Boy fucks his mother, aunt, and her girlfriend

Continuing story of Phil, as this time he fucks his aunt, her friend, and is surprised by his mother!

Part 2

Cathy was excited. She rang her friend, Linda and told her to pop around. “Soon as honey!” She told her.
An hour later she let Linda into the house. They sat in the lounge. “Well?” Linda couldn’t contain herself.
“He’s coming next week, but only for three or four days!” Cathy squealed with excitement.
“Fantastic, shame its not longer. Can I move in with you, only while he’s here.” Linda asked.
“It’ll be a squeeze, there’s only two bedrooms,” Cathy replied in all seriousness.
“I don’t suppose we’ll need the second, do you?”
“No, I don’t suppose we will,” Cathy giggled at herself.

The week passed slowly. One of those weeks that never seemed to end. The appointed day arrived at last. Linda and Cathy spent the afternoon getting the house just right, and themselves as well. Linda hung her clothes in Cathy’s wardrobe.
“What shall we wear?” Asked Linda.
“What would a sixteen year old like, do you think?”
They settled on something sluttish. The more tarty the better. So it was black nylon knickers and bra’s, see through of course. Stockings, and high heels. Each wore a mini skirt, the shortest that either had. A low cut top finished the outfits.
“Christ on his cross,” Cathy exclaimed, “but we look like a couple of whores!”
“Honey, you speak for yourself!” Linda giggled, but she knew what her friend meant.

Phil arrived an hour later. He smiled like a Cheshire cat, when her saw them. A Cheshire cat that has got the cream. He kissed his aunt on the cheek. He wasn’t sure what to expect. Did she regret the events of his previous visit?
“Is that the best you can do for your favourite aunty?” Cathy asked him
“You mean…………..?” Phil said.
“Come here,” Cathy told him, and embraced him, kissing his mouth, her tongue exploring his mouth.
He felt his cock stiffen, and felt his aunt press herself against it. She ran her fingers through his hair. He ran his hands down her back, and over her bottom.
“Hey, save some for me,” Linda called from across the room.
They parted, and Phil crossed and hugged Linda, her greeting as urgent as had been his aunts.
“You two look fantastic,” Phil told them truthfully.
“Well what do you want to do?” Asked Cathy.
“Well, could I just watch you two first?” A hesitant Phil replied.
“You mean just look at us, of course,” giggled Cathy. She sat back on the sofa, next to her friend.
Cathy crossed her legs, giving Phil a flash of her panties.

Linda was more forward, and just parted her legs, enough to give a clear view up her skirt. It gave her a thrill. She knew exactly what Phil really wanted, as she guessed did Cathy. But the boy needed to ask, but she wished he’d do so quickly. She was almost desperate for it. It occurred to her, why on earth hadn’t she and Cathy slept together in the time since Phil had last been here. They needed to talk.
“Fuck this,” Linda thought. She put her hand on Cathy’s knee, and ran it up to the hem of her skirt. She stroked the inside of Cathy’s thigh. She saw Phil’s eyes were fixed on her hand. She enjoyed the suspense, then continued to run her hand upwards. Cathy opened her legs, allowing Linda’s hand to reach her above her stocking tops, and at last to her cunt. Linda felt Cathy’s heat through the thin material of her knickers. She explored the outline of her pussy through the material. Cathy was breathing hard, as the excitement built inside her. The gusset of her panties was becoming wet, as her juices flowed.

Cathy had a lump in her throat. She felt Linda’s hand on her knee, it ran upwards. She parted her legs, the hand felt nice on her stockings, so nice. She watched Phil’s face, as he watched her, his aunty being touched up. Linda pulled her knickers to one side, they were wet from what she had been doing to her. Cathy looked away from Phil, and concentrated on Linda. Time for her to reciprocate. Cathy lifted Linda’s skirt with one hand, and slid the other under it, finding the space where her stocking ended. Her thigh felt soft, and silky smooth. Then her fingers were under her panties. She found what she was looking for. Linda’s clit. That little button of utter joy. She rubbed it, lightly with her finger, and was rewarded with a groan from Linda’s throat. And still Phil sat, mesmerised, as his aunt, and her friend got hot and sweaty on the sofa. Cathy looked across at him. He was sitting on the edge of the chair, his cock hard, and in his hand. It was as big as she remembered. Her nephew, the stud. She was looking forward to fucking him again. She just prayed that it would remain a secret. Fuck it, at that moment, she didn’t care, she just wanted him to have her, in anyway he wanted.

