Mum and her s****r take the son to an orgy

More of Phil, the boy who fucks his Mum, and her s****r.

Part 3.

Maggie did her make up. She was just finishing, when Phil walked into the bedroom. He sprawled on the bed, and watched her. She applied lipstick. She turned to him, “well, will I do?” She asked him. Then without waiting for an answer stood up, and walked to her wardrobe. She was dressed in a green bra, with matching knickers, and suspender belt. The knickers were cut high, and she knew her bum looked good in them. Phil’s gazed followed her as she crossed the room. He could see the butterfly tattooed on her bum, through the nylon knickers. She pulled her stockings up, and attached them to the suspender belt, ensuring the suspenders were under her panties. She smoothed them into place, and buckled the ankle straps of her heels. She put her dress on, a fitted emerald green dress, which hugged her hips tightly. It had a pleat in the back.
“Honey, zip me up will you.”
Phil got off the bed, and slowly pulled the zip up. She felt his erection against her bum. Then he kissed the back of her neck, before releasing her.
“You look fantastic Mum.” Phil told her. She did look good. She was beautiful.
“Good,” she replied, “don’t want Cathy to think her older s****r is past it do we.”

Cathy arrived about half an hour later. She, like her s****r was well turned out. A mid length royal blue dress, which flowed around her curves. It was low cut, giving a generous glimpse of cleavage. Cathy put her case under the stairs, unsure as to where she should put it. She wasn’t the only one, but that would be decided later. She hugged Maggie. Her s****r looked fabulous, and smelt good as well, some French perfume, Cathy tried to remember its name, Clinique, that was it, Aromatic Elixir. Linda was late.

The taxi dropped the three women, and Phil outside a modern detached house. The house was set back from the road, it was in its own grounds. Music could be heard playing from within. The taxi drove off, leaving the quartet standing on the porch. Inside were a dozen people, even numbers of men and women. Linda did the introductions, they were her friends. Several couples danced on the dance floor. Others stood talking in small groups.

“Dance with me?” A tall blonde woman asked Cathy.
Cathy was taken off guard by the request. Momentarily she didn’t know what to say.
“I’d love too,” she replied.
The other woman took Cathy into her arms on the dance floor, and took the lead. She had dark hair, and even darker eyes. Cathy felt her back being caressed, and looked into the other woman’s face. It smiled at her, then the woman kissed her. Cathy felt the woman’s tongue in her mouth. She kissed her back, pulling her closer to her. The other woman’s hands cupped her bum, as she pressed her body against Cathy’s.
Phil watched as his aunt danced with the tall dark haired woman with growing arousal, as they kissed on the dance floor. “Fucking hell, this was well cool.” He thought. Linda stood beside him, and he felt her hand on his erection. She squeezed it.
“Like what you see Phil?” She asked him
“Fucking hell! What do you think?” He replied.
She left him, and walked away. Phil looked about him, several couples were making out in different parts of the room. He looked back onto the dance floor. His aunt was no longer dancing. She was just snogging. The other woman unzipped his aunties dress, it hung open on her shoulders, the other woman had her hands inside the dress.

Maggie allowed herself to be lead away by two men she had just met, but had yet to learn their names. As she watched her s****r on the dance floor, her dress dropping to the ground, the hem of her own dress was lifted, exposing her stocking tops, and panties. Hands groped her cunt, her arse, her tits. They were all over her, she closed her eyes and gave herself to them. God this felt good. The two men pleasured her, caresses‘, kisses. Fingers wormed their way into her panties, opening her outer labia. She was wet. Then the fingers were inside her, she sighed with delight. Another hand, this time on her bottom, lightly, barely touching her skin. A finger skipped across her anus, then probed, and it too was inside her. She groaned with pleasure. Her dress fell to the ground, her bra was unclipped, her knickers removed, as her two gentlemen friends stripped her, so she only wore her stocking, suspenders, and high heels. She was for the moment their passive toy. Her breasts were squeezed, they tingled with a thousand sensations. A nipple was sucked, nibbled, then bitten.

A redheaded woman, grabbed Phil’s cock, erect from what he was watching. She was older than his mother, who, as he watched sucked two cocks, alternating between them.
“Linda says you can fuck all night, so can you?” She asked him.
“Well, I don’t know,” he stammered, his cock already in her hand. She pulled it, and him towards her. She kissed him, and his cock throbbed in her hand.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” the redhead told him, and leading him by the cock, took him to a vacant part of the huge corner sofa, which was next to the bar.

Maggie straddled one of her suitors, his cock just inside her. She lowered herself, holding his shoulders, as slowly she took him fully into her cunt. The other guy held his cock in front of her face. She knew what he wanted, and gave it to him. His cock filled her mouth. The other guy thrust in and out of her, rhythmically, at the same time, he reached up, and supported her weight, his hands cupping her tits. She saw Cathy writhing on the dance floor, with the woman she had been dancing with. Phil was just beyond her, on the corner sofa, with redhead, who was pushing his face into her pierced pussy. She couldn’t see Linda, and suddenly couldn’t care less where she was, as she came. It was just a little orgasm, the prelude to a biggie, but she savoured every moment of it. The guy in her mouth was replaced by another, she worked his cock, her spit coating the head, forming a link from his cock, to her red lips. A hand on the cheeks of her arse. Mmmmmmmmm.

