Cumslave & the boyscouts pt.2

Cumbag grabbed her tits and squeezed them together as she looked up at the mob
of boys. She licked her lips as they started pulling their cocks from their
pants she got on her knees in front of the boys. Cumbag stared at their cocks
hungrily. They were boy sized cocks, but she didn't care. A cock was a cock.

"Ummmm...Such pretty cocks!...Just look at them!...So pretty and so hard!...Did
this slut make your yummy cocks hard?...Mmmmm...Give them to me!...Cram your
cocks in my fuck-holes!...Do it!...Fuck this whore!...Shove some cocks in this
bitch-whore!...Hmmm...Your balls all look so full of cum!...Are they?...Do you
boys have a lot of cum for this Cumbag? Tee, hee, hee...Come on boys...Fill this
bitch with cum!" Cumbag pleaded.

A boy grabbed her head and shoved his cock into her mouth. Cumbag stared down
the stalk for a second as the boy slammed his cock in and out of her mouth. She
glanced to the side and raised her hands. She closed her hands around two cocks
and began to stroke them. She moaned when she felt hands feeling every inch of
her body. She spread her legs wide to give the boys more room. Fingers slid into
her cunt. Hands spread her ass cheeks. She wiggled her ass while one finger
after another was roughly shoved in her asshole. Cumbag shook her huge tits as
hands mauled her tits roughly and her nipples were crushed between fingers. She
came as she listened to the boys.

"Fuck that whore's mouth, Billy!" "Look at that slut suck his cock!" "What
a SLUT!"

"The slut's ass is tight! Here! You try it!...Just shove your finger in it! See
what I mean?"

"You guys gotta feel these big fucking tits!"
"Stroke my cock, you whore!"

"The whore's cunt is dripping!...Look how wet it is!"
"Suck that cock, slut!"

"I want to fuck the slut's mouth next!"
"Let me feel the bitch's cunt!"

The boy fucking her mouth began to fuck her faster as he got close to cumming.

Richard and a couple of the other counselors were there to help the boys out.
The boys continued mauling Cumbag's tight, young body as Richard gave them

"There you go boys. Just fuck that slut's mouth like it was a cunt...Don't worry
about choking the bitch. She's just a fucking cunt. That's the way the whore
expects you to do it....Remember...This isn't a woman or a girl like you boys
are used to...This is a walking cock receptacle...That's all...Just think of
this bitch-cunt as a piece of meat...a piece of fuckmeat. If she gags, or
sputters or anything like that, just keep fucking her cocksucking throat...She
expects you to do that....Understand fellows?...Now Robert?...Just grab the
slut's head and fuck her mouth, OK?...and be sure to tell the fucking cunt what
you expect of her...She is a stupid bunch of fuckholes and you have to tell the
dumb cunt plainly...You other boys watch how Robert does it." Richard said.

Robert looked at Richard and nodded.

"Suck my cock, you fucking whore!...Suck it!...Ummmm...Yeah!...I'm fucking your
mouth like a cunt!...You like that, bitch?...Hmmmm...Of course you do, you
fucking slut. Eat my cock. Suck it WHORE!!!...Play with my balls. You stupid
cocksucker...Open your throat, slut...I want to fuck it...ha, ha,
ha...SLUT!...Gag on it cunt. Fuckin' gag on it. I don't give a shit...You ready
for some cum, whore?...Are you pig?...Does the stupid little cock pig want some
nice cum to chew on?...Get ready cum whore...Get ready to eat my jizz,
bitch...I'm getting close!...Get ready, slut!...Here it comes!. Take it bitch!
Suck my cum!...Take it all you pig-slut-whore!...Ugggg!..." he screamed as he
pulled Cumbag's head all the way down his cock.

His legs shook as his balls emptied into her mouth. Spurt after spurt of hot,
thick, gooey cum splattered the inside of her mouth. Cumbag didn't swallow his
cum. He pulled his cock from her mouth and dribbled the last dregs of his cum
into her right eye. Cumbag opened her mouth so that the other boys could see the
big, hot load of cum filling her mouth. With a noisy gulp she swallowed it. She
licked her lips as she looked from boy to boy as she kept stoking the cocks that
filled her hands.

"That was wonderful!...Damn that cum was good!...I want more!...Who's
next?...Who wants to feed this cunt some more yummy cum!..Hmmff...Come
on!...This slut is so hungry for some more cum...Fuck this cum-guzzling slut's
mouth-cunt...Anybody!...Just do it!...Hurry!...Feed this bitch!" Cumbag said
just as the next cock was shoved in her mouth.

The boy grabbed Cumbag's ears and fucked his cock deep into her mouth. After
about 15 strokes he yanked his cock from her mouth. A thick, gooey strand
connected her mouth to his cock. Cumbag started up at the boy and was about to
beg him to shove it back in when the boy twisted her head a little to the left.

"Hey Mike!...Shove your cock in the fucking whore's mouth!. Let's take turns
fucking the bitch's throat!...Let's see who can dump a load of cum in the slut's
mouth first!...I bet I dump my load before you do!" the boy shouted to his

"With pleasure, Don!...Open your fucking mouth, cunt!...Suck it, BITCH!!!...Suck
my cock, you cocksucking slut!" Mike shouted as he pushed his cock into her

With a snort Cumbag started slurping on his cock as he fucked her mouth. The boy
she was jacking off to her left started to cum.

"I'm coming!...Pull your cock out of the whores mouth!...I want to cum in it!"
he yelled.

Don pulled his cock quickly from her mouth as Mike turned her head to the
squirting cock. They were all too slow. The boy's cock erupted and a thick wad
of cum spewed from his cock hitting Cumbag just below her nose. He was able to
get his cock in her mouth for the next spurt.

"You stupid fucking slut!...I wanted to shoot all of my cum in your mouth!" he
screamed as he crammed his spurting cock in her mouth.

Cumbag swallowed his thick cum down her throat. She nursed and sucked his cock
until his balls were empty. He pulled his cock free of her mouth and punched
Cumbag in mouth. Cumbag's head flew back with the blow. If Mike hadn't had such
a tight hold on her head, she would have been knocked onto her back. She saw
stars for a moment and her lips began to swell.

"You stupid cunt!...You fucking lazy-ass whore!...What the fuck's wrong with
you?...Fucking bitch!...The next time someone says they want to cum in your
fucking mouth, you better move faster than that!...Do you understand me
COCKSUCKER!...Do you?" he screamed as he hit her again.

Cumbag nodded her head and was going to speak, but she didn't have the chance.
Don shoved his cock back in her mouth. Cumbag returned to sucking his cock
again. With her left hand free, she groped around until she found another cock.
When she found one, she curled her hand around it and started to jack him off.
Just then it was Mike's turn at her mouth again. He pulled her head from Don's
cock and fucked his cock into her mouth. Cumbag hollowed her cheeks and went
back to sucking.

"The whore is pretty good cocksucker, huh Don!...I hope this bitch is hungry,
ha, ha, ha...Hey CUNT!!!...Are you hungry for some more cum, slut?...You better
be, bitch...There's a bunch of guys waiting to dump their cumwads in you
cocksucking mouth, slut!...Suck it cunt!...Use your fucking tongue more, you
stupid slut!" Mike yelled.

Mike, one of the counselors, offered advice to the boys that were behind Cumbag
groping her ass and tits.

"If you boys want something to do, see how many fingers you can shove in the
bitches cunt or ass. The slut won't rip very much, so don't worry about it...You
might like the feel of her cunt, or ass...Now don't fight over it boys. If
there's really not any more room in one of her fuckholes, wait your turn. I
expect you boys to be courteous to each other at all times. That is part of
Scouting...You boys that are groping her holes, let some of the other boys have
a shot at the slut too...OK?...But remember!...Make sure that you clean you
hands by either making the whore suck them clean, or wiping your fingers in her
hair...And don't forget her fucking tits...Be sure to smash them as hard as you
can. The cunt will love it." Mike said to the boys.

