Mum caught fucking her son, and her s****r!

Continuing story of Maggie, the Mum who fucks her son, and her s****r.
Part five.

Maggie looked into the mirror. “How did I get here?” She thought. It had started she reflected, when she had caught her son fucking her s****r, and her s****rs friend. Then what did she do. Joined in. Fucking her own son, and what a fuck it had been. Then to compound her guilt, she had fucked her s****r as well, then the friend. She’d enjoyed it. She still enjoyed it. Her son Phil had fucked her only last night, guiltily she remember just how much she had enjoyed that. She knew she’d enjoy it the next time, knew too, that there would be a time after that, and a another! But that wasn’t what concerned her, though it should have. No, she had, had a foursome, a fucking foursome, with her s****r Cathy, Cathy’s friend Linda, and Linda’s husband. What a night that had been. Bring on another. No her problem, the pressing problem, was that he’d wanted a memento. Fucking his wife and two of her friends hadn’t been enough. He wanted a photo of the three of them. She’d agreed to that. Fucking hell!

“Penny for them?” Cathy asked her s****r.
“Nothing, just thinking,” Maggie lied.
“Well don’t know about you, but I’m wetting myself,” Cathy replied.
“Me too,” Linda called across the room.
They were all naked, their make up heavily applied, for a photo shoot. Phil had taken some pictures of the three of them, using his digital camera, but they weren’t what Linda wanted to send her husband. She wanted top shelf quality. They had checked out a couple of dirty mags, and the internet. No, they didn’t do any of them justice. Phil had done his best, but it hadn’t been good enough. He would have to be punished, obviously. Now they were in the studio of a pro. Some guy, who Linda knew, and whose daughter Phil knew. It made Maggie shudder to think of what would happen if this little sordid bag of worms got out. Secrets and lies.

Adam walked into the dressing room of his studio. The three women had finished applying their makeup he was glad to see. Various outfits hung around the room on hangers. They were all shitting themselves, he saw.
“Ok ladies, lets get started shall we. Red underwear, and high heels, and stockings?” He chirped. He was well use to dealing with models who were having second thoughts. And these three were definitely in that category. What he still hadn’t worked out, was why Maggie’s son Phil was here. The boy had gone out with his daughter a few times. He liked the boy. But why was he here for a nude photo shoot with his mother for fuck sake! The mother, Maggie was gorgeous, as was her s****r. The other one, Linda was a looker as well, with fantastic legs, he‘d knew her through a woman who “arranged.” She arranged anything, and everything. That was how he had come to know her. She wanted a couple filmed fucking. A happily married couple. Not to each other, and as it turned out, not so happy.

“Ok, that’s great, but, legs open a little wider!” Adam called.
Maggie didn’t like him. He was a little wanker, in her book at least. And how old was he, and with a pony tail for fuck sake. She spread her legs, as he had asked. Although she didn’t like him, she had warmed to being in front of the camera. Her nipples were erect, evidence of her arousal. Her hand down the front of her knickers, rested against a moist, if not yet wet pussy. Beside her, Linda was already starker’s, and Cathy had her knickers pulled to one side, exposing her pink cunt. The lights flashed, as Adam clicked away.

Cathy was on all fours, reaching back across her bum, to finger her anus. Adam clicked away. She liked him, but didn’t know why. He wasn’t her type. But he had a kind smile, and a twinkle in his eye. Her nerves had soon gone, now she shamelessly exposed herself, held her cunt open for him to photograph. Around her the other two were equally brazen. The odour in the air was definitely pussy. Excited, wet pussy. She needed a fuck.

It was their last set. Adam had photographed them individually, together, and in all the ways Linda had wanted. Now it was the girl, plus girl, plus girl shoot. Linda’s cunt was as wet, as her throat was dry. Maggie’s neat pussy was just in front of her face. She breathed her in, then was between her legs, and in the folds of her labia. She drank her in. As she did, so Cathy went down on her. Cathy was a thoughtful lover, and today was no exception. Adam was forgotten, as the three ladies rid themselves of the frustrations which had built during the shoot.

Phil stood behind the lights, watching his three lovers as they fucked each other. His cock was as hard as granite. He had helped the girls dress, zipped zips. Buckled shoes. Carried bags. Adam he knew as Emily’s Dad. He knew he had the reputation as a crafty bastard. Devious was better word. He hadn’t been happy about the girls, girls, his mother and aunt, and her friend, being photographed by him. The trouble was he didn’t really know why. Jealousy, or concern? He went back to the dressing room, as the session came to an end.
“Lets get out of here, I need a fuck, like I’ve never needed a fuck, Maggie said, feeling her sons erection as she spoke.

