I was fascinated with men's Cock's ever since I watched my first porno when I was 13. After that the only thing I could think about was sucking a man's Cock. I fantasized about every day. My best friends name was Eric. I thought about asking him if I could give him a blowjob but I was scared to ask. When we stayed the night at each other's houses we jacked off in same room with lights off. While I was jacking off I was dreaming about sucking his Dick. Well one night when I was barely 15 and he was almost 16 he stayed the night with me. I finally had made up my mind and I was going to ask him tonight. I was nervous but here goes nothing. I told him I had something to ask him and it might freak you out. So you have to promise not to tell anyone else about this whether you say yes or no. He promised he wouldn't say anything. I told him that I wanted to try something but I need you to help. I told him I was scared he might freak out. He said go ahead and ask. I took a deep breath and said "Well for a long time I've been wanting to try sucking a Dick so I was wondering if you would help me out and let me suck your Cock. It would be a big favor please let me do this you don't have to do anything just lay back and get your Dick sucked." He said stop playing around you're not serious. I told him I swear I'm not playing I really want to suck your Dick. He said Do you mean you want to try it for a few seconds or do you want to try it for longer. I told him I wanted to suck it as long as it takes for you to Cum and I want you to Cum in my mouth. He said he had to think about it. I started begging him to let me do it and he told me not to say anything else about it or his answer was no so talk about something else and I'll think about it. Well we started talking about girls we would fuck. Then about 20 minutes went by and he said If I decided to let you do what we talked about earlier where would you want to do it at up there down here(I had bunk beds). I said down there. He said he wanted to make sure he had this right and he told me to tell him exactly what I wanted to do again. I told him I wanted to suck his Cock and make him Cum. And when you get close to busting a nut tell me then I want you to Cum in my mouth. Then Eric said well if you really want to do this I'm ready whenever you are. I got really nervous and i started shaking. I told him to take all of his clothes off first. He said I already have I'm ready. I climbed down and he was laying in the floor covered with a sheet. He pulled the sheet off and he was totally naked. My eyes were adjusted to the dark and I could see real good and the T.V. was also on. His Cock was limp it was about 3inches long and he had huge balls. I climbed between his legs and took two fingers and grabbed his Cock. Then I opened my mouth and put the tip in and started sucking. I was still shaking real bad and nervous so I closed my eyes and zoned out. Then next thing I noticed I snapped out of it and opened my eyes and took my mouth off his Cock. His Cock was hard and was about 6 inches long. I smiled and then started sucking again. I wasn't nervous any more I was having a great time. I have had sex with a girl before and I didn't like it anywhere near as much as I liked sucking his Cock. I LOVED IT I was tingly and I was having the time of my life. I started taking long deep strokes all the way to the tip then as far down I could go. I could take all but a half an inch of his Dick in my mouth. After about 10 minutes my mouth got tired so I told him I had to rest just a second. He told me the medicine he was on made it take a long time to get off. He said he would help me out and jack off for a moment but I'm dry. Will you soak my Cock with spit for me. I did then he said when I stop jacking it put it in your mouth and take a couple strokes and lube it up really good. I got about 3inches away from his Cock and was staring at it with enjoyment. I was so turned on. I started to zone out. He said he was getting close to busting a nut but I wasn't paying attmention. Then he said im fixing to Cum. I just sit there. Then he said If you want it get it now! I can't hold it any longer. I was still sitting there. He said HURRY I'M GONNA BUST CAN'T HOLD BACK ANY LONGER. I opened my mouth and I just barely got the tip of his Dick in my mouth before he exploded. He let out a loud moan and a big squirt of Cum shot out. It caught me off guard and part of it hit the back of my throat and I swallowed some. Then another burst gushed out. His hot gooey Cum was oozing out shot after shot. After the fifth time there was a pause and I thought he was finished. Then he started jacking it real fast and moaned again and a puddle of chunky Cum slowly oozed out and he said that's all of it. I took my mouth off his Cock. I had a big mouthful of his Cum. I had been worried about what it was going to taste like but it tasted good. He said he was going to the bathroom. I was sitting there in pure ecstasy. I started jacking off and swished the Cum around in my mouth like it was mouthwash. I even garbled with it. It only took about 30 seconds to Cum. And when I started to Cum I swallowed all of his Cum in one big gulp. I knew right then I loved sucking Cock and I wanted to do it again. A week later I sucked his Cock again and a few days after that done it again. We talked about it that time. And he said he liked it and I told him I liked sucking his Cock. So I told him let's help each other out and both of us get what we want. I told him we don't act any different just be friends and hang out like normal. But anytime you want a blowjob night or day just tell me and I will suck you off. And don't worry about asking to much I will suck your Dick every day as many times a day you want. Well for the next 6 years I sucked his Cock almost daily whether one of us had a girlfriend or not.
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6 months ago
nice friend to let you suck him. did you suck him again?