Prom Week

Frank was serving Brick a large piazza when his daughter Melany came in. Brick noticed the size of the breasts under her tight white tee shirt. "Look at the pair on her Frank!" Brick whispered.

"That's my daughter Melany" Frank replied. "Sorry Frank I." Brick started before Frank stopped him, with an understanding look on his face.

"It's alright Brick I know my daughter has one of the best set of jugs this side of the playboy mansion" Frank explained, beaming with a filthy form of pride.

"Shit, Brick you think the case of blue balls she is giving now is bad, try living with her, I've had a case almost every day since she grew up to be such a piece of ass!"

Brick nodded knowingly. "So, I've heard you have brought me my cut from the Harmony video profits." Frank reminded Brick. Brick handed Frank his cut, a whooping 5000 check.

"Shit I should have done this years ago" Frank said as he slipped the money into his apron. Frank looked up at his daughter adding "I think I have the star of the next video too". Brick's eyebrows raised in shock. "Your own daughter!?! Shit that's nasty even for us" Brick said, shocked, yet excited too, at the thought of that hot bitch being fed her own father's cock.

Brick looked at Melany in her tight jeans and thin, tight tee-shirt that show the shape of her huge breasts. "Such f****y reunion's aren't my thing Frank, so I'll just leave you to it" Brick said before leaving.

That afternoon, before Melany returned from school Frank reminded his three son that Melany would be home soon, so they should prepare.

As she entered her home Jack her oldest b*****r grabbed her arms, forcing them behind her. "Let go of me or I'll tell dad!" Frank's irate daughter warned. Jack smirked

Frank walked up to Melany and violently grabbed one of her large breasts in his hand. Melany gasped in shock, disgust, and arousal. "Dad what are you doing?, please don't touch me like that" the 18 year old girl pleaded.

Frank talked as he rough fondled his beautiful blond daughter. "Melany you're a cock tease, and it is high time you learn the price of that".

Peter, Frank's youngest son at 19, handed Frank a large jug of water. "You want to wear tight tee-shirts all the time, fine we'll have a wet t-shirt contest than."

Frank slowly poured the freezing water on to Melany. Melany yelped at the cold kiss of the water.

Frank felt his cock stiffen as he could see his daughter's tits in full detail through her see thru top.

Frank and his boys had dreamed of this day for years, though they tried to surpress such thoughts till now.

Melany had been teasing there cocks for years with her big jugs and lips just made for blowjobs.

When Frank had finished soaking his daughters top completely he tossed the water container away.

Frank tied her top in to a knot just below her firm jugs. Frank grabbed his daughter's firm knocker's in his rough hands. "Fondling you is even better than I imagined" Frank offer crudely. Frank bent his head down and started sucking on Melany's amazing milk melon.

"Please stop touching me like this" she pleaded as she struggled to get away. Frank stopped to catch his breath.

Frank than removed Melany's pants, socks, and panties. Frank slipped a finger into her tight hole announcing "boys she's a virgin!" Frank with a stupid grin, exposing his gold teeth.

"You have four choices Melanie, you choose one of us to pop your cherry, or we can see if your tits can produce milk, or we can wax your pussy bald, or lastly we can use your sweet mouth as a place to piss your choice". Melanie couldn't believe her ears.

"Your giving me an ultimatum like that? No fucking way". "You need learn who is in charge here" Frank said as he bent her over the side of a near by sofa. He than spanked her perfect ass cheeks.

Melanie's large tits bounced and swayed with every slap to her tender buttocks. Melanie felt betrayed by both her f****y and worst of all, her pussy. Her cunt got wetter every time Franks hand cracked across her lovely ass cheeks.

Lou, Melanie's youngest b*****r, kneeled on the couch in front of his gorgeous s****r. Being only one year older than Melanie, she had always felt close to Lou. "Please Lou help me.meeee!"

"Sorry Mel, you know I'm a tit man, and you've got the best melons I've ever seen" Lou replied as he fondled her mammaries.

Lou tugged her t-shirt up, freeing a pair of huge tits. Lou shoved his Louisville slugger between his s****r's round breasts.

Melanie was caught in a flurry of sexual stimuli. It proved to much for her to resist and the pretty 18 year old started to feel an orgasm coming on.

"Cover my tits with you hot sperm" Melanie screamed to her b*****r. Lou shot his jizz out like a geyser, blanketing her jiggling chest with man sauce. Melanie found her face too was covered in her b*****r's sperm.

Melanie was than f***ed to lick her jugs and face clean of spunk, which made worse by the fact that it tasted just like pineapples her favourite fruit.

Just than the door bell rang. "Hooters pizza!" the girl shouted on the other side of the door. "Who was the idiot who ordered piazza right now?" Frank hissed.

Melanie put her hand up. "I know you make pizza dad, but it always tastes salty and gooey. and I just realized you've been shooting your wad into the piazza dough!" Melanie whispered, recognising the creamy, yet delicious taste .

Frank pulled his daughter's top down, so that it was tied just below her breasts again. Frank look out of the peep hole. The piazza girl was a looker. A very pretty young woman, with her red pony tail popping out of the back of her baseball cap.

Her hooter's were barely contained in a hooters girl t-shirt. Her knocker's have to be as big as Melanie's Frank realized.

She was also just as ravishing in the looks department as his daughter. An evil idea crept into Franks mind. E

ver since hooters had moved into the pizza delivery arena his business had been getting ass fucked by these big titted sluts.

Now it was their turn to be fucked. And boy was he going to fuck the big titted bitch hard. "Help me I." Melanie shouted before being gagged by her middle b*****r Peter. He did this by forcing her to her knees, and then forcing his throbbing prick into his s****r's hot, wet mouth.

Frank than opened the door and grabbed the pizza girl by the wrist, pulling her into the house. Frank shut the door behind the frighted girl.

Frank noticed her name pin was on her hat instead of on her shirt so that the sight of her impressive jugs would not be obscured by anything besides her hooter t-shirt.

"So, Lisa have you ever been **** before" Frank asked as he moved between Liza and the way out. Jack got behind Lisa and pinned her arms behind her back. Jack's free hand cupped one of her pillowy breasts. "Please let me go!" the piazza girl pleaded.

Frank pulled her hat off exposing her shiny red hair. "Nice pony tail, where I come from we call that power steering" Frank laughed.

Lou stood filming it all. He turned the camera back to Peter who was r****g his s****r's mouth with a fury. Peter inundated Melanie's tongue with his dripping stud juice. She shallowed her b*****r's dripping cream like it was her last supper.

Lou than handed the camera back to Peter. Lou than pushed his s****r back onto the sofa and started licking her tasty cunt. She was cumming in no time which inspired Jack. Jack f***ed Lisa onto the lazy boy. He removed her shorts and panties first. He then feasted on the piazza girls twat. "Please stop" Lisa asked again, before she was caught up in a orgasmic shock wave that emanated from her clit.

Frank grabbed the leg wax from the coffee table and announced it was time for the waxing. "So Melanie who will be first to have her pubic hair removed, you or Lisa". Melanie gave into cowardice and said "Lisa." Lisa shivered in terror as her legs were f***ed apart. They than applied the wax strips.

Melanie felt her arousal soar as the wax strips were removed slowly, leaving Lisa's beautiful pussy bare. Lisa howled at the pain and fainted.

"Your next" Frank said evilly, as Jack f***ed her legs apart. The wax was applied and than removed. Melanie screamed, but did not allow herself the luxury of fainting, feeling that after she'd acted so cravenly, she owned it to Lisa to take the brunt of the next assault.

"I guess it time to fuck the enemy" Frank declared as he looked at the fainted form of Lisa. Melanie gave into her guilt at having gotten Lisa into this. "**** me first" Melanie whispered. "Why should I?" Frank asked confused at the question. "I want your hard cock filling my tight virgin hole" Melanie answered huskily, trying to spare the pretty red head.

"I've been such a cock tease, with my big creamy tits, that it is about time you taught me to act like the fuck toy that I should be." Melanie added.

This was to much for a bastard like Frank. He pounced on her like a panther and was r****g his daughters tight cunt hard, before she say another word. She gasped as her virginity was cruelly stolen away. "Dad, your cock is too big, it going to kill me" Melanie wailed.

Frank ignored her pleading as he brutally ****d the poor girl. Jack got sick of her pleading so he f***ed his s****r to suck on his balls. Melanie had never sucked on anyone's hairy sack before. She hadn't even known that testicles could get this big.

Lisa awoke to the sight of Melanie being ****d at both ends. Jack had replaced his nut with a cock so big that Lisa didn't know how Melanie could deepthroat it. She was soon to find out by experience.

Peter pull her top up unleashing her enormous breasts. Peter than rammed his dick between the her massive hooters.

