My Fuckdooll

This is the story of how I discovered that my cousin Trixie was an insatiable whore. It was the end of the summer, and we had both just turned 18, and were getting ready for our senior year in high school. She and her parents were coming down to visit for the weekend because it was my mom's birthday. At first I figured it would just be another annoying f****y gathering where I'd spend the whole time shut up in my room so that I didn't have to deal with bothersome relatives. However, when I learned that my cousin would actually be staying the night in my house, as opposed to in a hotel like every other time she came to visit, I started to get ideas.

Let me just say that I'd wanted to fuck my cousin for at least two years now. I had no moral qualms with the prospect whatsoever. She was incredibly hot. Absolutely fuckalicious. I figured I might as well see what I could accomplish. She was only 5'2", and 105 lbs, with well tanned skin and slut-blond hair. Her ass round and firm, the way you'd imagine the perfect ass to look. What stood out most about her body though, were her breasts. Despite being so petite, she had gigantic tits. 34Ds, and on her, they looked spectacularly huge.

My cousin drank, and so did I, so I fully intended to get us both completely shitfaced. Watch a movie, get d***k. That was the extent of the plan. If my cousin wanted to fuck me, it would work. If she didn't want to fuck me, it wouldn't work. Simple as that.

My name is Jack by the way, nice to meet you.

Okay, so the night before my cousin's arrival, I acquired a little over a fifth of vodka. Good vodka, quite drinkable. I stashed it away under my bed, and got to sl**p pretty early because I needed to be on my game the next day. I woke up around 11:00 AM, took a shower, and got dressed in some nice clothes. My cousin, her mom, and a slew of other relatives got to my house at noon. When Trixie walked through the front door, I just gaped. She was wearing one of the shortest pairs of shorts that I had ever seen, and a tight tank top that made her breasts look even bigger than normal. She saw me standing there, staring at her body, grinned, and laughed. She must've immediately sensed that I wanted to fuck her silly. We exchanged conventional talk for a few minutes-

TRIXIE: So, you ready to get wasted tonight?

ME: Definitely. I figured we'd just watch a movie in the basement and get d***k at the same time.

TRIXIE: Sounds good to me. I hope you can keep up with me in shots Jack!

-and then we headed into the kitchen to socialize with the adults.

The day went very slowly, and was boring for the most part. Trixie and I exchanged flirtatious looks and smiles while we pretended to be interested in what our parents, aunts, and uncles had to say. We ate lunch, we ate dinner, and at around 11 PM everyone decided to go to bed. I told my mom and that me and Trixie were going to stay up a bit and watch a few movies, and she didn't have a problem with it. So me and Trixie finally headed downstairs and took a seat on the big couch in front of the TV. I retrieved the vodka and right off the bat we were taking swigs out of the bottle while some random program played on the television. Our first conversation was about relationships.

TRIXIE: So, do you have a girlfriend?

ME: Nah, I prefer to just hook up with women for now. Do you have a boyfriend?

She took another swig of vodka and giggled playfully.

TRIXIE: Uh huh, I do.

Normally, this would've shut me down completely, but the combination of having been flirting all day with being decently d***k left me still very hopeful.

ME: Ah that's cool, so how long have you all been dating?

TRIXIE: About a year now.

She giggled again and grinned. So did I.

ME: What's so funny Trix?

TRIXIE: Well, it's a secret, you can't tell anyone.

ME: I won't, I promise.

TRIXIE: Well, I cheat on him a lot.

I laughed, and spoke playfully.

ME: Trix you slut!

TRIXIE: Hey I am not a slut!

She had a short fit of laughter and leaned into me.

TRIXIE: Well, maybe a little.

She put her arm around me and took another swig of vodka. I put my arm around her, and drank some more myself.

TRIXIE: Hey, aren't we supposed to be watching a movie?

ME: I guess, what do you wanna watch?

TRIXIE: Let's get a porno off pay-per-view.

Now normally I would never do this, too risky. But tonight, risks were necessary. So we started browsing the selection of porn. We settled on a "Barely Legal: Teen Sluts" sort of thing and within one minute the deal was sealed. First she put her hand on my leg, and drew us closer together with the arm that was still around me. I moved my arm around her side, down her back, and rested it on her waist, with my fingertips touching her bare thigh. One more swig of vodka each and then everything started. She wrapped both her arms around me and started kissing me passionately, digging her tongue into my mouth. I wrestled her tongue with mine and ran my hands down her back to her tight ass, and squeezed. She moaned through the kiss and then broke it off to pull off her shirt. Her gigantic tits burst out, barely held in by her small bra. I moved my hands back up, and undid her bra, so that it fell and totally revealed her breasts. She helped me pull off my shirt and then we were grabbing at each other like it was the last time we'd ever to get fuck anyone for the rest of our lives.

She started whispering in my ear, and her hands started tugging at my shorts, feeling my hard cock through the fabric.

TRIXIE: Do you want to fuck me Jack? Please fuck my hot little pussy. I need your dick.

I reached over and undid her shorts and pulled them off quickly to discover she wasn't wearing any panties.

ME: You fucking slut, you wanted to get fucked from the start didn't you?

TRIXIE: Mhm, I've wanted to fuck you for a long, long time.

She pulled off my shorts and boxers so that we were both totally naked on the couch. She got down on the floor and got in between my knees and looked up at me.

TRIXIE: Please fuck my mouth. Abuse your cousin's cute, stupid face with your big fat cock.

