Daughter becomes a Cumslave pt.4

Lucy's mother cackled a wicked laugh as Mrs. Hammer lowered her dripping cunt to
Lucy's face. Mrs. Hammer's dress fell over the young girl's head as little Lucy
dove for the woman's cunt. Lucy attacked Mrs. Hammer's dripping cunt with a
vengeance. The bathroom was full of the sounds of sex.. Lucy's slurping, Mrs.
Hammer's cooing, and Lucy's mother's laughter echoed all around the room.

"Ha, ha, ha...Yes Mistress!...Feed my little slut-daughter your cunt...Is my
little girl being a good pussy-slut for you?...Is the little whore?...Mmmmm...
Smear your cunt all over my daughter's fucking face, Mistress...Ohhh...Yes,
Ma'am....Use my little girl for your suck-slut...uuhhhgg...Little Lucy-cunt!"

Lucy's mother groaned as she watched Mrs. Hammer rotate her hips. She was on her
knees, with her hands behind her back, staring at the other woman's ass
squirming on her daughter's face. She wanted to finger her cunt. But had not
received permission to do so, so she wiggled her ass, sending little sparks to
her clit.

Little Lucy franticly tried to keep her mouth locked onto the women's cunt. Mrs.
Hammer grabbed each of Lucy's pigtails, using them for handles as she yanked
Lucy's head from side to side. Lucy slobbered all over the new cunt that was
offered her with loud, wet smacking sounds. Mrs. Hammer giggled when Lucy
shoved her tongue deep into her cunt, and wiggled it all around, like a long
pink snake.

"Ha, ha, ha...Good little slut. That's right. Clean my cunt out, you fucking
whore. MMmmm...Your cunt-daughter is a hungry little pussy-slut,
Pig-Cunt...uuuhhmm...You must be proud of your little slut of a daughter." Mrs.
Hammer said with a wicked laugh.

"Yes, Mistress...I am proud of my little girl. Lucy's going to be such a good
piece of fuck-meat...She is an eager whore, Ma'am. Show my fucking slut-daughter
her place in the world...Eat her cunt, Lucy!...Show Mrs. Hammer and Mommy just
what kind of a fucking bitch-cunt you are...You little fucking whore...Do it,
SLUT!!!...Mmmm..." Lucy's mother grunted in a low soft voice as she leaned
forward and started licking Mrs. Hammer's ass crack.

Little Lucy shuddered as an orgasm waved through her young body. She loved the
way her mother and Mrs. Hammer talked about her. Every time the two older women
talked about her as if she was a brainless piece of fuck-meat who wasn't even in
the same room with them caused her tight, young cunt to convulse.

Mrs. Hammer moaned as Pig-Cunt lapped at her ass-crack. With a low, throaty moan
she released Lucy's pigtails. With one hand she grabbed the back of Lucy's head
and f***ed the gurgling little girl's face into her wet, musky cunt. With the
other, she reached behind her, and grabbed Lucy's mother's hair. She pulled
Pig-Cunt's face into her ass-crack. Lucy's mother inhaled deeply when her nose
was trapped by the woman's fleshy ass and moaned. Mrs. Hammer giggled as she
rolled her ass and pulled Pig-Cunt's face deeper into her ass.

"Heh, heh, heh...You fucking whore! Stick your fucking ass-wiping tongue in my
fucking ass where it belongs, you stupid bitch!...Mmmm...Eat my ass while your
slut-daughter eats my cunt, whore!...You do want to eat my ass, don't you
slut?...Does the little piggy want to show her daughter what a nasty fucking
ass-whore her mommy is?....Hmmm?...Well?...DO YOU BITCH?!!" Mrs. Hammer said in
a mocking voice.

"Yes Mistress!...Please!...I'm just a stupid piece of shit whore!...Please
Ma'am!...Let this pig suck your ass! This cunt-slut will eat your ass out so
good...Look Lucy-cunt!...Watch Mommy be an ass-whore!...Eat her cunt good Lucy
while Mommy eats her ass...Let's show Mrs. Hammer how good of a couple of
pig-sluts we are!....Mmmmmm...Oh, Mistress!...Feed your pig your ass!...Mmmmm"
Lucy's mother whined before Mrs. Hammer shoved her face even deeper into her

Mrs. Hammer chuckled feeling Lucy's mother's soft, wet tongue lapping at her
asshole. She held Lucy's face tight against her cunt. Lucy came again. Hearing
her mother beg to be this woman's ass-whore inflamed the lust in her young body.
She wished she could watch her mother eat the woman's ass, but she realized her
place was eating this lovely, young woman's cunt with all of her might.

"Do you hear that, Lucy-cunt?...That's what your Mommy sounds like when the cunt
is eating my ass...Your slut-mother makes such nasty sounds when she eats ass,
don't you think?...She sounds just like a little piggy! Ha, ha, ha...Ooohh
yeah...Eat my cunt, you little bitch!...Eat my cunt while your mother-whore
cleans my ass for me, slut...Uummm...You fucking pig-sluts... This is all that
bitch-cunts and the mothers of bitch-cunts are good for...Ha, ha, ha...." Mrs.
Hammer rolled with obscene laughter.

Lucy and her mother moaned as orgasms waffled through each of their bodies.
Pig-Cunt would drive her tongue deep into Mrs. Hammer's tight ass and swirl it
around causing the woman to chuckle. Little Lucy in the meantime would do the
same with her mother's cunt. Suddenly Mrs. Hammer screamed.