Adam played the video of the photo shoot. The secret tapes. The studio and the dressing room was fitted with cameras‘, even the loo.
“Emily love, take a look at this will you,” he asked his s*******n year old daughter.
Emily watched the monitor over her fathers shoulder. It was the dressing room. She watched the three naked women. She knew, at least by sight, two of them. She knew Phil. One of the still naked women reached out, at squeezed Phil’s cock, then put her hand down the front of his trousers.
“Well love, whose the woman feeling Phil up?” He asked.
“What’s it worth?” she asked.
“I already know her name, what’s with her and Phil?”
“Well, that’s Maggie. And the guys Phil. Dad, meet Maggie, Phil’s Mum!”
“Fuck me, fuck me, well I never!” He said, in amazement.
“Thanks for the offer Dad.” she said, holding out her hand, into which Adam placed four folded fifty’s.
“Now, tomorrow, you get round young Phil’s and find out everything. I want to know it all.”
“He’s not going to spill the beans, if he is giving his Mum one is he!”
“Then you fuck his brains out, fuck her as well if you have to. Christ girl. You let him fuck you in the arse if that’s what he wants. Just get me some answers.”
“You paying?”
“I’m paying. But only for results.”

Emily lay on the bed, as above her, Phil thrust his cock in and out of her. Jesus fucking wept, he had learned a lot since he had paid her for a blow job at school. Six months ago he didn’t have a Scooby doo. Now, now she was coming again, and he still hadn’t.
“Oh my god, yes, yes, oh fucking ye………………sssssssss.” She cried out.
She still hadn’t found out what she wanted to know. Not even a sign. She’d have to think of something else, in the mean time, Phil was rolling her over.
“You can fuck my arse, if you want Phil. Would you like to?” She purred at him. She hoped he wouldn’t. She didn’t really like it in the back door. But it paid more. If it paid, then she’d do it. She’d had started young. She was ten, when she had first taken money for sex. Well, not exactly sex, one pound to feel her tits, which were little more than fried eggs at the time. Then progressed. Feeling her up, then fingering her. Always for more money. By the time she was f******n she was the school bike. But, the money had mounted up. Her bank balance was such that the bank manager had suggested she speak to an investment manager. Now she had a portfolio that could give her a decent income. Her Dad had photographed her, sold the pictures to perverts. The money rolled in. Now she was too old. And different markets opened up for her. But it wasn’t just about the money.

Maggie lay in bed, listening to Phil’s girlfriend coming. Noisy cow. She rolled over and closed her eyes. sl**p wouldn’t come. She tossed and turned, eventually though she did sl**p. She felt an arms around her, and half awake snuggled up to the warm naked body in bed beside her.
“That’s nice Phil,” she murmured in her sl**p, as a hand cupped her pussy, a finger running along the length of it.
The fingers did there job, and soon, she was panting. She came softly, a satisfying orgasm. “I needed that, thanks Phil.” Then she slept, warm and secure.

Phil woke early, as he always did. It wasn’t quite light. Just enough to see, without turning the lights on. Emily had gone during the night. Typical of her. He had a hard on, again.
“Mum likes it before she gets up,” he thought. “Then again, she liked it at any time of the day.”
He padded though to her room. They often slept together, as he did with both auntie Cathy, and Linda. They seemed to share him, taking turns, he mused. He got in bed, his mother put her arms around him. “Morning love, got any left for me?” She whispered in his ear, before putting her leg over his.

Maggie felt her sons hand explore her buttocks, the reaching lower, her pussy. She was wet already, and his fingers went inside her easily. She pulled herself on top of him, then guided his cock inside herself. He was hard. Hard and big. She continued to be delighted at the size of her sons erect cock. Long and thick. She contracted her cunt muscles, feeling him, enjoying the sensations that only a big hard cock could give.
“Now fuck me hard, really hard. I want it rough. Tomorrow you go to stay with your auntie Cath, so I intend to make the most of this morning.”
They fucked. Hot and sweaty. The bed head knocked against the bedroom wall. The bed springs protested. Maggie came, then came again, until she sank exhausted beside her son. She lay there, panting, gasping for breath. Her chest heaved.
“I fucking needed that. Now, I’d better suck your cock, then I’ve got to go to work,” Maggie said.

