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How do I know what is a stupid user

How do I know what is a stupid user
↓↓ update 06.06.2013 ↓↓ the suck dick fagget lady :)

check this !

...of this idiot has no own videos online here,
they live all with her mother, and the last poor remnant of masculinity, the played only here on the Internet.

here they mark the strongman,so they can forgetting her frustrating life.

none of them is a verified user...

In real life, get these idiots ... never the address of a woman,

.... alone with a too! ..
. what woman would allow this ....
again this is a reassuring idea ..

. because that would mean, according to Darwin theorie
this imbeciles can not transmit their genetic material :P

Sometimes I think ..... these idiots,... let them this small triumph of her life.
must be bad enough if they need it.

Anyway ... I'm not going to annoy,
my videos are great, if only home movie and vintage vids, ....

I.'m a lady, and have a friend and a real life,

the cowards have only jerk off movies, for himself
and from the clothesline, stolen underwear from the neighbor next door,,,,,
at the end of the equation, is that so,,,, that I win ...
For me it is very satisfying :P

Common practices
they are still next to their profile
Fake Profiles!
Get ready women who dare speak the truth!
And they do everything to
Where to distinguish what they are great for men
How great are their films!
How long are they here in the forum are and what they all can!
What are they all in bed can!
How big are their cocks!
And we can only welcome new users with their consent!
But only as long as they are not forgotten!
only accept comments about their films,
Comments elsewhere do not count, because their videos are not rated!

But they themselves can not welcome the new user, (shame)
otherwise they would themselves Greet
This cyber world is her home

To forget them even decency and respect.!
would even lie to God, to remain in conversation.!
And they always forget that they are not the only user here.
Make yourselves and let them no hopes of having fun
Otherwise they have to turn on her brain
You do not accept Pärchen.den they do not know what the word means
They know no ladies!
Bitches where they just want to butter up lubrication.
But they do not get

How can I tell a stupid user
Sample Photo

4.What do not have

Fun live on normality.
On Sex
On nice discussions
Friends in real life
Own movies even though they like to last for Amateurs
c***dren and happiness
Love and understanding

5.What they make
Masturbating front of the computer
so they have a little less sports
but never longer than 30 sec

6.Alles what they would like
But never have or never will
is not much and that

is brain weight and intelligence

7.The main hobby
of himself distracted with
Blog entries about
"All about spam ..."
so do not notice they use the fakeprofile
because they abandon their clone spammers Comments
on their profiles
All other normal delete comments

8. In crisis situations when they fawn Support
"how do I put pictures in my blog"
"Oh how great is this site here"
Support Head how great thou art yet "

9.Einer of the most striking features of a stupid user

"You have blocked us first"
even though they provoke people with comments
and for all cases so that they have received no responses, blocked in advance.
"every insult and to publish your private messages"

10.Nie occur alone in appearance
Always on rudel Comment
and always have secrets with each other

11.Wenn is nothing more
always say.
"The others do not like you"
"with my colleagues have already read on his profile
"you have it out myself yet provoked"

12.Nur their blogs and write well find themselves.

because they are indeed able to stay out of nothing
and can not be silent
normal users will never have rest in front of them
this kind of attention they need

So that was an introduction to How do I tell a stupid user

Deutsche Kurzversion!!
Denken Sie immer daran, von diesen idioten hat keiner eigenen Videos drin, die leben alle mit ihrer Mutter und der letzte armselige Rest von Männlichkeit wird im Internet ausgetragen.Da markieren sie den dicken Mann und vergessen dabei ihr frustrierendes Leben. Im wirklichen Leben bekämen, diese Idioten nie die Adresse eine Frau, allein mit einer zu schlafenden! welche frau würde das zulassen .... dies ist wiederum eine beruhigende Vorstellung, denn das würde bedeuten, nach Darwin das die Penner ihr genetisches Material nicht weitergeben können :P
Manchmal denke ich, diese Idioten, lassen Sie ihnen diesen kleinen Triumph ihres Lebens.
muss schlimm genug, wenn sie es brauchen.
Wie auch immer,ich werde mich nicht mehr ärgern, my vids sind großartig,wenn auch nur Amateurfilmchen,ich bin eine Lady und habe einen Freund und ein richtiges Leben,die haben nur cum Filme,zum wichsen
und von der Wäscheleine gestohlen Unterwäsche von der Nachbarin nebenan, am Ende der Gleichung ist das so dass ich gewinnen ... Für mich ist das sehr befriedigend :P


Comments from the users complain about this Guide
desirable.und are also expressly prohibited
It's only a guide for the normal user
Excuse me please what my concerns grammatical expressions
I and my husband could not afford school education and are in distress in the 5 class school leavers
"And not for the user stupid"
which we write
I hope that has to understand that too, Sorry this blog is not so much memory
"To fool the user uncover here anyway by negative comments"
We accept no liability
All others are on my profile like to express their views

Democracy is a device which allows people to decide freely who should be blamed for everything.