Cumbag groaned as three boys fucked their fingers in and out of her cunt. Two
more were finger fucking her ass. She squealed as the cock she was jacking off
spurted it's hot cum on her forehead, but she didn't stop sucking Mike's cock as
he fucked her throat. Cumbag had another orgasm as she felt hot cum slid from
her forehead to her face. She shuddered when she felt the boy grab a handful of
her shiny, blonde hair and wipe his cock clean. Just then Mike yanked her mouth
off of his cock. Cumbag kept her mouth open as he turned her head to Don's cock.
Don shoved his cock in and began brutally fucking her mouth again. With her hand
free of the cock that had just cum on her forehead, Cumbag reached around Don.
She felt his ass shake as she slipped her finger into the boy's ass and found
his prostate. It was too much for the boy.

"Oh!...You fucking whore!...I'm cumming!...Mike!...The fucking cocksucker is
making me cum!...Take it bitch!...Suck my cum you cocksucking whore!...Eat it,
bitch!" Don screamed as he came in her sucking mouth.

When he pulled out of her mouth, Cumbag stuck the finger she had in his ass in
her mouth and sucked it noisily. She winked at Mike.

"See what a nasty whore I am...Now it's your turn...Fuck this bitches mouth like
a cunt!...Dump your cum in my fucking mouth!...Ohhh...You boys!...That feels so
good! Twist my fucking nipples hard!...Harder!...Make this cunt feel it!....Oh!
That's so fucking good!...My cunt!...More of you...Stick your fingers in this
slut's cunt!...Oh yeah!...So good....The slut loves it!...Cum!...The whore needs
more cum!...Fuck my cocksucking mouth...PLEASE!...Fuck my mouth and feed this
slut your cum!" she begged as she looked up at Mike.

Cumbag found another cock and began stroking it as Mike fucked his cock into her
mouth again. Cumbag corkscrewed her mouth up and down on his cock. The boys
laughed at the way she snorted through her nose as she slammed her head up and
down his cock. He didn't last long either.

"Take every drop, you cocksucking whore!....Uuugghh...Get it all, bitch!...Suck
my balls dry, you fucking whore!...Yeah...Choke on it, bitch!...Suck my cock
clean! Don't you waste a drop of my cum, you cum-slurping pig!" Mike screamed at

Cumbag swallowed is cum with gulp. As he stepped back, she felt the two cocks
she was jacking off begin to twitch. She glanced at the two boys and smiled as
she aimed their cocks at her smiling face. Both cocks started shooting hot cum
at the same time. Her left eye was glued shut instantly. Cumbag peeked through
the strands of cum as the other cock splattered her cheek. Botch cocks sent
smaller squirts of cum onto her face.

"My face!...Splatter my fucking face with your hot cum!...Cover this whore's
face with your jizz! I love my fucking face covered in cum!...Do it!...Splatter
the slut!...The slut loves it!...Give it all to me!...The slut wants all of your
sweet cum!...Cum on my fucking face!...Cover my fucking face in
cum!...Ummm...Thank you!...Thank you so much for dumping your cum in my fucking
face...Come here. Let the slut clean your cocks for you...Please!" Cumbag said
as she pulled the two boys closer. She slurped loudly on the two cocks as she
went from one to the other, slurping every drop from their dripping cocks.

"Some of you fellows grab her tits...Really smash and twist them. Cunt's like
their tits hurt, boys." Richard advised.

When the two boys pulled their cocks from her hands, Cumbag giggled as she used
her fingers to push cum into her mouth. Every time she scooped a wad of cum into
her mouth she made a loud smacking sound. Cumbag looked down at her giant tits
as they were being mauled by 5 or 6 hands. She moaned as each nipple was being
crushed and pinched by some boy. Other boys were mashing and squeezing her tits
as hard as they could. Cumbag loved it. Cumbag ground her hips onto the fingers
that were sliding in and out of her cunt and ass as she smiled at the boys
working her huge tits over.

