Cumslave at the rest stop pt.1

Cumbag was in trouble. She knew it last night. Usually Cumbag slept with
Steve's cock in her mouth. She would gently suck his cock until he fell asl**p.
Steve liked to have his slut handy when his cock would get hard as he slept.
Cumbag loved to feel his cock swell in her mouth. She would always drink two or
three loads of cum each night as Steve slept. After the bitch ate his cum and
cleaned his cock, Steve liked to have his ass licked. Cumbag would also be there
to be his toilet as he slept. There was no reason for him to get out of bed just
to piss. That was just another function of Cumbag. The whore knew her job.

Cumbag loved to be awakened by the rush of hot piss into her mouth. The
slut would nurse his cock for every drop. However, there was no cum or piss for
the cunt last night. Last night the bitch was in her cage. It wasn't that she
didn't like her cage. She did. She would be on her knees in the cage with her
ass up. There were clips, clamps and vises for her tits and cunt. Dildoes were
there for her cunt and ass. There was also a rubber hood that Steve usually had
her wear. It had a removable cock-gag with a piss tube connected to the gag.
Steve would slip the other end of the piss-tube over his cock when he went to
bed. No reason for him to have to get up to piss just because the slut had
pissed him off.

Last night there was no piss or cum for the whore. Steve did have some
entertainment from his pig. He laughed when she began to squirm when he filled
her cunt with Ben-Gay ointment and her ass with rubbing alcohol. He then shoved
two huge dildoes in her cunt and ass. Cumbag didn't thrash around much though.
Besides the confining cage, clamps stretched her cunt lips outward. Two vises
squeezed her tits as the clips on her nipples pulled at her nipples. Cumbag
didn't mind. The slut always loved everything. Besides, in a couple of hours,
her ass and cunt had stopped burning.

Steve woke her up by yanking the cock-gag from her hood-covered mouth.
He crammed his cock into her mouth and pissed full blast. Cumbag almost choked,
but still managed to guzzle every drop of piss into her throat. Cumbag moaned
around the pissing cock as Steve slowly fucked her mouth. The way her hooded
head was chained to the bars of the cage made his urinal an easy target.

"That's it pig... Drink it. Show me why I keep your sorry ass around...
MMMmm... Fucking piss-whore. That's a good cunt... I ought to sell you as I did
your slut-mother... Stupid toilet-slut... Aaaahhh... That's it pig... Now flush
toilet." Steve said as he emptied his bladder and Cumbag swallowed.

"Uuuummmn... Thank you, sir... I love to be your piss-sucker, sir. Thank
you... Your piss is so GOOD!" Cumbag whispered as she lovingly cleaned his cock.
Steve jerked his cock from the hooded slave's mouth.

"Get your self ready, cunt. I've set your clothes out. Then get your ass
in the van". He said as he released her from the clamp and vises. As he left the
room, Cumbag removed the dildoes from her fuck-holes. She sucked them clean and
dried them with her hair when she removed the hood. Cumbag crawled on all fours
to her bathroom. After giving her self an enema, she showered. She shaved the
tiny patch of cunt-hair Steve had left her. Most of her cunt-hair had been
removed permanently with electrolysis. Steve would sometimes let the patch that
remained grow out. He enjoyed pulling those cunt-hairs out with pliers and
feeding them to his cunt. She applied makeup to her young face and fixed her
blonde hair. Cumbag knew it was important to be as beautiful as she could. Men
seemed to really enjoy doing nasty things to a beautiful slut like her. Of
course, Cumbag loved what they did too.

She found the outfit her owner had selected. There was a thin white,
stretch knit tube-top that barely covered her 38DD tits. Across the front, it
had 'CUM CATCHER' embroidered in red.

Next was a black Lycra micro-mini skirt that almost covered her ass when
she stood. Across her ass the skirt had 'FUCK-TOY' embroidered in red letters.
Next came the black stockings with 'SLUT' written all over them. The spike-heel
shoes and the collar with 'CUMBAG' stamped on it completed her out fit.