"All information without guarantee"

Für alle anderssprachigen User
For all other language User
Pour toutes les autres langues

Posted by Sabinchen 5 years ago
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1 year ago
Hey the cartoon of the MORON Partical is wonderful. I chuckled again and again.
1 year ago

btw ..its nothing personal but when you and smiley like to fight or to discuss some thing is better you both do this here

so I must not sitting between two chairs :)
1 year ago
Hello, I was not looking for argument. the message was directed at you not Miss smiley here "Attention whore". she seems to have obsession with me and my friends list as you see below.
1 year ago
4 fights please use this
on this page is no one the boss and no one is blocked..remember no fight on my page people

this is the second GP 4 all your problems
1 year ago
Dear Sabinchen, have a good day miss.
just too many trolls/stalker are around
1 year ago
hahahaha, legitimate complaint was not blocked if that's what your saying lol, but your turning* out to be a right stalker now
1 year ago
keep on telling yourself that Miss disrespect.
1 year ago
yet more same shit, its like you have a word document of all your links like how fucking sad are you
1 year ago
Spam lol, its a defence from your trolling but do not worry your time will end sooner or later
1 year ago
"Kiss everyones ass to get a badge" not really smiley, its called volunteering. also you have proven even more to be a stalker and so worried about my comments its shows me how much for a stalker your really are
1 year ago
Keep up the work stalker because sooner or later your profiles will be banned Miss talktomuchshit
1 year ago
I have it locked so people like yourself do not get access to it and it will remain that way simples also uksrudeboy is not me hahahahaha you fail once more Mrsknowitall.
1 year ago
how the fuck did I predict her replying to the comment like lol, you proven to me your more then a troll a stalker, troll and many other names. you may chat shit about me to your friends but one is that I do not. this whole thing is just a load of bs that should of not happened. but you kept on with the lame attacks and the bitching on your profile but no offence you basically you told me what you was. what I know most of your comments are spammed to your friends profile and your own also G-P why did you rant on the G-P EVEN WHEN IT DIED DOWN AND THEN COME OUT WITH SLY AND THE SAME FROM BEFORE.
1 year ago
also I do not remember talking to you so piss off, as you say "STOP SNIGGING UP MY ASS" Why do not stop that yourself Smiley instead of being damn fucking hypocrite.
I am really surprised that Sabinchen exactly forgiven you for your shit and constant attacks on here also with others members like myself why do you need to keep at it repeating things, in the end of the day you will be removed once again.
I respect Sabinchen, if I was her I would not go here you but that's my opinion. Please just go away from me and get off my Dick for once TROLL.
I respect your opinion but what are you trying to prove?
1 year ago
more same boring old shit
1 year ago
also everyday on the G-P talking shit about people.
1 year ago
Damn after all the lame insults and gifs and pictures you will forget her for it?.
she was the one who trolled me on Capo's the day, that's why she was blocked, her second account was removed for the same thing being a troll and didn't mind her own business.

Her reason for this against me because I got on her nerves for posting on capos profile about spam/fake and others.
she would constantly comment about people other then yourself and repeat that on the Grievance-page and other profile(s) like her own.
Well smiley has not been to welcoming with me and quite frankly do not give a shit.
She is a classic troll, just like her another account will be User not found if she carries on with the bullshit she continuously says about people.

after all of that you changed that quickly I would Mrs Smiley would have something to say like her boring comments like suck a dick or fagget or link to a photo and then repeats on her profile.
Teg had he reasons to block the troll, but I was stocked to see he blocked you and the devil.
this does not change my views against you, your still the xhamster queen :), have a good one.
1 year ago
Why I am a 2 faces? You've always knew about my friendship with Sabinchen ... But I have never spoken ill of you!
1 year ago
My comment is 7 months ago, and it was certainly not aimed at you, because I did not even know who you were! My patience has a limit Dez.
2 years ago
Nice... Lol
2 years ago
heftige aber wohl wahre worte...
2 years ago
Bust a Load in her ....beautiful poet Gat lol
2 years ago
Think it's about time I added a Intro Pic ... Just need to get a half descent idea about how I'm gonna do it .., no way a full on face shot , I've seen what can happen if you do that ask Tsew :)
2 years ago
Shit .... I'm a stupid User
2 years ago
einfach nur genial! lg
2 years ago
Bust a load in her ... Great Blog
2 years ago
lol so very true
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago