Cumslave at the rest stop pt.2

Alex turned to face the men as they started to enter. Cumbag was
suspended between two stalls by her wrists. Around her neck was the sign that
read 'FREE SLUT'. Cumbag smiled at the group of men, hungry for their abuse,
hungry for their cocks.

"Hi men... I'm Alex and this sack of shit is Cumbag. Cumbag, introduce
your stupid ass to these nice men who came all this way to gang-**** you, cunt."
Alex pulled Cumbag's toy box in front of the hanging slut as she spoke.

"Hi guy's... I'm the slut named Cumbag... I'm a cumdump... I'm just a
dirty little cocksucking bitch-cunt... Ooohh... I hope you guys are ready to
fuck up a stupid cunt like me. Do anything to my whore's body you want to... I'm
here for your entertainment... All I ask is that you treat me like the cunt I
am... And make it hurt."

Alex spoke to the men, "I know you guys are horny and in a hurry to cum
in this pig. But how about we drive this fucking cunt out of her mind before we
fuck her in the dirt. So why don't you guys take a look inside this slut's toy
box... There are a lot of things we can use on this bitch... And it's going to
be a lot of fun... For us at least!" Alex's laughter caused the other men to
laugh. Even Cumbag laughed with the men who were about to destroy her mind and
body. Cumbag couldn't wait.

Alex untied the sexy slut and dragged her to the center of the rest
room. There he tied a rope into her long, shiny blonde hair. Next he tied the
other end of the rope to the sprinkler head in the ceiling. Cumbag's hands were
then tied behind her back. Cumbag had to stand on her toes to keep from pulling
her hair. Alex spat in her face and Cumbag opened her mouth for more. "Who wants
to help me show this cunt what kind of a fucking stupid slut it is?" Alex asked
the crowd of leering men. Every man in the room raised his hand. Cumbag giggled
like a little girl when they did.

Alex faced the smiling slut. Cumbag smiled at him and said, "Do it!...
Show me what a stupid pig slut is for... Fuck me up!" Alex grinned and slapped
her face as hard as her could. Cumbag saw stars and grunted. "Ohh!... That was a
good hit... Want to hit this cunt again?" She asked. Alex just looked at the
disgusting slut for a moment. Alex backhanded her bringing a round of applause
from the crowd. When Cumbag turned her head back for him to hit her again, Alex
had another idea.

He grabbed her chin and squeezed holding her head still. He pulled the
large permanent marker from his pocket and across her forehead he wrote 'CUMBAG'
in 2-inch letters. "A dumbass pig-cunt like you are probably too stupid to
remember your fucking name. Now... That should help everyone remember your name,
slut... What else can we write on that cum-dump you call a body?... Does anyone
want to help me mark this pig?" he asked the group of smiling men.

The men lunged for the box grabbing various markers as they hurried to
get in line. Other men began to circle the slut. They looked at Cumbag like she
was a piece of meat. Cumbag flashed them inviting smiles and winks as they
groped her tits and ass. Cumbag spoke to the circling predators.

"YEAH!... Grab this slut's tits. That's good... Oohh, FUCK YEAH!
Finger-fuck this bitch's cunt... Hi!... Would you like to play with my other
slut-tit?... Mmmmm... Do you guys like these big tits?... mmmmmm... mmmmm... Do
you like the way I suck your finger? I can't wait until you give me your pretty
cocks to suck... YEAH!... Slap my fucking face again for being such a fucking
whore!... I hope you guys want fuck this slut into the dirt... Pull my other
nipple too. Sluts like to have their nipples pulled hard... YEAH! LIKE THAT!...
Oohh Thank you... How about you? Wanna see how hard you can twist a cunt's
tit?... OOOoohh... You do that GOOD!... Here!... Twist the other one... Ooohhh
GOD!... You made the bitch cum... Thank you!"

A line formed in front of the dangling slut of men who wanted to mark
the whore. Other men crowded around the cunt, groping her body. Cumbag smiled
and begged the new men who were feeling her huge tits, pulling her nipples and
shoving fingers roughly into her bottom fuck holes.

Alex stepped through the crowd of laughing men. He grabbed Cumbag's head
so that she faced the line of men in front of her. "See slut?... These nice men
want to help everyone know what a cunt you are... Is that OK with you, stupid?"
Alex asked. Cumbag looked at Alex. She wiggled her ass for the two men that were
shoving fingers in her ass.

"Thank You, Sir!... A stupid slut like me needs everyone to know that
she is just a bitch-cunt" Cumbag said to Alex. Alex slapped her face and said to
the crowd of men with the markers, "Mark this cunt!" As he stepped back into the
crowd, the crowd once again circled Cumbag.

Cumbag laughed as she said, "Do it guys! Write on this pig!... Show me
what you think of me... Mark this slut so everyone knows what I am!" The truck
driver, Big Daddy, grabbed her hair yanking in her head hard to the left. Cumbag
felt her hair being pulled out, but she didn't care.

"What'cha going to write on the cunt?... Write something really nasty on
me." Cumbag giggled. Big Daddy snarled, "I'm going to help these guys know where
to cum, bitch!" Big Daddy wrote 'CUM DUMP' in big black letters on her right
cheek with an arrow to her mouth. He laughed as he stepped back to allow the
next man up. The next man took Big Daddy's idea to the next step. He chuckled as
he drew a green circle that went around her nose and chin. The man behind him
yelled, "I see what you've got in mind... COOL... Here... Let me do the next
one." He drew a smaller circle in red inside the green one. He turned to the
next man and said, "See what we're doing?" He did. That man drew a smaller
circle in blue that went around Cumbag's full, wet lips. All of the men
applauded when the next man wrote in black 'CUM TARGET' inside the first two

Cumbag giggled at the tickling sensation of the markers. She smiled when
she heard what they had drawn on her pretty face.