Cumbag hurried to the van where Steve was waiting impatiently. As soon
as she sat down, he slapped her face. "FUCKING PIG-CUNT!... IT'S ABOUT TIME!"
Cumbag held her face up to be slapped again, "I'm sorry, sir... Slap me again...
Teach this cunt not to keep you waiting. I'm just a stupid slut-bitch," she

As they headed out I-40 toward Nashville, Steve reached over and pinched
her nipple. "I am so fucking pissed-off at you, cunt. I'm going to have to teach
you not to sl**p when you're being fucked. Last weekend at the Fraternity party
you kept passing out. I know those k**s thought it was funny to have the dogs
fuck you and piss in your face when you were u*********s. But if anyone goes to
the trouble to hold dogs around your head until they are ready to piss on you,
then you should be courteous enough to thank them... THEN!...Not when you decide
to wake up... So to help your useless ass learn what to do, I'm going to take
you out to the rest stop for a couple of days. I'll come and check on you, if I
don't forget. You'd better be awake, CUNT!" Cumbag's wet cunt began to juice
even more. She LOVED the rest stop.

The rest stop was located on an old detour. Steve had taken Cumbag there
many times before. Truck drivers and other travelers kept an eye out for the
slut. To those who knew about it, the rest stop was called the 'Cum Stop'.

Steve handed Cumbag the microphone to the CB radio. Cumbag looked at him
and smiled. She knew what to do.

"Breaker... This is the Cumbag here... Anyone want to fuck a whore
today?... Come on you truckers... Want a little pig pussy today?... Cumbag needs
some cum... Want to feed a slut?" Cumbag broadcasted.
"Hey there Cumbag... Big Daddy here. We've been wondering where the
whore was." A trucker answered. "Is the little fuck-pig needing some cocks?"

"Hi Big Daddy... The Cumbag's glad to hear from you... That's a big 10-4
Big Daddy! This fuck-pig always needs some cocks. Have you got any buddies that
want to fuck-up this bitch-slut?... The slut sure hopes so. Come to the Cum
Stop, Big Daddy... Don't forget to bring some friends. The Cumbag has a hot
cunt, a tight ass and an empty belly, and it's thirsty as hell". Cumbag grinned
when the radio exploded in chatter to Big Daddy to join him with Cumbag as she
turned the radio off.

Steve stopped along the shoulder of the freeway and told her to get out.
Cumbag got out of the van with an armload of signs. "See if you can get anyone
interested in fucking you, slut" he said as he drove away.

Cumbag put up the first sign. It read 'FREE CUM-WHORE AHEAD'. Cars would
slow and gawk at the barely dressed young slut. Some of the drivers would honk
when they read 'FUCK-TOY' on her ass. Cumbag was disappointed no one stopped
yet. She usually had drivers stop for blowjobs when she did this.

A little further down the freeway she put up the next sign. It read
'THIS WAY TO THE SLUT', but still no one stopped. As Cumbag was putting up the
third sign, 'CUM TARGET AHEAD', another car honked. Cumbag bent over completely
exposing her cunt and ass. Cumbag wiggled her ass and shoved two fingers in her
cunt. That driver continued on, but the next car did stop. Cumbag turned to face
the five teenagers in the car and sucked her cunt-juiced fingers.

The driver hollered, "What'cha doing?" Cumbag removed her fingers from
her mouth and smiled at the gawking boys as she squeezed her tits.

"I'm trying to get fucked. My name is Cumbag... I'm a fuck-pig. Would
you guys like to fuck a slut?... I'm good little fuck-toy... Wanna try this
whore out?" Cumbag said huskily as she pinched her nipples.

The front passenger grinned, "Come here, cum catcher" he said reading
her top. The boys in the back started to laugh when she leaned in the car. Hands
came out of each window as they grabbed the whore. Fingers slipped into her wet
cunt and hands squeezed her ass. Cumbag moaned and rolled her hips as hands
found her tits. Two boys kneaded her tits as two others pulled at her nipples.

