Before I get into my story, I will give a little background. We went to live with my god parent’s mother when I was 8. She needed someone to keep the house clean, make dinner, wash her clothes and keep an eye on her disable grandson. She worked at a law firm. At the time one of her other son lived upstairs. When he moved out the apartment was empty for six months before her youngest son and his three k**s moved in.

It all started when I was 12, my god father Will, just come in from work. Will is 30, 5’9, baby blue eyes, black hair, with a killer body. He works and owns his construction business. I have called him Blue since I was 5 because of his eyes. He was complaining about his neck and upper back. He asked my mom if she had some icy hot. My mom was heading out to work and she said no but suggested he should ask me to give him a massage. My mom was always on her feet all day at work, she was a nurse.

“Why would I ask her for a massage? She’s a k** and not strong enough.” Will complained as he headed up stairs to his apartment.

“She massages me legs and feet ever night. She has strong hands or have you forgotten all the sports she plays.” My mom laughs grabs her bag and keys. “Baby girl come here a sec, ok.” I was in the kitchen watching TV and doing my homework as usual.

“I’m coming mom.” I yell as I get up from the table. I’m 12, 4’ 10, curvy, 38 B breast, bubble butt, long dark brown hair, light brown eyes, pouting lips, weight about 125 but solid muscle, smooth dark caramel skin. I look older than my years just from my body alone. “Will hurt his back again, can you give him a massage. I don’t have any more icy hot to give him.” “Sure mom.” Not really wanting to do it but I love the big pest. My mom gives me a kiss on the forehead and leaves. I head up the stairs and knock on the door.

“Come in” Will yells out from his room it’s at the back of the apartment. He sticks his head out his room. “What’s up Baby girl?”

“Hey Blue, my mom said you could use a massage.” I start to walk towards him. I have on shorts and tank top. I always change out of my school clothes when I get home.
“Besides, my homework is almost done anyway. I just have to answer two more questions and I’m done.”

“Ok hold on a sec. I have to put some shorts on I was getting ready to take a shower.” He closes his room door. I keep walking to the back and sit down on one of the kitchen chairs.

“Hey, if you want to take a shower I can come back up later. I was going to order a pizza you want me to order you something?” His door is not completely closed I get to see his naked butt as he pulls on some shorts. A smile comes over my face. “Dam he has a cute butt.” I say under my breath.

He walks to the door and opens it. “Ok. So you want me in the chair or on the bed?”
“It’s up to you Blue, but I think it would be better if you lay in the bed. I can massage your whole back. You have any oil or lotion it makes it easier when I massage my mom. Hmm maybe you should shower first. I can finish my homework and put it up while you do.”

He looks at me and shakes his head. “No, I don’t have either. Have no need for it. I’ll go jump in the shower and you finish your homework. Order your pizza and me a beef you know how I like it. Tell them to ring the bell up here ok.” I give him a salute and head out the back door to finish my homework. When I get down stairs I just put my stuff up I could do some other time.

I order the pizza and go into my room and figure I have a few minutes before he’s done. I drop my shorts and lay in my bed. I start to finger myself real fast as I rub on my nipples. I started masturbating a few months ago right after I had sex the first time. He was 16, white and a delicious country boy from Nashville. I was thinking about him as I fingered myself. I cum real quick and took my panties to clean up some of the wetness between my legs and put them in the laundry bag. Put my shorts on, grabbed the baby oil off the dresser and headed back up stairs.

I walk in the door as he was coming out the bathroom in boxers. I have seen him like this before so I just took in the sight. “Ok you ready, Blue? I grabbed the baby oil the lotion is almost gone.”

“It’s cool by me. So, let’s see if you are as good as your mom’s says.” He lay in the middle of the bed, grabs a pillow and lays his head on it. I climb in the bed and straddle his back. I open the baby oil and pour a little on his back and close it. I rub the oil over his back and shoulders good before I start massaging. I start with his neck so I lean forward a bit, slowly with a firm grip massage in circles. He moans a Little. “That feels good a little harder.” I put a little more pressure and work my way to his shoulders, going up and down his spine. Not realizing my breast keep rubbing his back I was so into his massage. Thou touching him is a bit exciting. He is all hard muscle and just feeling them, move under my hand. I feel a tingle in my lower stomach and get wet again. I start massaging his lower back and move back to his thighs. I don’t know what I was thinking but I started to rub his butt. “Baby Girl what are you doing?”