"Cum target... That's what this pig is... Who wants to shoot at it
first?... Who's going to score a bullseye in this cum-cunt's face first?... Your
little slut cum target is waiting!" she said in an inviting voice. But the men
weren't finished with their artwork.

One man wrote 'COCK SOCKET' on her left cheek. Another wrote 'CUM DRAIN'
on her throat when Alex removed her sign. He figured Cumbag wouldn't need it any
more. Alex took a pair of scissors from the toy box and cut off her top and
skirt. The men rushed forward to mark the laughing slut.

On the top of her left tit one man wrote 'PLEASE PULL HARD" in blue. On
the side of it another had written 'PLACE PLIERS HERE' with an arrow to her
nipple. On her right tit another wrote, "PLEASE HURT" in black. On her chest,
just above her huge, firm tits a man wrote 'SEWER' in red with an arrow going
between her tits to her hard stomach. On her shaved cunt someone had written in
green, 'PLEASE FILL WITH CUM'. Next to that was 'WILL YOUR HAND FIT?' in red
with an arrow pointed to her open, dripping cunt. On her left leg was written,
'PLACE BEHIND SLUT'S HEAD', and so it went on until Cumbag's hanging body was
covered in every degrading comment imaginable. The men stood back and admired
there handiwork as the complimented each other on their work.

Cumbag looked down at all of the writings and laughed even harder as she
read what she could. "Sewer... That's right... CUM PIG, Definitely... COCK TOY,
Always... CUNT, Of course... Oohh... You guys are so good to this little slut...
Now everyone will know what a bitch-cunt like me is for... Now... Are you all
ready to fuck this pig into the dirt?... Are you ready to splatter the 'CUM
TARGET'?... Don't forget to make this cunt lick up everything that drips from
it's slut body... Come on... Please don't make this little whore wait... FUCK
ME!... PLEASE!... FUCK THIS SLUT!... Come on... I'm tied up... Who wants to ****
this piece of shit cunt?... Please!... Pretty please! **** ME!... **** THE
CUNT!" she wailed. But Alex had other plans before he turned the mob of men
loose on the hanging, begging slut. Cumbag writhed in her ropes, slowly rotating
her ass as she continued to beg the men to **** her.

A man named Michael was the first to step up to the slut. He showed her
the pliers in his hand and smirked. "Do you know what I'm going to do with
these... Hmmm... Do you slut?" he asked as he moved them slowly in front of her
eyes. Cumbag's eyes followed the moving pliers as he waved them back and forth.
As she wiggled around all of the hands that were feeling her sexy body she
looked Michael in his eyes and whispered. "I don't know... And I don't care. Do
anything with them you want... See this big slut tits of mine?... Why don't you
pinch them with them... MMMmmm... This cunt would LOVE that!"

A dreamy look washed over Cumbag's face when Michael closed the pliers
around her left nipple. Michael laughed when she started to cum. " Oh!... The
slut likes that, huh. Let's see how much the whore likes this." He asked as he
squeezed harder. Cumbag howled.

hurting my slut tits so GOOD!... Do it some more... Treat this pig like the
cunt-whore it is... Hurt this bitch... Hurt this cunt GOOD!" Cumbag begged
Michael. Michael released her nipple and slowly dragged the pliers over her

"NOOO!... Don't stop... Hurt my fat slut-tits... Please don't stop
lover... Hurt my cow-tits... Pinch them... Grab them with your pliers and twist
them... Please!" the whore begged.

Cumbag wiggled her tits as well as she could with all of the hands
already squeezing them. She then tried to thrust her hips out, pushing her cunt
forward to Michael. That was also nearly impossible with all of the fingers
fucking in and out of her tight cunt, but Michael was amused at the attempt.

"How about my cunt?... Have you ever thought about using pliers on some
stupid slut's cunt?... Here's your chance!... Go for it!... Ooohh... It would
make this little pig cum SOOooo good!... Do it lover!" Cumbag teased. Michael
laughed at her suggestions and prolonged Cumbag's suspense by dragging the
pliers all over her body.

An old man with no teeth who was foraging around in her toy box
exclaimed "HEY! Would you boys look at this!" Cumbag turned her attention away
from Michael to look. The old man was holding a huge dildo. It was black, 18
inches long and nearly 8 inches around with small spikes that stuck out in a
spiral from the handle to the head. Cumbag giggled as she spoke to him.

"That's my 'bitch dildo'... That's for when I act like a bitch." Then in
a little girl, pouting voice she asked, "Am I being a good little fuck-bitch?...
Hhmmm... Want to fuck this little bitch with it? I think this little bitch NEEDS
to be fucked by it... Don't you guys?... Go on!... Cram that thing up my
slut-cunt!" Cumbag flashed the laughing men a warm smile as she spread her legs
for the old man. Cumbag watched as he walked toward her with the evil looking
dildo and the scowl on his face. Men pulled their hands out of the way as he
slowly pushed it in her cunt. Cumbag started to cum again as she was fucked with
the spiked dildo.

"FUCK ME!... Fuck this bitch-cunt with her dildo... OOOohhh!... You do
that SO GOOD!... This is how to fuck a cunt-bitch... MORE!... Do more to the
slut... Somebody!... Slap this pig... HURRY... I'M CUMMING... HURT THIS CUNT'S
TITS!... OOHH! THANK YOU!" Cumbag screamed as three men slapped her face and a
man whipped her tits with his belt.

