The nastiest cum/shit drinking college slut at fra

Tom came out in the morning to find most of the fraternity b*****rs already
playing with the Cumbag. Laughter and yelling greeted him as he walked to the
crowd of boys around Cumbag. As he pushed through the crowd he began to laugh

Cumbag was a mess! Her face was coated in a thick sheen of dried cum, human and
dog. The hard, crusty coating made her look as if she was wearing a clear
Halloween mask. Her hair was plastered to her head and sticky with cum. Little
drops of cum dripped from the bench below her head onto the ground, making a
muddy puddle of cum under the bench. A Dalmatian was spurting cum in the slut's
ass as Billy and two other boys held three dogs around the u*********s slut's

Cumbag was still bound to the bench as the Dalmatian's cock was locked in her
ass. The dog was softly growling as he dumped his cum up the bitch's ass to
mingle with all of the other dogs cum.

Someone had wrapped duct tape around the bench and Cumbag's chin holding her
mouth open. To further insure Cumbag's mouth would stay open, dog shit had been
f***ed up her nose, clogging her nostrils so she could only breathe through her
mouth. A toilet seat ring framed her face. The words 'DOG-SLUT', 'DOG TOILET',
'CUM TARGET', written around the ring made Cumbag's purpose clear.

The Dalmatian yanked his cock from Cumbag's ass causing a soft moan from Cumbag.
Cum poured from ass, down her slick thighs to the pan below. Cumbag softly
grunted as a large mongrel dog was led to fuck the dog-slut. He rammed his cock
in her ass. The dog plowed her so fast he couldn't control where his cock was
going. He would fuck her ass a few strokes and then his cock would pull out and
he'd fuck her cunt a few strokes. Then his cock would plop out only to go up her
ass. The boys let him fuck his bitch the way he wanted. They didn't care. From
the way Cumbag thrashed around, grunting and moaning, neither did she.

" Hey guys. What'cha doing to the little pigwhore now?" Tom asked. Billy looked
up at the club president giggling. "Hey Tom. We're just waking the lazy cunt up.
She went out a couple of hours ago. We let the bitch sl**p but still let the
dog's fuck her though. Look how much cum they shot into the slut last night."
Billy said pointing to the overflowing pan of dog cum below the Cumbag's ass.

"Damn! Those dogs' balls were full, huh. It's not every night those dogs from
the pound get to gang-fuck a little cumslut like this bitch. Cool earrings! How
fitting they are for a sewer-slut like her. Was that your idea, Billy" Tom
asked. "Oh yeah! I knew you'd like THAT!" Billy laughed. He had taken two hard
dog-turds speared them with Christmas ball hooks and hung them from her ears.

A new fraternity pledge named Stahl shouted " LOOK OUT...THERE THEY GO...oh yeah
bitch....RISE AND SHINE...TAKE IT CUNT" The dog he was holding began to piss
into Cumbag's mouth. Cumbag choked and sputtered around the thick stream of dog
piss. The other two dogs began to piss in her face.

As the three streams of dog piss flooded her mouth and face Cumbag came to. With
her nose clogged with dog shit she couldn't breathe. She did the only thing she
could do. Swallow.

As she began to drink her morning 'coffee', she looked up at the hairy bellies
of the three dogs and their red cocks as they peeked out of their hairy sheaths.
She wished she had a picture of that. She thought that the dogs looked SO CUTE
as they pissed in her face.

Cumbag guzzled down dog piss as fast as she could. As she started to cum, she
coughed spewing the dog shit from her nostrils like two little brown stinky
missiles. With her nose free she had no trouble drinking the three streams of
acrid dog piss.

The dogs ran out of piss too soon for the little bitch. "NOOOooo!...GIVE ME
Cumbag stopped begging when Billy brought a Rottwieller to the cunt's face.
Cumbag smiled as she stared at the dog's hairy cock sheath just inches from her

"Nice doggy...Are you going to piss in my doggy-toilet face?...Good boy...Piss
on the cunt...Make me your piss-bitch", Cumbag asked the dog in a little girl
voice. But Billy had other plans. So did the dog.

Cumbag barely had time to open her mouth as the Rottwieller thrust forward,
fucking his huge, dripping red cock down Cumbag's throat.
"MMMmmnn...umph...mmmph" Cumbag moaned around the tasty dog cock. The dog
couldn't wait as he hammer-fucked his new bitch's mouth. The first jet of cum
caught Cumbag by surprise. Cumbag snorted as dog cum dripped from her nose. She
quickly recovered and slurped down the dog jizz like mother's milk.

