Cumslave & the boyscouts pt.5

"Construction is one of the things we teach the Scouts. Robert's troop has
devised a little toy for you cunt...Something we think that you will enjoy.
Well, frankly...We don't give a shit if you like it or not, cunt...but I'm sure
that we will! Ha, ha, ha..." Richard said with a laugh.

Cumbag turned her face to the boys and joined in with the laughter. Richard
waved his hand at Robert. With this signal, Robert pulled the sheet from the
apparatus. Everyone started at it.

It was a T-shaped table on wheels that was about 24 inches tall. At one end were
boards that stuck straight out, with cuffs mounted on it. These were for her
legs. At the other end of the table was yoke that would hold her head straight
out. Sort of like a medieval stock. There were large holes cut into the bottom
of the table for her huge tits to stick through. Cumbag shuddered as a small,
hard orgasm hit her.

"I present Troop A's '**** Table'!" Richard said proudly.

Cumbag clapped her hands and jumped up and down excitedly.

"Oh goody!...Let's try it out!...Put me on the **** Table and you boys come and
**** me!...OK?...Let's try it now!...This slut is ready!...Are you boys ready to
**** the whore some more?...Come on boys!...**** this cunt!...Put me on it
now...Please?...I want to ****d hard like the fuckpig I am!" Cumbag squealed.

Cumbag smiled and winked at the hooting boys as Richard led her to the
apparatus. Richard pushed her onto the table with a shove. She landed on her
belly with a 'THUD'.

"Tee, hee, hee...This is so fucking cool!...Come on boys!...Strap me down and
**** the shit out of me! Ha, ha, ha...I want you to hurt me while you ****
me!..I love it....Hurry up!...**** me! Ha, ha, ha..."Cumbag giggled.

It seemed like a hundred hands grabbed her firm body. Every inch of her flesh
was groped, pinched and squeezed as the boys positioned her on the table. Cumbag
just moaned and wagged her ass for them. She was still laughing as a boy jerked
Cumbag's head off the table by her hair. Cumbag licked her lips as she looked up
at him.

"Oh yeah...Please **** me...Please?...Hurt me and **** me...Pretend I'm some
stupid little girl that did you wrong...Go ahead...Make this bitch pay!"

"I intend to, you stupid cunt!...So...You want to get roughed up, do you
whore!...This is for you cunt!" the boy yelled.

Cumbag saw stars with his first punch. He laughed as he rabbit punched her face
tree more times. Cumbag's head fell to the table as the stars she was seeing
became brighter. As she felt the straps being placed on her she heard another
boy speak as her head was yanked up again. She tried to focus on the face of the
boy now holding her head but she couldn't. All she could do was give a silly
looking smile as he spoke.

"You are such a pussy, Ted...This is how you punch a slut!...Now watch this!"

Cumbag didn't even feel the punch as her world went black.

First they secured her ankles with the cuffs. Her legs were stretched straight
out from the table. Her cunt hung off of the end of the table about 6 inches.
Cumbag's head was placed in the harness. It held her head firmly off of the
table so that her mouth was perpendicular to the table. Cumbag couldn't move her
head or legs. She found she was able to wiggle her ass only slightly. Cumbag
didn't think it mattered. The height of the table was perfect. Her mouth, cunt
or ass was at the perfect height for the boys to fuck. Richard pulled Cumbag's
huge, firm tits through the holes cut into the table with ease.

Cumbag sputtered as she regained consciousness.

"Wake up you stupid whore...Wake up!...It's r****g time! Ha, ha, ha...stupid
cunt!" the boy pissing in her face laughed.

She opened her mouth wide as she recognized the hot, salty liquid splashing down
on her face.

"Ooohh...glug....**** me!...Piss on me!...Hit me some more...glug...**** this
fucking piss-drinking slut!" Cumbag moaned.

The boy shoved his cock in her mouth and pissed down her throat. Cumbag gently
munched his pissing cock as a small orgasm hit her. Cumbag shivered when she
felt some kind of lotion being poured into her cunt and ass. She could hear the
boys gathering around her as Richard began to speak.