Michael stepped up with his pliers. As he pinched her nipple as hard as
he could the man with the dildo shoved it in even deeper. Cumbag moaned as she
continued to cum as the man with the dildo began to fuck her harder with it.
Cumbag could feel every spike as it stretched her cunt. A man had pulled a small
whip from the toy box and was whipping her ass. Other men joined in with other
paddles and even their own belts as they too, whipped the bouncing whore.

A man had found a life-sized dildo shaped like a man's fist and arm.
The men whipping her hard, tanned ass stopped to let him thrust it up her
asshole. He crammed it in almost to the end, where a man's elbow would be.
Everyone laughed and pointed at Cumbag as she shivered and came. When he stepped
back 7 men started whipping the cumming whore. As another orgasm started to wash
over her, Cumbag felt her hair pulling out. She screamed.

"YES!... OH GOD YES!... HURT THE PIG!" she screamed as the orgasm passed
over her. In that dream-like state she could still feel the pain. She could
still hear the men. She loved it.

"Whip that cunt's ass!" "Pull on that whore's nipple HARD, man!" "LOOK
AT THAT SLUT!" "What a fucking slut-bitch" "Make that cunt beg for it" "PIG!"

A man looked at the fist dildo sticking out of her ass for a moment and
smiled. He looked at one of the men whipping her ass and said, "Watch this!" He
kicked the fist dildo as hard as he could, driving it deep into her ass. Cumbag
gasped and screamed.


Men started taking turns kicking the dildo. With every kick Cumbag's
feet would leave the floor. When she came down, a little more of her hair would
be pulled out. With every kick Cumbag would cum and gasp when they kicked it.
The old man with the spiked dildo was growing tired fucking her cunt with it and
let another man have a try. "Now son, the bitch will wiggle for you real good if
you twist it" the old man suggested. "Thanks Pops... I'll keep that in mind" the
new man answered as he began to fuck Cumbag.

Michael kept pinching all over both of Cumbag's huge tits as the cunt
moaned and thrashed. When a man found another pair of pliers and started
pinching her clit, Cumbag went wild again.

"YESSSS... OOHhh... Pinch this slut's tits... Pinch this whore's cunt...
Oooohh... whip the trash-whore... Oohh... Please... Kick that thing in my ass
again... YEAH!... Like that... Do it again!... Twist that bitch-dildo in this
bitch's cunt... Uuuhhmmm... so fucking GOOD!... Pinch my tits some more...
Please." Cumbag passed out again as a huge orgasm rocketed through her. She came
to as the men decided it was time for a new game. Someone had pulled the fist
dildo from her ass and was hitting her face with it. The men pointed and laughed
at her as she tried to lick it when in slammed into her face. The man hitting
her with the dildo stopped and asked, "What do you want pig?" Cumbag answered
him as he dragged it across her face.

"The fist dildo... Please let Cumbag clean it... I'll clean it good... I
promise... Make do NASTY things... Please!" she whined. With a chuckle he said
simply, "Open slut". Cumbag did what she was told and he tried to f***e it in
her mouth. There was no way to make it fit, but it was amusing the way her mouth
was stretched around the knuckles of it. She licked the glistening dildo like a
k** licking an ice-cream cone. "Hey, this is fun and all, but I'm ready to fuck
this cunt" a man shouted. It seemed everyone was ready to try her fuck holes.
Alex stepped back up to Cumbag as the dildo was yanked from her mouth.

"OK slut. It seems we're ready to fuck you some... What do you say,
bitch?" he asked. Cumbag worked her jaw as she looked at the crowd of men.
Several of them were pulling their cocks from their pants. Cumbag loved it when
a man would just pull his cock through his fly. It made her feel like even more
of a slut then. Cumbag gazed at cocks of every size, color, and description. She
couldn't wait to have them all, but she knew her manners.

As the feeling returned to her mouth, she looked around at the men,
"Thank you for everything you've done to this whore so far... I've loved all of
it... Thank you for writing such sweet words all over my slut body. Now all of
you know what kind of a slut-whore I am... And so will new men when they come...
I loved the way my slut-tits and slut-cunt were pinched. I do hope you want to
do that some more... I loved my spiked bitch-dildo... That is how a bitch like
me should always be fucked. And I loved the way you guys would kick that big
fist-dildo in my ass... I swear... I think I came every time you kicked it in
me... The whipping was great too!... If any of you wanted to whip a slut and
didn't get a chance to do it before, you can do it to this cunt any time. Just
grab something and start wearing this cunt out." As Cumbag was thanking the men
Alex untied her hair but left her hands tied behind her back. When she had
finished thanking the men Alex shoved her to the floor. Looking up from the
floor, Cumbag watched as the men closed in on her. Spit drooled from her
watering mouth as she stared up at the forest of cocks that surrounded her. Alex
pulled her to her knees by her hair, "OK Slut... Let's see how good of a
cocksucker you are." Cumbag couldn't wait to show them all.

Cumbag looked from cock to cock and from man too man licking her mouth
invitingly. "Ohhh! Pretty cocks... Pretty, pretty cocks! Please let the slut
suck them... Someone cram one in my mouth... Choke this whore... My mouth is
just another cunt, you know... Just fuck my mouth like it's a cunt... Let me
show you how good of a cocksucker I am... Who's first?" Cumbag asked as she held
her mouth open for the men to fuck.