"Uuuuhmmm... That's it! Yeah!... Treat me like a slut. That's all I
am!... MMmm... You can do anything to this cunt. Anything at all", she groaned
bringing laughter from the boys. The boy finger-fucking her cunt asked, "So
you're a cum catcher, huh? What does that mean". Cumbag fucked back on his

"That means I LOVE cum! It's my favorite food. You and all of your
friends can do anything at all to me you want. MMmmm... You can fuck me two,
three, or more at a time... MMmmm... Do you like a slut to lick your ass? Oohh,
I hope so... I'm great ass-licker... You can hurt this slut if you want...
MmMMn... I'll even drink your piss... Ooohhh... Ever have a cunt drink your
piss? Here's you chance!... MMMmnn... I'll do that and MORE!... Would you boys
like to stick your cocks in this slut" Cumbag said with a wink. The passenger
opened his door and pulled Cumbag closer. She smiled as he pulled out a fat,
hard cock. Cumbag knew what to do. Cumbag knelt on the hard pavement and opened
her mouth. The boy grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her mouth over his
leaking cock.

"Suck it, slut... Yeah... Open that fucking throat... uhhmmm... You
fucking whore" he rasped as he began to jerk her head up and down. Cumbag moaned
as his pre-cum leaked into her mouth. Two of the other boys grabbed the slut's
head also and yanked it back and forth.

"Look at that fucking slut slobber all over Bill's cock!... Man she
sucks like a pig... Hey CUNT! Are you a fucking pig or what... What did you say
pig... Are you slut?... Answer me bitch!"

Cumbag pulled the boy's cock out of her mouth and ran the wet cockhead
all over her face as she looked into the boy's eyes. "Oink... Oink... That's
just what this bitch is... A Pig... Oink... I'm a pig for cocks... I guess that
makes me a cock-pig... Huh?... Pigs eat slop... Come on... Feed this pig her
slop!" Cumbag swallowed his cock in one easy lunge. The boys laughed at the
little gurgling sounds the cunt made. Their abuses caused the slut to squirm in
the boy's lap.

The driver jerked his cock as he watched Cumbag suck his friend's cock.
"What a fucking cunt... Slam her fucking mouth on that cock... Cunt!... I can't
wait to get a shot at this whore!"

"Ohh, GODDAMN... The pig is making me cum... Take it slut!' the boy
screamed. Cumbag pulled the spit-wet cock out of her mouth just before he
unloaded. Cumbag gasped, "Watch the pig!". She stuck the tip if his cock in her
nostril as he dumped his cum. Cumbag looked each boy in the eye as her left
nostril filled with cum. The cunt then stuck his cock in the other one. When she
had stroked his cock for all of his cum she showed her face to the wide-eyed
boys. She then sucked the prick-snot through her sinuses and down her throat.
She lovingly licked the boy's cock clean as they called her nasty names.

The driver pulled hard his cock, stroking it as he watched the nasty
sight before him. He came quickly, cupping his other hand over the shooting cock
to catch his load. He held his hand out to the slurping slut, "Hey bitch...
Cunt... Look what I have for the little slut!... Does the fucking pig want
it?... Ask me nice and I'll let the whore have it" Cumbag loved to be taunted
and the way these boys were treating her caused her cunt juice to roll down her

"Ooohhh... Please?... Pretty please?... Feed the slut-whore... Please
let the Cumbag have your sweet cum... Please?... May the slut have your cum?...
It looks so YUMMY!" Cumbag asked as she started licking the back of the boy's
hand. Cumbag looked at the boy as she continued to beg for the boy's cum.

The boys laughed at her and called her every filthy name they could
think of. Cumbag flashed the boys a warm smile as her cunt juiced with every
nasty word they called her. One of the boys in the back seat tugged hard on her
left nipple and twisted it as hard as he could. Cumbag moaned and fucked her
cunt harder on the boy that was finger-fucking her cunt as a small orgasm washed
over her. But she HAD to have more cum. "Please... Call me nasty names... The
bitch loves it... Tell this slut what a sleazy cunt it is... I am a pig... I am
a slut and a whore... I'm just a slut-bitch" Her begging continued.

"Please don't waste it... Slut-cunts like me need all of the cum they
can get... If you'll let the pig have your cum you can piss in my mouth... Would
you like that?... I get your cum and you get to have a whore drink every drop of
your piss... Well I guess I get to have your piss too, but everyone says my
mouth is better than any toilet... Want to find out? I'd love for you to piss in
my mouth, but... would you feed me you cum first?" Cumbag whined. The boy looked
at his friends and winked, "Well... OK... I guess you can have it since you
asked me nice, cunt... Then I'll let you have some piss."

