Leave it in your mouth bitch

Her name was Gabbie. She was 18 years old. Brunette, longer hair, brown eyes, sexy legs and ass, with small tits. She was such a tease. Gabbie would make lude comments all the time. She’d also made sure that her thongs would show as much as possible. I hatched a plan to have her.
We both worked at a reasturuant. It was a Friday night at closing time. The last waitress left for the evening leaving only Gabbie and I. Her shirt was wet due to washing dishes all night, not that it mattered, her tiny tits weren’t much to look at. About ten minutes later she finished up and went downstairs to change her clothes. Earlier she lied to her mom and told her she was staying at her friends house. What she was really doing was having me drop her off at a big party. Little did she know she would be late for the party. She was downstairs for about one minute when I followed her. I walked into the bathroom with my bag.
"What the fuck are you doing in here?" Gabbie asked as she tried to cover her body. She was only wearing her thongs and a push-up bra.
I reached into my bag and pulled out a cattle prod.
"What the hell is that for?" Gabbie stammered out.
"Well, I’m going to video you fucking yourself with this dildo!" I said as I pulled out a double dildo in a real smooth manner. The bigger one was six inches and the smaller one was three inches.
"Fuck you prick!!" She screamed.
"You have two choices bitch, fuck yourself with it, or I zap you and take pics of your unconsious body with your hand on the dildo and the big side up your tight ass." I told her. "Now which is it?"
Gabbie started to cry"Why are you doing….."
"Shut up, now do I fuck you or do you?" I asked in a stern vioce.
"I’ll d-do it m-m-myself." She wimpered.
I got out my video cam and told her to strip and lay on the floor. Gabbie was crying as she pulled her thongs down to reveal a small line of pubic hair. She then slowly removed her bra and layed on the ground. I handed her the dildo and started to film.
"Please don’t make me do this, pleeeease." She begged.
"Shut up, spread your legs and do it, NOW!!" I commanded.
She slowly spread her knees and started to rub the head of the fake cock against her tight little pussy. She slowly started to push it in. Then she pulled it out and rubbed her clit with it. Inbetween her tears she looked at me in a begging manner. Slowly she worked it in untill the small dildo touched her anus. I threw her a small tube of lubricant and told her to put a small bit on the head of the dildo.
"Oh God, please nooooooo. I never did anything like this before." Gabbie cried.
"First time for everything huh?" I said as she lubed the cock.
She then re-inserted the oher end into her pussy. She stopped when the second one touched her asshole again. Then, knowing she had no choice, she grimced as she pushed it into her butt.
"Oh God, it hurts" she wined as he pushed it all the way in.
"Now fuck yourself until you cum Gabbie." I said.
She proceeded to begin to move the double intruder in and out of her pussy and ass, grunting everytime she did so. Her face would scrunch up, and groans slowly where replaced with moans. Her hips started to buck as she drove it inside of herself. After ten more minutes she let out a scream as she came on camera for me. Then she withdrew the dildo and started to cry hestarically as the realazation of what happened hit her. She had masterbated in front of a guy and she was now on tape.
"Crawl of here" I stated to her. "We have some rules to go over."
"Okay." she said as she crawled over to me on her hands and knees.
"Kneel down in front of me" She did. "Good girl, now unbutton my pants." She did. "Now pull my dick out and put it into your mouth." Gabbie started to cry again, but slowly opened her lips to engolf my cock. "Now suck my dick as I go over the rules with you."
Gabbie sucked about half my dick into her mouth then pulled it out to my head. She then placed her hand around my cock and followed her fist up and down my cock.
"I said suck my cock, not jerk it off, no hands!!!" I yelled at her. "And push it deeper in your mouth, I want my entire cock sucked, not half of it."
Gabbie removed her hand and pushed her head as far down my shaft as possible. She only managed about four inches though when she gagged. She took my member out of her mouth and violently coughed.
"Leave it in your mouth bitch" I screamed. "I know you sucked dick before, you told me you did."
"Please, I never did it like this." Gabbie whimpered. Then she put it in her mouth again. She bobed up and down, pushing it a little deeper each time.
"Good, good Gabbie. Now here are the rules- One, I own you. Two, you will do everything I say without hesitation. Three, you will not tell anyone about you being my sex slave. And four, You will ask before you do anything at all. This includes when your nt with me too. Do you understand all this?" I said
As Gabbie continued administering oral sex to me, she grunted out a yes. just as she grunted I felt my semen stirring to explode.