The poor mongrel plowing her cunt and ass didn't know where to cum as his huge,
speckled cock plopped from her cunt, shooting thin, pissy dog cum all over the
slut's torso. Boys hurried to get out of the way. Cumbag is supposed to be
covered in cum, not the boys. The boys in the back of the crowd started laughing
at the scampering boys in front.


The crowd shouted. They laughed at the way Cumbag snorted around the cock
cumming in her throat.

Cumbag nursed on the dog's cock until he growled and Billy had to kick cumbag in
the head before she would release the dog-cock from her mouth. " cum
is SSOOOoo GOOD...Bring the cumbag some more...Please." she said smacking he
lips and running her tongue around her lips scooping up the dog cum that had
escaped from her mouth. Cumbag made little cooing sounds as she swallowed all of
the delicious cum she could lick into her mouth where cum belonged.

" OK guys. That's all. I've got to get these dogs back to the pound before I
lose my job. The pound manager will leave about 3:00 this afternoon if you want
to bring the cunt out there for a while. We have more than dogs, you know!"
Billy said with a wink as he opened the van door to put the dogs in.

" Please don't take the dogs away...let them fuck me some more...I'm a good
bitch...Isn't the cumbag a good bitch?...Cumbag wants some more doggie- cock"
cumbag mumbled until a boy started pissing in her face. Cumbag stopped begging
and started drinking piss.

As Billy drove away, Tom turned to the boys." If anyone wants to piss or shit on
the slut, do it now. Then clean it up. That pig is one disgusting cunt! And
don't forget to get it to drink that pan of dog cum, OK? Bring it inside when
you're done...Oh yeah...Make sure it cleans up the yard. We have a volleyball
game tomorrow. No one wants to step in any cum or shit, right?" Tom said as he
headed back to the frathouse.

As Tom entered the frathouse he looked back at the circle of boys pissing on the
slut and thought 'Steve's pig is making sure I win the next election for
fraternity president'.

Cumbag wagged her tongue as the boys pissed in her mouth. Her belly was already
bloated from all the dog-cum and dog-piss that she had drank but she still
guzzled the hot, stinking piss from the boys. Cumbag looked as if she was dying
of thirst, the way she drank all the piss she could.

During the piss shower there were always at least 6 boys circling Cumbag's head,
spraying her face with hot piss. Sometimes more than a dozen cocks pissed down
on the writhing whore. Cumbag wanted to thank the boys for using her for a
urinal again. But that was impossible. There was no way to talk with 4 or 5 or
more piss streams in her mouth.

Cumbag's mouth was the target of choice for the boys to piss in. But some did
like to piss in her eyes. The well-trained little toilet-slut almost never
closed her eyes. She loved to see the streams of piss coming toward her. The
stinging piss always made her cunt juice even more. A few of the boys liked to
piss up her nose. They thought it was funny the way Cumbag would shudder when
she inhaled piss and would cough, sending a geyser of piss straight up from her
mouth. Cumbag even managed to catch most of the piss-geyser when it splashed
back down onto her face.

The gang-piss lasted about 20 minutes. Cumbag thought it was wonderful! After
everyone that wanted to, pissed on the slut, a boy squatted over the pig. Cumbag
stuck her tongue out as he lowered his ass onto her tongue. As soon as his ass
was with reach, Cumbag licked it. When the boy farted, Cumbag knew what was
about to happen.

TOIL...." Cumbag stopped talking when his asshole opened. The long hard turd
came out slowly as she wrapped her mouth around it. Cumbag sucked the hot turd
softly, as if it were a cock. Two boys grabbed the bench and bounced it up and
down, forcing the turd-cock in and out of her mouth. The boy finished his shit
in her mouth. When he stood the turd stuck straight up from her mouth for a
minute or two. Cumbag slowly sucked the turd down her throat, being careful to
keep the turd balanced. Cumbag's eyes were crossed as she concentrated on her
task. Some boys tried to distract her from her balancing act by spitting in her

The degenerate slut ate shit for the amusement of her tormenters. Cumbag smiled
around the turd and moaned as the boys kicked her cunt and ass. She came with
each kick.

