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My first deepthroat

Just last night I got my first deepthroat blowjob, and a really good one too. You probably don't care, so sorry about this, but I just keep remembering that feeling of that throat tug and pull on my cock, it was so nice and a good change of pace for once, so I decided to write this, and because I don't have any blog/story posts yet. I do admit I didn't last that long cause I wasn't really expecting it, so fuck you lol. But to make it actually interesting I'll put in erotic story vers.

So last night we had been talking over email, and decided to meet up. It was a bit of a drive to her place where I haven't really been before, and it was about a half hour drive which included going on the highway which I hate going on, but why not right, easy blowjob that couldn't get any easier and I just haven't really gotten any at my school (which is not my fault, most girls at my college are meh, you could care less about fucking em or even want to). The journey up there sucked, another story in it's own, but we finally met up and we up to her place. She told me to sit down, so I did in a comfy chair. She came over, stood close in front of me, took off her shirt and bra, and out came these melons, nicely round nipples that were hard.

"Oh wow", I said.

"You like em?" she said.

"Yea I love em" with a chuckle.

I figured I should take off my pants and boxers, so I slid em down, took my cock in my hand, only half hard, and wrapped the condom around it, stroked myself a bit to get it harder. As I did so she knelt down in front of me and moved in closer with her big boobs right in between my legs and right in front and close to my now hard cock as I opened up my legs so she could get closer. As I saw her go down and put her lips and hand around my hard erect cock, and pulled and sucked on it. Ohh.. it was so good. After about :30 sec maybe, I'm not sure, I feel a different kind of tug and pull on my cock, I could feel something kind of bony and fleshy actually pushing up my cock as she came up. At the same time I could feel a deep, hard, tug on my cock, ohhh.. god, my cock was so sensitive after not having any female attention on it for a while as it was ssoo good. It felt like a harder sucking blowjob, kind of like a blowjob machine was on my cock, not sure how else to describe it other than a hard pull n tug on my cock when her head came up. My head jolted back in ecstacy, as I let out a moan, "ohh god, yea".

Sitting in the chair, watching her head going up and down, I hear that sucking, sort of gargling throat sound on my cock along with the deep tug. I wanted to feel those big tits as I have never gotten with a big a chested girl, so I leaned forward, reached under grabbed one of her big tits in my palm, and groped it, rubbing it, feeling it, squeezing it, played w/ it my fingers, bounced it up n down, then rubbed her nipple with my finger. Felt so good with the sucking, but I needed more, I grabbed the other one in my hand, played with em with both hands.

The feeling of grabbing those big tits in my hands, watching her head going up n down with that sucking throaty sound with each suck, now quite quickly, her butt sticking up in the air, I was in heaven, an out of body experience. I could feel my cum coming up my cock so I hardened my cock to tried to hold it down, which I did. I leaned back, watching her do her thing, feeling the pleasure throughout my body, I loved the sight of it, and I just thought to myself, I just really wanna cum right now to this.

She kept sucking as I felt the cum coming up again, "oh god, i'm gonna cum" I moaned, "oh yea" in a deep heavy breathe.

I leaned froward on edge, "Ohhh." I moaned out as I came into orgasm heaven. My breathing was deep n heavy as I leaned back. She just kept going as my cock finished jerking and spurting cum, each time she came up my cock jerked. It slowed down, each jerk not as hard as the last.

She came up with one last suck, "You just came. Was it good?"

"Ohh yeaa. thank you. I needed that."

Took the condom off now filled with cum, and you could as it was heavy at the bottom, and pulled up my boxers and pants. She said we should do this again, I said yes I'd love to, as we parted and I drove back thinking about it in my mind how good it felt. I want to text her next week and see if she is free and wants to do again, I can't wait for to hear that wet sucking sound, and to feel her big boobs in hands again.

Hope you liked it, I know I enjoyed writing it and remembering it, make sure to comment, if you like it and want more I may write another next wk if I go.

Posted by SS_rules 3 years ago
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9 months ago
hope that was the first of many to cum your way
2 years ago
that sounds so good about now :P
2 years ago
We am AnonyMooooooose!

We say hey neighbor, grab a 'Gansett!

We sure hope you went to see that deep throat slut again!

We doubly hope that you share that experience & even wax poetic on the soiree!