"This morning we are going to cover something that many of you may not have
heard of. You all know cunts like Cumbag are for you to shove you cocks
into...Last night, some of you learned how much fun it is to hurt a fuckpig like
this whore here....Now, we are going to show you something new. Have any of you
heard of 'Fist-fucking'?" Richard asked.

One of the older boys raised his hand. Richard motioned for him to come to the
front of the crowd of boys.

"That's very good, William. Please explain fist-fucking to the rest of the
boys." Richard said.

"Uh...Well...Uh. Fist-fucking is when you shove your hand in some stupid whore's
cunt. Then you fuck your hand back and forth like it's a cock...It feels pretty
cool, and the slut usually loves it....That is about all I know." William said

Richard smiled as he slapped him on the shoulder.

"That's it!...Would you like to try it first, William?...Why don't you show the
other boys how to do it?...Just cram your hand in the slut's cunt and fist-fuck
it!" Richard said with a wink.

Cumbag's cunt was juicing and on the verge of cumming at the discussion about
her. She waited in anticipation for the boy to shove his little arm in her cunt.

"Yeah!...Come on, stud. You won't hurt this fucking slut. I love to be
fist-fucked. Just shove it in...Shove you hand in and show the other boys how to
do it. Once you cram your hand in my cunt, then pound it in and out...You won't
believe how much I'll love it!...Come on, William!...Do it!...Fist-fuck this
slut!" Cumbag said enticing him.

With a shrug of his shoulders, the boy punched his hand into Cumbag's cunt.
Cumbag screamed as an orgasm shook through her trembling, bound body.

Boys stood close and watched intently as the boy began to shove his hand in and
out of her cunt faster and faster. As boys applauded him, the boy lost his

"Take that, you fucking slut!....How do you like that, you pig!...Am I
fist-fucking you good enough, you fucking whore?...Am I, cunt?...Answer me,
bitch!...Does the pig like me fist-fucking it?" William shouted.

"Ohhhh...YES!...So good!....You're fist-fucking this slut SO GOOD!...I love
it!...Harder!....Fist-fuck this whore harder!....Really slam you fucking fist in
and out of this slut's cunt!...Pound this fuckpig's cunt!...Fist-fuck the slut
HARD!" Cumbag wailed as she came again and again.

"Some of you boys see if you can shut that fucking whore's mouth up!" Richard
shouted at the boys. Several of them grinned at each other and walked to
Cumbag's head. The boy fisting her cunt yanked his hand out with a loud 'POP'.
The boys laughed as Cumbag screamed and begged.

"I'm Cumming!...Put it back!...PLEASE!...Put it back!...Fist-fuck the slut some
more!...Fist-fuck this whore some more!...I'm about to cum!....Put it
back!...Hmmmmm...YES!" Cumbag screamed.

"This will stop your fucking screaming, bitch!...Take THIS!" a boy in front of
her yelled as he crammed his cock in her mouth.

Cumbag choked on the boy's cock when he fucked his cock into her mouth. The
laughing boy grabbed her hair and began to fuck her mouth as her mouth watered
and she began to slobber on his cock.

The boy who had yanked his hand from her cunt turned to one of the other boys.

"You try it now...Just make a fist and punch this whore right in her fucking
cunt. Now, punch the bitch hard!...That way your hand will go all the way in her
fucking cunt!" William instructed him.

A young boy about 10 years old looked at him, then balled his hand into a fist
and punched Cumbag's cunt. Cumbag squealed around the cock fucking her mouth and
wiggled her ass as encouragement to the little boy. He laughed and started
fucking his small hand in and out of her cunt.

Cumbag moaned as she came. She sucked and slobbered on the cock in her mouth. It
was too much for the boy. He started hitting the side of her bound head as he
fucked her mouth.

"You fucking whore!...You cocksucking cunt!...You're making me cum, you fucking
slut!....I'm gonna cum, CUNT!....Take it bitch!....Take it this way, you piece
of shit slut!" the boy screamed.