The crowd shouted every vile comment they could think of as one boy's foot
became stuck in her cunt and he had to have help pulling his boot out. She LOVED




The turd finally fell across her face. As Cumbag sucked in what she could, 6 or
7 boys began pissing in her face again, washing the shit away.

Cumbag tried to get someone else to shit on her but couldn't. Too bad, she

The new pledge, Sam slowly brought the pan full of dog cum to Cumbag's head. Sam
moved slowly, being careful not to spill a drop of dog cum. Cumbag smiled up at
him, grateful for his consideration.

"OOOhh...What did you bring the slut?...Did you bring the pig some yummy
dog-jizz?...You're so sweet!...I LOVE dog-cum!...Make me do something REALLY
nasty...Well...Don't keep the whore waiting!...Come on...Feed your
slut-bitch...Please don't tease the cunt...I ALWAYS have room for cum...Make
this cunt drink every drop of cum...oohh...You 're such a nice boy...MMMm"
Cumbag curled her tongue as he started pouring the dog- cum in her mouth. His
aim was perfect. He poured it straight down her throat.

Cumbag kept her tongue curled in case the steady stream of doggy jizz shifted.
She wished she could taste the wonderful cum, but it didn't matter what a
cunt-slut wanted. It never did.

"Drink down that dog-cum you fucking whore-slut. That's it. Just like a little
piggy" Sam chuckled as the stream of cum went straight down her throat.

Cumbag's throat bobbed up and down as the slut guzzled the dog-jizz. It took the
cunt almost five minutes to drink the gallon or so of dog jizz. "Uuhhmm...That
was soo goood! is so there any
more?...may the cumbag have some more, please?...pretty please?...mmmm" cumbag
begged while licking and smacking her lips. Sam helped the slut out by scr****g
the inside of the pan with his finger. Cumbag moaned when he would stick his
dog-cum-coated finger in the cunt's mouth. Cumbag slurped on his finger like a
little cock. When he pulled his finger out to scoop up more dog-cum, cumbag
would hold her mouth open with her tongue extended. As she waited for the next
tasty morsel she looked like a bird waiting to be fed by its mother. For some
reason, it made cumbag remember how her mother would stand over her and cumbag
would feed on fresh cum from her mother's cunt. Soon the pan was completely
empty. "That's all, piggy. Except for this." Sam said as he leaned over and spit
in her mouth. "Uuhhmm...Thank you...May I have some more spit?" Cumbag asked.

The boy called 'Spidey' cut the tape holding Cumbag's head to the bench. Spidey
grabbed Cumbag's hair, jerked her face up and looked in her eyes. Cumbag looked
back at him lovingly, smiled and said "Yeah...Use this fucking whore...I'm just
a cunt...I'm a fuck-toy"

"OK, you stupid fuck-cunt. Clean up this fucking mess you made, you piece of
shit whore! If you clean it up good we might fuck you some more after we clean
your nasty ass up. YOU FUCKING PIG-WHORE CUNT!" Spidey shouted. He spit as
Cumbag opened her mouth for it.

" Thank you, sir. The cumbag will clean up her mess real good, sir. Cumbag is
sorry for being such a messy little whore. Thank you for giving me the chance to
get more cocks. I want to be a good little fuck-cunt for you." Cumbag said. "
GOOD, CUNT. You might be a stupid cunt, but at least you know what you're good
for" Spidey chuckled as he shoved her face into the puddle of muddy cum that
Cumbag had missed from the keg.

Boys pulled off their belts as they started to whip the slut as she slurped up
cum from the mud.


Cumbag wiggled her ass for the boys as they beat her. Her tongue licked up the
mud. It was wonderful! The gritty mud had the flavor of cum. Cumbag thought it
was one of the coolest things anyone had done to her in a long time. She had
sucked cum up from a lot of floors, and carpets, and urinals, and car hoods and
such. This was the first time she could remember sucking up 'cum-mud' She
thought 'I hope I remember to tell Steve about this'.

Spidey waved at the boys, stopping the whipping of the slut's ass. Cumbag didn't
know why they had stopped and wiggled her ass as an enticement. When no one took
her silent offer to whip her ass, Cumbag pulled her face from the mud.

" Don't stop...whip the cunt's slut-ass...a stupid pig-slut like me NEEDS her
ass whipped for making such a mess of your yard....stripe the pig's ass... don't
hold back... whip my cun....", cumbag's begging was cut off when Spidey shoved
his hand deep into cumbag's wet cunt.

