Mommy gets it

My mother was, as usual, out drinking and I was home watching tv. My
6 year old s****r, Jamie, was already in bed. Then about one in the
morning, my mom comes stumbling in the house and goes into her room.
A few minutes later she runs into the bathroom, barely getting to
the toilet before she started barfing. No wonder my dad left us if
he had THAT to watch all the time.

After she quieted down and didn't come out, I went in to see if she
needed help. There was mom was passed out on the floor next to the
toilet. Well, I thought, it wouldn't do for Jamie to wake up in the
morning and see mom this way so I decided to move her back into her

I grabbed her under the arms and started to drag her to her room.
Even though was very big and strong, it was more difficult than I
thought 'cause mom was wearing a satiny night gown so she slipped
out of my grasp a lot. In the bedroom, I couldn't lift her up to her
bed so I started to pull up her nightgown so I could get a better

When I pulled it up past her hips exposing her crotch I was shocked
that she had a pussy! You don't think of your mom having a cunt, but
there it was! I started to get a boner right away, even if she was
my mom. The sight of her panty clad pussy mound was too much for me.
I stopped what I was doing and looked to see if she was waking. She
wasn't so I lifted up the elastic of the shorts and peered down her

My cock was hard as I stared at her bush. I started to squeeze my
cock through my pants, making it even harder. Then I undid them and
pulled out my rod, and started to stroke it, staring hard at her
pussy. Before I knew what I was doing I was slipping her panties off
and spreading her legs. I was curious and examined her pussy, and
continued to pull on my dick. Her hairy mound turning into a crease
and finally her wide open lips. I coulds see different parts of her
pussy. I rubbed them. I found her hole and started pressing my dick
into to her.

I wanted to see her tits cause they were so much bigger than the
young girls at school, so as I was pressing in my cock, I was also
trying to push up and expose mom's tits with one hand. Instictivally,
I was starting to pump in and out when I finally got her nightgown
up over her tits. As the material went over it, it must've tweeked
her tit or something cause she woke up out of her d***ken stupor.

I didn't really notice as I was laying on top of her mostly looking
down at my dick going in and out of her wet pussy. Her tits bounced
up and down as I fucked her. "Whaaa?" she asked, looking down at her
crotch and at me, "Hey, Johnny," she cried out, "What are? Get off
me! Off!" She tried to push me off but I grabbed her wrists. I was
too revved up to stop. "Shut up mom," I said, "Let me fuck you...!"

She struggled trying to regain her arms, but I had them pinned down.
She tried to wrestle me off of her by pushing up with her hips and
twisting but I just pressed harder and said "c'mon mom, I've never
screwed anyone before, stay still!" But she kept trying so I slapped
her. I never hit my mom, but it felt good. So I did it again. Then,
finally, she just lay there while screwed her.

She continued to lay there not moving except her big tits wobbling
as I pounded down on her pussy. My dick was slick with mom's pussy
juice. Finally, I felt that cum feeling I always got when I jacked
off while looking at those dirty pictures. I could feel my balls
getting harder and my dick swelling up until it couldn't stand the
pressure and started to cum. I shot my wad deep into her pussy, I
could feel her pussy get all extra gooey with the mixture of hot cum
and her own juices.

I got off of her, and stood there, my dick wilted with a string of
cum hanging down, looking at her pussy with my own cum dripping out
of it onto the floor. Finally, mom got up and went into the bathroom
and I trotted off into my room to go to bed.

It was over a year later when I ****d her again.

It was late, about one in the morning, when I came home from a
datewith Cindy, a girl that I'd been dating for a couple months. And
I knew I was in trouble - again - when I saw that mom was still up.
As usual, she was d***k, and in a bad mood. "What are ya doing comin'
in at all hours?" she slurred, "You'ra gro'nded fer a week!" she

"Fuck you!" I said. "Fuck you, you d***k!" Then I thought, why not?
"Yeah, mom," I started moving in on her, "Fuck you. You wanna fuck
me like we did before?" I could see she remembered, "No, shtay away
from me, John" she said as she backed away. But I leaped at her, and
slapped her, making her fall to her knees.