"Now your going to swallow this load Gabbie" I instructed her. Before she knew what was going on, I grabbed the back of her head and jammed my cock into her throat. Her gag reflex milked the cum out of me and I shot my load into her throat. I jerked her head untill all my cum was shot into her. Then I released her head. She fell to the ground and gagged. She coughed so hard she threw up all the semen I put in her stomach.
"Now if you break any of these rules, this will be nothing compared to how I punish you. Worse case situation, I post your tape on the net and send it to everyone in your school. But if your a good slut, I’ll forget I have it. Got it." I told her.
"Yes, I understand, I’ll do whatever you say. I promise." Gabbie said as she knew she had no choice.
As I cleaned up, Gabbie cried and wondered how this all came about. She had been f***ed to masterbate, then made to give a blowjob and have a cock so deep in her throat she couldn’t breathe. She had eaten a load of cum and then threw it up. What was next. God, she couldn’t even imagine, but she had an idea. She was terrorified.
"Put on your clothes, I’ll drop you off at your party now." I said to her.
"Really, o-okay" She stuttered out.
"Of course your going to have to jerk me off on the way though" I grinned.
"Ahhh, okay" Gabbie said quietly. She then put on her clothes she had packed for the party. A short tight pair of shorts, a red t-shirt that she tied into a knot to show off her belly button ring, and a pair of sandals. That gave me a great idea. We got into my truck and she told me how to get to the party. I pulled down my pants just enough for my cock to stand up. I put some lube in her hand.
"Okay, Gabbie, time for you to give me a handjob." I siad.
She reached over and grabbed my cock. She pumped me at a pretty fast pace. I told her to slow down a little. She watched herself stroke me off.
"Is this the biggest dick you’ve had" I asked her.
"Yes, it is." She said.
"So what do you think we’re going to do with the cum Gabbie?" I evilly asked.
"Ummm, I don’t know. Are you going to make me eat it?" She asked.
"Hmmm, do you want to swallow more of my cum? " I laughed. "Or you can do plan B."
"Whats plan B?" Gabbie asked as she kept pumping my meat.
"Well, plan B is that I shot my load in your sandals and you get to walk in it all night. Or you can jerk me off into your soda and drink it. Your choice" I explained.
Gabbie’s alagator tears once again rolled off her face, "I-I-I guess I’ll take plan B."
"Well then tell me exactly what you want to do" I teased as Gabbies young hand slightly quickend the pace.
"Ahhh, I-I-I want y-you to cum in m-m-my sandal so I-I can walk in your s-s-semen all night." Gabbie stammered out as I started to feel an orgasm appraoching.
"Well hurry up and take it off, because your making me cum." I told her.
She reached down and pulled off one of her sandals and put it up to my cock head. She then stroked me faster. Up and down, up and down, u p and down……………………….
"Shit here it cums……….." I yelled out.
Gabbie stroked my cum out all over her sandal. My second load was bigger than the first was. The entire inside of her sandal was coated with cum. There was a small pool of it right where her toe imprints were.
After she milked all the cum out of me, I told her to put her sandal back on. She slowly placed it back on her foot. She made a face that was pure disgust. Her foot was coated in my splooge. I laughed as we pulled into the driveway.
"Have fun at your party" I said as Gabbie dried her eyes and re-applied her make up to cover all her tears.
As she got out of my truck I siad, "Hey on Friday, make sure you only wear a piar of white socks and tennis shoes when we get done with work. We’ll have more fun then doll"
I owned her now. Gabbie knew it and so did I.

It was almost over. The night was drawing to an end. Gabbie was quiet most of the night. Just as the last waitress left, She asked me what I had planned for tonight.
"I couldn’t tell you that, that would ruin all the fun and surprise now wouldn’t it?" I grinned.
"Please just don’t make me eat any. Please I’ll do anything not to do that." Gabbie pleaded.
"Eat any? What do you mean?" I said sarcastically.
"Well, umm, you know, eat your cum." she finally said.
"You’ll do anything not to swallow my semen huh?" I asked. "But I own you, and you’ll do anything anyways."
"I know, I know, but please, it doesn’t taste good. Please don’t cum in my mouth." She pleaded again.
"Okay, okay. I promise that I will not cum in your mouth. Now finish up, I want to see your sexy naked ass as soon as possible."
