust me? Bound as you are I can do anything I choose
and you can't do a thing about it. You close your eyes and clench your

"You remember your word?" I ask.

You nod quickly, your eyes wide open now with fear; every muscle tightens
in anticipation of what is to come.

"Good. Now bite on this."

Placing a rubber block between your teeth , I walk back and take the
first gentle swing at your thighs. The skin turns slightly pink and I see
the tension in your body eases as I continue to flog your thighs and
backside, the leather barely making contact with your skin; just enough
to warm and excite. Knowing that you are ready to go to the next level I
strike harder as I gauge how much you will take. You moan softly, and I
take this to be encouragement. My whip stings every inch of your back,
arse and thighs. Never enough to cause real pain, I don't want to
frighten you off for good, but sharp enough to cause you to gasp and
wriggle in your bindings.

I release the shackles and you turn to face me, your expression a mixture
of relief and disappointment. I bind you once more to the cross, this
time your waist is held in place by a broad leather belt. You are
completely unable to move. From the cupboard I select a remote control
vibrator which I slip into your pussy. Next I lube up a set of Thai beads
to insert into your tight little anus; there is a long string attached
which I fasten to my left wrist.

With the remote in my left hand and the whip in my right I inspect the
scene to ensure that everything is in place.

"Ready for round two?"

Without waiting for a reply I flick the strands of leather across the end
of each nipple in turn, causing a small cry of pain. Next I flick at your
shaven pussy, switching the remote into action for just a second as the
whip makes contact with your flesh . You half cry, half moan as the dual
sensations stimulate your senses. I continue to flick at your labia with
an upward circular motion until I notice that your lips are parting and
the strands are becoming wet with your juices.

"Hold that dildo in tightly or it wont be the flogger I beat you
with," I whisper in you ear, " you'll feel the bite of my cane."

A sharp blow this time across your thigh causing red lines of white hot
pain to rise; another sharp blow to the other thigh and you cry out as
you bite down on the gag. Two quick flicks to your shaven lips, the dildo
now vibrating softly within. I remove the gag.

"Wanna stop now, or can you take some more?"

"More please, mistress."

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Oh god, yes!"

I slip one finger along your wet slit and graze gently over your clit.

"Now you just wait there and think about how much you want me to fuck

I replace the gag and walk out of the room. As I walk away the Thai beads
pull swiftly from your arse and I increase the vibrations in your pussy.
You moan and lower your head in submission.

When I return you are still teetering on the edge of desperate desire. I
pick up the whip and hold the handle tight against your pubic bone. I tap
gently at your lips with the handle, teasing your clit as contact is made
and lost repeatedly. Your breathing becomes deep and slow as your pelvis
rises and falls to met with the handle. Standing close to you now I drop
the whip to the floor and start to slap your lips with my firm hand, my
fingers slipping into your open pussy a little more each time. Your legs
begin to tremble and you spit out the gag .

"Do you wanna cum?"



"Do you think I should let you ?"


"P..p..please m..m..m..mistress, I b..beg you."

"Mmm maybe, maybe not.'


Your body is trembling and I know that only the slightest touch of your
clit will send you over the edge. I remove the dildo and slip four
fingers straight into your dripping hole and rest my thumb on your clit.
You buck so hard against my hand that I fear the chains at your wrists
will pull loose from the wall as you scream out your climax and fall
forward into me. I place my free hand on your chest to pin you against
the wall and watch as you writhe and ride out wave after wave of orgasm.

Finally spent and gasping for air, I release first your ankles and then
your wrists. Carrying you to the bed I lay you down and cover you with a
silk sheet, to prevent you from getting chilled. Leaving you to recover
for a moment or two, I return to the bed with two glasses of chilled
white wine.

"Drink slowly. We don't want you passing out before I've finished with
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4 years ago
my compliments
sweet and so very naughty
4 years ago
Nice job, can't wait for round two. Thanks!
4 years ago
Great story xx
4 years ago
4 years ago
Great start, Samantha!
What did you do to her in part two?