" Oh Thank You! You're such a nice boy... You'll love pissing down my
throat... MMmm... Time to feed the slut." Cumbag laughed and began to lap up cum
from his hand. Cumbag purred as she lapped up his cum like a kitten lapping up
milk. The boys kept laughing at her as she smacked her lips with every tongue
full of cum. She loved the way these boys treated her. They continued to maul
her tits and finger her cunt and ass, causing more orgasms in the lovely slut.
Cumbag licked away every trace of cum from the boy's hand. When he noticed she
had cleaned it all up, he grabbed he hair and d**g her across his buddies lap,
to his cock. "Come here you fucking slut! I want to piss down your fucking
throat... You'd better be thirsty, bitch."

"Thank you for letting this pig lick your cum... It was SOOO GOOOOD!
YUM!... The slut hopes you have a lot of piss... I'm one thirsty piss-whore" the
cunt said smiling. One of the boys in the back leaned over the seat and asked,
"Are you REALLY going to do it... Are you really going to piss in her mouth?"

Cumbag smiled at the boy "Oohhh... I hope so... This cunt loves piss!...
If you need to piss please, let me have it." Cumbag looked back at the boy
pulling her hair. "Do it... Piss in my mouth... Show him how to treat a cunt."
The three boys in the back seat were leaned over the seat watching in amazement.
Cumbag looked at the three shocked faces and ginned wantonly. "Watch closely...
This is how a slut needs to be treated." She looked back at the driver and
licked her cum-stained lips. "Do it... Piss in my fucking mouth... Use me for
your piss-pot... Show these guys what I'm good for." Cumbag pleaded.

The boy jerked her mouth to his cock with her hair. Cumbag tightened her
lips around his semi-hard cock moaning as she waited for the piss. The boy who's
lap she was lying across pulled her skirt to her waist. He picked up 16 oz.
Pepsi bottle from the floor of the car. "Spread your fucking legs, cunt" he said
with a slap to her ass. Cumbag moaned louder as she did as told. As hard as he
could, the boy crammed the bottle into her cunt as far as he could get it.

Cumbag came as the boy began to piss in her mouth. Cumbag kept her lips
taut around his cock as she sucked down hot piss. The boy who had shoved the
bottle in her cunt started to spank her ass as hard as he could. Cumbag wiggled
her ass from side to side to encourage the boy. Her mind fogged as the rush of
piss went down her throat and her orgasm took over. In the distance, she could
hear the boys talking as her ass was beaten and her bottle-stuffed cunt leaked.

"WOW!... Are you really pissing?" (Whack) "Don't spill a drop you slut"
"I've never seen any thing like it!" (Whack) "What a fucking WHORE!" (Whack) "
Do you think she'll let me piss in her mouth too? That is fucking wild!" (Whack)
"Don't be fucking stupid man... She's just a fucking slut... Of course you can
piss in her mouth... Shit! I bet ANY one can piss in her fucking mouth." (Whack)
"Hurry up man... I want to piss in the slut's mouth too... Hell I needed to piss
before you stopped for this 'cum-catcher' so fucking hurry up!" (Whack)

The boy stopped spanking her ass and pulled the Pepsi bottle from her
cunt. He handed it to the boy who had said he needed to piss saying, "Here...
Piss in this... I have an idea!" Too soon, the boy ran out of piss, he grunted
sending a final spurt down her throat. "Get off my cock, you fucking pig!" he
said as he pulled her mouth off his cock with her hair. "You fucking slut!"
Cumbag made a display of licking her lips and running her tongue around the
outside of her mouth. The boy who had spanked her rubbed her red ass, admiring
the crimson handprints he had left.

"Uuhhmm... That was GREAT! I LOVE to wash cum down with piss... MMmmm...
So Good!" Cumbag whimpered. She smiled at the boy who was rubbing her ass when
he slipped his finger in her now empty cunt. One of the boys in the back
shouted," FUCK... LOOK WHAT TIME IT IS!... SHIT! We have to fucking GO! Man...
God dammit... It figures I didn't get a shot at the slut... Just my damn luck...
Well we can't be late... Throw this fucking pig out and let's go." Cumbag hated
it when someone didn't get to fuck her.