"Ummmm...You boys do like my big tits I see!...Ooohhh...YEAH!...Squeeze
them!...Try to milk these big cow-tits...Pinch this whore's fucking nipples
hard!...Try to pull them off!...I love it! Mash these slut-bags as hard as you
can!...All of you!...Hurt my fucking tits!...Hurt them all you want!...So
good!...Bruise them for me!...I love to have my slut-tits whipped, boys. So if
any of you fellows want to whip them, just pull your belts off and whack my
fucking tits!...Twist my fucking nipples! Oh! I like that!...This is
great!...You boys keep hurting them for me...It makes this slut so hot when you
do!" Cumbag giggled.

"Everybody stand around the slut!...I have an idea!...And you slut. Put your
hands behind your fucking back!" a boy said.

Cumbag whimpered when all of the fingers were pulled from her cunt and ass. She
moaned with disappointment as the boys quit hurting her tits. Cumbag looked
around her. There were 11 boys in a tight circle around her head. She looked up
and saw other boys peeking over their shoulders to watch. Her mouth began to
water again as she looked back at all of the cocks that were mouth level. She
leaned forward with her hands behind her back. She looked up with a sexy smile
as she slipped her tongue from her lips and slowly licked the head of the boy's
cock that had spoke. She saw a glistening drop of juice in his piss-hole. She
stuck her tongue in it to lap it out for the boy. As she did that, she didn't
notice the boy whisper something to the boy next to him. He in turn, whispered
in the next boy's ear, and so on.

After Cumbag licked the tasty drop from the boys cock, she leaned forward to
suck it. She was surprised when he pulled back. He laughed and slapped her face
as hard as he could.

"You stupid slut!...Who said you could suck our cocks?...You dumb whore! Lick
them, slut. But don't suck them...Understand?" the boy said as he spat in her
face before slapping his cock on her face.

Cumbag nodded as she lapped at his cock. She ran her tongue over the underside
of his cock. She fluttered her tongue and smiled to herself when she saw his
cock twitch. The boy pushed her face from his cock, to the boy next to him.
Cumbag started licking his cock next. Suddenly there were 11 cocks rubbing on
her upturned face and lips. The boys stroked their cocks as they rubbed them all
over her face. They stuck their cocks in her eyes. They would stick cocks in her
mouth. But when she tried to close her lips around them, they would pull them
out. Cumbag lapped at all of the cocks the best she could. She tried to suck
them into her mouth, but they would let her. The boys kept pulling their cocks
just out of reach of her lips. The boys would laugh at her and call her filthy
names as she desperately tried to suck a cock. Any cock. Some of the boys spit
in her face. A few spit in her mouth. Some boys would reach down and maul her
heavy hanging tits. Other boys would crush her nipples in their fingers. When a
boy stuck his foot under her cunt, she hunched on his boot. But Cumbag kept her
tongue flickering over all of the cocks. They were teasing her. They wouldn't
let her have what she wanted so badly. There contempt made her cum as she rubbed
her cunt on the boys boot. She knew they wouldn't let her suck their cocks, but
she had to ask as she licked them.

"Please!...Let me suck your cocks!...Somebody please stick your cock in my
mouth!...You'll like fucking my mouth...Just cram a cock in my top-cunt and fuck
it...All of you can!...I'll suck everybody's cock!...Please!...Let the pig have
them!...Don't tease this fucking whore!...Cocks!...Pretty cocks!....Hmmmm...They
are so pretty...Please...Fuck the slut's mouth...I'm a good cocksucker!...I'll
suck your cocks so good...I promise! Who wants to fuck my mouth like a
cunt?...Go ahead!...Anyone!...Just fuck your sweet cock in my
mouth!...Please!...Don't be so mean to the whore!...Please...Stick some cocks in
my mouth!" she begged.

The boys just laughed at her.