“I’ll do it, if you’d like,” Emily said, from a chair at the base of the bed. She had rolled out of the bed when Phil got in the other side. She had what she came for, Maggie had told her what she wanted in her half sl**p. But she had sensed she could get more. Now she had it all. No wonder Phil knew his way around a woman. The mother, the aunt, and that slut Linda. Well, well. She rose from the chair, and joined the two on the bed. She took Phil’s cock in her hand, then, sucked its bulbous head. She had tasted Maggie cunt, form her fingers the night before, as she had masturbated her as she fell asl**p. Phil came in her mouth. His spunk tasted good. Fresh, slightly salty. She held it in her mouth, rolled to Maggie, then kissed her, the fluid dribbling into her mouth.

Adam transferred the video from Emily’s blackberry, onto his computer. He watched the screen, a broad grin spreading across his face. “You did well,” he told his daughter. He turned and looked at her. She stood in the doorway to his office, the light behind he. He could see her legs through her dress. “What do I owe you?” He asked. He knew his daughter well enough to know she would do anything, but always there was a price to pay. He had learned that when aged eleven, during her first year at secondary school he had been summoned to the headmaster. Emily had been letting boys touch her up. Touch her up, and charging for it. She was expelled, but started up business at her next school. She still sold it.
“For the information, call it five hundred.”
“And for the film?”
“You can have that for free, call it a present,” she replied.
“And what did you have to do to get it?”
“You really want to know? Well I took your advice, and let Phil fuck me up the arse, he really does have a big cock you know, then I slept with his mother. She’s nice. Whatever you have planed, there’s one thing I want. I want to fuck Phil and his Mum, and his aunt. You can film it if you want,” Emily told her Dad. “I don’t mind, but we split the money you sell it for.”
Adam looked at Emily. She wanted a fuck. Phil must be good, and the mother and her s****r too. Make a great film. “Ok, I’ll see what I can arrange. Now time to do some work. School girl video.”
Adam set to work on his lighting setup, as Emily undressed in the corner of the studio. He watched her for a few moments. Then she redressed in a school uniform. The uniform from the school that had expelled her. Any publicity was good publicity, wasn’t it?

They arrived at Adams studio three evenings later. He had let them stew long enough. They were all here, Linda, Maggie, Cathy, and of course, Phil. He of the big cock! They were all anxious. Maggie was close to tears. This was going to be easy.
“You really have been naughty girls, and you Phil, tut, tut!” He said, wagging his finger in Phil’s direction.
“Get it over and done with Adam, what do you want?” Linda said sharply, betraying her anger.
“Glad you asked.!”
He outlined his price. His price of keeping what he knew to himself. It was simple really. He needed models, for various websites he ran, and for magazines he supplied photos for. Films too. He also supplied girls for parties. He liked to call them parties.
“And what do we do at these parties?” Linda asked him.
“Anything you’re asked to do!” Adam replied.
In the end they agreed. They really had no choice.
“And will Emily keep quiet as well,” Maggie asked.
“Now I’m glad you asked that Maggie. You see, Emily is my only daughter, and I like to give her what she wants. And what she wants is you Maggie, you and Phil, with a side order of Cathy. So lets begin our association with just that, shall we?”

Maggie hated herself. She was here because she had failed to control herself. It was no good blaming Cathy. She hated herself even more, as that familiar feeling coursed through her body. At least he hadn’t phoned the Police, then again maybe he should have. She looked towards him. Fucking Adam, fucking bastard. She looked straight at him, just visible behind his camera, then it hit her. She opened her mouth, gasping, as she came. “Oh no, no, fucking …….oh my god, faster, mmmmmmmmm, I’m com………” Phil was fucking her, from behind. As she knelt on all fours, so Emily was busy between her legs, her fingers expertly caressed her clit, while Cathy sat astride Emily’s face. Beyond Adam, Linda watched, awaiting her turn in front of the camera. Maggie knew this video would be sold. What if someone saw it. Well someone would, but what if they knew her?

