Cumslave & the boyscouts pt.4

Cumbag woke to more laughter...and a row of pissing cocks.

Sometime during the night, as she slept, Cumbag was placed into a trench. The
trees formed a canopy over her, blocking out the sun. In the cool shade, Cumbag
had no problem looking up at all of the cocks that were pissing on her. Boys of
every age were aiming their young cocks down at the piss drinking whore.

"Wake up, bitch!"
"Here's your morning shower, cunt."
"Drink that piss, slut!"

"She's really doing it!...The big-titted slut is really drinking our piss!"

"Damn!...She is fucking gross!"
"Look at that nasty whore!"
"Slurp it down, pig!"

Cumbag shook with lust as she listened to the filthy comments of the sweet
little boys. She was pinching her right nipple as she tried to shove her other
hand into her cunt. Cumbag held her mouth open as her tongue wagged under the
hot streams of piss. She stared up at the boys through her sky-blue eyes. Some
of the boys laughed as they pissed in her eyes. She thought that was cute. She
kept her eyes open for their piss even though the piss burned hey eyes. She
didn't care. In fact, it made the beautiful blonde slut hotter.

She could hear Richard giving the boys instructions.

"Be sure and piss in the bitches mouth....Don't give her a chance to swallow
your piss...Make the cunt guzzle it down...A gutter-slut like Cumbag loves hot
piss. It makes her feel like a true fuckpig....Some of you boys try to piss up
her fucking nose...Maybe that will clean some of the cum you guys filled her up
with last night. He, he, he..." Richard chuckled.

Her hair was quickly soaked by the boys and the ground beneath her head turned
to pissy mud. Some boys pissed on her head. Others pissed in her eyes. Some boys
pissed on her cunt and tits. At least three boys waved their pissing cocks all
along her tight, hard body. But most of the boys pissed in her mouth. Cumbag
looked like a sexy, smiling fountain as piss flowed from her mouth. Hot, yellow
piss washed over her cheeks and her chin and joined the puddle that had formed
under her head.

"Piss on me!...Piss right in my toilet-mouth!...Am I good little piss-whore for
you boys?...Oh god! I love to be pissed on. You boys can piss on me anytime that
you want...Please don't waste your yummy piss behind some old tree. Bring your
piss-filled cocks to this fucking slut!...I'll empty them for you...Anytime.
Anytime at all...Keep pissing!...Keep pissing on your fuck-dog!...Fill this
bitches belly with piss!....Mmmmm." Cumbag chanted between mouthfuls of hot

It was over too soon for the slut. One of the boys grabbed her hair and dragged
her out of the trench. Boys spit on her and kicked her. When they got to the
river, the boys threw Cumbag into the water.

"Clean yourself up, cunt...Then come to the pavilion." One of the older boys
yelled at her. Cumbag bathed in the water washing away every trace of cum, spit
and piss. Her ass was still sore from the chain fucking the night before. She
couldn't wait to see what the boys had planned for her today. She new it would
be great.

When Cumbag returned to the Boy Scout camp the boys were finishing breakfast.

Cumbag walked along the rows of boys sitting at the tables. Cumbag flirted with
the boys as hands reached out to grab her giant bouncing tits. She would stand
and smile as one boy mauled her tits. After a minute or so, she would move to
the next boy, giving him the chance to grope and feel her hard, sexy body. As
her tits were being groped, boys sitting at the tables behind her would grab her
ass and cunt. Cumbag would stick her firm ass out for them and wiggle it. She
flashed sexy smiles and winks at them over her shoulder as the boys explored
every inch of her. She would squeal in delight when boys would roughly shove
their fingers into her cunt or ass. Cumbag kept turning her head to them so the
boys could shove their dripping fingers into her mouth. Cumbag moaned as she
cleaned every finger that speared her cunt or ass. After about 45 minutes Cumbag
had made it around to all of the boys. When she finally reached the head table
where Richard and the counselors were seated, she flashed Richard a smile.
Richard smiled back as he waved toward Cumbag. She turned and faced the smirking
boys who now were more interested in the sexy slut standing before them than
their breakfast. Cumbag leaned against the head table. She slightly spread her
les. She smiled and the boys as her left hand slipped to her cunt and she slowly
started rubbing it. Her right hand squeezed her bruised right tit. She winked as
she slipped her tongue out, lapping at her nipple. Cumbag smiled broadly as the
boys began to clap. When their applause died down, she spoke.