An old black man stepped up with a huge cock that hung almost to his
knees. Cumbag stared at the blue-black cock for a moment, then lunged forward
capturing it in her wet, hot mouth. ""Mmmmm... Ugghh... mmmmm" Cumbag moaned
around the cock. Cumbag fought to keep her balance as she began to slam her head
up and down on the grinning man's cock ever faster. The old man kept his hands
in his pockets as the young, white slut at his feet slaved to please him. When
Cumbag looked up at him, with her slobber oozing from her mouth, and winked he
laughed. "Dat's de way to do it, little miss white ho... White Ho's like you sho
do like dat nigga dick, don't 'cha?... SLUT!" the old man chuckled.

Cumbag released his cock to say, "YES SIR!... Little white Ho's like me
belong down here on their knees sucking those beautiful black cocks... This is
what this little cum-slut is for... Slap this bitch in the face with that lovely
cock sir... Then... Cram my fucking throat with it... Fuck my slut's throat like
the white cunt it is... If this little white pig starts to choke... Then fuck
it's fucking mouth even harder... Everyone says it's fun to fuck my mouth when
I've passed out... They say it feels even more like a cunt then... I can't wait
'till you dump your load down my cum hungry throat... Use this white-trash for
your cum-dump... That's all I am... See?" Cumbag turned her head to show him
where 'CUM DUMP' had been written on her cheek.

The old black man chuckled as he slapped her face with his heavy cock.
Cumbag loved the loud wet slapping sounds it made. She kept her mouth wide open
for when he tired of hitting her and was ready to fuck her mouth again. After a
few minutes of slapping her with his cock he stopped. He held it by the base,
holding it just out of reach for the whore

"PLEASE!... Let me suck it!... This white slut-cunt needs to suck your
beautiful cock... Please don't keep it from this pig... Shove your pretty cock
in this cunt-mouth of mine." Cumbag whined. Cumbag's prayers were answered when
two men grabbed her full, bruised tits and pulled her forward. She lost her
balance and the huge, black cock speared her mouth. Cumbag swallowed his cock
all the way down to his cock-hair as her throat bulged. When Cumbag got every
inch of his cock down, she shook her head from side to side.

The men encircling the young beauty stopped stroking their cocks and
applauded as the rained their compliments down on her.

"That's it, take it all the way down, fucking whore!" "Do what the slut
said man!... Fuck her mouth like a cunt!" "I hope that bitch has a big
stomach!... We sure gotta lot of cum for it !"

The old black man began to breathe harder and faster. He began to fuck
his cock in and out of the young slut's throat. He fucked her mouth so hard
Cumbag regained her balance. As much as she loved being impaled on his cock, it
was more fun for her to be able to fuck his cock with her head. Cumbag's mouth
started to water as the trickle of his pre-cum turned into a stream. Cumbag
wished her hands were free so she could massage his balls. Then she remembered.
Her hands were bound behind her but that made no difference. The man had just
pulled his cock through his fly and started fucking the naked slut's mouth. She
wouldn't have been able to massage those sweet cum-filled balls anyway.

"Oh yeah, little Ho!... Suck dat big, ole, black cock!... Dat's my
white-bitch!" he said as he began to fuck her mouth faster. Cumbag heard the
circle of men as they shouted encouragement to the old black man.

"Cum in that white slut!" "Show that pig what white whore's are for!"
"CHOKE HER MAN!" "Dump your jizz in that bitch's throat." "TAKE IT, WHORE!"

The old man was about to cum. He shouted, "TAKE... THAT... NIGGA...
JIZZ!" as he balls spewed cum in the cunt's throat. The first jet of cum went
directly into the Cumbag's belly. The slut quickly pulled the cock out of her
throat so the head of his cock was in her mouth. Cumbag licked the head of the
spasming cock as spurt after spurt of hot cum filled her mouth. Cumbag mewled at
the wonderful flavor of fresh cum, "MMmmmmm... UHHNNnnn", as her cheeks bulged
with the huge cumload. When his cock finished dumping his cum into her mouth,
Cumbag had an idea. As his cock slipped from her lips Cumbag opened her mouth so
all of the men could see that her mouth was full of cum. After she showed them
she gulped his cum down as noisily as she could. When her mouth was free of cum,
Cumbag licked her lips.

"Who wants to feed the nasty little cum-sucker next... Hmmm... That was
so YUMMY!... Give this cum-pig some more cock-slop... Dump your load in this
Cumbag!... I LOVE cum!... Who wants to use the cum-dump next... I'm such a nasty
little fuck-pig... Fuck-pigs need lots of pig-slop... I love to slurp down big,
lumpy loads of sticky cum... So Please feed the little slut piggy... How about
you?... Are you ready to dump your jizz in this cunt's face?... Want to feed
this nasty slut your cum?... Do it... Just empty those balls in my Cumbag of a
mouth!" she teased.

That was too much for three teen-age boys and two of the men. They
pointed their shooting cocks at the kneeling, begging slut just in time. The
first jet caught Cumbag off guard as it sealed her left eye. Another split her
face down the middle with a thick silvery stripe. One boy, Todd, yelled, "I got
a bullseye" as his cum squirted straight into Cumbag's mouth. Dead center of the
bullseye that had been drawn on her face. Cumbag went wild at the new cum in her
mouth and opened her mouth as she moved her head around trying to catch more.
But the boys had other ideas. They made sure the rest of their cum didn't go in
her mouth. Instead they splattered Cumbag's face. As cum slapped down on her
face from every direction, Cumbag pleaded with the boys and men.

"MY MOUTH!... PLEASE!... Nnooo... please!... cum in the slut's mouth...
please... feed the pig... my mouth... the slut's mouth... cum in the bitch's
mouth... feed the slut more... please... just one more squirt in my
mouth-cunt... just a little more cum... more... more... more cum... more cum...
Feed the whore... please!" Cumbag whined as she rolled her head from side to
side trying to catch cum.