"YOU FUCKING SLUTS!!!....I'M COMING!....Uuuyghh!" Mrs. Hammer f***ed the
mother-daughter slut team's faces into her cunt and ass. While she moaned and
spasmed a huge glut of her cunt-cream exploded into Lucy's mouth. Little Lucy's
eyes flew wide open in astonishment. Lucy rolled the goo around her tongue Mrs.
Hammer squirted into her mouth. She first thought the woman was pissing in her
mouth, but soon realized it wasn't piss...it was cum. A woman's cum. Lucy never
thought a woman could squirt cum like a man, but this one did. Lucy gulped down
the woman's sticky fuck-juices with gusto, opening her mouth for more. With a
laugh Mrs. Hammer pulled Lucy's sucking mouth from her cunt, and spurted the
last of her cream in the little girl's mouth. Lucy came hard.

"Ooohh YESSS!...Cum in my face!...Mommy!...LOOK!!!...Mrs. Hammer is coming in my
face! She's cuming in your slut-daughter's face just like a man!
Uuggh...YES!...Cum in my fucking face...Cover this little cunt in your juice!...
ooohhhh...." The orgasm that rocketed through her body was too much for the
little girl to take. Lucy passed out. The last thing she heard was Mrs. Hammer
and her mother laughing at her as her head bounced off of the bathtub.

"Thank you Mistress for giving my little slut of a daughter your cream... See
how much Lucy-cunt liked it?...You are so nice to my little whore. Please...Do
something NASTY to the little slut!...Oohh...I love watching you use my daughter
for your fuck-toy! How can the Pig-Cunt thank you, Ma'am?" Lucy's mother said as
she went back to licking the woman's asshole.

Mrs. Hammer grabbed Pig-Cunt by the hair. With a sneer, she pulled the licking
mother's face from her ass-crack and slammed her to the hard bathroom floor.
Lucy's dazed mother looked up at the woman as she pulled her dress back down
over her firm legs. Tears began to swell in Pig-Cunt's eyes.

"Forgive this stupid cunt, Mistress...Have I failed to please you?...Did my
whore-daughter not please you, Ma'am?...Please, Mistress!...We'll be better
cunts for you! I PROMISE!..." Lucy's mother said between sobs.

Mrs. Hammer grabbed Pig-Cunt's hair again and pulled her face toward hers. She
spat a huge wad of spittle that hit Lucy's mother between her eyes and slithered
down the slut's face.

"Bring your slut of a daughter into the living room. I have plans for the little
slut!" Mrs. Hammer said with a laugh.

"Ooooohh...Thank you, Ma'am! Spit in my fucking face!...Slap me!...Beat me!...
Beat my little slut-daughter!...Do anything to us you want to!" Lucy's mother
begged. "YES Ma'am!...I'll bring my cunt-daughter in there for you...Do anything
to the little bitch you want to, ma'am...I'll bring the whore right away."
Lucy's mother said as she scampered to comply. Mrs. Hammer laughed all the way
into the living room.

"Come on my little bitch! Mistress has plans for the slut....Ha, ha, ha... Be a
good little fuck-slut for Mommy. Make Mommy proud, you little bitch-cunt."
Lucy's mother said as she grabbed her u*********s daughter's hair and pulled her
out of the tub. A thick strand of Mrs. Hammer's cunt-cream dangled off of
Lucy's chin. Lucy's mother smiled as she pushed it into her daughter's mouth.

"Eat it slut...That's where cum belongs, little bitch...Swallow that cream like
a good little whore." She said with a sneer. As Lucy instinctively swallowed,
Pig-Cunt leaned over and licked Lucy's face. When she had sucked as much of the
remaining cunt-cream into her mouth, she planted her lips to her daughter's.
Mother and daughter both moaned as Lucy's mother pushed the cream into her mouth
with her tongue. Pig-cunt laughed as she pulled Lucy from the tub.

"Come on baby...We have more fun for the whore."

Pig-Cunt struggled as she d**g her daughter across the cold bathroom floor, down
the hall into the living room.

When she had dragged her blissful daughter into the living room, she looked
around but didn't see Mrs. Hammer. Afraid that her Mistress was finished playing
with her and her daughter, she called out.

"Mistress!...Here is the little cunt! She's ready for you!...Hello?...
Mistress?...I brought the slut!...Hello?..." Suddenly the front door burst open
and in walked Mrs. Hammer.

She roared with laughter at the sight that greeted her. Lucy's mother was
standing in the middle of the living room. Her huge tits swaying back and forth
as she called out. In Pig-Cunt's right hand, she had a handful of Lucy's blonde
hair. Her left hand was fingering her own cunt. Lucy lay u*********s at her
mother's feet, as she too, fingered her cunt as dreams of degradation filled her
young mind.

"Hello Mistress...I was afraid you were finished playing with your sluts. Here
is my whore-daughter for you Mistress...What would you like to do the bitch
now?...Ha, ha, ha..." Lucy's mother broke out in a wicked laugh at the joke she
had just made.

For the first time, Lucy's mother noticed the companion Mrs. Hammer had brought
into the house.

"Bitch is right, Pig-Cunt!...Damion!...Get her!...Fuck her!" Mrs. Hammer said
releasing the huge tan Great Dane.