They sat around the table, drinks untouched in front of each of them. Cathy could hardly look her s****r in the eye. Even Phil was quiet. Yet Cathy didn’t feel guilty about what they had done. What they had all done. She for one wanted to continue. She thought Maggie did as well. Linda, no doubt about her. But, they must rid themselves of Adam.
“Time to decide I think,” Cathy said suddenly. “I take it we all want to continue with our arrangement?” They all nodded their agreement.
“So, how do we get rid of fucking Adam, any ideas?”
Silence deafened her.
“Phil, what do you know about Emily?” Cathy asked.
Phil told them. “When she was at primary school she used to let you feel her tits for a quid. Then at secondary, she would let you play with her fanny for a fiver. Then she got kicked out, but she still did it. Then when she was about f******n, she stated charging to fuck her. I think she still does!”
“What about Adam?” Cathy persisted.
“Well he knows, and their were some nude photo’s of her at the studio, and she’s got a book of them in her bedroom.” Phil told his aunt.
“Then we need to get a look at them, you see what you can do Phil.”

Linda sat listening. If this little lot got out she’d be out on her ear, with a kicking no doubt.
“When you were being filmed, I went for a pee, on my way back I looked in his office, the door was open. You were on the telly, his telly. Which means he records it on some cctv system”
They all looked at her, uncomprehending.
“It means he records everything. Probably got a shot of me pissing. So we need to know if he’s going anything with Emily that he shouldn’t. Well that’s all really,” she added.
“What you mean, is next time we are there, we need to distract him, then one of us take a look in his office, dig some dirt up?” Phil said, smiling. Suddenly things didn’t look so bleak.

Adam was pleased with the results of the shoot. He uploaded it to a pay website he ran. Members only. Emily stood behind him as he reviewed it. She looked good he thought. He looked round. She was starker’s. She liked to watch herself, even as he thought it, he saw her hand was between her legs, slowly rubbing her cunt.
“The results meet with your approval I take it?” He asked her.
“Yeah, not bad Dad, no t bad at all,” she said. “Now, in case you’d forgotten, pay up.”

It was two months, and they were still stuck with Adam. Tonight they were going to yet another party. None of them had any illusions as to what was happening. The taxi hooted its horn, and the three girls left the house, squeezing into the back seat of the cab. It drove swiftly away. Phil breathed a sigh that they had at last gone. He didn’t want them to know he’s plans for the night. He ran upstairs, changing into a black tracksuit, trainers. He went into his Mums room, and opened her knicker draw, rummaged about, until he found what he was looking for. He tucked the black tights into his pocket. Then left the house.

A girl took their coats from them. They stood, not knowing where to go, looking around at the large entrance hall. The house was Edwardian. The house a large “gentleman’s” residence. A huge wolfhound lumbered, from one side of the space, to the other, and lay down in front of an open fire. A smiling man greeted them. “Welcome ladies, welcome,” he said looking them up and down. Well he might, Maggie thought. They were almost naked. Almost. They all wore eight inch high heels, black patent leather. Maggie looked at her s****r, Cathy was wearing a sheath dress, black and shear. Translucent. Beneath it she wore a pair of equally see-through panties, and despite the double layer, Maggie could see her pussy. Cath’s breasts were on display under the dress. She should have looked tarty, but somehow, she looked elegant. Maggie looked at Linda, in her halter neck dress, which finished just above her knee. Her dress was only semi see through, and although she could see her tits, the folds of the dress concealed her thong. Maggie caught sight of herself in a mirror. The woman who looked back at her looked shelf assured, confident. Her red lips, and dusky eye shadow looked sexy. Did she really look like that? How she had changed. She hadn’t until that moment recognised the change in herself. She wore even less than her s****r, or Linda. A diamante choker at her neck, and a pair of transparent French knickers. That and a pair of seamed hold up stockings. Nothing more. She smiled at her reflection. She’d wow whoever was behind the doors. She looked forward to it. She still hated Adam. But, and it was a hard but to swallow, she liked where he sent her. She liked the parties. She even liked making the films.

Linda walked behind the two s****rs, as they walked arm in arm across the floor of the room the party was being held in. She walked tall, holding her back straight. She knew she looked good, her hips swayed. Maggie ran her hand over Cathy’s bum, and Linda felt her throat go dry, both with anticipation, and excitement.