Right when he started to cum, he pulled his cock from her mouth. Cumbag whined
at the loss and to suck his cock back into her mouth. With her head bound, it
was impossible. The cursing boy began to laugh when he stuck the tip of his cock
in Cumbag's right nostril. He cackled when his cock erupted. Cumbag's sinuses
were filled with waves of hot, burning cum. Several boys laughed when she
inhaled his cum like cocaine. When the boy finished cumming in her nose, he
slapped her face hard. Cumbag smiled up at him as he leaned over and spit
between her eyes.

"Ha, ha, ha....Take THAT!...You stupid cunt! Ha, ha, ha..." the boy laughed as
he stepped aside, wiping his dripping cock in her hair.

Cumbag stared blankly at the mob of boys standing in front of her. Cum poured
out of her nose, cascaded off of her chin and dripped to the ground below. A boy
ran, grabbed a bucket, and placed it on the ground to catch the dripping cum.
The little boy fist-fucking her cunt was now cork screwing his arm in and out of
her cunt. It was driving Cumbag to insane ecstasy. Cumbag shook as another hard
orgasm wrecked through her body. The little boy pulled his hand from her cunt.
Boys pointed and laughed at the way Cumbag's cunt gaped open. It twitched like a
mouth looking for something to suck. A boy about 14 years old smirked as he
shoved his hand into her cunt next. Cumbag howled, spraying cum everywhere.

"YES!...Fist fuck the slut!...The slut is cumming!...Watch the whore cum for her
sweet boys! good.....Fist-fuck your little
pig-whore....Fist-fuck the slut and feed her some cocks....Fuck the slut's
mouth!...Somebody!...Anybody!....Please!....Shove your cock in my cocksucking
mouth!....Fuck my top-cunt!...Fill this pig with your cum!...Please!...Don't
stop!...Fuck the slut!...Fuck the slut!" Cumbag begged until another cock was
shoved into her mouth.

This cock was smaller. The boys laughed at the way she slurped the entire cock
into her mouth. Boys spit on her as she hollowed her cheeks, drawing the little
boy closer. The boy followed Cumbag's sucking mouth until her mouth was pressed
into his pubic bone. He gasped when she opened her mouth and sucked his balls
into her mouth along with his cock. Cumbag snorted as she flicked her tongue
over his cock and balls. Cumbag shuddered as the boy fist-fucking her cunt drove
his hand all the way into her cunt. It felt like he was punching her womb. She
loved it. The boy whose cock and balls she was sucking lasted no time at all.
Cumbag's eyes opened wide as his balls emptied into her mouth. The little boy
couldn't say anything as waves of pleasure rocked his little body. When his legs
stopped shaking, he pulled his cock and balls from her mouth. Cumbag didn't
swallow his cum at first. She parted her lips, showing the boys the pool of
silvery cum that filled her mouth. She let some of his cum slip over her lips
and dangle from her chin. Finally the long, thick rope of cum broke off and fell
to the bucket below her chin. Cumbag then swallowed the remaining mouthful of
cum in a noisy gulp. She tried to push back against the boy fist-fucking her
stretched cunt as she spoke.

"Yummy!...That was such a good little drink of cum!....Hmmmmm. The cumbag can
hold more cum, though...Who's next?...Who wants to feed this cock-pig some more
yummy cum?...Hmmmmm?...Who wants to dump a nice hot load of cum in my
cocksucking mouth?...Come on boys!...Someone feed this slut another yummy
cock!...Hmmmmm...So good!....Feed the slut some more cum!" Cumbag begged as she
wagged her tongue at the boys.

She didn't have long to wait. Two of the older Scouts stepped forward. Cumbag
stared at the two cocks bobbing in front of her mouth. She looked from one to
the other. She wondered which cock would be fucked into her mouth first. Just
then, each of the boys pushed his cock into her mouth. Cumbag's mouth stretched
over the two cocks as the boys filled her mouth with their dripping cocks.
Cumbag snorted through her nose as they began fucking her mouth. The two boys
fucking her mouth laughed as she franticly tried to suck both cocks.

"Suck'em slut!...Suck both of our cocks, you sleazy whore!...You cock sucking
pig!" one of the boys shouted at her.