She licked her chin and lips and got a little. Once she even caught the
end of a spurt. But that wasn't nearly enough. Soon the boys and men's cocks
were empty. They each in turn stuck their cocks in the cunt's mouth for her to
clean. Cumbag nursed on their cocks like a calf at its mother. When she cleaned
a cock, she would look up at its owner and say, "Thank you for letting this
worthless pig-slut have your cock and cum... Please... Come fuck my mouth any
time you want to dump a load of cum in a bitch-slut... Thank you!" Thick strands
of cum dripped from her face to her tits.

When Todd's cock was clean he grabbed Cumbag's hair and jerked her head
so that Cumbag's face was up. She almost toppled forward, but Todd just yanked
on her head harder to keep the bound slut upright As cum dripped from her chin,
Cumbag smiled warmly at the teen-ager. "You're welcome, you fucking cunt!" he
shouted as he spit between her eyes. Cumbag's head jerked a little when his spit
splattered her face.

She smiled, "Oohh... Thank You, Sir... It's so nice for you to spit on
this trash-whore!... Do it again!... Spit on this bag of garbage... Spit on this
worthless bitch-cunt!" When Cumbag opened her mouth for him to spit again, Todd
slung her head down in disgust. "Fucking crazy whore" he said as he walked away.
One of the other men said "Hey!... That looks like FUN to me... Come here cunt!"
He pulled her face up and spit in her left eye. Cumbag moaned as her eye closed
in reflex. "Uuhhmm... That's the way to treat a slut... Does anyone else want to
spit on this fucking cunt?... Come on... Don't be shy... Treat me like the
fuck-piggy I am... Spit on this whore!" Cumbag asked the circle of hard-cocked
men as she looked around. Some did.

Cumbag giggled as she kept her face up for the torrent of spit. Spit
splattered her from all sides. The men laughed at her and called her filthy
names as the idea of spitting on the kneeling slut appealed to more and more of
the men. Some men would jerk her head by her hair to make her face a better
target for their spit. Others would just crowd around the whore not caring where
they spit. As long as their spit fell somewhere on the bitch they were happy.
All of the while, Cumbag kept encouraging the lust crazed men to defile her

"Spit on the slut!... Treat this whore like the piece of shit it is!...
Oohh... I'm such a nasty fucking slut-bitch... Damn!... I LOVE it!... Spit in my
mouth!... Please!... More of you!... More of you spit in my mouth!... MMmmm...
Splatter this cunt!... Oh, that's the way!" Cumbag wailed as she rolled her head
around so everyone had a chance to spit n her face. Spit dripped from her ears.
Spit dripped off of her nose onto her extended tongue. Her whole body glistened
from spit, sweat and cum. The cunt loved it. After about 15 minutes the men were
ready to use her mouth some more. A fat man about 50 dropped his pants and stuck
his ass in her face.

"Hey!... Somebody shove that slut's face up my ass... Hey bitch... Lick
my fucking ass, you pig-whore-slut!" he shouted. A young Hispanic man grabbed
Cumbag's head and crammed her face in the man's huge ass. "Do what he said,
cunt!... Lick that fucking asshole" he snarled as he rolled her pretty face in
the man's ass. Cumbag moaned as her face was trapped in the man's ass cheeks.
She inhaled deeply, loving the earthy scent of the fat man's ass. As the
Hispanic man laughed he pushed harder and harder. Cumbag's tongue came out of
her mouth and into the man's asshole.

"Yeah!... That's it!... Stick your fucking tongue up my ass, bitch!...
That's a good little cunt!... Fucking slut... Lap it!... Lap it just like the
dog-whore you are!" he screamed as he rolled his ass in her face. The Hispanic
laughed at the moaning and loud slurping sounds Cumbag made as she eagerly
cleaned the man's foul ass and said "You like?... Little white pig-slut like?...
Sure sounds like it to me, bitch! Eat that ass like a good whore... You want to
be a good little ass-licking whore for us, don't you cunt?" He heard Cumbag
mumbling and told the crowd of laughing men, "Listen... I think the ass-licker
is trying to tell us something." The men grew quiet as they strained to hear to
moaning slut as she spoke into the man's ass in between licks.

"yeth... the thlut loved tho eath assth... Ith wanth tho be a good
ass-licker". The crowd exploded in laughter at Cumbag's ramblings. Suddenly the
fat man pulled his ass out of Cumbag's face, turned and screamed "FUCKING
WHORE-CUNT" He pointed his cock and Cumbag's face as a giant wad of cum
splattered her upper lip. Cumbag's head jerked in surprise. The Hispanic grabbed
her spit-wet ears and held her head firm "Don't fucking move slut!... Take his
cum all over your fucking face, bitch... Go on man... She'll take it... Splatter
this slut GOOD!" The fat man squirting cum in her face grunted and cursed as her
stroked his cock "Fucking trash slut... uugghh... take it... fucking bitch!"
When he was finished cumming on the slut he stepped back into the crowd. Cumbag
kept her tongue out so everyone could see the huge load of cum that dripped off
of her tongue.

A black man shoved his cock into her mouth without a word. He began to
fuck her mouth like a cunt. With every thrust he f***ed the mouth full of cum
deeper down her throat. Cumbag's throat worked to swallow all of the cum. He
didn't even touch her. He just thrust his cock all the way into her throat until
her nose was embedded in his pubic hair. Then he'd pull it all the way out of
her mouth. Cumbag turned her mouth into a cunt for him. She waited patiently
with her mouth formed onto a 'O' for his next thrust. A chorus erupted around
the cocksucking pig as he fucked her mouth as deep as he could.


