Cumslave & the boyscouts pt.1

"Hi Richard...Come on in. The stupid cunt will be down in a minute. How have you
been?" Steve asked as he led his old friend into the den.

"I'm great. I really appreciate you loaning the cunt to us, Steve. It will be
great for the boys. You know how important it is to get k**s off to a good start
these days." Richard said.

"I agree. It's good for them. I remember when I was in the Boy Scouts. It sure
helped me to become a man. I'm always glad to help. Well...Here's the dumb slut
now. It's about time you, fucking cunt. Get your ass in here, you stupid bitch!"
Steve shouted as Cumbag came bouncing down the stairs.

Cumbag smiled at Richard and Steve.

"I'm sorry sir. You know what a stupid slut I am. Hello Richard. I'm so glad to
see you again. I can't wait to get ****d by the boys. You said there will be
about a hundred boys there?...That's great! This fuckpig hasn't had that many
cocks at one time in a loooong time! Do you like my uniform?...Do you think this
will make them want to **** this cunt into the dirt?" she asked as she spun

Cumbag was wearing a Boy Scout uniform top. Holes were cut letting her huge tits
hang out. She was wearing a skirt that barely covered her cunt, but not her ass.

"Yeah...I guess it's alright. But I don't think you'll have it on long, slut."
Richard said with a wink as all three of them laughed.

"If you don't mind Steve, I'll pass on the drink for now. We have a long drive.
I should be going." He said.

"No problem Richard. I hope you and the boys have fun with the cunt. Let me know
if the bitch doesn't act right OK?...Cumbag...You be a good fuckpig for the
boys, you hear me?" Steve said.

Cumbag hugged Steve and said, "I will sir. Let's go. Cumbag can't wait!"

As soon as they got into his truck, Cumbag started.

"Richard....Can I please suck your cock?.......Please?...Let the slut have some
cum...You know this slut is a good cocksucker....Please?...I gotta have
some..."Cumbag began to cry.

"Oh...You stupid cocksucking whore!...Shut the fuck up!...Goddamn! I don't know
how he puts up with you!" Richard yelled as he grabbed Cumbag and pulled her to
his crotch.

Cumbag started slurping on Richard's cock as soon as she got it in her mouth.
Richard held Cumbag by her hair, slamming her head up and down on his cock.
Cumbag licked, nibbled and sucked with every thrust.

"Mmmm...Soooo good!...Feed this pig your fucking cock!...Fuck my
mouth-cunt!...Mmmmm" Cumbag moaned as he humped her mouth.

Cumbag sucked Richard's cock as they drove to the forest where his Boy Scout
troop was camped. Cumbag was licking the last of his cum from his cock as they
pulled into the camp. Cumbag looked up and saw all of the small tents with
groups of boys doing various things. There was a covered pavilion along with the
50 or so pup tents in the heavily wooded area, along with a small stage with
bleachers. Richard drove to the back of the stage.

"You stay here cunt until I call you. Understand slut?" Richard told her as he
got out of the truck as she nodded. She couldn't wait.

Cumbag rubbed her cunt as she heard Richard on the public address system calling
the boys to the stage.

"All scouts...Report to the stage area immediately! Stop what you are doing and
report to the stage"

Cumbag's cunt juiced even more as she could here the low murmur of the boys as
they filled the bleachers. After several minutes she heard Richard on the PA
once again.

"All of you boys know how proud I am to be your troop leader. You know how
important all of you boys are to me. I am proud to be your mentor, helping you
to learn the lessons of the Boy Scouts. I also want to teach you great fellows
other things too. So we have a special guest this weekend. Someone I know you
will enjoy. Cumbag...Come join us!"

The boys stared as Cumbag came bouncing on stage in front of the 100 or so buys.
She strutted across the stage wagging her ass and bouncing her tits as she
smiled and winked at the boys. She strutted over to Richard as he spoke into the

"This weekend you will be learning about sluts. This is what you will be
practicing on. Introduce yourself slut." Richard said as he stepped back handing
Cumbag the microphone.

Cumbag took the microphone and smiled at Richard when he grabbed her left tit
and gave it a hard squeeze. When he dropped her tit, he gave Cumbag a quick slap
on her ass. Cumbag squealed and jumped as she smiled at the crowd of boys and

"Hi boys. My name is Cumbag. I'm here so that you boys can learn about sluts...I
am a slut. I am also a cunt...In fact; I am just a fucking cumslut. I hope you
treat me like the cunt I am. I will be here all weekend for your fun. I can't
wait until each of you get to fuck me as much as you want. I'm not like those
little girls you know...I'm a fuckpig! I'm just a nasty fuck-whore that loves to
have cocks in all of my fuck holes...I'll do anything that you have ever thought
of...I love cocks. I love to be fucked hard and I'm a great cocksucker!...I also
love to get hurt while I'm being ****d. You boys can do anything you can think
of to me....And I do mean anything!" Cumbag said into the microphone.