Mrs. Hammer closed the front door as the huge dog leapt across the room in a
prance. He stopped at Pig-Cunt, looked up at her, then to little Lucy, and then
back to Mrs. Hammer.

"I said get the bitch, Damion" Mrs. Hammer repeated as she sat in a chair, hiked
her skirt to her waist and began to rub her still tingling cunt. The confused
a****l looked up at Pig-Cunt again and cocked his head. This time Lucy's mother
helped make the command clear to the giant dog. She reached down and stroked him
behind his ear and pulled the dog's head up to face her. The dog licked
Pig-Cunt's lips. Lucy's mother opened her lips and sucked the dog's thick, wet
tongue into her mouth, giving it a gentle suck before letting it go.

"Hi Damion...It's so good to see you boy. Don't fuck me, fuck my little girl.
This little slut here is my daughter, Lucy. Would you like to fuck her?...Would
you boy? Huh?...Go ahead, boy...This is your new bitch...Fuck her boy!...My
daughter is your new fuck-bitch!...So fuck her!...Fuck the shit out of your new
bitch!...Here boy...Fuck her mouth!...I'll help you, Damion... OK boy!...Fuck my
daughter's mouth!" Lucy's mother said with a laugh as she pulled Damion to stand
over her daughter's head. Lucy's mother held her head up by her hair as she
grabbed Damion's ass, pulling him closer to the little girl.

Lucy's mother grabbed Damion's cock with one hand and started stroking his cock.
When his huge red cock began to emerge from it's hairy sheath, she pushed Lucy's
lips to it. Damion began to hunch toward the little girl's face. Suddenly Lucy
came to. All she could see was the dripping red cock of Damion.

"Mommy!...Where are you? What's happening?" Lucy called out.

"I'm here, my little daughter-slut. Well, I guess I should call you my little
bitch-daughter! You know Mrs. Hammer's dog, Damion?...Damion wants to fuck your
mouth. I think that's a good idea...Don't you?...I can't wait until Damion is
fucking your little slut-mouth like a dog's cunt... Now ...Be a good little cunt
for mommy and open your mouth, cunt. Be a good little fuck-bitch! Open up,
slut...Let Damion fuck your little whore's-mouth....You do want to be a good
fuck-bitch for Damion...Don't you, little slut?...Ha...ha...ha..."

Lucy's mother laughed as she waved Damion's thick, red cock in front of the
little girl's face. Lucy's eyes were fixed on the dripping cock that her mother
wiggled in front of her face. She tingled with excitement at the thought of
becoming a dog-whore for her mother as Mrs. Hammer watched. A small orgasm waved
through the girl when spit from Damion's open, panting mouth dripped to her
forehead. It seemed to the little slut-girl that the dog was spitting on
her...She came again.

"Oohhh...YES Mommy! I'll be a GOOD little fuck-bitch for Mrs. Hammer's dog!...I
promise! You'll be Sssoooo proud of me! Make the dog fuck my mouth!...Choke me
with his big, red cock!...Do it Mommy...Feed your little slut-daughter the dog
cock! Make me a dog-whore, Mommy...Make him use my mouth for a bitch's cunt,
Mommy!...Hurry Mommy!...Don't make your bitch-daughter wait!" Lucy cooed, never
taking her eyes off of the red cock.

Lucy's mother looked back at Mrs. Hammer for approval. The brunette was grinning
as she finger-fucked her dripping cunt watching the mother wave the dog cock
around her daughter's face. Lucy's mother smiled and licked her lips as she
watched her Mistress open her cunt wide.

"See Mistress...My little slut-daughter wants to be your dog's fuck-bitch!
...Shall I feed the little cunt?...Can I?...Lucy-bitch is hungry to suck
dog-cock!" Both women began to laugh again when Lucy began to talk to Damion.

"Hi Damion...I'm Lucy, remember me?...Mommy and Mrs. Hammer want me to be your
bitch...Can I?...Can I be your fuck-bitch?...Want to fuck my mouth?...Come on,
boy...Pllleease?...I'll be a good little cock-sucker for you...I haven't had a
dog cock yet, but I know I'll like it...Do you know how I know I'll like
it?...Because I'm just a cunt!...I'm just a slut-whore who's only job is to be a
fuck-toy! So come on, Damion!...Fuck my mouth like it's just another cunt. Mommy
says that's what my mouth REALLY is...Just another cunt...Won't you fuck
it?...Please?...Ooohhh...You balls look SO FULL!...Are they? Ooohh...Are they
full of yummy dog-cum for your new fuck-bitch? Ooohhh...This little slut hopes
they are!...Come on Damion!...Fuck my slut-mouth full of doggy jizz!" Lucy

"Hey!...Pig-Cunt!...Help your slut-daughter, you stupid fucking cunt! Can't you
see the little slut needs her mommy! What kind of a mother are you,
bitch!...Help her!... Go on, cunt...Help your daughter be a fuck-bitch!" Mrs.
Hammer said with a throaty cackle.

Lucy's mother pulled the panting dog closer to her daughter's smiling face.

"Open you fucking mouth, Lucy-cunt! Take this dog cock into your fucking mouth
and show Mommy what kind of a slut you are!...Go on Damion!... **** my
daughter!...**** my little slut-daughter's fucking mouth!" She said as she
pushed little Lucy's head toward the dripping cock with a laugh.