One of the boys yelled that he was cumming. All of the boys pulled back just a
little to give him a clear shot at her face. Cumbag stared up through a forest
of hard little cocks looking for the boy who yelled when she felt his hot cum
splatter against her cheek. She opened her mouth wide as the next spurt of cum
shot between her lips, filling her mouth with the gooey mess. Then a second cock
exploded in her face. This boy giggled as he dumped his cum onto her eyebrows.
He didn't even try for her mouth. He just cackled as his cum dripped over her
eyes onto her face. Then 2 more cocks came at the same time. Both of these boys
filled her mouth with hot cum. Cum slipped over her bottom lip and dangled off
of her chin as the boys filled her mouth to overflowing. Cumbag didn't swallow.
Instead she kept her mouth open as it filled with cum. It was contagious. The
remaining 7 cocks seemed to cum at the same time. Cumbag shook as another orgasm
rocked through her. She kept her mouth and her eyes open as the cocks stripped
her face. She slowly rolled her face from side under spurting cocks as they
coated her beautiful face with their hot jizz. Some cocks came on her nose.
Other boys spurted cum on her cheeks. One boy laughed as he stuck his cock in
her left ear when he came. Cumbag's world became muffled as her ear filled with
cum. But most of all, the boys came in her mouth. After about two minutes it was
over. Most of the boys stood back, but three boys did squeeze their remaining
cum from their cocks onto her upturned face.

Cumbag's mouth was overflowing with cum. The boys laughed when she started to
gargle with their cum. Cumbag tilted her face up so the boy's cum wouldn't run
out of her mouth. As she gargled with cum, huge cum-bubbles formed and popped
between her lips. Little splatters of cum fell down onto her face when the
bubbles exploded. Everyone was calling her filthy names as they laughed and
pointed at the thick bubbles of cum erupting from Cumbag's mouth like white

"Look at that nasty slut!"

"The slut's mouth is full of cum!...Can you believe it?"

"Show us how nasty you are, you cunt...Blow some more bubbles for us! Ha, ha,

"You fucking whore!"
"That is one fucked up cunt!"
"You cum sucking SLUT!"

After a few minutes Cumbag winked at the boys. She swallowed the huge mix of cum
in a noisy, obscene gulp. She ran her tongue around her lips as she raised her
hands to her face. As the boys watched in amazement, she scooped all of the hot
cum that she could from her face to her mouth. She sucked each of her fingers in
with loud smacks as she ate every drop of cum that she could find. Cumbag came
as she did her nasty show for the boys. The boys stood back from the cumming
slut as if they were afraid. Cumbag grabbed her tits and squeezed them together
as she smiled up at the boys.

"That was soooo good!...Your cum was wonderful! Did you boys like cumming in my
fucking face?...Am I being a good little fucking slut for you?...Ooohhh...This
whore loved the way you filled her mouth with all of your sweet, hot
cum!...There was SO much of it!...I love being your cumrag!...Am I a good
cumdump for you?...Am I?....I love the ways you boys are treating
me...Please...Keep treating me like the whore-cunt that I am...Do nasty things
to me...Make me do nasty things!....Call me dirty names!...Show me what kind of
pig-slut-whore I am!...Oooohhh...What are you going to do to this stupid cunt
next?...This slut can't wait..." Cumbag said as she pinched her nipples.

Just then a boy pushed through the crowd. Cumbag grinned as he grabbed her by
her hair and d**g her across the grass. The fingers that were fucking her cunt
and ass pulled out of her holes with loud, wet 'plops'. Cumbag looked up to see
a garbage can lying on its side. She smiled as she was thrown over it. She
grunted when he f***ed his cock into her asshole and started pounding away. The
mob of boys formed a circle as they watched the boy ass-fuck Cumbag over the
trash can.

"Take my cock, you fucking whore!...Take it! Fuck me back!...Come on you stupid
fucking slut!...Fuck me back!" the boy fucking her ass yelled.

Richard smiled proudly at the boy.

"Very good Chris!...Did you boys see how he did that?...He just grabbed the slut
and d**g her to where he wanted her...The he just shoved his cock up her
ass...That's the way to ass-fuck a pig like her. We don't care if it hurts the
slut...Do we boys? Ha, ha, ha." Richard laughed. He smiled as the boys answered

"Hell no!...We don't care!"
"That's what bitches like her are for!"
"Hurt that slut!"