"Do you really have to go?... Please stay and fuck me... At least let
this slut suck your cocks... Please?... Please don't leave without letting this
pig have your cum... Don't you want to piss in my face?... I'm sorry you other
guys don't have time to fuck this cunt." Cumbag said in a hurt voice.

"Do you guys know where the old rest stop is... I'll be there in an hour
or so. MMmmm... Come fuck me... Bring as many friends as you can... A cunt like
me needs LOTS of cocks. I have to finish putting up more signs now though...
Ooohh YESSS!" Cumbag came when the boy pulled his finger from her sopping wet
cunt and pinched her clit as hard as her could. They all gave her tight, sexy
body one last squeeze before they threw her out of the car like a bag of trash.

Cumbag stood up from the freeway and knocked the small gravel off her
ass. As she pulled her skirt down over her red ass she smiled at the boys and
said, "Thanks... That was fun... I hope you guys can make it." The boy in the
back seat threw the piss-filled Pepsi bottle at the slut. "Here bitch! Here's a
little piss to drink... A piece of shit whore like you ought to like it!" Cumbag
picked up the bottle after it bounced off her head. "Thanks... You sure are
thoughtful of a pig-cunt. Come to the rest stop and you can piss directly into
my mouth." she giggled as she opened the bottle and took a big drink. "Uuhhmm...
Piss!... The drink of whores!" They drove away laughing with promises of
bringing more friends to fuck the whore. Cumbag stood on the shoulder trembling
as the waves of her orgasm washed over her.

Cumbag walked shakily carrying her signs, sipping on piss. As she was
putting up the next sign, 'COME ONE, COME ALL, JUST CUM ON THE SLUT!' a
Tennessee Highway Patrolman stopped beside the bent over slut. He stared at her
red ass and wet bald cunt for a minute. Cumbag didn't know who had stopped and
wiggled her ass instinctively. The slut stood up quickly when he shouted at her.
"HEY!... What in the hell are you up to" he demanded. Cumbag smiled as she
opened the door and got into the police car.

"Hi!... I'm not hurting anything. I'm Cumbag... That's my name... And
that's what I am... A cum-bag... I'm a walking cum-receptacle... Just a fucking
cum-dump. I'm a cunt in need of a BUNCH of cocks... MMmm... I like your
nightstick" she cooed as she picked it up and started licking it. "Do you like
sluts?" Cumbag pulled down the 'CUM-CATCHER' top exposing her huge tits. Cumbag
smiled sexily at the cop, squeezing her tits and licking the nightstick. "Do you
like sluts with big tits? Oohh, I hope so... See... Cumbag has big slut-tits...
Do you want to play with them?... Wanna play with the big slut-tits on this
cunt? That's what I am... I'm just a dirty little big titted slut-cunt... You
would you let this little fuck-toy suck your cock?... Please?... I'm a good
little cock-sucker. I really am... Let me show you" she whispered as she stopped
licking the nightstick and began to fuck her cunt with it. The Trooper grinned
as he pulled his huge cock from his pants. "Well little miss Cumbag, show me how
good of a cocksucker you are", he said pulling her head down. "Uuuhhmm... Yummy!
I'd LOVE to. My mouth IS just another cunt, you know... Oohhh, the slut hopes
your balls are full... MMmm... Do you have a lot of cum for the cunt?" Cumbag
answered in a little girl voice as she licked his cock-shaft, looking him in the
eye. The Trooper studied her for a minute. He snickered and grabbed the back of
her head and f***ed her mouth on her cock. Cumbag began to slobber as she sucked
his cock.

"Take it slut. Yeah choke on it you fucking bitch... Fucking whore
slut!" the Trooper chuckled as he f***ed her mouth down his cock. He grabbed a
handful of her hair as he jerked her head up and down. The sounds of Cumbag
slobbering and sucking on his cock, and the squishing sounds the nightstick made
in her cunt, drowned out the chatter on his radio.