“Massaging you, I figured I’ll give you a full body massage. Turn over so I can massage your chest and arms.” I pat him on the butt to let him know I moved. “Come on, turn Blue.” He turned over and I straddled his stomach. I did my best to make it seem like I plan it all along. “Ok I’m going to do your chest first.” I pour baby oil in my hand and sit it on the table by the bed. It put my breast first in front of his face. I act like I did not notice and rubbed them against his face. I sit back rub my hands together than started working it into his chest. I moved back so I could rub the extra oil on his stomach. When I did I felt his hard on against my butt. I pretend that I did feel it and sat right on it. He would have been in me if not for his boxers and my shorts. I conutied to rub my hand over his stomach, I look up at him and his eyes are closed. I rub my hands up his chest it causes me to rub against his hard on. I try not to moan, but I must have because his closes opened real quick and looked me in the eye. I did it again and sat right no his hard on. I grind against him and he turns me over. He starts to rub it against my pussy throw our clothes. He pulls me top down and starts sucking my nipple, than switch to the other one. I spread my legs more so I can feel him rub more against me. He pops out his boxers but just keeps rubbing against me. I pull me shorts to the side. His tip just enters me, I moan. “Please do it.” He just rocks his tip in and out. I lift my hips to take him deeper. Just than the bell rings we jump apart. “Oh, the pizza man.” I get out the bed and ran for the door and down the stairs.

I opened the door to pay for the pizza. “That be $24.58.” I reach in my pouch and realize I only have $20. “Give me a sec, Jose I have to grab my wallet. I don’t have enough” I ran to my room and grab $7 from it. The Jose is my friend Miguel older b*****r. He works deliver for the pizza place part time and is in his second year of high school. “Hey tell Miguel to call me. He never said if he’s going or not to the park, for football.” I hope he could not tell what I was just doing. I sound normal to my ears.

”Sure! You having another movie night by yourself. I could come check on you when I get off if you like.” He looks at my chest. I look down to see what he’s looking for and my nipples are big.

“Go back to work Jose and don’t come back because I will not let you in. Why don’t you come tomorrow. We can always use an extra player.” We joked and flirted for a few minutes than he left.

As I was closing the door my god father calls down. “Hey did you have enough money?”

“Yeah I was just talking to the pizza guy. I’m coming up with your beef I’m going to set the pizza on the couch. Give me a minute ok.” I was so hot right now I know I would jump on him and ask him to make love to me.

“What you doing that for, I thought you were coming back up?” He adjusted his hard on in his shorts.

“I was going to veggie in front of the TV and watch movies.”

“Bring the movies up here we can watch them in my room.”

“OK let me bring up the pizza and I have to get the movies out my backpack.” I ran up the stairs and hand him the pizza I see he put on some shorts. Much to my disappointment, I go back down make sure the front door is locked. Than head to my room and get my movies. My room is right under his and I look in the mirror. I decided to pull my hair into a ponytail. I grab the brush, a rubber band and pull it back. I take another look in the mirror and see my nipples are huge.

I grab my hoodie (it was my country boy’s) and zip it up. Grab two cans of pop from the fridge. I head up the back stairs and smile. I will have him to myself tonight. His k**s are with their mother for the weekend, my mom will not be back until the morning and his mom is out of town on vacation.

“You cold or something” Will ask soon as I come through the door. He’s sitting at the kitchen table eating his beef and drinking a beer.

“Naw..I just like to be comfortable you know.” I sit down and grab a piece of pizza. We eat in silence. I can feel his eyes on me and I look up. “Do I have something on my face?” I grab a napkin.

“No, I was just thinking about something is all. What movies did you rent this time?” He reads them out loud. “Total Recall, Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Home alone, Good Fellas, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ok We’ll watch Total Recall first I wanted to see it anyway.”

We went in the room and laid across the bed. Push play on the movie and kicked back. We got all into the movie that we did not realize at some point we had cuddled up together. I was half laying across him, with my head on his shoulder, my hand on his stomach right above his cock and one of my legs across his. We just looked at each other. He got up and walked out the room to the restroom. I took the movie out and grab another one. I put on dirty dancing and got back in the bed. He walked back in after a few minutes.

“Can you massage my shoulders again?” He rolled his shoulders. “Yeah! Sure. Take off your shirt and lay back down.” I took off my hoodie it’s too big to keep on. He pulls his shirt off and his shorts. I look at him in his boxers, as he lays the long way across the bed. I straddle his back and grab the baby oil again.

“You could have kept on the shorts, Blue.” He looked back at me smiling. Glance down at my chest and stomach.

“You could have kept your hoodie on too.” He reached back and slapped my thigh. “Get to my massage Baby Girl and you can massage my butt again too that felt good.” Good thing it was kind of dark in there or he would have seen the lust in my eyes. My nipples were so hard they could have cut glass. I massaged him again and was really turned on. I hope he could feel how wet I was through my shorts. His butt was so firm, I wanted to bite it.

“I’m done. I could massage your chest and arms, if you like? You have to turn over.” I moved to the side.