"Okay, I’ll be done in five minutes." Gabbie promised.
After she finished up, she went downstairs to change and clean up before my fun began. I was getting hard just thinking about her as I finished my nightly paperwork. Before I knew it I heard her walking up the stairs. I was so excited by now. She reached the top of the stair then walked over to me. She had some indian bl**d in her, not much, but enough to make her skin look as though she had a tan all year around. Her legs were in great shape as she was on the school dance team. Her ass was hard and a perfect heart shape. With her clear, dark complextion and her long dark brown hair wth blonde highlights in it, highlighted by her big brown eyes, she was beatifull. Gabbie could pass for 18-19 easily. The only thing that held her back from being perfect was her small B-cup tits. 28-30 at the most. But she managed to turn heads none the less. Even middle aged guys would take a look out of the corner of there eyes, avoiding there wives catching them. Gabbie was definiatly a tease though. She loved the attention of guys. Wearing pants that snugged her ass and tying her shirts into knots to show off her flat tummy. She wasn’t one of those girls that looked as though they ate once every other day. She was the perfect size, with an athletic build. Gabbie looked so sexy standing there in just a pair of socks and shoes, I was fully erect.
"Turn around for me so I can see all of you" I ordered. Then bend over and grab you ankles."
Gabbie did as she was told. I could see her anus and her cute pussy. I ran a finger inbetween her pussy lips slowly and ran it all the way up the crack of her ass. I applied just a little more pressure as I passed her glory hole and rectum. She let out a small whimper as I did.
"Pull my pants down." I said as I stood up. Gabbie unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. The sight of her squatting down with her mouth so close to my dick made my hard on even harder.
"Now lick my balls while you play with my cock Gabbie." I told her.
She grabbed my dick and lifted it up a little to gain access to my balls. Her eyes welled up with tears as she stuck her tongue out and began to lick my testicles and stroke me.
"Play with your pussy untill your wet enough for me to fuck you." I said.
Now her tears rolled down he face as she began to masterbate herself with her other hand. She continued to lick my sack and slowy stoke my dick. My hard on was like a morning erection. I could break steel with it.
"Put my balls into your mouth and hum a song for me." I told my young slave. " And be gentle or else."
"She very cautiously opened her mouth to engolf my nut sack. She closed hr mouth and began to hum. I couldn’t tell which song she was humming, and I didn’t care either. It felt wonderfull.
"Are you wet yet?" I asked her.
She released my balls and said "Yes."
"Yes what?"
"Y-yes, I’m wet enough for you to f-f-fuck m-me"
"Good, lay on your back on this table." As I pointed to the table next to me. She put her ass up on the table and layed down.
"Spread your legs" I instructed.
She spread her legs and began to cry even harder. I positioned myself inbetween her legs and grabbed one of her ankles. With my other hand, I rubbed the head of my cock between her lips to gain access. Once I was lubed enough by her juices, I slowly pushed inside her tight fuck hole.
"Ahhhhhhh" escaped Gabbie’s lips as I pushed all the way inside her.
"Oh god, please don’t do this. Please don’t **** me" She begged.
"Shut up, lay there and take it you fucking slave." I grunted.
I slowly began to pull my dick out untill only the head of my stiff prick was in her. Then pushed it all the way inside her again. And so began her ****. She was so tight. I never felt such a tight pussy. It was obvious that she hadn’t been fucked too many times and not by big dicks either. I spread her leg as wide as I could as I watched myself disappear then re-appear from her cunt. Gabbie just mumbled the whole time. It sounded like she was asking why and begging me to stop.
"How does it feel? You like it don’t you? I sarcastically asked her.
"Please stop, pleeeeeeeaaasssse." Gabbie begged and pleaded over and over again as I quickend my pace fucking her. I put her legs together and put them on my my shoulder for awhile, not that she needed any help to tighten her cunt. I screwed her like this for awhile the suddenly pulled out.
"Time to fuck you like a dog now!!" I enthusiactically said. "Get on the loor on all fours."
Gabbie slowly got off the table and got on all four nd slightly spread her legs. I positioned myself with my feet on the outside of her calves. This way I could really drive her deep and hard. I pushed in and continued r****g her. Gabbie started to moan each time I slammed in her. I couldn’t believe this bitch was starting to enjoy this. My goal now was to make her come. I knew that would humiliate her. To cum due to me r****g her. I made sure to push a little harder each time.