Without a word of protest, little Lucy opened her mouth. Her mother pushed her
head forward as Damion's cock speared the little girl's mouth, the two women
laughed and began shouting at the little girl.

"Fuck the little whore's mouth, Damion!"
"Suck that dog-cock, daughter-slut!"

"Eat that cock, dog-slut"
"Fuck your bitch's mouth, boy!"

"Fuck her mouth, Damion!"
"Your daughter is a natural dog-whore!"

"Suck that dog cock Lucy!...Do it for Mommy! Oh!...I'm so proud of you!"

Lucy's eyes were wide as the huge dog fucked her mouth. Her nose was rubbed raw
on the hairy belly of Damion as he pistoned his thick, red cock in and out of
the little girl's mouth. Lucy's mother was still holding the girl's head for
Damion when Mrs. Hammer called to her.

"Come here, Pig-Cunt!...Crawl over here and eat my cunt, you fucking slut. Eat
my cunt while I watch my dog use your little slut-daughter for his whore!" Mrs.
Hammer snickered.

Lucy's mother dropped the little slut's head. Lucy's head bounced to the floor,
but Damion just scooted forward, fucking her mouth all of the while. Damian
pinned the little girl's head to the floor. With his body bowed, he fucked her
mouth relentlessly. Lucy gagged and choked as the huge dog-cock speared her
throat, but she did nothing to protect herself. Lucy reached up and grabbed
Damian's haunches, pulling his cock as deep as she could in her mouth. As her
mouth filled with the dog's cock-juice, Lucy had another idea. She released her
grip on the dog's ass and put her hands over her head. She pretended she was
tied down, and her mother was bringing dogs in to **** her mouth-cunt. The idea
of being ****d by dogs while people watched and laughed at her caused her to cum

Mrs. Hammer leered at the lewd sight before her. Her legs were spread wide as
she fucked three fingers into her dripping cunt, still chuckling as Pig-Cunt
crawled toward her. "Yes Mistress...Feed your whore your wonderful
cunt!...Mmmffff...." Pig-Cunt said as Mrs. Hammer grabbed her head, forcing it
to her cunt. "That's it, you fucking slut. Eat my cunt while I watch Damion use
your fucking slut of a daughter for his cum-slut! Eat
it!...Oohh...Yessss!....Such a good little Mommy-whore!....Uuhhmmm...Fuck the
little slut's mouth... Yeeaahhh...Stick your fucking tongue up my
cunt...Ooohhh..." Mrs. Hammer shuddered as she came. Lucy's eyes were wide.
Damion was hunched over the little slut, fucking his cock in and out of Lucy's
mouth. Damion's tongue hung from the side of his open mouth, dripping spit down
on the dog-cock-sucker under him. Lucy's lips were in a firm 'O' forming a cunt
for the dog. Lucy snorted air through her nose afraid she would lose his cock if
she breathed through her mouth. Lucy slurped and lapped at the dog cock that
fucked her mouth. Damion whimpered and began squirting dog-cum in thick, salty
strands. Lucy snorted loudly as she realized the dog was cumming in her mouth.
Her eyes rolled back as a hard orgasm took control of her. Lucy would let the
dog-cum pool in her mouth while she swished the dog's cock juice around,
savoring its gamely flavor. When the juice would start to leak from her tight
lips, she would swallow. Lucy came every time she swallowed a big mouthful of
dog cum. There seemed to be no end to the dog's cum. Lucy's cheeks would swell
obscenely with the stringy cum, letting Mrs. Hammer know her dog was cumming in
the little girl's mouth. That knowledge only made Mrs. Hammer cum even harder
in the mouth of Lucy's mother. Pig-Cunt frantically tried to keep up with the
rush of cunt-cream filling her mouth, as her daughter fought to keep up with the
rush of dog-cum in hers. Mrs. Hammer yanked Pig-Cunt from her cunt with a loud,
wet, 'slop'. She twisted her hand into her hair as she turned Pig-Cunt so that
she could see her daughter. Pig-Cunt's eyes slowly focused on the dog fucking
her daughter's mouth as a steady stream of Mrs. Hammer's cunt-juice dribbled
from her open mouth.

"Look at your little girl, you fucking slut-whore!...Look at the little
slut!...Do you know what the slut is doing? DO YOU, CUNT?!!...The little whore
is eating dog-cum! Your slut-daughter is my dog's fucking whore... LOOK!...See
her throat move?...Do you see how your little girl LOVES to eat dog-cum? Ha, ha,
ha... What do you think of your baby NOW?...Your daughter is just a fucking
cum-dump for dogs now, slut...And do you know what, bitch?...I'm going to see to
it that your daughter becomes the dog-slut for the whole fucking town. I'll turn
the little cunt into a dog-cum receptacle...A walking cum-bank...A
cumbag!...What do you think about THAT, you whore-slut!...Is that OK with
you?...You don't mind I use your daughter for a cumbag, do you?" Mrs. Hammer
screamed at the back of Pig-Cunt's head.

She yanked on The Mommy-slut's hair, pulling her head backwards so Mrs. Hammer
could spit on her forehead. With a shove she released Pig-Cunt. When Pig-Cunt's
head snapped back into a natural position, she came as she felt the spit trickle
down her forehead, into her eyes. Her mouth twisted into a wicked grin as she
watched as the wide-eyed little Lucy swallowed mouthful after mouthful of
stringy dog jizz. Lucy's mother shuddered as another orgasm hit her as she began
to answer her Mistress.