HARDER!...FIST MY WHORE'S CUNT " Cumbag wailed. A boy grabbed Cumbag's hair and
started dragging her across the yard with Spidey's hand and forearm buried in
her dripping cunt. The boy stopped in front a pile of dog shit. Cumbag knew what
was going to happen next as she wiggled her ass for Spidey. Cumbag looked up at
the boy holding her hair and grinned.

IT..." Cumbag was silenced when the boy smashed her face into the pile of dog

Cumbag sucked the dog shit into her mouth as the boy rolled her face into the
pile. Spidey kept fist-fucking the bitch as she ate dog shit. Cumbag began to
cum. She raised her head from the pile and screamed, spewing the dog turds.

Spidey yanked his fist from her cunt. He then shoved his other hand in her cunt.
Spidey then shoved his cunt-juiced hand up cumbag's ass. Cumbag raised her face
from the dog shit she was eating as she came.

" OOOOooohhhh......yeeesss.....Fist the bitch hard...YES!...YYEESS...Fist my
slut ass!...Tear up this whore" Cumbag screamed before she slammed her face back
into the pile and began to feed.

The boy holding her hair d**g her across the yard from one pile of shit to the
next Spidey struggled to keep up. He finally began to tire as he yanked his fist
from Cumbag's ass.

ASS!!...NNNOOO.... PLLEEAASE...Fuck the slut some more...PLEASE!" Cumbag began
to sob as she was dragged back to the tree for another hosing down.

After the boys had cleaned up the cumbag, they tied ropes to each of her tits.
The boys laughed as they d**g her into the house with the ropes. Some of the
boys joked they would make her tits even bigger that way. Cumbag slid across the
grass as other boys took turns kicking her in the cunt.

"YES!..THAT"S IT!..PULL MY FUCK-MEAT TITS!!....OOOhhh ...SOOooo gooood...KICK MY
AGAIN! PLEASE...AGAIN...SOMEBODY SPIT ON THE TRASH!" Cumbag begged as the boys
did what she wanted. Her head banged against the steps as they d**g her up
them. Cumbag started to see stars. She was afraid they'd knock her u*********s.
She didn't want that. She didn't want to miss anything these wonderful boys did
to her.

When Cumbag finally made it into the house they kept the ropes around her tits.
Two other ropes were tied to her legs. The boys the suspended the babbling slut
by her tits and legs, face up, about 3 feet above the floor. Cumbag looked
around at the room of boys, smiled, and started wagging her tongue.

Tom looked down into Cumbag's smiling face. "OK bitch. Here's the deal. Now I
guess you want some of us to stick our cocks in your worthless slut body. In
order for you to have that honor you will have to tease and beg us to. Hazing
has long been a tradition of fraternities. While you're begging, we are going to
haze you." Tom twisted her nipples making Cumbag moan.

" As you try to entice us into fucking you some more, we are going to paddle
you. Since your ass isn't a very good target right now, I guess we'll have to
paddle your cunt and tits. Is that OK with you, pig?" Tom asked. Cumbag grinned
wider and nodded, " Oh YES SIR. That sounds like fun! When do we start? Don't
worry about my tits, sir. I've been hung by my slut-tits before. Paddle my
slut-cunt, sir. I hope you paddle my slut-cunt hard"

Tom nodded to one of the boys who stepped up to the suspended cunt with a large
wooden paddle. The boy slapped the paddle down hard on her cunt. Cumbag came and
started teasing the boys.

"Who wants to fuck my top-cunt? (WHACK!)...Shove some cocks down my whore's
throat...(WHACK! WHACK!)...Anyone want me to lick their ass?...come on
guys(WHACK!)...Don't let this slut-cunt (WHACK!) go to waste...jerk-off in my
cum-sponge face! Please...Don't make me wait... Please...Don't be mean to the
cunt...(WHACK!) Please choke the slut with your pretty cocks...(WHACK!) Who
wants to fist-fuck this dog-slut? (WHACK!)...You know I sucked dog turds last
night (WHACK!)...Aren't I a sleazy little fuck-bitch (WHACK!)...My ass is loose
now...Ever fist-fuck a whore's ass? (WHACK!)...Here's your chance" Cumbag
wiggled on the ropes as she teased the boys.