"Yeah, bitch!...Suck our cocks good, whore!...Suck'em good and we'll give you a
double load of hot cum to slurp down your fucking cum eating throat, you fucking
cunt!" the other yelled.

Cumbag fluttered her tongue over the two cocks as they fucked in and out of her
mouth. The boy fist-fucking her cunt pulled his hand free as another boy started
fist-fucking her cunt. Cumbag's cunt was beginning to get sore from all of the
fist-fucking, but she didn't care. She flexed her ass as an invitation for the
next boy. He too, punched her cunt as hard as he could. Cumbag saw stars.

"Here you go boys...Who wants to beat the slut's tits while the holes are being
used?" Richard asked as he held out a couple of wooden paddles.

Two little boys about 8 years old grabbed the paddles and grinned at each other.

"Now you boys whack those fucking slut-bag tits the whore is hanging down as
hard as you can!...Swing back and give them a good hit....We want to hear a nice
loud slap on them! But you boys be careful and don't hit each other. I'd hate
for you boys to hurt your hands, but hit those big tits as hard as you
can!...OK?...Let'em fly boys!" Richard told the two giggling boys.

The boys looked at each other. One pulled way back and slammed his paddle on
Cumbag's right tit. A loud 'CRACK' filled the air as Cumbag jerked. Her tit
bounced off of the bottom of the table like a punching bag. When it stopped
bouncing, the other laughing boy pulled his paddle back and whacked her left
tit. The boys all laughed when that tit also bounced back and forth like a
punching bag. Then they started over.

Cumbag groaned into the two cocks she was sucked. The vibrations of her moan
triggered the boy's cocks. Just when the groaning Cumbag felt the two cocks
swell and twitch, the boys pulled their cocks from her mouth. Cumbag's face was
white with the pain of her tits being beaten. Her eyes were half closed and
drool dripped from the corner of her slack lips. The two boys smirked as they
stroked their cocks. Cum erupted from their cocks at the same time. Cumbag was
staring blankly as they emptied their cum into her eyes. Cumbag didn't even
flinch. She didn't even try to close her eyes. Her eyes filled with cum as her
eyelashes webbed together with sticky cum. Cumbag shuddered through a painful
orgasm as her eyes burned from the fresh hot cum. The boy fisting her now loose
cunt was determined to punch into her womb as the two boys paddling her tits
tried to out-swing each other.

Boys laughed at her and leaned over and spat in her face. The boys that were
paddling her tits grew tired. They handed their paddles to a couple of older
boys. They had a different approach. Instead of hitting her tits from the side
and making them swing, they hit her hanging tits from below. The paddles would
smack against her nipples as her tits were smashed upward into her chest. A boy
with a long, thin cock was slowly running his cock head around her slack lips.
The fresh beating of her tits began to bring Cumbag back to reality. She started
to scream again. But when she felt the salty smoothness of the cock against her
lips, she tried to suck it into her mouth. The boy wouldn't let her.

Cumbag started up at the boy. He just smiled down at her. He chuckled every time
her cum-webbed eyes clinched with each blow to her sore tits.

"Tongue, bitch....I just want you to use you fucking tongue. Show us how good of
a cock lapper you are, cunt!...Lick it, whore. Lick my cock. Let's see if you
can get my cum from my balls by licking my cock...Get to it bitch!...We don't
have all day. There are lots of boys here waiting to fuck your mouth, slut. So
DO it!" the boy rubbing his cock on her lips said with a laugh.

Cumbag slid her hot, wet tongue out. She coaxed her tongue up and down his thin
shaft. Every time her tits were hit, the table would shake. Cumbag desperately
tried to follow his delicious cock with her tongue. A small drop of cock juice
appeared at the tip of his cock. He laughed when Cumbag stuck her tongue out as
far as she could reach. He stuck the tip of his cock to the tip of her tongue.
Cumbag slowly pulled her tongue into her mouth. The thin strand of cock juice
stretched as it followed her tongue. When it snapped, it fell onto her tongue.
Cumbag moaned at the savory taste. He laughed when she extended her tongue for
more. Instead, he lunged forward without warning. Cumbag's cheeks puffed out at
the sudden intrusion of cock. Instead of letting her suck his cock, he fucked
her mouth. Cumbag gagged when the long thin cock pierced her throat. She didn't
care. She just tightened her lips on his shaft, hollowed her cheeks and lapped
at his cock as he throat fucked her.