"Uuuhhm... Your cock is SO GOOD!... Fuck my mouth-cunt" she begged
before slurping his cock back in. "Yeah... Fuck my whore's mouth hard... Feed
the slut!... mmmmppphh." The Trooper heard a call for him on the radio.
"SHIT!... Fucking assholes. FUCK! I gotta go... Hurry up cunt!" he shouted as he
yanked her head up and down his cock. Cumbag snorted as the first jet of hot,
thick cum squirted down her throat. Her tongue licked at the underside of his
cock as she sucked hard, siphoning every delicious drop from his balls. He
pulled her head off his cock as she rolled cum around in her mouth.

"THAT WAS GREAT!... I love your cum!... Want to feed the slut some
more?... Do you have time to piss in my mouth?... Oh, That's to bad... I really
wanted you to piss in my mouth... Want to come to the old rest stop? You can do
anything you want to me... Hey!... You don't have one of those police dogs do
you?... Want to watch a slut suck a dog's cock?... Ever see a cunt drink dog
piss? Just bring it to the rest stop... Bring your buddies. I haven't been
gang-fucked by cops in a long time!... Here, I know you have to go, but let me
clean your cock and nightstick. We wouldn't want anyone to know you've been with
a slut." Cumbag licked and sucked his cock and nightstick cleaning every drop of
cum, cunt-juice and spit from them. The Trooper shoved her out of the car onto
the shoulder. As he spun away with blue lights flashing he shouted, "I'll see if
I can find anyone who wants to fuck a slut!"

Cumbag walked down the freeway sipping on her piss-drink to the exit for
the rest stop where Steve had parked. Cumbag put up the last sign, 'EXIT NOW FOR
BITCH-SLUT'. Steve looked at the cum stain on 'CUM CATCHER' and laughed. "Well
at least you found someone who wants a cunt". Cumbag smiled at her owner;
"You're so good to this whore. I'm lucky to have you as my owner". Steve leaned
over and spit in her face. Cumbag smiled even wider.

When they drove up to the rest stop Cumbag saw that Steve had already
been there. He had placed an easel along the walkway to the Men's room. Cumbag's
home for the next couple of days. The sign on the easel read:



Cumbag smiled at Steve, "Thank you, Sir. This will be so much fun".
Steve led her into the Men's room and chained her between two stalls. As Steve
was hanging a sign that read 'FREE SLUT' around Cumbag's neck a man came in.

"Hi! I'm Alex. I'm here for the slut", he said. Cumbag flashed him a
sexy, inviting smile as Steve turned to face him. "Hi Alex. I'm Steve, Cumbag's
owner. I have to leave, but would you like to take over Cumbag for this?"

Alex grinned as he looked over at the hanging beauty as she winked back
and licked her lips. "SURE! Sounds like fun", he answered. Steve walked over to
the cunt. "I'll be back to check on you. You do as you're told, pig. Your not
here just to have fun, slut. Remember, you're here to learn to stay awake when
you're gang-****d", Steve said as he slapped her face. "Yes Sir. I'll be a good
fuck-toy" Cumbag promised as Steve left.

Alex grabbed her hair and looked into her smiling face,, "Well, well.
What are we going to do the bitch? Hmmm." Alex asked. As they heard the sounds
of approaching vehicles, Cumbag smiled back. "Anything!... Anything at all! And
everything I hope... Do anything to me that you have ever thought about doing to
a slut... Show me what a slut-whore is for... I'm a cocksucker, I'm ass-licker,
I'm toilet -slut... I'll be any kind of whore you want... Please, treat me like
the cunt I am"

Alex smiled as he looked into the eager slut's eyes and mauled her tits.
He spit between her eyes as he twisted her nipples causing the coming slut to
roll her tight ass. As his spit rolled down the sides of her nose he chuckled,
"Count on it slut... You bet I will!"
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2 years ago
more my style cum and piss
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great story
3 years ago
another good series
3 years ago
Inbcredable story wow i just getting my breath back thanks
3 years ago
seems like a nice girl works well with others she is a keeper.......Sweet
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Mmm fabulous, shame I found it so late at night, but I'll be reading part2 as soon as I get up