"Oh...YES Mistress...This slut-mother thinks that would be a GREAT idea! Do
it!...I'd love to see my little girl become the towns dog-whore!...Uuhhmmm... Do
it right away. I bet there are hundreds of dogs around here that really need a
slut like my daughter to dump their cum in!...It would be so mean to let them
walk around with full balls, when my daughter here would be such a good little
whore for them!....Uugghh...Mistress you are SO right! My little
slut-of-a-daughter DOES love to eat dog cum!...MMMmmm...Do it, Lucy...Eat that
dog-cum like a good little slut! Show Mommy how nasty her daughter-slut is! Did
you hear Mistress Lucy?...Did you hear she is going to make you the dog-slut for
the WHOLE TOWN!...Oohhh...You are going to be fucked by HUNDREDS of dog cocks!
Isn't that GREAT, dear? You are going to be turned into just a cumbag!...I'm so
proud of my little whore-daughter!...Uugghhh..."

Lucy's mother fell silent as she came even harder than the last time. The idea
of her daughter sucking and fucking every dog in town filled her mind with
wicked images as she heard the laughter of Mrs. Hammer in the background. With a
lustful groan, she dove for Mrs. Hammer's cunt again.

Lucy grabbed Damion's low hang black balls in her little hand and jerked her
head off of the spurting dog-cock. Damion whined as his cock popped free and
dangled in front of the little girl's face. Spurts of dog-cum erupted from his
cock, striping the gasping little girl's face. Cum hit Lucy on her eyebrows and
slithered into her eyes. A jet of Damion's cum hit little Lucy just below her
left eye and snaked its way to her chin. Another squirt filled her right eye
with dog-jizz. Dog-cum began to fly everywhere, but Lucy kept the dog's cock
aimed at her face as she spoke.

"OH yes, Mommy! I heard!...gllugg...That WOULD be great! I can't wait until
every dog in town has used me for his cumbag....Oohhhh...I LOVE that word
Mommy...cumbag!..Gghmmpp...Will you help, Mommy? Will you bring dogs home for me
to suck?...Plleeeaase?...I'll be a good little doggy-whore...I promise
Mommy...gglluuugg..Mommy?...Could I do it in front of people?...Could you get a
bunch of men to come over and watch me be a dog-slut?...Maybe after they watched
be a fuck-toy for a bunch of dogs, they would want to **** me awhile...Do you
think they would, Mommy?...Do men like to watch a little cunt like me be nasty
with a bunch of dogs? Would the men want to fuck me too, Mommy?...Ooohhh...Yes
Damion!...Keep cumming in your bitch's face! GOOD BOY!...uughh...Mommy!...Make
the dog cum some more in my face!...Please Mommy...Cover your little
bitch-daughter's face in sticky dog-jizz!... MMmmm...Mommy!...Make me eat
it!...Feed me some cum, Mommy!...Turn me into a cumbag, Mommy!"

Lucy fastened her mouth around Damion's cock as his balls began to run dry.

Lucy's mother looked up at Mrs. Hammer and began to laugh as they both started
to cum again.

Damion jumped away from Lucy. Now that his balls were empty, he had no use for
the young slut. Lucy rubbed her fingers around her face, collecting the cum that
Damion had spurted there. Little Lucy started cumming again as she pushed hot,
sticky dog-cum from her face into her mouth. Lucy's mother watched with
perverted interest as Lucy smacked down load after load of dog-cum into her
young mouth.

"Oohhh Mommy!...dog-cum is SSOooo GOOD!...(smack)...Please get me some
more...Will you Mommy?...Mmmmm...I love being a bitch...I want to be the best
dog-bitch there ever was...Mmmm...Ohhh...Mommy...I want more cum. Can you get me
some more?...Please?" Lucy said before concentrating on her cum eating.

Mrs. Hammer pulled Lucy's mother from her cunt and smiled down at the young

"Hey BITCH!!...Why don't you show that bitch-slut you call a daughter what else
my dogs will do to the little slut!...She will be more than my dog's
cum-bag....Show the cunt!" and threw Pig-Cunt backwards to the floor.

Pig-Cunt scurried to her daughter and stood over the cum-smacking little cunt.
Lucy gazed up at her mother's beautiful cunt and grinned. Lucy was busy fucking
her fingers in and out of her young cunt when her mother spit in her face.

"Thank you Mommy. I like it when you spit on me. Did you think I was a good
bitch for Damion?...Huh?...Was I a good dog-slut? Oohhh...I hope I was a good
bitch, Mommy. I think Damion liked fucking my mouth!...Did you see how much cum
he squirted on me, Mommy?...It was a bunch!!!...Oohhh Mommy....Mrs. Hammer
wasn't teasing me, was she?...She meant it when she said I get to be a walking
cum-dump...a cumbag...right? She WILL get a lot of dogs for me to fuck?...Won't
she?...Please?...She wasn't playing with me when she said she would make me the
town's Dog-Slut...Was she?" Lucy asked while continuing to stare up at her
mother's cunt with Mrs. Hammer's laughter in the background.

"Lucy-slut?...Getting dogs to cum in our faces is just one of the tricks a good
bitch can do...Watch this, bitch! Ha, ha, ha..."Lucy's mother laughed as she let
lose with a powerful stream of hot, yellow piss that hit Lucy between the eyes.

