My Friends Mum - Part 1

Before I start, this is my first time writing anything like this. Feedback greatly appreciated.

We all have a friend, whose mum is fantastically good looking, and of course would love to fuck. And I’m no different. Me and her son went to school together so I’ve known her most of my life, and what makes her more attractive if she has been single for as long as I can remember. My friend lives with his dad most of the time and from time to stays with his mum. Sometimes we would end up round at her house and just chill out, play video games, drink or smoke or whatever.

But it was until maybe 4 or 5 years ago I got really into her, all of a sudden I just became attracted to her. She must be in her late 50’s, but you could never tell, she was around 5’2 and average build, short brown hair and blue eyes, never wore any make up, she was all natural. A real nice old fashioned mum. Sometimes I wish I could just fuck her senseless. I would fantasise about her, perhaps after a recent visit, just trying to picture her voice, her body, the scent of house and just lie on my bed and masturbate thinking about her. It was great but it wasn’t enough, I knew I probably could never fuck her, and if my friend ever found out that would be the end of it. So these thoughts just got wilder and wilder and I started to love the visits to her house just staring at her and trying to keep her image in my mind until I got home.

Recently me and my friend crashed at her place after a night out, I hadn’t been there in ages so I was really looking forward to it. We got there and drank some more and she joined us too. We didn’t talk about anything in particular just this and that, and about how she injured her arm after falling whilst trying to get something from the loft, she had her arm in a support but it wasn’t broken just quite sore and tender. After a while we all crashed out and went our separate ways, and me and my friend went home the next morning. A few days passed by, until one day I was out for a bike ride and cycled right past her house so I decided to call in and see how she was coping.

So I called at the door and she answered smiling and welcoming as always inviting me in. I explained that as I was passing I thought I would call in and see how she was doing, she offered me a glass of water and we just sat at the table making small talk, laughing and joking. I noticed she wasn’t in her arm support anymore so I asked how it was feeling, she said ‘it was a little tense’, to which I jokingly replied ‘ it might not be great, but I could give you a massage if that would help?’, she smiled and got up from the table and said ‘yeah sure, I’ll go get ready’, and she left and went down to her room. I was slightly puzzled by her actions as I was only going to try and give her quick massage by the table. All these thoughts started racing through my head by what she meant by getting ready, I started imagining her coming back up to the kitchen with her top off and only her bra on, or did she have a massage table or what? I didn’t know what to think, but it was a thrill, after all these years I’m going to get to touch her (maybe not in the way I wanted too) but I could get closer to her than ever before, my cock was so hard at the prospect and what might happen, so I decided to venture down and wait by her room.
I noticed the door wasn’t fully closed, and I could see in through the gap between the door and the frame, I don’t know why I did, or what I would expect to see, I couldn’t help myself so I peeked through the little gap, and there she was unbuttoning her blouse before taking it off, before reaching around taking her bra off. This was amazing, the woman I have been fantasising about for years was behind the door with her beautiful tits out and I was about to give a massage. We never even flirted before, or talked even about relationships with girls before so I was quiet surprised at what was going on.
I had to venture back to the kitchen with fear of getting caught, and she finally called me to come down her bedroom. Again, I’ve never even seen her bedroom, but always imagined me fucking her on her bed and laying by her side, all these thoughts started rushing through my head as I made my way down, what a feeling. When I got there she was still topless, only her trousers were on, but she was on what must have been a writing desk with a sheet over it at her head rested upon a pillow.

‘I wasn’t expecting this’ I nervously said, ‘I only suggested I would try and give you a massage to help your arm’
‘Aw don’t worry, I’m sure it will be fine. No way will I pay for a quick massage when you are here’ she joked.

So I began, not really knowing any techniques or having any rhythm. There was no oils, so it was just my fingers and thumbs gently trying to massage her as best I could, just my hands on her soft warm skin. I just worked on her shoulders and I could tell she enjoyed it, her pleasurable moaning was just like what I had fantasised about and I was getting so hard, I kept thinking to myself that I hope she didn’t turn round. I kept going and the more she would moan and groan, the harder I became. I wished I could pull her trousers down and just take her from behind, I just imagined it and that would be enough. I moved from her shoulders to her upper back and along with a few compliments of ‘wow, your quiet the natural’ we hardly spoke. After about 5 minutes I asked ‘how that felt’ and she said it was just what she needed. So I exited her room and let her have her privacy to get changed, I was still so hard and just wanted my take my cock out at splodge everywhere, but I didn’t dare in fear of getting caught. She came back up to the kitchen as I finished my water and she thanked and we said our goodbyes.

I quickly cycled home and I had to take my cock out and fantasise about what had just happened, it was incredible the best I’ve ever had, I was so turned on by the whole experience. I’ve never been that close to her before, but I had a feeling deep down I would be doing that again and I couldn’t wait.

To be continued . . .

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2 years ago
part 2
2 years ago
good start dude
2 years ago
like it good start
2 years ago
good start, keep it up.
2 years ago
good start
2 years ago
looks like you could move to the next level with her,,go for it