Cumbag's eyes went wide as he came unexpectedly. Cum shot from her nose,
cascading onto the thick, black cock as it continued fucking her mouth. Cumbag
struggled to breathe. She inhaled cum back through her sinuses and down her
throat. The way he was fucking her mouth she couldn't even swallow. She just
relaxed her throat and let his cum slid into her stomach. When she had finally
cleared her cum-clogged nose, he was finished with the slut. As he stuck his
now-clean cock back into his pants and zipped his fly, Cumbag whispered "Thank
you, Sir... Thank you for fucking this white whore's mouth... This white cunt's
mouth is just another cunt... Please come fuck it again, Sir." Cumbag looked at
the man as he left. She thought 'He never said a word. Why didn't he call me
cunt or slut?' Cumbag quit wondering when two cocks were f***ed into her mouth
at the same time. "Uuhhmmph" was all she could say.

The two men snickered as one stuck his cock in her mouth. The other
began to wedge his cock in beside his friends. A man waiting his turn at the
whore offered his help by grabbing Cumbag's full upper lip and pulling. The pain
of him stretching her lip like that caused Cumbag's eyes to water. But she was
grateful for the man helping her get her mouth around the two cocks. She thought
'Such a nice man. Later I'll suck his cock so good!' Cumbag snorted as she
sucked air through her nose and licked the underside of the two cocks in her
mouth. Men laughed at the way her cheeks bulged and her lips were pulled tight
around the two cocks. Men on either side of her head grabbed handfuls of her
long, blonde hair and rolled it into pigtails. Then the men worked together as
they used her pigtails to pull her mouth onto the cocks.

"Fucking bitch!... Can't you get our cocks in that fucking hole of
yours!... Come on cunt!... You can do better than that!" the two men cursed as
they tried to fuck her mouth. Cumbag couldn't get more of the cocks in her mouth
even with the other two men rocking her head by her pigtails. She had to
entertain the men. They were so sweet to stick their cocks in her mouth.
Franticly, Cumbag worked her wet tongue over the two cocks trying to tease some
cum from them. The crowd of men cursed the Cumbag. Some of them would grab at
her huge swaying tits. Others would pinch and pull her nipples. Some would spit
on her. Occasionally a belt would whistle through the air to leave a whelp on
her ass.

One man thought of a way to help the whore get the two cocks in her
throat where they belonged. He started pounding the back of her head with his
fists. Cumbag whimpered as he tried to hammer her mouth onto the cocks. He even
tried to synchronize with the two men pulling her head with her pigtails. It was
no use. But Cumbag did appreciate his effort.

A Marine in uniform had an idea. He stepped behind the slurping slut and
admired her tanned, firm young ass. While the men pulled her pigtails to f***e
her mouth further on the cocks. While the man pounded on the back of her head to
help get the cocks in her mouth deeper. The Marine kicked Cumbag in the cunt as
hard as he could. Cumbag came as the heavy boot crushed her clit. The men
watching applauded. The Marine shouted at the slut as he kicked her cunt, "This
makes you cum, cunt?... Is that right?... Have another cum, pig!... I know...
I'm so good to the little bitch... You be sure to thank me later, slut... It's
hard work kicking your slutty cunt... Fucking pig!" Cumbag slurped around the
two cocks in her mouth. The kick did help get a little more of the cocks in her
mouth. Cumbag wiggled her ass an encouragement to the Marine to kick her cunt
again as she tried to suck more of the cocks into her mouth. As she licked the
two dripping cock heads the men laughed at her. The men whose cocks were in her
mouth chucked at the loud slurping sound Cumbag made around their cocks. Several
of the men took their turn at kicking Cumbag's cunt. She came with almost every
kick. A cowboy stepped up for his turn.

"Now, Y'all watch this... This here is how to kick a slut's cunt" the
cowboy said in a deep southern drawl. He drew his foot back as far as he could
and kicked. Cumbag's eyes went wide and she shook her head from side to side,
the pointed toe of his boot rocketed straight into her cunt. The cowboy's boot
went in halfway and became stuck. Cumbag passed out as she came. If she didn't
have the two cocks impaling her mouth she would have fallen forward on her face.
The owners of the cocks in her mouth applauded. With her passing out her throat
had relaxed a little allowing a little more of their cocks in her mouth and her
tongue spasmed on their cocks.

The cowboy grabbed a hand full of her hair and yelled. "You fucking
cunt!... Give me my fucking boot back you shitting whore... Goddamn you!... You
better not had fucked up my new boots!" As her tried to free his boots from her
gripping cunt the men around him laughed hysterically. Suddenly the two cocks in
her mouth began to squirt cum. The thick salty cum brought her back to
consciousness as she coughed. Her throat and tongue worked together to tease
every drop of their cum from their balls down to her stomach. Down to where cum

"That's it, you fucking cum-cunt... Drain our balls, you whore... Hurry
up cunt... There are still a lot if cocks waiting to dump in your cocksucking
mouth, pig-slut!" they screamed. They pulled their cocks out of her mouth with a
loud PLOP. Men stepped up to her face and began to rub their cocks all over her
face. Cumbag looked around at the group of hard-cocked men standing around her
face, teasing the drooling slut with their dripping cocks. Men kicked her cunt
and used their belts and whips on her tits, ass and cunt. With every kick,
Cumbag's tits would bounce around, bringing shouts from the men to kick her
harder. They did. Cumbag wagged her tongue and leaned forward trying to catch a
cock in her mouth. When she would get close to one, its owner would pull it back
from the slut. Others would rub their cocks around her lips, allowing Cumbag
only a quick taste of their cocks.