The boy fist-fucking her cunt had an idea. Cumbag moaned when he pulled his hand
from her cunt. She slowly flexed her hips, waiting for the next boy to cram his
hand in her cunt.

"Let's see how you like this, bitch!...Ha, ha, ha..." the boy laughed.

He formed his hand into a fist and shoved it into her ass. Cumbag screamed
around the cock in her mouth. Her scream caused the boy to start cumming in her
throat. The boy leaned forward, empting his balls deep into her throat. The boys
that were hitting her tits had stopped. Now they were plucking at her nipples.

As her throat filled with cum, the laughing boy fist-fucking her ass screamed at

"Yeah!...I knew you'd like getting your fucking ass reamed out, bitch!...Look at
the whore!...The bitch is going crazy!" he yelled.

The boy was now twisting his fist in and out of her ass as Cumbag spasmed below

The boy fucking her throat pulled his cock from her mouth. Cumbag swallowed the
last of his cum in a loud slurping sound as the biggest orgasm of the day shot
through her wrecked body.

"Fuck me!...Fuck the slut!...Oh God....Do it all!....Fist-fuck this whore's
ass!...Choke this slut on your beautiful cocks!...Fill the pig with your
delicious hot cum!...Do it all! tits!...Hurt these fucking slut-tits
mote!...Pull them!...Twist them!...Hit them! the slut
cum!...See your whore cumming for you sweet boys!...Oh YES!....Fuck this pig
into the dirt!...Hurt the slut! Fuck the slut!....Hmmmmm....COCKS!....Give the
slut some more cocks!...Fist my fucking cunt too! Fist-fuck my ass and cunt
together!...Tear this whore up!...Drown the fuckpig!...Down me in hot
cum!...**** me!...Please! **** the slut some more. Don't
stop!...Everyone!...Shove a cock in this slut and **** her!....More!...Do more
to the cunt!....Aaahhhh...." Cumbag wailed.

Everything blurred. For the next 5 hours boy after boy fucked the bound slut's
mouth. Her cunt and ass was fist-fucked over and over. Cumbag thought she would
cum forever. Finally Cumbag passed out from the abuse. That didn't stop the boys
though. They continued their onslaught. Eventually, they grew tired of fisted
the slut. The boys untied Cumbag from the table and dropped her on the ground.
Cumbag looked up at the circle of boys. Her cunt and ass ached, her tits
throbbed with pain. Her bruised lips dribbled cum, but no one was fucking her.
Cumbag grabbed her tits and held her head up.

"More....Do more to the slut!....Fuck me!....Kick me!....More
cum...Please!...Give the slut more cum!...Oh. Ahhhh....Please!....Hurt the bitch
some more!...I need it!...Please...Fuck the slut!..." Cumbag begged.

One of the boys laughed as he grabbed her hair. Cumbag moaned as he pulled her
over to the bucket of cum. The last thing Cumbag remembered was her head was
being dunked into the bucket of cum they boys had collected. The boys laughed as
he dipped her head over and over into the bucket of cum. He held Cumbag's face
to the bottom of the bucket. She tried to drink the bucket dry but she couldn't.
Bubbles of air bubbled to the top of the cum filled bucket as darkness overtook
her. Just before she passed out, Cumbag thought how great it would be to die
this way, drowning in a bucket of cum as a hundred boys laughed at her. Cumbag
came hard, then passed out.
87% (9/1)
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8 months ago
Where are the little cumbag stories?
3 years ago
war is pt 6 can't wheat
3 years ago
outstanding add to the series
3 years ago
If I was a woman that is how I would want to be treated.
3 years ago
cant wait for pt 6
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Wow, intense!