"So....Do you boys think I'm a good piece of fuckmeat?...Are all of you boys
having fun with the cunt?...Am I being a good little fuck-toy?...Ooohhh...I hope
you boys are having as much fun as I am. I have loved everything that you have
done to me...You boys ****d me soooo good!...I can't wait until you all want to
**** me some more!...I can't believe how much cum you boys had for me!...I sure
hope all of your balls are full again. Cumbag loves to be stuffed full of hot,
sticky cum!....Did everyone get a chance to fuck all of my fuck-holes?...If not,
I hope you get to fuck them all that you want to today. If any of you want to
shove your cock into this cum-slut, just throw me down and **** the shit out of
me! Don't be shy. I'm just a fucking cunt and I want you boys to treat me like
the stupid slut I am....Who thinks this slut is a good cocksucker? (a hundred
hands went up) Ha, ha, ha....That's great!...I want to be the best cocksucker
that you boys ever have! I want you guys to think of my mouth as just another
cunt...I was born to be a cumdump...I really was! I loved it when all of you
fucked my mouth and emptied your balls into my cocksucking mouth and on my
slut's face...So...Are you boys ready to fuck this bitch-cunt some
more?...Hmmmmm?...Are you guys ready to fill the cumbag up with cum again?...Or
do you sweet boys have something else in mind for this fucking whore today?
Ooooo...I hope you boys do something really nasty to me!" Cumbag asked with a
grin as she pulled a finger from her cunt and sucked it sexily.

Richard rose and stood beside Cumbag. Cumbag took his hand and placed it on her
left tit as she grabbed his crotch. Cumbag cooed as Richard manhandled her tit
roughly, pinching and twisting it.

Richard looked at the boys and winked.

"Tell us cunt...We all know that you are a fuckpig, but are you a bitch too?"
Richard asked her.

Cumbag looked at him with a puzzled expression.

"Well...Of course I am, sir. You know I'm just a fucking bitch and a cunt and a
slut." She answered him.

"We want you to prove it!" Richard said with a laugh. He waved his hand and two
boys walked onto the stage with a pair of Great Danes.

Cumbag rubbed her cunt as she understood.

Cumbag walked to the stage, wiggling her ass in an exaggerated slutty motion,
bringing whistles and nasty comments from the boys. She flashed them a sexy
smile as she walked to the two giant dogs.

Cumbag patted their huge heads and winked at the two boys holding the Great
Dane's leashes. Cumbag sat on the stage and pulled at her tits as the dogs
rushed at her. She moaned when one of them lapped at her cunt. Cumbag reached
down and took the collar off of one of the dogs as she spread her legs for the
dog's hot, thick, wet tongue. She placed the collar around her neck and faced
the crowd of boys. The Great Dane, now free, began to jump around. The boy
holding the other dog removed the leash from him also. Cumbag laughed as both
dogs jumped on her and smelled her cunt and ass.

"I think a fucking whore bitch like me should have a collar around her
cocksucking throat...Don't you think so fellows? Ha, ha, ha...Do I look more
like a bitch now?" she asked as the boy holding the leash jerked her to her

"Walk me around like the bitch in heat that I am!...Oh God!...This pig hopes
they are horny. Show the dog's their fuck-toy! See if they want to fuck their
bitch!... Ooohh...I want to be a good dog-whore!...Make the dog's fuck all of my
fucking cock-holes!...Watch me boys!...Watch me be a bitch. Watch this slut be a
dog-cum catcher!" Cumbag moaned.

All of the boys laughed at her and called her filthy names as she was led around
the stage. Cumbag crawled around on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass while
the boy led her around like a dog at a dog show. The Great Danes followed her,
licking at her cunt. Cumbag's heavy tits gently swayed from side to side. The
boy couldn't resist kicking her tits. Cumbag moaned as her tits crashed into
each other.