Cumbag slid her hand to the hem of her skirt. With a smile she slipped a finger
into her cunt as she looked at the crowd of young boys. She grinned sexily as
she stuck the dripping finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. She grabbed a
handful of her long, silky blonde hair and held it up.

"Do you boys like my hair? Do you know what my hair is for?...Ha, ha, ha...It's
for dragging this fucking cunt around, that's what! I love it when men grab my
hair and pull my cocksucking mouth from one cock to another. If there is
something you want me to do then just grab this slut's hair and make me do it. I
love it!...Do you guys think I have a pretty face?...Well...I love to have my
face dripping with cum! I hope you boys want to shoot a lot of hot, sticky cum
in my fucking face. Who thinks this piece of fuckmeat would be prettier with
loads of your cum squirted on her fucking face?...Who wants to splatter this
bitches face with some nice hot, cock-cream?"

Cumbag smiled as a hundred boys cheered and raised their hands. Cumbag rolled
her tongue around her lips as grabbed a tit in each hand, and shook them at the

"This cunt is glad to know that! Ha, ha, ha...So go ahead...Use my face for a
cum-target and a cum-sponge...Mmmmm...So...Dump your cum in my face...or shoot
your jizz up my nose...or fill my fucking ears with cum. I don't give a
fuck!...I want thick strands of cum covering my whole mother-fucking head!"

Cumbag lowered her head and grabbed her right nipple between her teeth. She
pulled her head up, stretching the hard nipple as boys hooted and hollered at
her. She let the nipple slip from her teeth and laughed as her huge tit bounced
up and down.

"Who wants their cock sucked?...Ha, ha, ha...Everybody I hope!...I'm a good
cocksucker...So if you want this whore to suck your cocks, just shove them in
this hole. I'll suck your all of your cocks soooogood! I want all of you to
think of my mouth as just another cunt!...My mouth-cunt!...My top-cunt! Just
grab this slut and fuck her mouth like it's a cunt!... I know you fellows will
like fucking my mouth as much as I love having it fucked. Did I tell you boys
how much I love to eat cum?...Well I DO!...That's why my name is
Cumbag!...That's what I am...I'm just a walking cumdump, so please...Feel free
to feed this bitch all of the cum that you want. Fill this whore's belly so full
of cum that I slosh when I walk!...I'm just a walking cumbag, so fill it
up!...Let's see how much cum this bitch-slut can hold!"

Cumbag smiled as the boys clapped and yelled nasty things at her.

"Do you know what my mouth is besides being a cumdump?...It's also a
urinal....Have you boys ever pissed in some stupid sluts face before?...Well
here is your chance. I want everyone of you to piss right in my fucking
face!...Show me what kind of a fucking whore I am! Ha, ha, ha...I hope you guys
remember that when you need to piss...Don't piss behind some tree or in some
cold toilet!...Hell!...I'm a fucking toilet too!...So...If you need to piss,
piss right here!...If there's a cock in my mouth already, ask who ever is
fucking my mouth if they would mind if you pissed in my mouth. Remember...You
guys always be nice to each other when you **** me, OK?...If it's OK with
whoever is throat-fucking me, then you just grab my hair...jerk my cocksucking
mouth off of that cock and gram your cock in and piss away!...I promise this pig
will do her best to suck down every drop of piss you guys are nice enough to
give me!...Do you know what this slut has in her mouth?"

Cumbag stuck her tongue out again. This time she grabbed it and pulled,
stretching it as far as she could for all the boys to see.

"Ha, ha, ha...That's right! A tongue!...Ooooo...My tongue was made to lick cocks
and balls. I'm such a dirty little bitch!...I love to lick assholes too!...Have
you boys ever had your assholes licked by some stupid cocksucking fuckpig, like
me?...Well this is your chance. So, don't forget to make me suck your asses at
least once this weekend, OK?...I promise it'll feel great and get you so horny
that you will want to dump some more cum into this bitch-whore."