"Nooo... PLEASE... FUCK MY MOUTH!" Cumbag would beg. Some men would spit
in the whore's face when they pulled their cocks from reach. Some would slap her
face when they denied the cunt their cocks. They all made fun of the groveling
bitch. And men continued to kick her wet, swollen cunt. And still the Cumbag
begged. Still the slut came.

"Yes!... Kick the slut!... Mmmmm... Sir?... Please feed this cunt-kicked
slut your cock... Please Sir... I'm a good little cocksucker... See the cum
dripping off of this slut's face? That shows I'm a good cock-puppy... OOHH! FUCK
YEAH!... KICK THIS WHORE"S FUCKING CUNT AGAIN!... Please Sir... Shove your cock
all the way down my throat... Ooh... This cunt NEEDS a cock to suck... Sir, May
this fucking whore-slut have your wonderful cock in it's mouth-cunt?... Please
feed this bitch your cock... I'm just a Cumbag, you know... Want me to catch
your cum?... Squirt your load toward my face... I bet this slut can catch it!"
she begged.

A slap to Cumbag's face stopped her begging. "That's right!... Slap
this pig's face while her cunt's kicked" Cumbag moaned as she looked up into
Alex's grinning face. Alex slapped her face again. Cumbag lost her balance and
fell on her face. As Cumbag's eyes focused she found herself staring at a small
puddle. While men took turns kicking her cunt, Cumbag stuck her tongue into the
slimy pool. She moaned when she tasted that it was cum. Cumbag giggled as she
leaned forward encircled the puddle with her lips and sucked the cooling puddle
of cum into her mouth. As she was sucking up the gooey treat some one placed his
boot on her neck. As her face was smashed into the floor Cumbag heard a familiar
voice. It was Alex.

"Hey bitch! Miss me?... So far you've done a fair job, but we're just
getting started" he said as he ground his boot into her neck. As men continued
to kick her cunt Cumbag was able to slightly shift her head under Alex's boot.
When she was facing his other boot she stuck her tongue out and began to lick
his other boot. Alex laughed as he looked down at the moaning slut as she licked
his boot. "Now that's an idea!" he chuckled. He stepped off of her neck. Cumbag
welcomed the rush of fresh air into her lungs but licking the filthy floor and
his boot was fun. Her hands were untied and she was flipped onto her back. Her
eyes focused on the smirking faces of the men surrounding her. Cumbag flapped
her arms as the feeling returned and grinned up at the men.

"Oooohhhh... That was fucking GREAT!... What are you going to do this
slut-bitch now?... Huh? Something really NASTY I hope!... HEY!... I KNOW!... Who
wants their ass licked?... Anybody?... MMMMMmmm... This bitch is a GOOD
ass-licker... Somebody... Anybody... Sit on this slut's head and I'll shove my
fucking tongue as far up your tasty ass as I can... It'll be GREAT!" Cumbag
moaned as she displayed her thick, wet tongue. She wiggled it like a pink snake
for the men as some of them started dropping their pants.

A shadow passed over Cumbag's upturned face as a young black man sat on
her face. He and Cumbag both moaned as her tongue slid into his asshole. The man
grunted and started smearing his ass on her face. Her legs were stretched out
and her legs were pulled toward her head. Alex went to her toy box and returned
with a box of rubbers. He chuckled "It's ass-fucking time!" as he tossed the
rubbers into the crowd.

"Hey... Do you guys care if he fucks her ass first?" a man asked as he
pointed to a pimply-faced boy of about 13. He continued "That's my son, John...
He's never had a shot at a real pig before. When we saw the signs on the
free-way telling about this, I thought it'd be a good chance for him to see a
real fuck-pig in action." The men shouted their approval.

"Go for it k**!" "Yeah man... Fuck that slut's ass!" "Go on... Hell
we'll all fuck this bitch's ass before we're done." "Hey k**!... Really pound
that ass, OK?" "YEAH!... Rip it UP!" The man led his son between Cumbag's
out-stretched legs as the men whooped and yelled their encouragement.

The man on her face started rocking back and forth. Cumbag lapped his
filthy ass like a dog. Her mouth watered at the wonderful taste of his musky
ass. He grabbed a big, firm tit in each hand for more leverage. "Eat my ass...
Fucking white pig... My fucking ass taste good to you, slut?" he asked as he
crushed her tits in his strong hands. Cumbag moaned in his asshole causing him
to snicker. Cumbag drilled her tongue deep in his ass, cleaning every trace of
shit from his shit-chute.

"Hey Dad?... uuuhh... How do I do this?" the boy asked his father as he
slipped the condom over his small cock. "Don't worry son... This is one of the
things dads do... Now... The first thing to remember is... This is a pig...
OK?... It's not really a girl, it's a cunt. So don't worry about hurting it...
You got the rubber on? Good!... I'll show you what to do with the rubber after
you fuck this whore. Now just cram your cock in her fucking ass... NO! Don't
slide it in. SHOVE IT!... YEAH! ATTA BOY!... When sluts jerk like that you know
they like it. Right bitch?" Everyone laughed at the way Cumbag's reply 'yes sir'
was muffled by the man's ass. Men slapped the boy on the back as Dad continued
and Cumbag slurped on her face-full of ass.

"Now just fuck it as hard as you can... Remember... Sluts like this want
it hard. Shit, son. Cunt's like this NEED it hard... Like that... Good boy...
Slam fuck this whore... Fuck this pig hard!" Dad said as the boy closed his eyes
and fucked Cumbag's ass as hard as he could. He loved the way her ass muscles
seemed to grip his cock. Suddenly the boy's eyes flew open as he felt his cock
explode "Aaaarrrgg... Daddy!... I'm c... c... cumming!... Oh Shit!... I'm coming
in the bitch... Daddy! I'm coming in my first slut!" Dad and the other men

"Do it, son... Keep cumming... Go on... Dump all of your cum into this
pig... Empty your balls son... That's what whores are for!" Dad said as he
looked proudly at his son. Everyone's attention moved from the father and son to
the black man rocking his ass back and forth on Cumbag's face.