“You don’t have to come lay in front of me and watch the movie.” The movie was at the part when Baby first got to dance with Jonny. I cuddle up to his side, grabbed my hoodie and rolled it up put it under my head. We relaxed and watched the movie. I scooted back against him. I felt his cock semi hard cock against my butt. It felt real big I didn’t see it earlier when he was just rocking his tip in me. I looked at him over my shoulder he looked at me as he rubbed my butt. “Dam you have a big ass for such a little thing. Take you shorts off I want to feel it.” I roll to my stomach and pull them off. He starts rubbing my butt and he gets behind unbutton his boxers. Let his cock out and rubs it against my butt. I rub my butt against him, he moaned a little. I keep doing it until he was totally hard. I turned to him I just had to see it. It was big his boxers was open and I looked up at him as I reached behind me stroked it. It looked so good he was bigger than my country boy had been. Thicker, longer and his tip was red the veins purple, I wanted to taste it.

I looked up, he was still looking at my ass. I raised my ass up. We both moaned at the same time. His tip entered my pussy. I pushed back on his cock and he moved back. Pulling me with him, he pulled my tank top off. “Dam I want them in my mouth again.” He turned me around and started sucking on my nipples, fingering my pussy. “You are so fucking wet. Your body was made for fucking, Baby Girl. Wrap your legs around me.” I do and he lowers me on his cock. He enters me about an inch, than slams the rest of the way in me. He starts kissing me. “You don’t know how long I wanted to do that today. Oh My God you are so tight, Baby Girl. I know we should not be doing this.” He started to move in me slow. “Dam you’re not a virgin.” I shook my head no just loving the feel of him in me. It hurt a little because of his size but dam the pleasure over ruled the pain. “Good that means I didn’t hurt you too much.” He grabs my hips and starts to really pound into me. All I could do was scream with pleasure.

“Fuck me, harder, harder. Oh yeah! Fuck me good Daddy.” That seemed to get him more excited. He put me on my back grabbed my legs spread them wide. Drilling me hard, I was so wet you could hear it. Sound like someone was jumping in the water. Between my juices and the pre-cum I felt coming from him. I know his sheets were soaked. ”I’m about to cum Daddy. Fuck me harder. OOOOOOOwwwwww.” I screamed so loud I’m sure the neighbors heard me.

“Dam you look so fucking beautiful right now. Mmm.., I love it. You squirt too. That is so hot.” He rode me so hard I felt another orgasm hitting me. He couldn’t hold back his any longer. I felt his cum hitting my womb and I orgasm all that much harder. It felt like he cum for about two minutes. I was full of cum and he still was pumping more into me. “Dam Baby Girl that was so good. I’m going to fuck you all night.” He laid back with a smile.

“You can, Blue. That was amazing, I‘m so sl**py.” I get on him and lay on him. His cock is still hard; I push back on it and put my head on his chest. I fall asl**p in seconds, more relaxed than any time before.

“That little brat falls asl**p. Hey Baby Girl wake up. Come on. Fuck it” He grabbed my ass and pushed it down more on his cock and started slam it in me real quick. I wake up enough to help him. He explodes in me with a yell. I sighed and went back to sl**p. We wake up twice during the night and made love again.

I wake up in the morning looked over at the clock. It was 5:30 am, I got up and grabbed my clothes, ran into the bathroom. Grabbed a rag and tried to clean some of the sex smell off me. My mom will be home soon. I throw my clothes on and ran down the back stairs. Look at the clock it was 5:40 I had enough time to jump in the shower before she got home. I grabbed my towel and took one of the quickest showers of my life. Ran in my room and throw on a nightgown, was sliding into bed just as the phone ring. It scared the hell out of me I jumped. I ran to the phone before the answering machine picked up. “Hello.” “About time you picked up I tried calling three times last night. Why did you not pick up the phone?” It was my mom. “I was watching movies with Blue. Why did you not call his phone? You should know by now if I didn’t put up I’m likely hanging out with him on Friday’s mom.” “Yeah I forgot about that. Oh ok just glad you’re ok. I was calling to let you know I was doing doubles today. I’m in the ER this morning. So I might not get home until tonight Baby.” “Oh ok mom I’ll see you than. I’m going to the park with my friends to play football and we were going to head to the beach after. OK.” “Ok, Baby be safe and have Blue drop you off at the park. Don’t walk all the way.” “I will ask him, mom. I’ll see you tonight than. Try and get some rest if you able to.” “I will Baby have fun and call me when you get back in the house.” “Bye mom.” “Bye” I drop into a chair and grab an apple off the table. Bite into it and try to figure what to do for the next few hours. Not supposed to meet Miguel until 11. I smile to myself I know what I can do.

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very nice!!
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nice one ;)
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I really like your story, very hot like you