Cumbag hunched back against the boy brutally fucking her ass and came as she
heard the boys.

"Oh yeah!...That's right boys! Listen to Richard...He'll tell you boys how to
treat this cock-whore!....Hmmmm...Fuck this whore's ass!...Fuck it hard!...Make
it hurt! good...Fuck me! Fuck the slut!...I love it!...Fucking me
over a trash can!...That's showing me what kind of a gutter whore I am!...Fuck
my ass hard...Am I being a good assfucking slut for you?...Fuck the slut's
ass!...Fuck the slut!...Fuck the whore!...My mouth!...Somebody!...Shove a cock
in it!...My cocksucking mouth is open!...Who wants to fuck the slut's
mouth!...Come on boys...Fuck this slut at both ends!...Choke-fuck this bitch!"
Cumbag whined.

Cumbag rocked back and forth as the trash can rolled with every thrust of his
cock into her ass. She looked up at the boys that were standing in front of her.
The boys were just grinning at her. No one had shoved a cock in her mouth.

"How about you boys?...Have you had a chance to fuck this slut's mouth
yet?...Come on...Just shove your cocks in my mouth...Fuck my mouth as hard as
you can...I love to be throat fucked. Just grab my head and slam-fuck my
cocksucking mouth!...Give the slut some more cum...This cumbag can hold a lot of
cum!...So come on boys!...Don't be shy!...Fuck this slut into the dirt!" she

She smiled as a boy stepped forward and licked her lips.

"Oh yeah!...Fuck my cocksucking mouth while your friend ass-fucks me!...Cram
your cock in my mouth!...Fuck this whore at both ends!" Cumbag squealed as she
opened her mouth for the boy.

The boy grinned as he dropped his pants and turned around.

"Not now, you fucking whore...Eat my ass, slut!...You said you like to suck
assholes, so prove it!...Show everyone what a filthy cunt you are!...Eat
it!...Eat my ass out good, you fucking pig!" the boy screamed as her stuck his
ass in her face.

Cumbag grabbed his ass and spread the boy's ass cheeks. She inhaled the aroma of
his ass before pressing her face in his ass crack. She lapped at his ass hole
with her tongue a few times before she stiffened her tongue and speared his ass
hole. Her tongue fucked into his ass deeper with every thrust of the boy fucking
her ass. She moaned into the boys ass as she felt his legs tremble. She reached
around and grabbed his small cock and stroked it as she tongue fucked his ass.
She felt his legs start to tremble. Cumbag lapped his ass-crack from his balls
to the top of his ass in a long, wet stroke.

"I'm coming, you fucking whore!...I'm gonna fill your fucking ass up with cum,
you slut!...Here it comes!...Take it, cunt!...Take it!" the boy fucking her ass

Cumbag raised her face from the boy's ass.

"Yes!...Fill this whore's ass with your cum!...Do it!...Cum in this slut's
ass!...Fill it up! Fill my fucking ass up with your cum!...Empty your balls in
this cumdump!" she wailed.

Cumbag tightened her ass as much as she could as she fucked the boy back. He
pulled his cock from her ass with a 'PLOP'. As soon as he did, another boy
crammed his cock into her dripping ass and started fucking her too. Cumbag
moaned, leaned forward and licked the boy's ass crack from to bottom. Then she
raised her face again.

"Fuck me!...All of you!...Fuck this whore's ass off!...Fuck me like a slut
should be!...Your cock!...Bring me your cock...Let this slut suck your cock
clean for you!" she whined.

The boy who had just fucked her ass walked to her head. The boy whose ass she
was eating stepped aside to let his friend get to her face. He grunted as he
crammed his cock in her mouth.

