My Friends Mum - Part 2

My second story, feedback greatly appreciated.

After a few days I couldn’t resist going back round to her house. What happen the previous time was amazing, I couldn’t stop thinking about her, her soft moans, her scent, her soft skin I needed more.

So I called round and she was more than happy to let me in, we made casual small talk in her kitchen and I asked about her shoulder. She said it was much better now and couldn’t believe how good the massage was the other day, she was very complimentary and I felt I was going to get a second go and satisfying her. I suggested that we try again and her eyes lit up as she replied ‘YES’
She went off to her room to get ready, and I couldn’t resist following her and peaking through the door again, there she was taking her shirt and bra off, I got a glimpse of her brests and my cock was throbbing. It was the same thrill as before, seeing her with very little on I just wanted to pounce on her, to my surprise I got more than I expected, as I kept on peaking, she took her trousers off, this was an amazing sight, but even better when she slowly pulled her panties down and wriggled them off with her feet. This was intense, all these thoughts came rushing through my mind, ‘does she want me to fuck her, is she just teasing me? ‘ I just wanted to walk in and take her right there, but I knew I couldn’t and rushed back to the kitchen exited by what was to come.
A few moments later she called me to come down, when I entered there she was, laying on the makeshift table completely naked only a towel covering her midsection. It was such an incredible sight, the towel was tightly wrapped around her and her curvy mature ass was perfectly sitting out, and I could see enough of her legs too. I was so hard, I would have been so embarrassed if she turned around and noticed, but she didn’t, she just said to work my magic.
So I started again to work on her shoulder, touching her, hearing those moans again, those sexy moans and all I could think about was lifting that towel off and entering her from behind. A few minutes passed without any words spoke until she said how naturally good I was, she said she I could do it for living, I laughed and thanked her for her compliment. Next, she asked me to try her massage her legs.

‘Are you serious?’ I asked nervously
‘Yeah, go for it, it would be nice’ she replied.

This was incredible, I am now getting to touch her all over, I’ll get to her moan and groan pleasurably and Im getting to feel her soft smooth sexy legs, In my mind I couldn’t wait to go home and explode everywhere thinking about today.
I didn’t know what to do or how soft or hard to go or even how cheekily high I could rub her. I just went with what I thought was best, I started on her calves and ankles, I heard her moaning, and breathing deeply with pleasure I switched between legs, they were so sexy, brilliant to touch it was an amazing feeling I knew I would remember this moment for a long time, all my fantasies about her were running through my head and her laying relaxed was an amazing feeling. After I while I stopped, she then pulled up the towel higher and said ‘try my hamstrings’

I couldn’t believe it, she had pulled her towel so high up it was just sitting at the top of her ass, and I seen she was wearing no panties, I could see that perfect little gap between her legs and her ass, it was a lovely sight. It was such a teasing sight too, because I knew I could never fuck her, but I reckon she knew exactly what she was doing, I was really hard now and really wanted to mount her and take her on that table, I just couldn’t stop staring as her ass, and maybe get a glimpse of her pussy. So I again (nervously) began to work on her, just above her knees, slowly working my way up to below her ass, both hands sliding up and down, with each slide her breathing became heavier, her moans became longer and louder, I could tell she was enjoying this, and so was I. Then she slightly spread her legs a little bit and the gap between her ass and her thigh got bigger, this allowed me to work on her inner thigh, I knew she was still teasing me when she did this, or was she teasing? I soon found out.

I started really low on her thigh, nearly at her knee, and worked my way up as high as I would let myself before breaking the boundary, every time I went higher I could tell she was really loving it, her moans became even louder and deeper than before, she was taking bigger and deeper breaths, before I would slide all the way back down, and start again. Each time I reached the top, I could feel the warmth of her pussy, I thought about ‘accidently’ rubbing up against it every time I reached the top to see if I could get a reaction, but I didn’t dare. After about the fifth time of reaching the top of her thigh, she spread her legs a little bit more, and that gap was bigger, I just couldn’t take it, I was throbbing, ready to pounce, I knew she wasn’t teasing any more, I knew she wanted my, her moaning, the deep breathing, her gradually spreading her legs, I just had to try something or I may never get such a perfect opportunity again, so the next time I reached the top I went all the way, I let my two fingers reach her pussy, which was soaking by this stage, and I slipped them into her, she let a deep sigh out of her, I knew she loved it. She turned over and smiled, my fingers were deep inside her, and she was running her hands over her breasts. I knew then that this was it, this was really happening, I was about to fuck the woman I have been fantasising about for years, in her bedroom, it was such a rush.

She lifted herself of the table, took her towel off and kissed me, we never spoke, I think we both knew it was coming, and it felt just right, all that intensity of the massage had build up and we were going to fuck. As we kissed, I continued to finger her, she became wetter and wetter, she was already naked, and she was taking of my trousers, ready to grab my already bulging cock. We switched places as I sat up-right at the edge of the table, she crouched down and started to give me a blow-job, an incredible blow-job, I sat there in total ecstasy of it all, her lovely lips wrapped around my cock for the first time was amazing. I thought she was quite shy and easy going, but she was pretty dominant the whole time, she threw me down of the table, and got on top of me, grabbing my dick with her hands, and slotting into her moist slit, she moaned before leaning down towards my face, and I could feel her breath against my face, every time she moaned her warm breath would bounce of my face as she continued to bounce on my cock.

Next, I lifted her off me and threw her down on her bed, it is where I had always fantasised about fucking her, I got on top of her and she wrapped her legs around my waist and I started to pound her, again leaning into each other and feeling each other’s breath on our faces, moaning together, kissing each other, making really hot hard passionate love. It was everything I had imagined, all those years of thinking what it would be like, and here it was happening, incredible. We fucked and fucked until I climaxed in her, leaving my load dripping out of her marvellous wet pussy. We then just lay beside each other, we never spoke a word, but we both knew what had happened felt right, it was intense, incredible, maybe even wrong but it just felt right. No sooner did I know it, we were both asl**p and I didn’t awake until the next morning.
When I awoke, a strangers hand had hold of me, waking up a little confused I could see it was her had around my cock, pulling it up and down, she smiled at me as I just lay there letting her work my cock, it wasn’t long before I exploded again, it was another incredible feeling, her taking control of the situation and a perfect start to the day. She then lay beside me again, and I couldn’t resist returning the favour, so I just let my fingers slide down into the pussy, and play around with her clit, teasing her, hearing those sexy moans, feeling that wet pussy, my fingers entering her slit. We lay beside each other for a few hours, until I went on my way, my last sight of her was on her in her dressing gown waving goodbye with a cheeky parting line ‘see you soon’

I can’t wait to get back and fuck her again.

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2 years ago
Sounds like she likes to tease.
2 years ago
i would love to fuck my friends mum