Linda was across the room from Maggie, but behind her. She had her long legs wrapped around the waist of the house owner, as he sweated, holding her weight, his cock deep in her cunt. His hands held her arse, a single finger inside her anus. Sweat from his brow dripped onto her tits, joining her own sweat, as it ran between her breasts. She kissed him, biting his bottom lip, drawing bl**d. She felt as if she was on fire. An orgasm was building within her, it tightened in her bowels, and snaked into her stomach. She threw back her head, gave it voice. “Oh fucking hell, yes, yes, yes, ye……………..sssssssssssssssssssssssss.”

Phil recognised Linda’s voice, as she came loudly. He smiled to himself. He’d rather be fucking her than the redhead, who even now he pounded, his erection in her pussy. She was on all fours now, having changed positions for the second time. She wanted to come in every position, she had told him. His auntie Cathy was still rolling around the dance floor, but was now with a guy, as well as the woman she had been dancing with. He saw his mother, on top of one guy, giving another a blow job. He felt a pang of jealousy, the bile raising in his throat. Then it was gone, as the red head came, her cunt pulsating, gripping his cock tightly, he thrust forward, deeper inside her. He’d make her come alright, in every position. He saw a third man join his mother, the sight made his erection even harder. Maggie had one cock in her mouth, a second cock she straddled. Now a third was pushed into her arse.

Maggie felt the cock rub against her arse, then it speared her anus. She arched her back, ensuring the guy in her cunt didn’t slip out. She felt the two cocks, both deep within her. The pushed back against them both. She had never felt anything like it, as the double fuck continued. She came after only two or three thrusts, and what an orgasm, she rode it, then rode the one that followed. She gasped for air, the cock in her mouth gone, “harder, harder, fuck me harder!” she shouted. The cock in her arse though was pulled out. A feeling of such disappointment almost overwhelmed her, but then the cock returned, f***ed roughly into her. “Not the same cock, bigger,” she thought, “ooooooooooooh here I come again, yessssssss,” she screamed. A cock was on her bottom lip, she opened her mouth and took it, rolling her tongue around it. She couldn’t for a moment place the taste. The realised it was her, but………

Cathy’s entire body was almost painful to the touch, she had come, then come again, each time more intense. First the woman, then with the man. Then another woman had joined them. She sweated, her juices ran from her cunt, down her arse, and onto the floor. She saw another woman approach them. She was beautiful, jet black hair, full red lips. Her breasts jutted before her, red puffy nipple tipped them. He stomach was flat. Then Cathy saw the huge dildo the protruded before her, held in place by leather straps. It glistened in the light of the dance floor.
“No, no way,” she shouted.
Hands held her wrists, hands held her ankles, pulling her legs apart. Wide, then wider.
The beautiful woman, knelt, holding the bulbous head of the dildo against Cathy’s cunt. Cathy felt pressure being applied. The dildo was rubbed across her pussy, parting her labia.
“No, I said fucking no,” she yelled, frightened now by the thought of the huge dildo.
She felt herself being stretched. It hurt, fuck, it hurt a lot. He cunt was being torn open. The hands held her firm, as the beautiful woman, the fucking bitch ruined her cunt. Then the pain was gone, the phallus was deep inside her, being moved slowly back and forth, centimetre by centimetre, until gradually she felt herself wanting it, wanting it deeper inside her.
“Harder,” she called, “fuck me harder, please, oh yes, yes, yes………oh fuck I’……m oh no, no I’m com………”

Linda was being fucked in turn by six guys, nothing was off limits. Now they were attempting to get two cocks into her cunt at the same time. It wasn’t that she was unwilling, it was a bit novel, when she thought about it. There was room. It was just the mechanics of achieving it. She wasn’t a bendy toy. She was now on her knees, arse in the air, the first guy was inside her, the other was trying to position himself so he too could enter her. Whilst they figured it out, she looked about her. Cathy had just been fucked by the big strapon dildo, noisy cow! Maggie was being fucked, in the arse and cunt, and mouth by yet another trio. She was already covered in come, and it appeared more would be ejaculated onto her soon. Phil was still fucking the redhead, she was on her back, legs in the air. Linda watched as a guy joined them. He ran his hand down Phil’s back, and into the cleft of his arse. Phil didn’t look up, then the guy mounted Phil, his cock f***ed into Phil. Linda switched her attention, back to herself, she felt the two cocks inside her cunt, now could she get one in her arse at the same time?

Phil was fucked from behind, the other guy thrusting powerfully, forcing Phil deeper into the redhead. It had hurt like hell to start with, but now he had adjusted to it. He felt the familiar feeling at the end of his cock, a sure sign he was coming. He couldn’t ease off, the other guy prevented that. He tried to take his mind off it. Silently he recited Newton’s theory of motion. Better. Then he ran through the thirteen times table. The sensation went. Another guy joined them, and fucked redhead’s mouth. She wanted him to share, Phil wasn’t keen. She persisted, until Phil had the cock in his mouth. Then the cock throbbed, and to his horror the other guy came, and as he did, so did Phil.
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It was good the guys starts to fuck phil
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Was good for me till the guys starts to fuck phil
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