"Clean it whore...Get all of your fucking ass slime off of my cock,
bitch!...Clean it good you fucking cunt!" he shouted as he slowly hunched her

When he was sure that she had cleaned it, he yanked his cock from her sucking
mouth. The boy giggled as he grabbed her hair, raised her face to his, and spat
a huge wad between her eyes.

"There's your tip, cunt. You fucking whore. You're a pretty good
cock-cleaner...for a gutter-slut! Ha, ha, ha..." he laughed before walking away
from her.

"Thank you, sir!...I hope everyone makes me clean their cocks for them...I'll
clean your cocks soooo good!...Thank you for spitting in my cocksucking face...I
love being spit on. It lets me know what you think of this dumb bitch...Spit in
my fucking face!...Spit on this whore whenever you want to...I love it!" Cumbag

"Get your face back in my ass, you stupid cunt!" the boy whose ass she had been
sucking said as he stuck his ass in her face. Cumbag reached around and grabbed
his cock again as she pulled his ass to her face.

Cumbag went back to slobbering in his ass. The boy fucking her ass slammed her
back and forth, the trash can rolling with every thrust. She could hear boys
calling her filthy names as she slurped and sucked on the boy's ass as noisily
as she could. As she stroked him she felt the boy's cock twitch in her hand. She
drove her tongue in as deep as she could for a final lick in his asshole before
he spun around. Cumbag stared into the boy's eyes as she smiled. The boy fucking
her ass was slamming her harder but she still managed to aim the boy's cock at
her face.

"Do it!...Splatter me! Cum all over my fucking face!...Show this slut what she's
good for!...Use me for your fuck-rag!" Cumbag giggled before opeing her mouth as
wide as she could.

The boy's cum shot from his cock like cannon fire. It was a huge, thick wad that
hit Cumbag in the middle of her nose. Her eyes went wide with the impact. The
boy grabbed her head and f***ed his cock into her mouth. His second spurt of cum
went straight down her throat. She coughed on his cum. At the same time, the boy
fucking her ass cursed her as he added his cum to her ass. After the boy
finished cumming in her mouth, he pulled his cock free. The boy who had just
fucked her ass shoved his cock into her mouth to be cleaned. As she was slurping
on his cock, she squealed as another boy began to fuck her ass.

The boy who was fucking her ass now also yelled at her.

"Yeah bitch!...I'm gonna make you clean my cock too, you fucking whore!...And
you better suck it good you fucking PIG!" the ass fucker screamed.

When she finished cleaning the boys cock, he yanked it from her mouth. He
slapped her face and laughed.

"You did a good job of cleaning my cock, you fucking slut!...Not bad for a
stupid cunt like you! Ha, ha, ha." he laughed as he stepped back.

"Thank you sir...I try to be a good slut for you...Am I being a good fucktoy?"
Cumbag said.

Cumbag didn't hear the boy's answer. Her attention was on the new cock that had
just been shoved in her mouth.

This went on for over three hours. Two lines formed. One line of boys waited to
fuck her ass. Another line waited for their chance to fuck her mouth. Cumbag
snorted as she sucked one cock after another. Cum was now running out of her ass
into her cunt. No one had even fucked her cunt yet. But she didn't care. Her
sore ass sent tingles of lust to her clit and nipples. She loved the way the
young boys were treating her. All of them called her filthy names. Every boy
wanted to show his friends that he knew how to treat a slut. Cumbag shook
through one orgasm after another.

Each of the boys in Troop A fucked her at least twice. Some fucked her mouth or
her ass four times. Soon her ass had been fucked raw and her throat was clogged
with cum. Cum dripped from her face in a steady drip. Big dollops of cooling,
silvery cum decorated her hair. Her nose was full of cum. It poured over her
lips in a thick, white wave. Boys spit on her. Others kicked her. She was now
too messy to touch. The world began to spin. Cumbag became dazed. She didn't
know where she was at and didn't really know what she was doing. She did fuck
back to every cock that fucked her ass. She sucked or cleaned every cock that
was shoved in her mouth with enthusiasm.
96% (20/1)
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3 years ago
Drifting in to cum overload, nice
3 years ago