I wrapped my hand around the back of my cousin's head, grabbing a fistful of her hair, and shoved her open mouth down around the head of my nine inch dick. Putting both hands on the back of her head, I fucked her face like she wasn't even human. It felt so good. Forcing my huge cock deep into my cousin's throat, and with every thrust hearing her gag on it like a whore. I could feel the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat when my balls slapped chin. She moaned into it, clearly enjoying herself immensely. After about a minute of this, I let her up to breathe. She looked up at me. Her eyeliner had run all down her face because of tears, making her look like even more of a stupid whore. She grinned.

TRIXIE: You like fucking my face? It's all I'm good for Jack, just being a rag for your cum. I'm just a piece of fuckmeat, abuse me some more. I want to feel my cousin's giant cock inside my tiny, worthless body.

She took my cock in her hand and started beating it off against her own face, fixing me with the saddest, sluttiest face I'd ever seen.

ME: You are a worthless piece of shit, do you understand me?

Trixie nodded, opened her mouth wide, and started beating my cock off against her tongue.

TRIXIE: Think of me as your slave, your own personal fucktoy. That's all I'm good for.

She grinned again, and took my entire cock into her mouth and I violently fucked her face for another few minutes. I pushed her mouth all the way down my cock, and then, somehow, she manged to open her mouth a little wider, and stuffed my balls into her mouth with my cock. I held her head there for about ten seconds and looked into her eyes that were swollen with tears, lust, and pride. I looked at her face, runny with make up and cum, and just held it in awe. I couldn't believe this was my cousin. I was fucking my d***k cousin's face and she was loving it like a whore. She moaned all over my cock and I finally let her up. When my cock was out of her mouth she gasped for air and gagged. I stood up and smacked her face with my cock.

ME: Get on all fours.

She moved away from the couch a little and got on all fours like I said, waving her ass in the air.

TRIXIE: Fuck my pussy Jack. Please, it's all I live for, I need my cousin's hard cock inside me now!

I was happy to oblige. I stood behind her and lined my cock up with her pussy and thrust into it. Despite my cousin being a whore, her pussy was actually pretty tight. I rammed my cock in and out of her body as she screamed in delight in her high-pitched voice.

TRIXIE: Oh my g-god, fuck me Jack. Fuck your stupid, whore cousin. I am nothing but a fuckdoll for you. Your cock is my god.

After fucking her for several minutes, slamming my cock deep inside her, I felt her come all over my dick. The orgasm was so strong that her arms gave way and I was left fucking her pussy so hard that her face got pushed into the floor. After a few more minutes, I heard her muffled voice.

TRIXIE: Jack...please...I want you to fuck me in the ass.

I didn't need to be told twice. I pulled her onto her feet and dragged her upstairs into the kitchen. She knew what was happening. I pushed her over to the kitchen table and f***ed her to bend over onto the table.

TRIXIE: I'm ready Jack, make me your fuckslave. Fuck your cousin's tight, juicy ass.

She spit in her hand and worked the saliva around into her asshole, and I did the same. Then, in one stroke, I thrust my entire cock up into my cousin's tight ass and heard her make the most carnal moan of pleasure that I'd ever heard. I pushed in and out, fucking my cousin's beautiful ass, using her like a whore. I did this for several minutes, stretching her asshole to the limit, barely keeping from cumming. When I was done abusing her ass I took her back downstairs and threw her on the couch. I climbed on top of her and did what I'd wanted to do for a long time. I slid my cock up inbetween her giant tits. She grinned, and pushed her breasts together around my shaft and allowed me to fuck her tits. She leaned her head back and moaned. I pushed her farther up the couch, so that her head was off the end of it. I got up, went around to where her head was dangling off the edge and thrust my cock deep into her throat. She gagged as my balls smacked against her eyes, and I reached forward and grabbed and squeezed her enormous tits. I f***ed all nine inches down into her throat, she unhinged her mouth a little wider and took in my balls as well. I held her there for a second as she gagged all over my dick, and then I started to cum. My cum filled up her mouth very quickly and spilled out down her chin. I thrust my cock deeper into her throat as I continued cumming, causing cum to burst out of her nose. Then I pulled my cock and balls out of her throat, and shot the last three ropes of cum all over her slutty, ruined face. She laid there, in ecstasy over having her face completely covered in semen, and had an orgasm from it that shook her whole body. As this was happening, I moved back a foot or so, held my cock, and started to piss all over cousin's face. In her hair, on her mouth, her neck. She opened her mouth and tried to catch it on her tongue. This set her over the edge and she had another orgasm.

TRIXIE: Jack, I want to be your slave. I want you to own me, and fuck me, and use me.

I nodded to her and took her upstairs where we were supposed to be sl**ping in my room. I locked the door behind us, and climbed into bed. Trixie still hadn't wiped the cum off her face, and we both liked it that way. At first I tried to fall asl**p cuddling with her, but she grinned, giggled, and instead moved down and wrapped her lips around my semi-hard cock. She fell asl**p with my cock in her mouth and my cum all over her face, and I fell asl**p as well. Several times throughout the night I woke up to her sucking my cock, and I came on her face over and over again. I think it was at around four thirty in the morning when, in between taking my cock down her throat she said to me-

TRIXIE: Y'know, my f****y and I are moving down here at the end of the summer. I think we'll be going to the same high school for our senior year.
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5 months ago
good read. hope there is more.
10 months ago
I love this story. Excellent read.
1 year ago
What a sweet tale of romance :D
1 year ago
i want someone to do this to me
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
very well written

easy to read and understand

well done

keep sharing
2 years ago
Damn that was hot
2 years ago
holy shit that was hot!!!
2 years ago
great story
well written and fuckalicious subject matter
2 years ago
fucking hot story