Twins fuck blonde, and her milf friend

The continuing story of Sukky Foxxe - porn star, and company whore.


Sukky’s holiday had arrived. She had spent the first week house hunting with Joe, but they didn’t see anything they both really liked. Chris and Sheila were coming over for dinner. When they arrived they sat on the terrace and chatted, before it got chilly, catching up on each others news. Sheila was surprised when she heard that Sukky had signed a five year contract. Joe was still a little prickly about the subject, but had just about accepted it. Chris had a contract, which allowed him a lot of freedom. Although now he had to have a bl**d test every six weeks, as did Sheila. The bl**d test regime had been extended. Sheila was not impressed. Chris and Joe went off to look at Joe’s new car, leaving Sheila and Sukky alone. “You have come along way since that chat in the café, when I suggested you might want to do some modelling, it seems I was opening Pandora‘s box.”
Sukky smiled. She had indeed. “I know, it still seems unreal to me.”
“And you still enjoy it?”
“Sheila, I love it, not every shoot, but everyday I look forward to work. Already I can’t wait to get back. Its not just the money, although I do get paid very well” Sukky told her.
“Chris has told me how well you are doing, we watched a DVD of yours the other night, you were fantastic.”
“Its all down to you and Chris really, without you I would be working for a pittance at some dead end job.”
“I’d never thought of it like that. But don’t you get fed up with having sex so often, I mean it must be every day.”
Sukky laughed. “Sheila its several times, every day, and no I don’t get fed up with it, I can’t believe how much I enjoy it.”
“But don’t you get sore, and doesn’t it hurt up your bum?”
“It did, especially the first time, but with some lube, it very enjoyable, have you never tried it?”
“No, but I am curious, and what’s it like with another woman, that is intriguing, and with more than one man at a time.”
“You want to try it?”
“No, of course not, no, just intrigued.”
“Look, come and stay with me in Amsterdam, have a weekend away, and if you change your mind, well..………...”

Several weeks later, Sukky met Sheila at the airport, and took her back to her flat. She walked around, then plonked her bag in the spare bedroom.
“You have all this to yourself?”
“No, I live her with my girlfriend.”
Girlfriend? You mean?”
“Yes, Ophelia and I have been lovers for over a year, but she is away for a month, working, and yes Joe knows, we share her when we can, or is it we share him!”
They went out for dinner, then took in a show, before getting back to the flat just after midnight. Sukky had just got into bed when the door opened, and Sheila came in. She sat on the edge of the bed.
“You know you offered to err, well you said, if.”
“Do you want to sl**p with me Sheila?”
“Would you mind?”
“Come on, but its not sl**p you want is it?”
Before she could say anymore Sukky kissed her on her lips, and pulled onto the bed. She undid her wrap, Sheila was naked under it.
“Just lay there, I’ll take care of everything.”
She shivered as Sukky ran her fingers across her stomach, and onto her pussy. Sukky kissed her nipples, being careful not to rush things, then ran her fingers across her cunt, before parting Sheila’s labia, and stroking her clit, it was already erect, protruding slightly from its hood. Sukky put her lips to it, and Sheila groaned, Sukky felt her hand on the back of her head, her face pulled in, at the same time Sheila lifted her hips upwards. After she had come, more than once, she sat up, smiling.
“bl**dy hell, I needed that, but I am not sure I can do that to you.”
“Try.” Sukky said emphatically. ”Now!”
Sheila lowered her face to Sukky’s cunt, with some trepidation. Sukky held herself open slightly, she could smell Sukky’s excitement. She took a deep breath, and then her mouth was on her wet cunt, Sheila hesitated, then stuck her tongue out, and into Sukky‘s very wet pussy. She stopped after a few moments, looked up, before going back down on Sukky. Afterwards she lay on the bed beside Sukky, smiling, happy and contented. “I’ve wanted to try that for so long, thank you.” She told Sukky.
“Glad to be of assistance.”