Lou, who now controlled the camcorder, grabbed Liza's pony tail and started jerking off with it, using his free hand.

After Melanie had another screaming soul sucking multigasmic explosion, Frank fill his daughter's tiny pussy with his seed as the poor young woman was fed a litre of semen by her b*****r.

Lisa was next as Lou filled her rich, vibrant red hair with his white sauce. Finally Peter unleashed a torrent of guy goo, completely painting Lisa's face and firm globes white.

Frank had first shot at Lisa's virginity.

"Please I am a virgin! Don't do this" Lisa begged as Frank held her arms above her had before shoving his steel hard cock in to her woman hood. Lisa moaned when her hymen was torn asunder. Lisa was filled with self loathing because of her approaching climax. "Noooooo!" she screamed when her orgasm hit like a battering ram.

Lisa and Melanie were both f***ed onto there tits and stomach. Jack and Lou than started r****g there tight arse holes, alternating when every both girl came.

From that point on each of the young busty beauties was ****d in all three holes, plus there large milk melon, by all four men.

When the guys were spent Frank gave new orders. "You must now drink the sperm from each other."

Melanie started by licking the sperm from Lisa's asshole. Lisa moaned loudly as she received her first rim job.

"Oh, that feels good" Lisa added as Melanie suck the spunk from her asshole. Melanie than moved onto Lisa's pretty vagina. Melanie loved how Lisa tasted, and the way she squealed when Melanie lick her love button.

When Lisa's pussy was clean Melanie worked her way up Lisa back, kissing every inch lovingly.

When she was done, Melanie turned Lisa around and started licking her trim belly clean. Melanie didn't know what surprised her more. The fact that she loved the taste of jizz or that she desired the young woman in front of her more than she had desired anything else.

Melanie moved onto Lisa's beautiful globes. As Melanie sucked on Lisa amazing breasts, Lisa gasped in arousal. Melanie than got another shocker.

Lisa started lactating. Melanie's mouth filled with milk as Lisa had another orgasm. Melanie moved onto Lisa's face licking the cum from her face and hair. "Do you want to go to the prom with me?" Melanie whispered into Lisa's ear, before gently nibbling on it.

Lisa giggled and whispered back "Only if you promise to fuck me all night long afterwards". Lisa than kissed Melanie deeply. Lisa softly slipped her tongue into her new girlfriends mouth. They made out for what seemed like an eternity.

"Hurry it up sluts" Frank ordered, annoyed that they seemed to have a thing for each other. Lisa licked the sperm off of Melanie's entire body. Lisa savour every square millimetre of the blonds athletic body, sending Melanie in to several head spinning climaxes.

While the girls had been cleaning each other guys had gotten a tripod for the camcorder and a pair of buckets. "Get on your hands and knees with your hooters over the buckets, it's milking time" Frank ordered.

Lisa, with her new lover at her side, told Frank to go fuck him self. Frank bent Lisa over in response and shove his entire fist up the pretty piazza girl's asshole. Jack bent Melanie over and shoved his fist in to. "Please stop!.Please milk my huge tit like I am your fuck slave, Please master treat me like a cheap whore" Lisa begged in an effort to end the anal fisting.

"I suck your dick every day I promise. I'll even suck and I even let you sell me as a whore on the streets if you'll just stop ramming your fist up my ass!" Melanie pleaded in the hope of protecting her already violated asshole.

The guys pulled there fists out of girls assholes with a popping sound. The young beauties than got into position over the buckets.

Frank started milking Melanie's large hooters while Lou milked Lisa's firm jugs. Milk strayed from there nipples. Lisa couldn't believe that being degraded and humiliated was turning her on so much.

Melanie had same feeling, but with added arousal of being milked by her father. When they had milked a half a litre out of the ladies Frank decided on a new game. He first moved the bucket's out of the way and shoved his dick in to Lisa's hot mouth.

Frank moaned as he pissed in the pretty girl's mouth. Lisa shallowed as fast as she could so she wouldn't drown. Peter rammed his cock into Melanie's mouth and gave a golden shower too.

She instinctively shallowed instead of drowning on the golden fluid. Lou pissed on Melanie's lovely tits, while Jack pissed on Lisa's pillowy jugs.

When it was all over Frank gave Lisa her clothes and he told her to get the fuck out. Lisa just held her hand out and said "your forgetting the cost of your pizza, oh and I'd better get a damn good tip!"

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