Changing Room Extacy

My girlfriend and I went to a department store and asked her to go into the changing room and find a room for us. I waited for a few minutes outside and then when no one was looking, I crept into the changing area behind her. As I was walking through the hallway in the changing area, she reached out from under the door of her room and grabbed my leg so I knew which room to go into. She opened the door of her room and revealed herself in the sexiest bra and panties she could find in the store. After I entered I admired her beautiful body with all of her amazing curves. I could not help but caress every inch of her and started to lick her all over. I then proceeded to kiss her neck and slowly caressed her big soft tits. My tongue went from her neck slowly down to her amazing cleavage. I removed her bra as fast as I possibly could and began to lick her beautiful nipples and sucked on them until she became dripping wet with anticipation. Then I unzipped my pants and let her bring out my cock and lick it from the balls to the tip. I shoved it into her warm mouth and made her suck me soo deeply. It continued to grow inside her mouth until I could feel it touch the back of her throat. Mmmm...she slowing sucked every inch of my cock and made it so incredibly hard.
I then went on my knees teased her pussy with my fingers and pulled down her panties with my teeth. I spread her legs and made her stand as I sat on the floor and began to lick every inch of her pussy. I stuck my tongue inside her and fucked her pussy with my tongue so I could taste her juices. My tongue made its way to her clit as my fingers went inside of her. I worked her clit so well with my tongue and fucked her with my fingers and whispered to her to cum in my mouth! She was so wet that she could not hold back any longer and she couldn't help but explode. I licked her and fucked her pussy so well with my fingers that as she whispered that she was going to cum i lowered my tongue to her pussy and she shot her cum out on my tongue! Mmm she had to bite her tongue so as not to scream out loud! She continued to cum and cum as I sucked on her clit and worked my fingers inside her. Mmm...I savored every last drop! It tasted so wonderful as I licked it from her dripping pussy, making sure not to let any cum drip down her leg.
I then bent her over and shoved my rock hard cock inside of her dripping wet pussy and pushed her up against the wall. I fucked her so hard and deep and put my hand over her mouth to make sure she stayed quiet. I made her look into the mirror to see me shoving my cock into her begging pussy. Her moans became too loud through my hand so I grabbed her hair and pulled it back roughly as punishment. I continued to ram my cock into her so deeply with one hand over her mouth and the other ready to jerk her hair back when she started to moan too loudly. I fucked her harder and harder, jerking her hair back when she misbehaved. She kept misbehaving and her moans were too loud through my hand so I had to put my hands around her neck and choke her to stop. Once my hands were around her neck, I could make sure she was silent as I fucked her as hard as I possibly could. As I was shoving my cock inside her so deeply I whispered to her to cum all over my fucking cock as rammed it as deeply as I possibly could into her. I fucked her so fast that I felt her pussy convulse around my hard cock as a rush of moisture engulfed me and began to run down my balls and leg. She tried to scream out in extacy but I choked her harder as she continued to cover my cock with her warm cum! I kept fucking her until she had finished unloading every last drop of her cum on me. I finally could not take it any longer and as i was about to explode i pulled out and spun her around and she went on your knees and prepared to accept my cum. I shoved my cock into her waiting mouth and fucked her face with my rock hard cock. I held her head as I shoved my cock deeply down her throat. She had me so excited that knew I had a huge load ready for her. I pulled out of her mouth and began to jerk off for her. As I stroked my cock, she made sure to lick off all of her cum that had dripped onto my balls and leg. I whispered to her asking if she was ready for my huge load. She nodded and opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue in anticipation. She knew that she had to collect every drop of my hot cum so that we would not make a mess. I jerked off so fast and held back my load for as long as I could until I couldn't help but explode into her mouth! Every inch of my body convulsed as I shot huge streams of cum into her open mouth. I tried desperately to remain as quiet as I possibly could! I slowly drizzled it on her tongue and made sure all of it made it into your mouth so as to leave no evidence. Shot after her glorious shot went into her beautiful mouth until it was completely full with my every drop of huge load! Ohhhh, my hot cum covered her tongue. She then swallowed all of the cum in her mouth and put her mouth around my throbbing cock to make sure she did not miss any. I could not stand any longer and collapsed to the floor in exhaustion. She continued to lick the tip of my cock and swallowed every last drop of my cum. I pulled her up towards me and held her so closely against my chest. We sat there on the floor of the dressing room and embraced each other for what seemed like forever as we savored the pure extacy that we had shared. I softly kissed her on the forehead as we rested and made our plans to go into the dressing room of the next department store in the mall.
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