I grabbed a handful of her hair and made her look at me. "You know
what I did tonight? I screwed Cindy!" I started to undo my pants,
"But first she gave me a blow job. Can you suck my dick?" My dick
was standing straight out in her face. "Can you?" I questioned again.
She nodded and said "No! Stop it -" and I slapped her, "Suck it!" I
demanded. "No!" I slapped her. Then I just started to press the
head of my dick on her lips, slapping her face again until she
opened her mouth.

I rammed my dick down her mouth. She gagged and I slapped her. "No
teeth, mom, just suck it like I see you suckin' on your bottle!" I
said as I pumped into her mouth. She kept gagging on it as I
pushed it down her throat. "Cindy never gags as she sucks me off,
mom. You gotta learn how to give a better blow job!" and pushed my
dick down her throat again. After fucking her face for a while, I
finally pulled it out and slapped her again until she fell to the

"Now take off your clothes!" I instructed, "I want to fuck you
just like I did Cindy. Now!" I ripped open her blouse. But she
just lay there leaning on her elbow. She looked up at me, "No."
That made me furious. I went down and looked into her face. I said
with quiet calm, "Start taking off your clothes right now or I will
drag Jamie out here and do to her what I want to do to you!" At the
mention of my s****r, she gasped and just reached for her buttons.

She stood up and unbuttoned the rest of her shirt. She took it
off exposing her bra-bound tits. Reaching behind her, she unsnapped
the braand let it slide down her arms to the ground. She then
started to undo her pants, but I made her stop. "Cindy likes to rub
her tits. You rub your tits, mom." I said. "Now!" I barked. So mom
started to rub her tits, making circular motions. "Pull out the
nipples, I want you to make them hard like Cindys!" And she then
started to pull on them, making them stand up erect. I said, "Cindy's
tits stand up by themselves, you need to excercise more - yours
hang. Now take your pants off!"

Now she undid her pants and stepped out of them. She stood there
inher white underwears, with her tits hanging down. "Rub your
pussy, mom." I pointed at her cunt. "I want to see your panties get
all wet!" She slipped her hand into her panties and started to rub
her own cunt. After a few minutes I could see a wet spot forming on
them. "Ok, now get downon your hands and knees." She didn't move. I
walked up to her and slapped her. "Down!" On her hands and knees, I
could see that her ass was much nicer than it looked normally, and
her tits almost reached the floor!

I got down on my knees and pulled down her panties to her knees.
Igrabbed a handful of hair, and pushed down on her lower back. "C
'mon, bitch, I want to see your pussy!" When you bush was pointing
up at me, I slipped myfinger into her hole to lube it up, wiping her
juice on my cock. Then with one swoop I rammed her asshole.

"Cindy don't let me do this!" I cried out, "Better hold still, mom!"
I was pressing the head of my dick into her butt. She was trying
to wiggle out, but I had a good grip on her hair with my left hand.
My other one was pushing and pulling on my dick, getting it
further up her bung hole. "Yeah, Cindy would die if she could see me
screw your ass!" I said, pushing harder and harder.

Mom was in pain as I got over half my cock up her asshole. I could
feel the squishiness as I pulled in and out of it. Tears were
running down her face, but I ignored them. My dick was the only
thing I was thinking about. And when I started to cum, I shot my
load in her ass which really lubed it into as dirt slurpee. I had
my balls banging on her pussy as I shot my last load deep within her

I pulled my limp dick out of her asshole with a little pop sound.
"Next time, mom, I come in when I want." She nodded as she lay on
the floor panting, tears running down her eyes.

By the end of the week, my dad had come down and picked me up 'cause
I was going to live with him. I don't think she said anything as he
didn't sound mad or anything. I didn't see mom very much from then
on, and I never screwed her since.

Lately, I've been think about doing her again. And my s****r Jamie

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11 months ago
Good stuff.
3 years ago
Great story, there is so much scope for more.......
3 years ago
mommy needed & needs a good fucking any ways so do her again several times. lol part2, 3...
3 years ago
fuuck yeh
3 years ago
fucking a drunk pig is better thsn nothing!
3 years ago
how erotic