"Piss on the little bitch!...Yeah!...Be a good Mommy for your slut-daughter and
piss all over your fucking dog-slut of a daughter's face!" Mrs. Hammer shouted.

"You heard the lady, my little cunt...Be a good toilet for Mommy and take all my
piss on your fucking face!...You nasty little whore!...Oohhh That's a GOOD
slut!...Keep you mouth open just like that so that I can piss in
it!...Oohhh...Now flush, toilet-whore!...GOOD! Open up again
bitch!...Yyeess...Drink Mommy's piss like a good little cunt! Ha, ha... Keep
flushing, daughter-toilet...Uuhhmmmm"

Pig-Cunt slowly rolled her hips as she washed her daughter in her piss. Lucy
also moved her head in a slow, wide circle for her mother. Lucy loved it when
her mother soaked her fine, blonde hair in her piss. Lucy moaned as she caught a
clump of her piss soaked hair in her mouth and sucked the piss from it. Piss ran
down her back and into the crack of her ass and cunt, causing her to squirm on
the carpet.

Lucy tilted her smiling face up to her mother's cunt. Lucy giggled when her
mother pissed up her nose before filling her young mouth with piss. Lucy looked
into her laughing mother's eyes as she let her mouth fill with hot piss before
swallowing. Her mother and Mrs. Hammer looked at each other and smiled at the
delightful sound of Lucy's mouth filling with piss. Lucy snorted, sending a rush
of piss cascading down her chin, coating her chest.

"Ohhh Mommy! Piss in my fucking face...Ohhh...I love being your piss-whore...
Uhhmmm...So good...Wash your little cunt-daughter's hair in your piss, Mommy.
Piss all over your little bitch!... Please let me have your piss all of time!
Let me be your little piss-pig!...Mmmmm...OH! I like THAT! Piss up my nose
again!..Hhmmp!...Mrs..(glug)...Hammer!...Can you see Mommy pissing all over this
little cunt?...hhmmpp...Watch this!...Mommy!...Show Mrs. Hammer how you can
piss up your slut's nose!...(glug)..Hmmmm..." "Ha, ha, ha...You little
pig!...Take your mother's piss all over your stupid little piss-slut head!...Ha,
ha, ha. PIG-CUNT!!!...Drown your whore-daughter in your fucking piss, you
useless bitch!...Uugghhh...Fucking cunts! ...uhhmm..." Mrs. Hammer cackled as
another orgasm waved over her. "MORE!!!...Mommy more!...More piss!
Please...don't stop...Oohhhh...I want more piss , Mommy...Please?...Oohhh...I
loved to be pissed on, Mommy" Lucy whined as her mother's piss slowed to a
trickle, and the stop.

Her mother did manage one last squirt of piss which hit Lucy in her left eye.
Lucy's begging turned into slurping sounds as she fastened her mouth on her
mother's wet cunt and began to nurse. Her mother grabbed the back of Lucy's head
and tried to pull her into her cunt as her daughter attacked her cunt.

"Uhhmm... don't worry my little bitch-cunt daughter...Uhhmmm...Mommy has a
wonderful surprise for her little whore. Oohh...Now stop eating Mommies cunt,
you fucking slut!...Mmmmm...Lay back and open your piss-catcher of a mouth, and
Mommy has a wonderful treat for the little bitch." Lucy's mother said with a
smirk as she pushed Lucy to the floor and spit in her open mouth.

"Oh Mommy! Do something really nasty to me...Piss on me!...Fuck me!...Hit me!...
Spit on me!...Uughhh...Treat me like the stupid little fuck-toy I am!...
oohhhh...I'm so horny Mommy! Can I play with my slut-cunt?...Can I Mommy!...
Your little whore needs to cum some more!" Lucy began to wiggle on the floor.
Lucy slid her hands up and down her sides waiting for permission to play with
her cunt. The little slut kept her eyes closed and mouth open as she waited to
be used again.

"Mistress?...May my whore-daughter play with her cunt? The little bitch does
look awfully horny, Ma'am...Is it OK if the slut cums again? The cunt was a good
fuck-bitch for Damian and she was a good piss-whore for me...May she?" Lucy's
mother asked.

"You fucking cunts are almost more trouble than you are fucking worth... Luckily
for your slut Damian seemed to like cumming in the little whore... Alright...Go
ahead you fucking slut-whore!...Cum!...But be fast, We can't be worried about if
you get to cum or not. You should know by now, that doesn't matter AT ALL!!...As
for YOU, hurry UP!...I have to leave and I want to see you do to your daughter
what I said, bitch"

Mrs. Hammer said impatiently as she leaned back in her chair, stroking her cunt.

"Thank you Ma'am...Go ahead, Lucy-cunt...Cum for Mommy while I get your treat
ready. Be a good bitch for Mommy"

Lucy could hear movement in the room, but had no idea what wonderful surprise
her mother had planned for her...As she pinched her left nipple and slid three
fingers into her sopping wet cunt, she hoped it would be something REALLY
disgusting. Lucy came when she saw a shadow cross her young, beautiful face and
felt her mother's spit splatter her cheek. The young girl opened her mouth wide
for her mother to spit in, when suddenly her mouth filled with liquid. The two
adult women erupted in fresh laughter as little Lucy choked and sputtered.