He took her from behind. Thrusting deep inside her. She savoured the feeling, half closing her eyes. Cathy had spread her legs as wide as she comfortably could. She gripped the edge of the bar. The girl behind the bar smiled at her, then bent and kissed her mouth. The girls mouth was wet, soft and yielding. The girls tongue was in her mouth, playing with her own tongue. The guy had gripped her hips, and was pulling her back. She didn’t want to move away, the bar girl held her behind the neck. Cathy felt herself coming, the groan caught in the back of her throat, the bar girl probed deeper with her tongue, then she was gone.

Phil slowly opened the casement window. It creaked, protesting at being used. Then he stepped in, his mother tights over his face. He could smell her perfume, and that thought made his loins tingle. He steadied himself. He listened, heard nothing and moved on. He took the stairs one at a time, stopping on each tread. He heard nothing, there was nothing to hear, the building was empty. He reached the first floor, then climbed to the second. The fire door squeaked as he pushed it open. He held his mini maglite in his hand, so it gave minimal light. He reached the office door. He took a deep breath, and turned the handle.

Maggie still wore her French knickers, although they had been pushed to one side. Between her legs a bald headed man, his face embedded in her cunt, his tongue inside her. Another was fucking her mouth. Already two others had come on her tongue, the current one’s cock was hard, and throbbing. “Just a few more seconds,” Maggie thought. As she thought it, he came in a series of hot spurts. His spunk tasted fishy, she swallowed it quickly, but the taste remained. She was distracted, a finger in her arse, then two. She liked the feel, and did what she could to accommodate.
Linda was being spit roasted by two rugby players. She knew they played the game, from their cauliflower ears, and broken nose. They were huge, sadly their cocks were not. She made the most of her lot. Despite their size both were considerate of her enjoyment. She had come twice already, a third was not far away. Of her clothes only her shoes remained. The guy in her mouth removed it, he wanted to fuck her. She took time out, to see her friends were fully engaged with other guests. Maggie appeared to be giving blow jobs, as she sat on some guys face. Cathy had been at the bar, but was now on a table, one guy in her arse, the other in her cunt. A girl, was standing above her, hold her skirt up, pulling Cathy’s face into her pussy. Where did she come from.

Phil sat on the sofa, his computer on his lap. A memory stick in the USB port. He sighed, relieved. He heard the door open. It was five in the morning. The girls walked into the living room, and threw their coats onto a chair, before slumping into the larger of the sofa’s.
“Phil, darling,” Linda said, “put the kettle on will you, I could murder a cuppa.”
Phil looked at them. His mother was naked, but for a pair of laddered stockings, and a pair of see-through French knickers. The gusset was stained with her juices, and spunk. As he looked, so she kicked off her high heels. Cathy wore a shear dress, heels, but no panties. Linda was wearing a halter dress, and no bra.
“Good party?” He asked.
“bl**dy brilliant Phil, now make the fucking tea, will you,” Cathy told him.
“Ok, ok, but first, look at this.” He turned the computer screen so they could all see it. They sat bolt up right, all on the sofa’s edge. The tiredness gone, and watched wide eyed at the screen.

Linda recovered he wits first. “How? Where? When?” She asked.
Phil explained how he had been to Adams studio that afternoon with Emily. Adam had been in a fluster. The alarm wasn’t working. Phil went to the loo, and opened a ground floor window, one in the small store room. Tonight he had gone back, broken in. then checked through Adams CCTV equipment. It was all on hard drive. After two hours he found what he wanted.

“But what about the CCTV, it’ll have recorded you!” Maggie said alarmed.
Phil held up her tights, “Had these over my face, no worries.”
Maggie turned her attention back to the screen. On it Adam took his daughter from behind, fucking her furiously. Her face was lifted slightly, and she looked straight at Maggie, well the camera. Behind her, Adam sweated. Another angle appeared on the screen, showing clearly Adams cock, thrusting in and out of Emily’s cunt.
“I put it all back how I found it. I’ve wiped the hard drive, from when they left, then turned it off. They’ll be none the wiser!” Phil said triumphantly.

Cathy picked up the discarded tights, she put them to her nose. Maggie’s musky odour emanated from them. “Bet these gave you a right hard on Phil, wonder you could think of anything else! Now you sure he won’t know you have that?”
“Yes I’m sure. He won’t know.”
“Good boy. Lets open a bottle of bubbly, and take it upstairs with us, and thank Phil properly, shall we?” Cathy stood up, and pulled Phil to his feet. She gripped his cock, tugging it. “Fucking hell Phil, is it really always hard?”
“Not always, but for you three I make sure it is, auntie Cath.”
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