Then they slept. Sukky woke early, something had disturbed her, Sheila slept on beside her. Then Sukky heard someone moving about in the lounge. She slipped out of bed, and tip toed naked across the bedroom, into the hall. There in the lounge was Joe, he looked at her sheepishly. Sukky hugged him, then jumping on him, and wrapped her legs around his waist, as he walked them into the bedroom, it was then she remembered Sheila, but it was too late. He looked surprised. Before he could say anything Sukky said “she wanted to know what it was like with a woman.”
He smiled “You are a dirty little bitch, but I still love you.”
Sheila woke and stared at Joe, her mouth open. “Well Sheila, now for the next part of you voyage of discovery.” Sukky told her.
“You mean?” She stammered “With you and Joe.”
“That’s what I mean, are you staying?”

Sheila could only nod, as Sukky took the lead. She was sitting upright on the bed, her legs spread wide, her inner labia exposed. Sukky didn’t think she realised she was even naked. Joe threw her onto the bed, and she rolled over, so her face was between Sheila’s legs, she began to lick Sheila‘s pussy. It was fast becoming wet. Sukky felt Joe’s cock, as he Joe took her from behind. Doggie, always one of her favourites. Sheila seemed to be enjoying the attention she was giving her cunt.
It was sometime before Sheila got her wits about her. One minute Sukky had her face buried in her pussy, the next Joe’s cock was in front of her face. She opened her mouth and took it the length of it. She worked her tongue around it, tasting the wetness from Sukky’s cunt. Then he was between her legs, fucking her. His cock felt good inside her. Hard, so very hard. Then Sukky was astride her face, she looked up, and saw Sukky’s cunt, coming lower onto her face. She opened her mouth, as it was filled with juicy wet cunt. Sukky’s cunt.

“Joe, go steady, Sheila wants to try it up the arse as well.” Sukky told him.
Anything Sheila might have said was smothered by her cunt. Sukky ground herself into Sheila’s face, enjoying the tongue for a little longer. Then she got off her. She told Joe to withdraw.
“I don’t know.” Sheila said, but moved onto her knees, her arse in the air.
Sukky took some lube from her beside table. “Just relax, it will hurt for a few moments, then it will be fine.” Sukky said to her, then rubbed some lube onto Joe’s cock, and then rubbed some onto Sheila’s arse, before pushing her finger into her, then two, all the time working more lube into her, her fingers slipping in and out. Then it was time for Joe to fuck her arse. Sukky felt her tense as she felt Joe’s cock on her. “Relax, Sheila, relax.”

As Joe pushed his cock in, Sheila gasped. “Fucking hell that hurts……..”
He started to pull out, “No, don’t pull it out, its alright nooooooow, oh god that feels fucking great,” she groaned. It was tight, but the more his cock was inside her, the more she liked it. She felt full, as Joe’s cock travelled further into her. Her mouth was dry, but she knew her pussy was anything but. She groaned again, as the pleasure built within her.
“This will feel even better.” Sukky slipped down, and she felt her, as she licked her cunt, teasing her clit. It felt like nothing she had ever had before, nor even imagined.
“Harder, harder, oh my god, oh my god, yes, yes, yes, I am cominnnnnng.” She shouted, gripping Joe’s thigh so hard that her nails dug into his skin, drawing bl**d. She came twice, in quick succession, each one more intense than she could remember having before. Finally she was exhausted, and fell forward, onto the bed, Joe’s cock slid out of her. She lay there panting.
“So you liked that then, want to go again?” She heard Sukky ask her.
“No once a day is enough for me, thanks, but can I just watch you two.” She heard herself say.
“Of course, come on Joe, my turn.”
She watched as her friend, and her husband made love for over an hour, Joe fucked Sukky in every position any of them could think of, Sukky was on her back, legs high, and over his shoulders, as he fucked her deep. Then Sheila could watch no longer, and she lowed herself onto Sukky’s face.
“Well perhaps a little more.” She said, already feeling Sukky‘s slippery tongue, as it pushed aside her inner labia. She gave herself to the sensations.