"Ohh, god. Oh god, nooo, noooo, oh my god" Gabbie started to yell.
I fucked her harder.
"Oh god. Oh god, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ggggoooodddd, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!" Gabbie screamed as she came. Her contracting pussy muscles now pushed me over the edge. I pulled out of her and sprayed my semen all over her back and buttcheeks. Gabbie fell to the floor and curled up in a ball crying in humiliation.
"Damn, your a great fuck, we’ll have to do that more often huh?" I teased as Gabbie started crying so hard she culd hardly breath.
"Why re you crying, didn’t you enjoy cumming?" I asked.
"Y-y-yes" Gabbie stammered.
"Good, one more small thing we need to discuss and you can go home." I said.
"Whats that?" Gabbie asked.
"Well first what I want you to wear on Sunday, and how you need to prepare for it." I told the crying teen.
"Okay, whats that?" She asked.
"Well I want you to wear a pair of black fishnet thigh high nylons and a push up bra." I started.
"I don’t own any nylons like that….." Gabbie interupted.
"Buy them then." I snapped.
"Okay, okay I will. How do I need to prepare myself?" She asked.
"I’ll show you" I said as I helped her up and layed her on the table again. I made her lick her finger and get it all wet.
"Now I want you to stick your finger into your cute ass." I said.
"Oh my god, I-I-I can’t do that." Gab bie cried.
"Okay." I said as I licked my pointer finger quickly and put it up to her rectum.
"Uuugh, aaaahhhhh"Gabbie screamed as I quickly shoved my finger into her asshole.
I moved my finger around a bit. Her rectum squeezed on my finger.
"Try to relax, it won’t hurt as bad." I told her.
Gabbie was wimpering as I m*****ed her butt. I started to move my finger in and out of her ass. Then without warning I inserted my middle finger. Gabbie let out a bl**d curddling scream. I shoved all the way in and stopped any movement. Gabbie was practically hyper-ventilating. I quickly removed both fingers and shoved them into her mouth.
" Now I want you to finger fuck your ass with two fingers tonight and tommorrow, that way when I shove my cock up your ass, it will be ready for me." I told her. "Now lick my fingers clean"
Gabbie choked on my finger as she made the same tongue motions as she would if she was sucking dick. She was once again crying. I loved it.
"When your ready on Sunday, your going to beg me to stick my cock I your shithole and sodomize you, Got it?" I said knowing how humiliating it was to her.
"MMMM hmmmmm" She mumbled with my fingers still in her mouth.
"God damnit, I can’t take it. I’m going to fuck your face right here and now." I yelled.
I threw Gabbie on the ground on her back and quickly sat on her chest. Gabbie had a look of terror in her eyes. I grabbed her wrist and held them above her head with one hand. With the other hand I put my dick up to her sexy lips.
"Open your fucking mouth bitch" I screamed at her to terrorfy her as much as possible.
She opened up a little. I quickly slammed the entire length of my hard on in. Quickly it hit the back of her throat and kept going. Once I bottomed out, I left it lodged down her throat. She was gagging and struggling. Gabbies gagging throat muscles contracted around me. It felt as though she was milking my cock. I knew she couldn’t breathe, I didn’t care. Then after about thirty seconds I pulled my cock out of her throat and out of her mouth. She took several big breath’s of air in, fighting the gagging she needed to do also. After she took several breath’s, I crammed myself back down her throat and began a brutal throat fucking. Her face was turning red from my stomach slapping against her face. I was turned on and was fucking so hard and fast, I came in her throat within a minute. After I shot all my cum in her I pulled out.
"Go get dressed, you need to go home and get ready for Sunday" I said in a cold manner.
Gabbie slow got up crying hard. She was crying so hard she was gasping. After about twenty minutes she came back up the stairs all cleaned up. As I drove her home, Gabbie masterbated me. I made her eat it.

We finished our work. Gabbie was quiet all day. Go figure. I stared at her ass all day imagining how good it was going to feel as I fucked it. I made sure to grab her but a couple of times during the day. Once I walked up behind her and rubbed both of her cheeks as I told her what a lovely ass she had. I was learning to love humiliating her like this, this was fun. Gabbie finished up and went downstairs to change into her nylons and bra. I sat in the dining room and had a couple of drinks. I heard Gabbie walking up the stairs slowly.
