Open wide slut pt.2

I stood there and looked down at the hot young slut. I had just fucked her, and now I held her hair in my two clenched fists. Rachel was on her knees in nothing but a short red plaid miniskirt. She had clasped her hands behind her back. I admired her perfect thighs; her taught belly; her firm C-size tits all the way up to her perfect face and pink and black dyed hair. Her open mouth and large imploring eyes looked up at me as she begged me to fuck her face.

She licked her lips and spoke with a sultry voice, "Put it in my mouth baby! " Her body shook with arousal. "Shove your fat cock done my throat and fuck my face!"

I felt her mind with mine. It was a swirling sea of lust—a storm of raw desire and passion. I decided to tease her, if only for a minute, like she had teased me so many times before. "You want my cock down your throat?" As I said that, I increased her natural desire with my mind to the point that it was nearly unbearable.

She moaned in discomfort—clearly overcome with desire. She tried to move her head toward my cock, but my firm grip prevented her. I held her shiny hair firmly in my strong fists as one holds handlebars on a rough ride. "You got to beg for it. You're my sex slave and you can't do anything unless I let you. Now beg for it like the slut you are. Tell me what you need."

"Shove your dick in my mouth. Shove it down my throat." Her back arched as she scooted forward. She settled, her knees spread wide; her ass rested on her heels, and her skirt slid back and revealed her bald pussy. She looked up at me with pouting eyes, "Please?"

As much as I wanted to draw it out, I couldn't resist that look. The tip of my cock, an inch from her smooth lips shook in anticipation. Rachel looked at it, licked her lips and grinned. Then, she looked up at me. I could see the desire in her eyes as she said, "Thanks."

I released her hair.

She took my cock into her mouth, and her tongue tickled the underside of his cock when his thick member slid deeper into her mouth. Her mouth opened wide when she slid down his cock until he felt it hit the back of her throat. Rachel glanced down and tried to gasp when she saw the remaining 3 inches of un-sucked cock. The worked my cock as she tried to swallow it. Her tongue massaged my shaft as she almost gagged while trying to swallow my dick. I moved my hands to firmly hold the back of her head. I pulled her toward me as she swallowed.

With a gargling sound, my cock slid into her throat. I briefly closed my eyes while I revealed in the pleasure of her throat. I watched as she buried my cock in her throat and moved her face towards me.

At last, her nose was touching my belly and my balls rested against her chin. Her moan was stifled by my fat cock, but the vibrations sent ripples of pleasure throughout my body. She looked up at me as she bobbed her head up and down on my dick. I grinned and ran my fingers through her black and pink hair.

I had already cummed once, but her wet throat and the look on her face brought me near to cumming. I stroked in and out of her. In and out. She gagged several times while she kneeled in front of me; and I pistoned in and out of her warm throat. All the while, I fondled her firm perky tits.

She half smiled (so her teeth didn't contact my dick) as saliva sputtered out of her mouth. Then, she pulled back. My cock pulled out of her throat; and slid out of her mouth. A thick strand of saliva connected her moist lips to my thick dripping cock.

She had a foxy smile when she asked, "Do you want to cum in me or on me?"

Moving my hand down the side of her face, I asked, "Well aren't you a little slut?"

Rachel giggled. "I'm your slave. I want to know if you would like to cum..." her nose rubbed against my cock pushing it side to side, "on my face, or..." she licked the head of my cock and took it into her mouth briefly, "in my big sluttly mouth."

I pushed my dick into Rachel. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved it down her throat. She eagerly bobbed on my cock as I skull-fucked her. I spoke, "You want to get a facial?" She nodded against my hard cock buried deep in her throat, "You would like my hot spunk to spray all over your face. Wouldn't you?" Again, she nodded. "But you also want me to come inside your mouth."

Rachel nodded eagerly, pulled back so that my cock came out of her throat and mouth, and spoke, "I want to swallow your cum! I want to coat my throat with your hot jizz. Keep throat fucking me like the whore I am!" Her eyes blazed with need for fulfillment that only I could give.

"I will give you what you want. You're a slut, and you want to be treated like one." She nodded, then took my dick into her mouth.

I pushed my dick in quickly and she gagged. She looked up and tried to say something around my thick cock. Instead, saliva flowed out sprayed out the sides of her mouth and down her chin. She blushed. Then, she moved back to my dick. She swallowed the head of my cock which, sent shivers of pleasure down my spine.

I began skull-fucking her hard. I pistoned into her face as she looked at me. Slowly, she bent backward at the hips as I fucked her throat. I followed her until I was on my knees and her head was on the floor.

'That won't do,' I thought. With my mind, and faster than words, I told her what I wanted. Holding her head in my hands, and her body with my legs, I rolled onto my back. She rolled with me. Now, I was on my back, and she was on all fours. My legs entwined her body. I continued to fuck her face.

With my elbow, I propped myself up. With a little effort, I was sitting up- for the most part- with my dick buried in Rachel's mouth. With one hand, I reached over and began fingering Rachel. She tried to make a sound which, after some mental penetration, I knew to be a moan of pleasure.

I was near to cumming so I sped Rachel up, bringing her near to orgasm. My eyes were in the back of my head as I fucked and fingered my slut. As she bobbed her head on my throbbing cock I came. As I spewed my load down her throat and into her mouth, she came.

Then, as my cock came out of her mouth, I saw my jizz in her mouth. Rachel rolled it around with her tongue before closing her mouth and swallowing my spunk.

"Glad you my slut?" I asked.

With her foxy smile she said, "Yeah." And then Rachel opened her mouth wide to show her empty mouth.

As we cleaned up, I realized just what this meant. I could change people's moods and give them orders. I could bend there personality as I pleased. I could give directions to multiple people. I had so much power, but so many questions. They raced through my head. 'How many people can I control?' 'I can make people ignore me, but what about through me?' 'How close do I need to be?' 'Can I tell people that they are strong and then have them do the impossible?' 'That would probably just flood them with adrenaline and make them do things near to impossible, but not actually.' 'Can I order myself to be more powerful' 'Can I self meditate this way?' 'This affects my intelligence and makes me smarter. Will it cause me to automatically know what everyone nearby knows?'

When all was cleaned up, I had Rachel dress and walk home. However, I made her keep her thong in her purse until she got home.
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2 years ago
awesome part 3
2 years ago
add another one to this little series!
3 years ago
Outstanding story. Love the possibility.