Joe was in the shower, when Sheila whispered to Sukky. “Can we not mention this to Chris, keep it between ourselves, at least for the moment.” She felt bad at cheating on him. True, she had, had the occasional fuck with other guys, always at parties. Always when Chris was probably doing the same in another part of the house. But this was different, very different. She didn’t think he’d mind, especially with Sukky. She’d pick her moment, and tell him. If that was, she told him at all. She could rely on Sukky, she hoped.
“Whatever you want.”
“There is something else” she hesitated before continuing. Oh fuck it she thought. I’ve come this far. “Can we do this again, every now and again, is that alright?”
“Yes, of course its alright.” Sukky replied, smiling.
She really didn‘t mind. Sheila was delighted, but kept her voice under control. She could have shouted “yes“ at the top of her voice, but instead, just said, “thank you, thank you so much.”
Then Sukky asked her, “anything else you want to try?”
Sheila wasn’t sure whether to ask her or not. After all Sukky had already done enough. Her legs even now felt like jelly. Bugger, in for a penny, she thought. “Well, I’d like to try two men at the same time, any two, but that’s not going to happen is it.!”
“Leave it with me.” She heard Sukky tell her. Well then maybe Sukky would make it happen.

An hour later Sukky put the phone down. She was rather pleased with herself. She had done, what even she though would be near on impossible, given the short notice. Then she thought of Alisha. Alisha would be in later that afternoon, she was expecting them. Joe was going to the footie. Ajax where at home. Sukky decided not to tell Sheila where they were going, as far as Sheila was concerned they were just visiting some friends. The Chairman had helped out, he had rang Alisha and arranged things, well if a girl can‘t use her friends to her own ends!

They arrived at Alisha and Gerry’s. Alisha greeted them. She was just wearing a transparent black silk wrap, her breasts clearly visible, her nipples hard. Sukky’s throat went dry with anticipation. They sat in her lounge. Sukky saw Sheila was wide eyed at her new surroundings. The City centre penthouse was gorgeous, but it was not to Sukky’s taste. Alisha’s nephews Tarquin and Tristan, entered, and sat on the sofa opposite them. Sukky remembered them, only a few weeks ago, fucking her. They were a good looking pair of boys. Sukky still couldn’t tell one from the other. But they were like their aunt. Cold hearted. Nothing counted, only their own pleasures, which they took as they pleased, not caring what the consequences were, or if they hurt anyone in the process. Gerry, well Gerry wasn’t as cold, but Alisha was a complete bitch. At this moment, a very useful bitch.

“Sheila, take you clothes off.” Commanded Alisha.
Shelia was taken off guard. Unprepared. Shocked even. “What, here, but ….no I couldn’t.”
She saw Sukky watching her, but was confused.
“Boys!” Alisha said. Sheila watched as the twins walked towards her. She wasn’t scared, but she was nervous. They strode over and pulled her to her feet. She protested, if a little half heartedly. They pulled the straps of her dress down, then pulled it over her hips. By the time they unclipped her bra, and pulled her knickers off she had gone quiet. She gave herself to the pleasures that Sukky, her friend, had arranged. Whatever that was. Alisha pushed her, lightly back into the sofa. Sheila felt her hand between her legs as she was fingered by her. It felt wonderful. She heard herself gasp, the first, but the gasp turned into a groan. Sukky lent over her, and kissed her mouth, then whispered in her ear, “be careful what you wish for Sheila, it might just come true.”
“What, you don’t mean, but they are so young.” Sheila said startled.
Alisha was now between her legs, her tongue working her clit, her fingers searching deep inside her. bl**dy hell, she was coming already, she could feel it building inside her.
She watched as Sukky took her clothes off, her dress, then her green silk underwear. Then Sukky fingered herself, two fingers deep in her cunt. Sheila watched as she closed her eyes, in enjoyment. Then Sukky thrust those fingers into Sheila’s mouth. Sheila sucked at them, tasting the familiar flavours of Sukky’s cunt. She liked the taste.

