Bad Week For Mommy - Chapter 1

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Bad Week For Mommy

Chapter 1

It was Monday, 10th of January 2011 . Mother was allowed to meet with her lady friends who meet almost every weekday, to chat, drink coffe, and have a good time together. I told her I expected her at home at 05,30 pm, and turned my eyes to the place in our bedroom where our toys including the whip, were kept, ready for instantaneous use.

She was a good girl, and good mommy to me, her only son. I take care of her and was rewarding her for goo behavior. Many sons would just say HI, or hug, maybe kiss their mothers, but not this son. I hugged her, kissed her, shoved my tongue deep in her mouth while one hand lifted her skirt to check if mommy followed her dress code. And of course – she did. She still remember the firm whipping I gave her for daring to cover her womanhood with some knickers some years ago. After removng my finger from her pussy, I licked the finger then gave her the finger to her to taste her own pussy juice. Now she was ready to go.

Around 05,10 pm, my mobile phone rang. Mommy told me (NOT ASKED ME!) she was having a really good time and if I didn’t need her, she woul be at home in an hour or so. I couldn’t believe my slut mothe competely ignored my commands! I could hear the voices and laughter of her lady-friends. I hoped maybe one of her friends could hear my words. My answer was simple – I hope you will be late – I have not used the whip for real for some time! I heard her gulp, and in a meek voice say. “I m going home,” and add submissively, “See you soon.”

She was home right on time. She hugged and kissed me. After I broke the kiss and let her go she started to undress while telling me who was there and what they talked about. I make her be mostly naked around the house. When she stands in front of me only in her black stockings, after my approval, I decided black stockings, high heel shoes, black see-through baby doll, and NOTHING else would be appropriate in case I want to fuck her or watch her masturbate to entertain me.

She told me far too much about thegossip at the hen party, but sad nothing about why she dared to phone me and in the presence of others tell me she would be late.

For lady of 50 something she looks fantastic! The sight of her – almost nude and cheerful, talking, and smiling, and talking, and noting how lovely she walks shaking her ass, I decided to have fun with her.
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3 years ago
you were very mild to her
3 years ago
good start
4 years ago
very good but short
4 years ago
Bad week for anyone else that reads this story. Disjointed, unconvincing & lacking in reality!