She walked up to me and, as I told her said, "I’m ready, p-p-lease, would you stick your cock in my shithole and sodomize me?"
"More!!" I said quickly.
"P-p–please fuck my ass. I want you to make love to my butt. Take my anal virginity, just please stick in up my ass, please." She said as her faced turned red with embarrassment.
"Okay, since you want it so bad." I teased her. "Get on the floor and put your ass in the air."
Gabbie did as I told her. I stared at the beautiful ass I was about to take. I made her reach behind her and spread her cheeks apart to expose her asshole. As I watched her do this, I rubbed some lube on my cock. Then I knelt down behind her and positioned my cock up to her virgin hole.
"Okay Gabbie, here we go, hope you appreciate what I’m about to give to you." I laughed.
"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwch!!!" Gabbie screamed as the head of my prick entered her rectum.
I could feel her tighten her asshole, so I said, "Loosen up, or this is going to hurt much worse."
"I-I-I c-can’t, it h-hurts sooo b-b-bad." Gabiie grunted out.
"Okay, if thats the way you want it…" I said as I shoved the entire length of myself up in her.
I stayed still for a minute to let Gabbie get used to the intruder in her young virgin ass.
"So did you do the stretching thing I told you to do?" I asked her.
"Y-yes" she grunted.
Then I started to pump her asshole. She was so tight it almost hurt, but I knew that she would loosen up afterawhile. Gabbie was sniffling and grunting as I moved up and down her bowels. I stod up and squatted over her ass to be able to shove even harder. I was determined to destroy this fifteen year olds shithole. I wanted her to think of what I did to her everytime she sat downfor the next week or two. I savagely fucked her. I watched my cock play peek-a-boo in and out of her sweet little butt. Every now and then I would look at her legs and how sexy she looked in her nylons. She was going to wear these more often I determined.
"Please hurry, I can’t take it much longer, Oh my god, it hurts so bad, please" Gabbie begged.
"So your not going to like it when I tell you since we have 4 hours, that I’m going to fuck your ass again huh?" I asked her knowing what it would do to her.
"Oh my god, please no, Oh god, oh god, noooo!!!" Gabbie yelled as she completely broke down into tears.
I could feel the cum brewing. I grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard and violently as possible. I shot my entire load deep in her bowels. I shoved as hard as possible while doing so. Then I pulled out of Gabbies ****d asshole. She fell to the floor and grabbed her butt as she balled loudly and kept whispering, " Why? why? Oh god, why me? what did I do to you to deserve this? why?"
"Well, your a tease and I want to fuck you and put you in your place. You think your all that just because your beautiful. The truth is your just a stupid little girl, and now your a stupid little ****D girl. And I’m not threw with you yet either." I explained."Now are you going to thank me for sodimizing you?"
Threw her tears and cries she managed to say, "Thank you for sodomizing me."
I just laughed. I went to go get another drink. When I got back Gabbie was sitting up with her arms around her knees and head down. She looked so hot with her fixhnet’s on. I looked at her legs and noticed how sexy her fee were. She had her toe nails painted with red polish. It stood out inbetween her black nylons. I sat down about twenty feet away from her and sipped my drink.
"Crawl over here and jack me off." I told her.
Gabbie slow got to her knees and crawled over to me. She reached up to grab my once again erect cock.
As I slapped her hand away I said, "No, jack me off with your feet."
She looked up at me with a puzzled look on her face and said, " I don’t know how to do that."
I told her to get on her back about two feet away from me and wrap her feet around m hard on. I spread my legs so I could get a good view of this. Once she got into position, I made her move the bottom of her feet up and down, stroking my cock.
"Am I-I-I doing it right?" Gabbie asked as she kept up the rythym.
"Ohh yes you are, now isn’t this better than anal sex?" I asked her.
"Yes, it-it is" Gabbie said as she stared at the cock popping inbetween her feet.
I grabbed her feet and held them together and began moving them for her as I told her, "Wow, I know alot of people that would like this, maybe I should have you do this to other guys. I could make alot of money off your sexy feet."
"Oh god, please don’t make me do that. I’m not a whore. Please!!!" Gabbie begged.
"Yes you are, your my whore, and you’ll do whatever the fuck I tell you to do." I said as I continued jacking off with her feet.