Cumbag squeezed her huge tits together and rolled them all around her chest. She
pulled her tits even further through the two big holes that were cut into her
top and winked. Cumbag flashed seductive looks at the crowd of boys as she
mauled her tits. A cheer went up from the crowd when she grabbed each nipple,
pulled her giant tits up and shook them. She grinned as she continued.

"Oohhh...You boys like big tits on your sluts, huh? Ha, ha, ha...That's great! I
was hoping you boys liked really big tits! This cunt loves for her tits to be
played with, but most of all I like them to be hurt...Who wants to hurt this
slut's cow-tits?...Who wants to try to pull these fucking slut-bags off of this
whore?...Ooohhh...Good!...I know I'm going to have some fun here!...I can't wait
to give you boys a shot at twisting this big fuckers...When you boys get at him,
don't be gentle...I want you to be as rough with them as you can!...The slut
likes them pulled and hit...I love them to be twisted and bit...Just do anything
you want to these big old slut-bags! You can pinch them with pliers, you can
stick pins in can even burn them! I don't give a fuck!...I just want
you to treat me like the **** toy I am!...Could I get some of you to fuck
them?...Please!...Wouldn't you like to grab these fucking whore-tits, smash them
around your cock and fuck them until you splatter your jizz all over my fucking
face?...Oooooh....The slut can't wait!...Let me show you what else this whore
has for you boys!" she said with another wink.

She slipped her top off and shook her tits again at the crowd of boys which
brought a howl of approval. Cumbag turned around and boys whistled when they saw
the bottom half of her ass hanging below her short skirt. Cumbag smiled over her
shoulder at them as she leaned forward a little exposing more of her tight ass.
She then spread her legs and bent over. As she looked at the crowd of boys from
between her legs she grabbed her ass cheeks as wide as she could, showing them
her asshole. She stood and massaged her ass and returned to the microphone.

"Ha, ha, ha...It sounds like you boys like my ass?...Who wants to fuck this
bitch's ass?...See how tight it is?...I can hardly get my fingers in it!...When
you want to fuck it, don't go slow. A slut like me is used to having cocks just
crammed up my fucking ass...This whore's asshole is fun to fuck...Just throw
this slut down and shove your cock all the way in my fucking asshole and make it
hurt....Then...Fuck this whore into the dirt...That's right where I belong!
Fucked in the dirt! And don't forget!...Shove your cock in my mouth after you
fuck my ass!...Make me clean it in my mouth...You wouldn't want anyone to know
you have been fucking a slut!"

Cumbag slipped her skirt off. She took the microphone from the stand as she sat
on the stage and spread her legs as her hand went to her cunt.

"This is a slut's cunt!...Can everyone see how wet it is?...This cumpig can't
wait to have you boys fucking the shit out of it...Mmmmm....Oohhh...Just look
how it's dripping! I can take two cocks in my cunt, you know. I love to have my
whore's cunt stuffed!...You can also fist-fuck this bitch!...Do you boys know
what that is!...Well...That's when you make a fist and just shove your hand
right up my fucking cunt!...Just slam your hand in it and fuck me with
it!...This whore hopes you boys think that's sounds like
fun!...Oohhh...GOD!...This slut is so horny!...I need to get fucked soooo
bad!...Please!...Fuck me!...**** me. Please?...Watch this whore put her hand in
her cunt...Mmmmm...Someone please shove a cock in this cunt! Can't you boys
see how much I need to be ****d?...Please!...Don't be mean to this fucking
slut!...Shove some cocks in the whore!...Please Richard...Can I fuck the boys
now?...I'll be a good piece of fuckmeat!...I promise Richard! I'll fuck them all
so good!...Please let the boys **** the slut!...This pig is so hot!...I
coming!...Everyone! Watch the slut cum!" Cumbag whined as she slid her hand in
and out of her hot, wet cunt.

Richard took the microphone from the cumming Cumbag and addressed the Boy

"OK...You boys heard the slut...Troop A, step to the front of the stage!...OK
boys. You guys are the oldest. I want you to start things off...Remember...A
good leader leads by example. Now, the younger boys here need you to show them
how to treat a cunt. I expect you boys to be their leaders. When you **** the
bitch, make it clear to the younger ones how to do it. Do you
understand?...Good!...OK boys!...We are counting on you to be good
leaders....**** the whore!" Richard said as he pushed Cumbag off of the stage
into the mass of leering boys.

Cumbag landed on the ground with a hard thud. She looked up as group of 25 boys
surrounded her. She smiled as they encircled her.
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11 months ago
good start.
3 years ago
This is shaping up to be a good story
3 years ago
sounds like my kind of camping trip!