"Ha, ha, ha...This is GREAT!...Hey bitch-cunt!...Slut!...SURPRISE! You can open
your eyes now. Ha, ha, ha..." Mrs. Hammer laughed.

When the sputtering Lucy opened her eyes, her mother couldn't resist the urge to
spit in her eyes. She heard her mother's laughter join the Mistresses as she
blinked her mother's spittle clear. Lucy was afraid she was drowning. But when
her eyes focused on the dark shape over her face, her fear exploded into another

"Take it you little bitch!...Now you know just what kind of a slut-bitch you
are! Ha, ha, ha..."

Lucy's mother laughed. Damian seemed to smile down at little Lucy as her mother
directed his pissing cock all over her face. Lucy couldn't stop cumming as she
drank the dog's piss. After the initial 'surprise', her mother was squeezing
Damian's cock to regulate his piss flow into her daughter's face. Lucy's mother,
and Mrs. Hammer too, wanted to enjoy the spectacle of the little girl being a
dog's urinal for as long as possible. Damian would from Lucy, and back to her
mother as the woman squeezed his cock. Lucy leaned up, hoping to catch Damian's
pissing cock between her lips so she wouldn't miss any of the dog's hot piss.

Lucy's mother had other plans. When she saw what her daughter was trying to do,
she directed the stream of dog-piss into Lucy's bright, blue eyes. The
piss-blinded Lucy searched for the elusive pissing dog-cock with her open mouth
in vain. She shuddered through another intense cum when her mother aimed the
dog's cock to her hair. As dog piss soaked her blonde hair and ran down every
part of her head, she could hear her mother and Mrs. Hammer laugh.

"Take that dog piss, you bitch-cunt!"
"Fucking stupid cunt!"

"Piss on your new bitch, Damian."

"Make him piss in your slut-daughter's mouth some more, pig!"

"See Mistress!...Damian is marking the slut as his now!...He wants the whore!"

"I wish my sons were here to see the dog-urinal...We'll have to do this a lot!"

"Yes Ma'am...I knew she would be a good dog-whore!...Drink dog-piss, baby!"
"Maybe your sons would like to take her to school for show-and-tell?... I'm sure
a lot of the k**s and teachers would like to see a dog-piss-whore, Ma'am."

"Hey piss-head!...I might plant you in my front yard!"

"Oohh YES, Mistress! Do it to her!...You could video tape Damian pissing in my
bitch-daughter's face and send it to that Funniest Video's TV Show!"

"HA, ha, ha, ha, ha................"

Lucy couldn't stop cumming. The way her mother and Mrs. Hammer were talking
about her made her hotter and hotter. Her mother would let the dog fill her
mouth with piss. Then her mother would squeeze his cock, cutting off the piss
flow, do give her time to swallow it down. While little Lucy was 'flushing', her
mother would let just a small spurt of his piss hit her face, or hair. But the
dog's piss didn't last long enough for any of the three.

Lucy's mother sensed Damian was running out of piss. With a chuckle she pulled
her daughter's face close to the dog's pissing cock. She stuck the tip of the
dog's cock into her daughter's nose. Mrs. Hammer and her mother laughed again
when Damian sent the last three spurts of his piss into the little girl's
sinuses. Lucy came again as she snorted the hot dog-piss like cocaine.

Damian gave a final shudder when he was finished marking his new bitch. With a
whimper he tried to pull away from the mother and daughter slut team, but Lucy's
mother held fast to his cock. With a smile she slid the hairy sheath down
uncovering his entire cock. Lucy was still blinking from the sting of fresh, hot
dog-piss washing out her sinuses, but the thick, long, red-mottled dog cock
fascinated her. Mrs. Hammer giggled when she noticed Lucy staring at the
dog-cock her mother had unveiled. Mrs. Hammer walked over to the young slut,
mother and dog. She scratched Damian's ear as she kicked little Lucy in her
spasming, young cunt. Lucy's mother flashed the woman a lewd grin.

"My slut-daughter liked that Ma'am...Go ahead...Kick the little dogslut's cunt
again...Lucy!...Spread those little whore-legs of yours a little so Mrs. Hammer
can have a good shot at kicking your fucking cunt!...She might even shove her
foot in your cunt!...Wouldn't that be nice, bitch?... THERE!...Go ahead
Mistress! The bitch is ready. Kick her cunt!...Kick the little toilet-whore's
cunt HARD! Ha, ha, ha..."

She did. Lucy's ass came off of the floor about 10 inches when Mrs. Hammer's
foot entered the young slut's cunt. Even through the pain and the orgasm it gave
the little slut, Lucy never took her eyes from the dripping, red dog-cock her
mother was holding in front of her young face.

"Heh, heh...Look at your bitch-daughter!...The fucking cunt can't take her eyes
off Damian's cock...The little BITCH!..Ha. ha, ha...Hey Bitch-Lucy!... Want some
more dog-piss?...Huh slut?...Want me to send your whore of a mother out for some
more dogs to use your slut-mouth for their cum-dump and piss-pot? Ha, ha,
ha...Of course you do...Fucking bitch-cunt! Your slut-daughter is going to be
fun for everyone. She might even turn out to be a bigger pig-whore than you,
cunt. Wouldn't that be something?...Heh, heh... Oohhh...I'm going to have SOOoo
much fun thinking up little games for the cunt to play!" the laughing woman said
as she wiggled her foot around Lucy's cunt.