Gabbie cried in humiliation as she realalized that this whole t hing of jerking a guy off with her feet was humiliating to her. She hated it. Here was a guy who had made her masterbate for him, then had her give him head. Not to mention she was ****d then sodimized. And to top it off, her mouth was used like a pussy and then wa made to eat cum. Gabbie’s mind was whirling around. She was only fifteen years old, she thought she had her life in control. Sure she flirted around, but she didn’t deserve this. How many perverted acts would she be f***ed to perform. How much more perverse could it get, she was having her feet fucked, what was next? Before she knew it I was cumming on her feet, ankles, and legs. I shot many large loads on her. I made her take off one of her nylons. It was covered in semen. I shoved it into her mouth and placed some tape over her mouth. I tied her elbows about six inches apart and tied her wrists together. Then I made her sit and bounce up and down on my cock. Making her fuck my cock with her asshole. Gabbie cried threw her gag as the taste of semen was everywhere in her mouth and her asshole burned horriblly. I shot another laod into her ass. I removed the tape and spoon fed her the cum that leaked ou of her battered hole. More humiliating than having her feet fucked she thought as she swallowed the semen with the hint of her own ass. I drove her home. I didn’t make her do anything to me. Just as we pulled up to her house I said to her, "Next Friday we’re going out on a date, you’ll wear a mini-skirt and thigh highs again. Make sure That I can see the tops of them to. Wear a white button up blouse that is tied in a knot to expose your belly button. And also, your shoes will have a wrap that goes up your sexy legs. Got it?"
"Yes." Gabbie said threw new tears.
"And another thing, stop crying so damned much, this is your new life. Accept it!! Oh yeah, you will call me daddy from now on." I said with a huge grin. "Got it?"
"Yes. I mean yes daddy" Gabbie said holding back tears.
Two days later I picked Gabbie up. She looked like a fucking tramp. Just the way I planned it. She hopped in my truck and asked what we where doing.
"Well, your going to service six guys that payed me good money or your services. I showed them the tape of yor ass fucking, and they loved it." I told her.
"No, please, don’t make me do this daddy. Oh my god, you taped that?" Gabbie said fighting back tears and a slight bit of anger.
"I taped it all, besides I own you." I said sternly.
"Please, daddy, I’l do anything. I’ll take it up the ass, or swallow whatever you want me too, but please don’t let those guys **** me like that, pleeeeaaasseee daddy" Gabbie begged.
"Well, hmmmmmm, maybe, where should we go to do this." I asked.
"Ummm, maybe at this park outside of town, theres a shelter way back on the trail." Gabbie offered.
We drove to the park, I made Gabbie lead the way. She had a hard time walking due to the high heels that wrapped half way up her calves. God she looked like a slut. A hot ittle slut. We got to the shelter.
"Well, why don’t you get on your knees an suck me until I tell you to stop, and you know how I like it." I instructed Gabbie.
"I know, deep daddy" Gabbie said as she got on her knees and unzipped my pants. Gabbie put my hard on in her mouth ad sucked like a pro. I let her suck me for about ten minutes then told her to bend over the picinic table, pull her thongs down and pull her asscheeks apart. When she did I put some vasiline in her hand and had her rub it on my cock. Then i fucked her ass savagely. She bawled the whole time. I came in her again and then put a small butt plug in her to hold my cum in her. I pulled her thongs back up.
"Get on your knees agian" I told her.
She complied.
"Now clean off my cock."
"Please daddy, no." Gabbie pleaded.
"DO IT!!!!" I yelled.
She placed me in her mouth again and cleaned my dick.
"Now leave it in your mouth, I have a specail treat for you, you fucking cock sucker." I said to demean her.
Gabiie looked up at me in horror, but did as she was told.
"Now if you spill even one drop, I’ll drop you off for the guys, got it? and leave my didck in your mouth when you answer me." I instructed Gabbie.
"Oues, aaddie," she tried to say.
"Good, now I’m going to piss in your mouth." I told her.
Gabbie tried to hold back tears, but failed. tears rolled down her face as I began to let go of the urine in my bladder. Gabbie opened her throat so it could flow down and she wouldn’t have to attempt to keep up on swallowing it. I held her head to insure that she wouldn’t try to escape. I knew that once I pissed down her throat that I fully owned her. She was mine. My little fuck doll.

Oh, yeah, I didn’t tell you this yet I dropped her off at the party anyways. Gabbie took on Five guys at once. One in her mouth, one in he ass, one in eac
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outstanding, but in real life 40+ on a long state paid vacation
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