It happened last Wednesday

Let me describe my pet how she was dressed that Wednesday: chubby lady in her late 50s, dressed in her small maid uniform, long to the waist, snow white apron in front barely covered fresh shaved pussy lips, black stockings and high heels. Her ass, colored in soft rose color, as result of light caning by tinny whippy cane earlier that morning, was exposed, as usually.
She was beautiful! Like an angel. An angel with rose behind. View at her bending in the waist and make her pussy lips visible under rose ass, when she dusting around TV set, made me always horny.
It was ordered to her to came and kneel in front of me and slow suck my cock. She had to be very carefully, cos I did not want to finish before fuck her from behind, and filling her cunt up.
And It was done: I cum! And there is continue: she choked and spill my load over my legs and on the floor. She was terrified! 2 errors in few seconds! It was ordered to her to clean my legs and and floor of the cum with her tongue.

When we was back from the bathroom, I informed her about penalty: it was expected to bring her cord whipp and lay it on the edge of the bed. She have to be fresh showered, dressed only into her stockings and high heels, with light make up, and at 22,00 hours, her usually discipline time, she have to be on the middle of our bad, lay on her face down, bend over 2 pillows under her hips, legs and arms wide apart.
That day, last Wednesday, she was whipped 30 times for make me cum without permission, and another 30 lashes for spilling my cum. She cried and whimpered, almost half of haver after whipping, still tied on the bed. And that is not the end of this story. During that half of hour of her recovery, my buddy on the chat beg me to add next 15 lashes for him, that she use to serious punish his pets for such disobedience. Budy is budy, so she receive another 15 lashes, and prolong recovery for another 20 minutes, still tied on the bed when I massaged her painful stripped ass with baby cream.
I have to admit - that night she wasn t fucked. I did not want to disturb her no more for this day.
Next morning after her BJ, when she was in my arms, she told me that there was no need to be such harsh, that she was still my mom, for God sake. I told her:
"Look at yourself, my beauty, you are just suck me off, swallow all my loads, and I m fingering your cunt. I didnt whipped my mom. Last evening I whipped my slut!"
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4 years ago
very very good
4 years ago
Great one! IS this really true? If it is I want to party with you sometime.
4 years ago
Great one! IS this really true? If it is I want to party with you sometime.