Lucy's mother winked at the woman saying, "Ma'am?...I hope you and Carl let me
suggest some things to do to my little bitch-cunt...I can think of a LOT of
stuff to put my little girl through...Lots of nasty... NASTY stuff!" Mrs. Hammer
smiled at the mother, leaned over, and slapped her face.

"I'm sure you can, slut...I'm sure you can! Well...Time is short, pig." She said
with a chuckle. Pig-Cunt looked back at her daughter and laughed at the dreamy
look on the young girl's face.

"Ha, ha, ha...You ARE a little pig-slut, aren't you dear?...Did you like the
dog-piss?...Mmmm?...My little Lucy-cunt likes it when dogs piss in her
slut-face, doesn't she? Come on...You can tell Mommy. Does Mommy's little whore
like being dog-slut?...Does the piggy want more dogs to use her mouth for a
bitch's cunt?...And does the whore want more dogs to use her mouth and face for
a dog-urinal?...Does Mommy's little baby like getting kicked in her
slut-cunt?...Well?...Does the little cunt?...Ooohhh...I see...You want
this...Don't you slut? You want Mommy to put this dog-cock back into your
top-cunt...Right, slut?...Well little bitch, the cunt has to answer Mommy before
Mommy will give the slut a nice dog-cock to suck." Lucy's mother said in a
teasing voice as she waved Damian's cock around Lucy's face.

"Yes Mommy...I do! I've loved everything you and everyone have done to me! Are
you proud of me, Mommy? Am I being a good slut?...Do you think Damian likes
me?...I mean, likes me enough for me to be his new bitch? I hope so Mommy!...I
really liked it when Damian fucked my mouth...Uh...I mean, my top-cunt, Mommy.
Did you see how much cum he gave this bitch?...Wasn't that a LOT?...He liked
cumming in my face, didn't he Mommy?...Ohhh...I hope so. I want him to fuck my
mouth-cunt a lot. Can we ask Mrs. Hammer if Damian can spend a couple of days a
week with us? I want him to fuck me over and over and over...Just like a bitch
should...Maybe Damian has some doggy friends that would like to fuck this little
dog-whore...OH! I know now!...You pissed in my face so Damian would
too...COOL!..That's how he knew I was a piss-slut!...Right Mommy?...Uhhh...If
sometime when Damian is over, and say Carl takes you someplace for a ****, will
it work if I piss in my own face?...I mean, to get Damian to piss on his
fuck-bitch... Will that work Mommy? I want Damian to piss on me every time he
fucks me...Can I?...Is that OK Mommy?...You know I'll always be your toilet too,
but I'd like everything that sticks a cock in me to piss on me too... That's
what sluts like me are for!...Right Mommy?" Lucy asked as she started
finger-fucking her mother's cunt.

"Yes Lucy-cunt...You are right. You should always let anyone piss on you that
want too. Or let anyone do ANYTHING to you that they want too...You are just a
cunt...That's all. You only purpose in like is to be a good piece of
fuck-meat...a good ****-toy...a good toilet...or whatever that anyone...or
anything...wants you to...Now...Be a good bitch for Mommy and open your
cock-hole. Open wide and Mommy will shove this nice dog-cock in your mouth. To
be a really good pig-slut, you have to at least offer to clean any cocks that
were shoved into any of your fuck-holes... A lot of the men that are going to
**** you have wives and girlfriends. You don't want them to go home with any of
your slut-slime on their cocks and get into trouble with their wives, and
all...That's not polite!...If they are nice enough to **** you, then you should
be nice enough to clean any trace that they were with a bitch-cunt, like
you...or me. OK?... Good slut!...Here it comes. Now just clean Damian's cock...I
know...It's hard not to want to get him to fuck your mouth-cunt again, but he
has to go home. Just clean all of your slut-slime, his cum and his piss from his
cock...That's my bitch...Suck him easy...Don't worry my little whore. Carl will
be home soon...And I bet he will want to **** you too...He might even take my
little slut to where there are a LOT of men who want to **** a little cunt like
you...That's is SSOOO CUTE! Mommy loves to see you choke on a cock! Do it again!
Choke yourself on Damian's cock!...Ha, ha, ha...I love to see that!...Such a
good little fuck-slut daughter! You know Carl LOVES to choke-fuck sluts...He has
a special harness that he uses on me sometimes...It locks my face to his crotch
so that I keep his lovely cock in my throat for as long as he wants. I'll ask
him to put it on you. You're small enough that he can walk around with his cock
stuck in your whore's throat. Won't that be fun, bitch?"

"Did I hear my name, cunt?...What are you telling your fucking slut-daughter
now, Pig?" Carl said, startling the mother and daughter. "Here bitch...Help me
with this. I need to piss."

Lucy's mother pulled Carl's thick cock from his pants and pointed it at her
daughter's face.

She laughed as her daughter sputtered on the fresh rush of piss in her young
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5 months ago
So fucking hot, this has to be one of my all-time favorites.
1 year ago
A lot of effort goes into these stories nice job
3 years ago
Great fucking story
3 years ago
awesome series
3 years ago
Outstandingly filthy, well done!
3 years ago
wow, its gonna be hard to out perv that story. by the by i used to have a rottweiller and always thought of having my(at the time) slutty GF let him F her. what is this? 4 of 6? cant wait to see what else you have planned.
3 years ago