"YEAH!!!...Kick this fucking dog-slut's tits!...I am a disgusting piece of shit
whore, aren't I?...Treat me like a fucking cunt should be treated. Do you boys
want to see me be these dog's bitch?...Ooohh...The slut hopes so!...Watch this
fucking whore!...See what a nasty piece of fuckmeat I am! Hold the dogs for the
dog-slut!...Let the bitch meat her new cocks! Come here boy...Let your bitch
introduce herself!" she said.

The boys held the two dogs side by side as Cumbag crawled up behind them.

She grabbed the dog's hind legs as she smiled at the crowd of grinning boys. In
one swift motion she lowered her head and lapped at his asshole. The dog tried
to jerk away but Cumbag kept her mouth on the dog's ass. The boys held the dogs
firm as Cumbag licked their asses. She would slurp noisily on one dog's asshole
then go to the other's ass. She reached between their legs and slowly jerked
their cocks until they were hard. When both of the huge, red, dripping cocks
were completely out of their furry sheaths, Cumbag pulled their cocks backwards,
toward her mouth.

"Ooohh...YUMMY!...Just look at these nice hard cocks for the bitch...I think
it's time this slut sucked some dog cock!...Don't you boys think so too?...Ha,
ha, ha...Watch me turn this whore's mouth into a nice bitch-cunt for these
doggies!...Hello boy...I'm Cumbag. I'm going to be your fuck-bitch. Would you
like that?...Would you, boy?...I'll be a good bitch for you. I
promise...Here...Let me suck your pretty cock!...Use my cocksucking mouth for a
bitch-cunt! Come on boys!...Feed your fucking little bitch!" Cumbag shouted as
she closed her mouth over the left dog's cock.

The dog tried to push back, shoving his cock deeper into her mouth. Cumbag
twisted her head from side to side as she slurped on the big red cock. The boys
began to yell at her again.

"Eat that dog-cock, you cunt!" "Fuck that bitch's mouth, boy!" "You nasty

"Do you like that sucking that dog cock, you fucking whore?...Well DO you,

"Suck it, dog-slut!"
"Suck him good, BITCH!"

Cumbag pulled her mouth off of the trembling dog's cock with a loud, wet 'PLOP'.

"Mmmmm...So good!...You have such a tasty cock for your fuck-bitch, boy!....You
dripped so much dog juice in my fucking mouth...I love it!...Do you like your
fuck-bitch sucking your cock?...Is my fucking mouth a good bitches cunt for your
cock, boy?...How about you boy?...Do want to feed this dog-cock sucker your cock
now?" she said to the other dog.

Cumbag swallowed his cock in one, swift lung. Boys applauded again as they
laughed at the way she snorted around the thick dog cock. A boy took the other
dog and placed him at Cumbag's ass. She wiggled her ass an enticement as she
sucked on the dog's cock.

"Here boy...Ha, ha, ha...Let me help you. Up!...Up, boy!...Now...Fuck the
bitch!...Fuck your bitch hard boy!" a boy laughed as he placed the Great Dane on
top of Cumbag's ass.

Cumbag jumped when the dog fucked his cock deep into her ass with a single
thrust. The dog curled his front paws around her waist, pulling her tight, as he
started his rapid fuck of her asshole.

"YES!...My ass!...The dog is fucking my ass!...Watch the bitch boys!...Oh
DAMN!...Can you guys see the dog fucking my bitch-ass?...Fuck me!...Harder
boy!...Fuck your bitch!...Mmmmm...Fuck your bitch harder!...Ummmpph..."

Her pleas were cut off when a boy grabbed her head and f***ed her mouth back
onto the dog cock.

"Suck his cock, you fucking bitch!...We don't give a fuck if you like it or not.
You aren't here to have fun, you stupid cunt!...You are here to get fucked...and
suck cock!...So get your lazy ass back to work, whore...Fuck that dog back and
suck that dog's cock, you goddamned whore...Be a good bitch for our dogs, CUNT!"
the boy screamed as he kicked her tits.