Each boy walked up to her outstretched legs. Each boy took the paddle and gave
her hot, wet cunt one hard swat with the paddle. Then it would be another boy's
chance to paddle her cunt. The boys would snicker when the paddle made a wet,
squishing sound hitting her cunt. Cumbag's tits began to ache from holding her
weight. She didn't care. All that mattered was the delicious way her cunt felt
with every hit. All that mattered was the promise of more cocks if she
entertained the boys enough. All that ever mattered to Cumbag was cocks and

"Did all of you see the dogs piss in my fucking mouth (WHACK!)...Ever see a
dog-toilet...Here's one now (WHACK!)...I'm a good ass-licker (WHACK!) Somebody
shove your ass in my face...I'll show you...Want to spit on me? (WHACK!)...Do
it...want to hurt my slut-tits...Go for it...That's why I have big tits...Easier
to hurt...Oohh YEESS...HIT MY FUCKING CUNT!!! (WHACK!)...I love it... I'm just a
piece of fuck-meat. (WHACK!) Use me like one...Fuck me like a slut should be
fucked. (WHACK!)...Shove your cocks down my throat...Let me show you how good of
a cocksucker I am (WHACK!)...OOOHH YEEAAH...HURT MY CUNT!!!
(WHACK!)...PLEASE...SOMEBODY FUCK MY THROAT! Uuummppp". Cumbag's teasing was
cut-off by two big black cocks that were shoved into her mouth as the crowd of
boys moved forward. They would be glad to give the cunt what she begged for.

The boy with the paddle hit her cunt hard. Cunt cream spattered across Cumbag's
thigh. The boy who had just hit her cunt looked down at the paddle. The wood was
soaked with Cumbag's cunt juice. " Oh FUCK! This slut-bitch loves everything we
do to it!" he yelled as he shoved the paddle into Cumbag's cunt and began to
fuck her.

Cumbag moaned around the two cocks stuffed in her mouth as she fucked back
against the paddle. Cumbag swayed back and forth with each thrust. Her big tits
were beginning to turn colors. The nipples were sticking straight up. Some of
the boys couldn't resist whipping her tits with their belts. Cumbag couldn't
really suck the two big, black cocks in her mouth. She just moaned and kept her
tongue wiggling on the underside of the cocks hoping to tease their cum out into
her throat. Two other boys stepped up to her face. They started beating her
cheeks with their big, meaty cocks. They laughed as they spit in her face, each
one trying to hit her face harder than the other one. They stroked their cocks
as the erupted. Their hot, thick cum striped her face like a gooey web.

"C'mon man. Let's cream this white whore. Let's give this slut a taste of some
nigga jizz. Hey, CUNT! It's better than dog-cum...I'm ready man...TAKE IT
BITCH". Cumbag's eyes went wide when they started to cum. Cum dribbled from
around her lips filling her upturned nose. The two black guys pulled their cocks
from the whore's mouth and began to slap her face with their big, meaty cocks.

" OOOHHH....That was sooo goood....yummy...I love cum...who wants to give the
pig some more" Cumbag said while she stuck her tongue out. A fat boy squatted
over her face and sat on her tongue. Cumbag wiggled her tongue as it speared
deep into his ass.

The boy fucking her cunt with the paddle yanked it out from her. He walked
around to one of Cumbag's out-stretched arms. Cumbag grabbed his cock and
started to jerk it skillfully. Another boy did the same to her other arm,
causing the tit beaters to step back.

Cumbag slobbered as she ate the fat boy's smelly asshole like it was ice cream.
The boy grunted and jumped off of her tongue. Cumbag opened her mouth wide as
the boy jacked off in her face. Cum splattered between her eyes, rolling down
her forehead to her hair.


I NEED MORE CUM!" she whined as two more cocks speared her mouth.

Cumbag kept stroking the two cocks in her hand, urging their cum from their
balls. Both boys spurted long strips of cum that criss-crossed cumbag's swollen
tits. Their cum splattered down in loud plops as cumbag moaned. The two boys she
had just jerked off pulled their cocks from her hands.

Cumbag franticly reached out to find more cocks as she nibbled on the two cocks
stuck in her mouth. She found what she was looking for and lovingly stroked the
two new cocks as her tongue licked the underside of the two cocks in her mouth.

A boy named Alex crammed his fist in her cunt. " Take that, you fucking pig! Is
that what you wanted, SLUT! Is this what fuck-pig's are for? Fucking
shit-whore!" Alex yelled. Cumbag could only answer with a "HHhmmmppppffmmmm"
around the two cocks stretching her mouth. Alex jerked his hand out of her cunt
with a loud PLOP causing cumbag to grunt.

