Going to Girlfriends house

It was the middle of the week normally i would be at work but with me having a day off decided to go to girlfriends house to be there as a surprise.I arrived at the house way to early i let myself in and decided to have a snoop around i found myself in the mother and father's room they were in there 40's.As i looked around i opened the bedside cabinet only to find the mother's pantie drawer and better still a hidden surprise a smooth chrome vibrator.I felt my cock twitch as the excitement of being in there bedroom and mother's panties in my hand and a seven inch smooth vibe and girlfriend not due in for about an hour and a half was too much.
I grabbed a handful of panties and smothered my face in them smelling the clean washed panties knowing the mother had worn them close to her snatch by now my cock was solid and busting to be released from my pants i took them off and my shorts and my cock sprang upright already pre was oozing from the tip.I used it on the vibe as a natural lube and slowly slid it up my hole then put on a pair of white lace panties they were tight which was good as they held the vib in place. My cock was sticking out of the side of the panties as i started to stroke it the turn on of wearing panties vibrator up inside me and all in the mothers room was so good i sniffed the hand full of panties and my cock pulsed it was so ready to shoot its load. Just then i heard a floorboard creak behind me on the stairs my heart nearly stopped god was it the mother or worse still the father and there is me on my knees hard and penetrated in full view.
As i turned to look i could not believe my eyes as it was my girlfriends s****r on her knees in her school uniform skirt up panties down too her knees fingers in her glistening pussy. Dana was 17 and had stayed on at school she had come home early to pick up some books and had been there watching me.She smiled and i told her to come over she looked so good in her uniform i put her on her knees leaning forward over the mothers bed removed her panties and put them over my nose i could smell her juicy pussy the special sweet smell. Now i was hard and even more excited as i plunged my tongue hard into her soaking pussy from behind licking those juices and then running my tongue around her sweet tight ass hole too she was moaning so loud i told her bite onto the pillow i knew i did not have long and this was one of those one off situations so i raised myself up and slowly started to slide my pulsing cock into her,She was so tight she had only one previous cock in her..i slipped the full length into her she was panting as i knocked the breath from her.
If anyone had come in i was in that zone as to say f*ck it i would have still carried on but the sight that someone would have seen me in panties keeping the vibe up my hole as i was screwing the s****r in her uniform from behind.God her pussy was like a vice was wrapped round my cock,Then the devil in me came out as i slid out of her dripping pussy and using the juices pushed the tip around her virgin ass she said no not there i said it was ok as would be gentle and slow and she said alright slowly i pushed her hole apart with the tip of my cock her head in pillow moaning loudly then that little pop when you know you have entered that special place i slowly slid my whole shaft into her and knew i was so going to fill it with my hot juice.
The thoughts of what if girlfriend came in or the mother or dad me in mothers panties vibe buzzing up my ass cock balls deep in s****rs ass was too much my ass hole gripped the vibe as my cock swelled pulsing deep within her sweet ass i gripped her soft ass cheeks as i released into her it seemed to unload for ages and then collapsed over her both of us panting like we had ran a mile. As i withdrew i caught my dribbling hot juices on her panties and pushed them over her leaking ass hole i pulled her mothers panties down and removed my toy cleaned it and returned panties that i had sniffed and vibe to the drawer i had found them in.
I still have her s****rs panties and the mother's pair i wore as a keepsake and to think i used to look at mother thinking when she wore her panties and used her vibe little did she know what happened in her room that afternoon.
Me and the s****r never spoke about that day just smiled that special way when we met.

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4 months ago
so sensual and impressive story... nice that your dick dripped two sister cunts..
9 months ago
That is a fucking hot story! Got my cock hard in my panties. Tris
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good story
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great story!
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Very horny daddy xxxxx
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