The dog fucking her ass began to cum. His fuck strokes got shorter and faster as
his cock swelled and his balls emptied in her tight ass. Cumbag squealed around
her mouthful of dog cock as she felt her ass fill with hot dog cum. She came
when she felt his cock-knot enter her ass. When she knew his cock was locked in
her ass she had her biggest orgasm of the day. She moaned from one orgasm into
another. Her moaning must have triggered the dog cock she was sucking. Her eyes
went wide and she stared into the asshole of the dog as his cock twitched, then
jumped, dumping his cum into her mouth.

Cumbag coughed as her mouth filled with the thin, salty, pungent dog cum. She
bobbed her head up and down the red cock and let her mouth fill with dog-cum.
The dog that had fucked her ass had finally emptied his balls in the slut. The
boys laughed as he tried to pull his cock from Cumbag's ass.

Cumbag scooted backwards across the stage trying to keep the thick dog cock
buried in her ass. As she went backwards, she pulled the Great Dane that she was
sucking with her. Boys laughed and jeered Cumbag as she struggled to keep the
dog cocks in her. One orgasm after another wrecked her body at the thought of
what she was doing. Being dog fucked at both ends in front of a hundred young
boys made her cum harder than she had in a long time. Cumbag was distracted as
her hard cum shook her body. It was the opportunity the dogs needed. Both dogs
pulled their spent cocks from her fuck holes in loud, wet 'Plops'. As each dog
ran away and started licking their cocks, Cumbag rolled over on to her back as
her orgasm passed. She reached a hand down to her ass, catching the dog cum that
was now running from it. A wonderful thought came to her as she lay there with
her checks bulging with dog cum.

Cumbag took a deep breath, pursed her lips and spit as hard as she good. A
stream of dog cum shot from her lips like a fountain. She rolled her head back
and forth as the hot, sticky dog cum came splattering back down into her face.
The boys loved it.

With her face coated in dog cum, and her hand filling with dog cum from her ass,
she rolled over to her side, looking at the crowd of boys.

"Hmmmm...That was yummy!...Do you boys think I was a good fuck-bitch for the
dogs?...Hmmmm? Was I good dog whore?....Do you boys have some other dogs that
need a slut to fuck?...if you do, bring them to this cunt. I promise...This
whore will be a good fucktoy for your dogs...God I loved that!...Was I a nasty
little whore?...Did watching your dogs fuck this bitch make you boys
horny?...Did it?...Oh God I hope so!...Are you boys going to **** this
pig?...Pretty please?...I'll be a good piece of ****-meat for you...You know I
will. Come on boys...**** me some more...Please?...This pig-slut needs some
cocks in its fuck holes! Ha, ha, ha....YEAH! Fuck this slut in the dirt!" Cumbag
said with a laugh.

She giggled as she brought her hand, filled with dog cum from her ass to her
face. She tilted her head back and poured the cum into her open mouth.

This brought a round of laughter from the boys.

Richard waked on stage. Cumbag crawled over to him and began to lick his cock
through his pants. Richard just grinned down at the beautiful, cum coated,
blonde slut as she lapped at the crotch of his jeans.

"Mmmmm...Oh Richard...Please...Let the boys **** me some more. Being the dog's
whore-bitch made me so hot!...I have to get fucked!...Mmmmm...Please?...I'm
being a good cunt, aren't I?...Let the boys **** me. They have to be horny after
watching this fucking slut-cunt eat all of that dog cum...Let them fuck my
cock-holes...Please?. How about you Richard?...May this cunt suck your pretty
cock for you?...You haven't dumped any cum in the slut since I got here?...Don't
you want to fuck one of my holes?" Cumbag begged as she caught his cloth covered
cock in her mouth and sucked it.

Richard just laughed at the babbling whore.

"Ha, ha, ha...You fucking whore!...Cumbag, we have something special planned for
you now. Something I know the boys will really get a kick out of.
Robert?...Bring it out." Richard said as he motioned to Robert.

Cumbag and the boys turned to watch Robert wheel something out that was covered
by a sheet.
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3 years ago
it just keeps getting better
3 years ago
That is so fucking hot. Cumbag is so fucking lucky.
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3 years ago
Aw I wanna know what they're bringing out but I have to go to work!!!
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