Sukky could tell Sheila was coming, but so could Alisha. She stopped, and waved her nephews across. Sukky saw they were naked, with huge erections jutting out before them. Before Sheila could protest, one on the boys, Sukky never could tell them apart, had put his cock into her mouth, which after a moment she began to suck. The other took Alishas place between her legs. One also began to fondle Sukky, she liked the feeling, and moved her legs to accommodate him. The second boy, his hand busy with his Aunt‘s pussy. Sukky looked at her friend, who had a dreamy look about her. Sukky wondered what her friend was thinking, then dismissed it. She no longer cared, she was coming. The first of many, she hoped.
One of the boys laid on the sofa, Sheila straddled him, lowering herself onto his hardness, impaling herself. She closed her eyes, as she felt him sliding deeper inside her. When she opened them, a cock was by her mouth. She took it, enclosing her lips around it, as he fucked her mouth. She gagged, but he didn’t stop, or slow. Then he took it away, and without a word walked behind her, and slid his cock into her arse. He wasn’t gentle like Joe had been. But she wasn’t an anal virgin anymore , and it didn’t hurt as much as the first time. It felt delicious, as she gasped with a mixture of surprise, pleasure and a little pain. Sheila enjoyed her first DP. A twin in her arse, another in her cunt. “Oh fuck, oh fucking hell,” she thought, as she came, and came again.

Sukky was enjoying Alisha, again, and her Sukky. Sukky looked over towards Sheila. The boys could fuck her for ages, Sukky knew only too well. But after a while, they joined the trio. She sucked greedily on Alisha’s pussy, whilst Sukky sucked each of the boys cocks in turn, before returning them to Sheila. Sheila it seemed was in heaven, coming loudly again and again. Then one by one the boys needed to come. They shot their loads into Sheila’s mouth, she looked like the cat who had got all the cream, which of course she had. She gulped it down, greedily.
“Is that what you wanted.” Sukky asked her, leaning forward to wipe a dribble of come from Sheila’s chin, which she licked off her finger.
“Oh god yes, that was good, it’s a shame its over.” Said a red faced, sweating Sheila.
“Over, oh no its not, I haven’t been satisfied yet.” Said Alisha. Sukky smiled, she was never satisfied. She began sucking each of the boys cocks, until, they were hard again, at that age it doesn’t take long.
“Right, fuck me, and you fuck Sukky. Sheila there is a vibrator in the draw, start playing with yourself.” Alisha told them. Sukky leant back, opened her legs, as her cunt was filled with cock, and she was fucked. Alisha was fucked from behind she watched as his balls swung, banging against Alisha‘s wet, and ever hungry pussy. Sukky looked the other way, and saw Sheila was masturbating with the vibrator. The door opened, and Gerry walked into the room.

Sheila worked the vibrator deep inside herself. The vibrations made her body tremble. The door opened, and a guy walked in. He smiled at her. He walked towards her, never taking his eyes from her. He took the vibrator from her hand, replacing it with his cock from his open fly. Sheila knew she was about to be fucked again, and by yet another man. She was having quite a day. Gerry fucked her always, mouth, cunt, and finally in her arse. Sheila loved it. She had lost count of the number of orgasms she had enjoyed.

Sukky watched Gerry fucking Sheila. Time to leave Alisha with her boys, she thought. She got up, and joined Gerry and Sheila. Gerry pulled his cock from Sheila’s arse, and Sukky sucked on it. Got some for me Gerry Sukky asked. “Always,” he replied. He fucked her. Fucked her with no finesse. Just a straight forward hard fuck. He pulled his cock from her cunt, and she felt a sudden emptiness.

Sheila took Gerry‘s cock, as he pulled it from Sukky‘s cunt. Gerry came in her mouth immediately. She enjoyed the taste. She saw both boy’s were wanking their cocks, and seemed to her, were going to come on Alisha’s tits. Fuck that she thought. She walked over to them. She gripped a cock in each hand, gripped them hard, digging her nails into the wet shafts, then wanked each, until the two boys, one by one came in her mouth. She held the combined come in her mouth, then slowly swallowed, savouring the taste. This wasn’t going to happen to her again, that much she did know. She wanted to remember every second, remember every sound, smell, and above all, every taste.