Alex chuckled as he shoved his other hand in her cunt making cumbag squeal
around her cocks.

"This will make you happy, huh fuck-meat" Alex said as he crammed his other fist
in her ass.

Cumbag came when he shoved his hand up her ass. "Oohh...FUCK...SHOVE YOUR HANDS
UP MY SLUT HOLES...I'M SUCH A CUNT...FUCK...FUCK..." cumbag squealed. The two
cocks fell from her face as they started to cum. Each cock squirted cum into an

FUCKING MOUTH WHEN WE CUM" one of the boys said as he grabbed both of Cumbag's
nipples. He twisted them as hard as he could. Cumbag screamed as she fucked back
against the two fists, causing the cum filling her eyes to roll down her cheek,

Alex yanked his fists from her ass and cunt. A huge glut of cunt-cream followed
his hand, soaking the carpet below. Another boy took his place fisting the slut
as Alex moved to her head. Alex waited patiently for the boy fucking her mouth
to cum. As soon as the boy pulled his cock from the slut's mouth, Alex shoved
his in. When Alex squirted his jizz, he yanked it from Cumbag's mouth. Cumbag
whined at the loss, but couldn't find it. Cumbag's eyes were so full of cum it
was like looking through a glass of milk. Cumbag stuck her tongue out searching
for it.

Alex aimed his cock between her nose and upper lip. His cum cascaded down her
nose and cheeks. Another boy immediately took his place. The boys continued for
the next three hours. Cumbag was suspended by her tits as cock after cock fucked
her throat. Sometimes just one cock would fuck her mouth. Sometimes two would.

When three cocks were stuck in her mouth, Cumbag passed out. Her nose was
completely full of cum and she couldn't breathe around the three cocks. They let
her stay passed-out but continued to face-fuck her. This was how Steve found her
when he returned for his toy-slut.

" Hi Guys! Well, have you had fun with the pig? Did you get your fifteen dollars
worth of the whore? Steve asked grinning. Cumbag's face and head was again
completely covered in cum. She swayed gently from her purple tits. Her cunt was
red and swollen and her asshole looked like a donut. Steve was proud of the

" Yeah Steve. Man we had a GREAT time with this fuck-pig! You weren't k**ding.
This stupid cunt loves it all." Tom said. They cut the ropes holding cumbag and
she fell with a loud THUD, waking her up. Cumbag looked around at the boys, saw
Steve and smiled. Steve walked over to his fucked-out pig and grabbed her hair,
pulling her up to her knees.

"Well, Cumbag. Did the little cunt have a good time?" Steve asked. "Oh, YES SIR!
The cumbag had a wonderful time. Does the cumbag have to go now, sir?" cumbag
asked her owner. Steve twisted her hair as he said, "Yes, pig. It's time to go.
But before we load you up don't forget your manners, you stupid bitch-slut."
Cumbag looked around at the boys and smiled.

"THANK YOU ALL! You really showed the cumbag a wonderful time. I loved
EVERYTHING you did to me. I hope I was a good slut for you. I hope you all had
fun with the pig. I'd like to come back and have you fuck-up this slut-bitch
again. Anytime you want this whore, just call my owner. If it's OK with him, I'd
love to come back. Thank you for using me like the fuck-slut I am. I hope you
get to do it again real soon. I'm always ready for men who know how to treat a
cunt like me. Thanks!" Cumbag said to the crowd.

The boys put her in the trunk of Steve's car. As he was shutting the lid, Cumbag
smiled at her owner "Thank you, sir. You're so good to me" Steve spit in her
face and said, "I know, cunt. You're going to love what I've got planned for you
next, Cumbag. As her closed the lid Cumbag shouted, "The Cumbag can't wait! Can
the bitch do it now?

Steve laughed as he drove away, the fraternity smiling and waving.
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1 year ago
so hot...ticks so many of my fantasies!
2 years ago
Very nasty. I loved it.
3 years ago
Great stuff here!
3 years ago
That is fucking sick. It was so fucking hot. Cumbag is as big a pervert as I am. Wish I could have been there to lick all that dog cum out of her ass. If the dogs had pissed in her ass I would have sucked all that out of her ass as well. If I got a turd that would have icing on the cake.
3 years ago
outstanding series