He jumped up from her mouth and stroked his cock as he aimed it at
Cumbag's face. Cumbag didn't bring her tongue back into her mouth. She wanted
everyone to see her shit-coated tongue. "FUCKING WHITE TRASH WHORE!" the black
man roared as his cock erupted in Cumbag's face. Cum flew everywhere. Cumbag
moaned as she felt his cum rolling down her tongue into her mouth. She came when
he dropped to his knees, forcing his cock all the way down her throat. As her
belly filled with cum she heard the Dad tell his son, " Now I'll show what to do
with that cum-filled rubber, son." When Cumbag was finished cleaning the black
man's cock and he pulled his cock out, she opened her mouth wide. The boy may
not know, but she knew what rubbers were for.

Dad pointed to Cumbag's open mouth, "It goes there, son... Just drop it
in... Slut's always want your cum in their mouths." Cumbag smiled at the boy,
"Your Dad's right... Give me that fucking rubber... Drop it in my fucking
mouth... I love cum-gum!" The boy pulled the rubber off of his cock and stood
over her head. Another man thrust his cock in her ass causing Cumbag to cum.
Cumbag thrust her ass back to meet the new cock as the men holding her legs
rocked her also.

Cumbag licked her lips and giggled, "Come on... Feed this pig your
rubber... This cunt needs it!" The boy dropped the cum-filled rubber into the
center of her mouth. Cumbag moaned as she started chewing it. A man kicked her
left tit causing it to slam into the other one. He shouted to the others,
"Anyone up for some soccer?" Cumbag chewed the rubber and moaned as men started
kicking her tits into each other.

"UUHHMMM!... KICK MY SLUT-TITS!... OH FUCK!... That's so good... Fuck my
ass... Fuck this pig-whore... Come on, HARDER!... The slut needs it HARDER!...
ooouuuhh... Keep kicking my fucking tits... KICK THIS SLUT!" Cumbag howled
around the rubber she was chewing. Each of her huge, full tits were being kicked
by two men each. Each pair would kick each tit 2 or 3 times. Then two others
would take their place. The man fucking her ass shouted filthy names at the
wiggling whore as he came. Another cock was shoved up her ass before her asshole
could close. The new man only lasted a few strokes before he filled his rubber
with cum.

The Hispanic who had held her head earlier was the next to slam his cock
up Cumbag's ass. Men were still taking turns kicking her tits and chewing on the
boy's rubber when she noticed the two men standing over her face. They grinned
evilly as they dangled their cum filled rubbers over her head.

"Open up little piggy... Does the piggy want some food?... Is piggy
hungry?" one of the men asked. Cumbag saw the full rubbers and had to have them.
The one she was chewing was already empty.

"YES! The pig IS hungry!... Feed the pig... MMMMmm... Drop those lovely
rubbers in the pig's mouth. Give them to your little piggy... Am I being a good
pig?... Please... Feed the pig" she begged... They silenced her by droping the
rubbers in her open mouth. "Uuhmmm... So... Good... mmmmm... Get... More...
For... The... Pig" Cumbag begged as she chewed them.

Alex stepped through the crowd with some rope and two leather straps.
The men quit kicking Cumbag" tits as her placed a strap around the base of each
tit. He tightened them as much as he could. Then a rope was tied to each tit.

Alex sat on Cumbag's face. Cumbag began to lap his ass from the base of
his balls to as far up his ass crack as she could reach. Alex grabbed the ropes
in his hands like the reins to a horse. When he pulled on the ropes, his cock
slid between her tits. In a raspy voice Alex said to the men.

"I call this 'Riding the Asslicker'... You... Guys keep... Fucking...
The slut's... Ass... Look in that... Stall... The toilet's broken. Drop your
rubber's in there... We'll get the whore... to... clean... it out... later... If
you have to cum right away... cum in that toilet... OK?"

Suddenly Alex began to yank the ropes even harder. The motion made it
hard for Cumbag to keep her tongue in his ass, but she did the best she could.
As Alex's cock began to spurt he scooted back until his cock plopped into
Cumbag's open mouth. That seemed to trigger the man fucking her ass, who started
to cum too.

"EAT CUM, CUNT!... Fucking ass-wipe whore... Eat that jizz you fucking
pig... Fuck-pig-cunt"

Cumbag felt the next cock slid into her ass as she nursed Alex's cock.
When she felt another cock slid in her asshole next to that one she started to
cum. Alex stood and kicked her in the head when she had finished cleaning his

YOUR ASS... MMMMmmm... Sit your fucking ass right on this ass-licking tongue...
Oohhh... I'm Such a cunt... I'm such a bitch-slut... Fuck my slutty ass off...
I'm your cunt!" Cumbag shouted as the next man dropped to his knees. As he
picked up the ropes and started 'Riding The Ass-licker' The two cocks made it
all the way in her ass. Cumbag drove her tongue up the ass of the new man on her
face. She started to cum...

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2 years ago
we all love sluts
3 years ago
its even better then the first part
3 years ago
3 years ago
O M G i didn't knwo i could cum two more time in the swame day this wasw fucking fantastic thanks
3 years ago
She is an absolute slut. |Your writing is fabulous I love the description, though the language is a little strong, and an over use of the C*** word. Just a personal opinion.
I would love to read more from you though