That evening she sighed contentedly in Sukky’s bed. Joe was next door, sl**ping off too much Dutch beer. She curled up, next to Sukky, and ran her hand across her bare breast.
“Thanks, but those boys, were they really that young, and is she really their Aunt?”
“Does it matter?” Sukky replied.
“No, I don’t suppose it does, not now. How can I thank you.”
“Oh I am sure you can think of a way!”
She shook her head, Sukky always wanted more. Then again, so did she. She slipped under the sheets.

The following day, Sheila went on the tourist trail around the city, the canal boats, the museums, and of course the shops. Just after she had gone the phone rang. Joe was in the shower, Sukky could hear him singing, out of tune. It was the Chairman’s assistant. He was in the café opposite. Sukky joined him, wondering why she had been summoned. The Chairman had been very pleased with yesterday’s performance, he told her. “Is there anywhere that isn’t wired?” She thought, but left it unsaid. Gerry had liked Sheila, and wanted them both for a party that evening.
“What about Joe?” She asked. He handed Sukky a ticket, Holland v Germany. Tonight, box seats. A car would collect Joe, ten minutes later a car would collect Sukky and Sheila. Everything had been arranged. Joe was over the moon with the ticket, football or sex, either way, Joe would be happy.
Now for Sheila. “We’re going to a party.” Sukky told her.
“What sort of party?” Sheila asked her suspiciously.
“One you’ll enjoy,” Sukky told her, “but not a word to Joe, or Chris.”
They were taken to a club, one of The Companies near Dam Square. There was the usual case which would contain what they were to wear. Heels, and hold up stockings, with a lace corset, cup less, and crotch less.
Sheila just stared at them. “We can’t just wear these to a party, can we?” She asked, in almost a whisper.
“Just get dressed, its that sort of a party.” Sukky told her, smiling. “Come on, this you will enjoy!”
“Oh, you mean an orgy.” Sheila said.
Sukky saw Sheila was wide eyed with, what she hoped was excitement. “Is this a step too far for Sheila?” She thought. “Something like that, come on lets go have some fun,” she said.
Sheila looked good in her outfit. Sukky helped her with her shoe buckles, Sheila’s hands were shaking.

The party was in full swing as they went down. Sukky saw Claire, on her knees being fucked as she sucked. She turned to Sheila, but Sheila was already being led away, and was soon going with the flow, taking one guy after another, in all her orifices, talk about going for it. The party carried on in full flow. Sukky slipped away after a few of hours. Sheila would be brought back to the flat when it ended.

In the morning Sukky made love to Joe, slowly. They were alone. Then had a very late breakfast, before he headed for the airport, and work. Sheila still hadn’t arrived back at the flat. She knew she needn’t worry. The Company would look after her. Sheila arrived back just after four in the afternoon. Knackered. Totally fucked.
“Well, did we enjoy ourselves?” Sukky asked her.

Sheila thought about it. She had. She had, had the most fantastic break. She was almost at a loss, as to what to say. She nodded before saying “Is that what you do, that and the films?”
“Yeap, that’s what I do.” Sukky replied.
“Fucking hell.” Was all she could manage. What else was there to say. What a way to earn a living. No wonder Sukky loved her job. A come fest.

Later that evening they had a chat curled up in bed. They lay without speaking, before Sukky said “Your wish came true Sheila, you have fucked me, you’ve fucked Joe, you’ve had it up the arse, you’ve had Alisha, her husband, been fucked by her two boys, and taken part in an orgy. Typical weekend in Amsterdam!.”
Sheila was silent, a thoughtful silence. Sukky looked at her, frowning.

“It doesn’t end there. Some guy, said he worked for The Company, wants me to be a party girl, I think he called it, where they’ll pay me to do all that.” Sheila excitedly told her friend.
“What are you going to do?” Sukky asked.
“Obviously I’m going to do it, there’s only one problem, Chris.”
“That’s your problem, I am so pleased to say!”
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3 years ago
Go for it girl. You only live once and if you can do something you enjoy in life and get paid and taken care of then do it..Nice story, Thanks for sharing