Phil watched, slowly wanking himself, as his auntie and her friend got down to their underwear, knickers were pulled to one side, as they continued to explore each others bodies. Cathy had her face buried in Linda’s cunt. A cunt he remembered from his last visit. He got up, and walked across the room. Linda smiled at him, then took his cock, and sucked it. He groaned, and closed his eyes. “Ah, that’s great Linda,” he told her. Auntie Cathy’s face appeared beside her friend, and together they began to give him the blow job to end all blow jobs. The two mouths, and two tongues worked their way up and down his cock, and around his balls. He’d shaved them since his last visit. Cathy had suggested it, and now her tongue was unimpeded. Cathy had all his cock in her mouth now, and Linda was doing his balls, then her tongue was circling his anus, rimming him. The tongue probed his anus, followed by a finger. It wormed it way into his arse, and he exploded. He put his hand on Cathy’s head, pushed his hips forward, and came in auntie Cathy’s mouth, in a long hot spurt.

Cathy felt his cock stiffen and throb. Then he ejaculated into her mouth, she ensured she got it all. Holding it in her mouth, until she swallowed it. She knew that in porn films the girls always shared it. Well, this wasn’t a porn film, and he was her nephew.
“Phil, quick as you can, we both need a fuck,” Cathy told him.
It shouldn’t take him long. Sixteen year olds had a permanent hard on, if she remembered correctly. She did. She watched as Linda fingered he boys arse, and at the same time ran her tongue around his anus, and balls. Cathy worked her mouth on his cock, using all the tricks she knew. She a lot, maybe not all. She had been right it didn’t take him long.

Maggie finished her business meeting early. She could finish her work at home on the computer, and upload it next time she went into the office. She turned left, and drove towards the coast. It wasn’t far, but the time of day didn’t help. At last she turned into the familiar road, and parked her company car. She rang the door bell, and waited. Then she rang it again. “bl**dy great, no one home, should have phoned!” She mused. She was about to leave, but then went around the back. The side gate wasn’t locked, neither was the rear door. She tapped on it, and walked in. She heard music coming from the front room. She smiled to herself, and walked in. The smile died on her lips. On the sofa in front of her were three sweaty bodies, two women, wearing only stockings and black high heels. One was fucking a guy, her eyes closed, she was biting her bottom lip. The other played with the guys balls, and the other girls clit. None of them had heard her enter the room.
Maggie stood, momentarily too shocked to speak. Then she found her voice.
“What the fuck are you doing!” she shouted.

Phil’s eyes came wide open. He knew that voice. He knew the tone, and what it meant.
“Mum, what are you doing here,” he stammered.
He watched as his Mum crossed the room in two strides, and punched Cathy in the face, followed by a second aimed at Linda. The blows delivered, his Mum seemed to crumple. She collapsed into one of the armchairs, and started crying.
“How could you Cath, how could you,” she sobbed.
Cathy got off him, and went to her s****r, putting an arm around her. Maggie pushed it away, “don’t touch me, you whore.” Cathy persisted, and soon was holding her s****r in her arms, as Maggie cried. She cried for herself. She cried for her son, his innocence now gone. And she cried for Cathy, the s****r she was about to lose, and with her, her son?

Maggie was fuming. How could her s****r do this. The other woman, sat back on the sofa, rubbing her cheek where she had punched her. She watched as Phil stood up, his erection sticking up towards his belly button. Then she noticed, not towards it, but above it. Christ he had a big cock. It was wet and sticky from where it had so recently been inside her s****r. She turned to Cathy. bl**d trickled from her split lip. Tears ran down her face. Her anger was spent. She just felt numb.

Linda went and sat beside Maggie. “Its my fault really,” she said. “Cath, go and sort you face out, I’ll explain to Maggie, if I can.”
Linda watched as Cathy left the room. She began talking, though she had no idea what or how she would talk her way out of this one. She was still talking when Cathy returned to the room, looking more composed, and wearing a sarong. Though she noted, still with her stockings and heels on.
“So what you’re saying is that you caught my son wanking over his computer, and ended up fucking him. Then you both came home, tipsy, and ended up having a threesome. You reckon he’s a great lover?
“He is, and that cock of his, wow.” Linda told her, thinking she’d gone too far.

Maggie listened to her s****rs friend. Her son the great lover! She’d been amazed at the size of his cock, she’d never had one bigger, of that she was sure. It had been a long time since she had, had a cock at all. Her only pleasures of late had been courtesy of her plastic friend. She looked across at her son, who still sat naked, and embarrassed, avoiding eye contact, on the sofa, though without his erection she noted with some regret. Regret, what was she thinking. She’d calmed down now. She took a deep breath, looking from Linda to Cathy, and then to Phil.
“So you like an older woman do you?”
Phil, nodded, and mumbled a reply, which she didn’t hear.
Linda had made a persuasive point, one not lost on her.
“Now you listen to me Phillip, and you listen good. You want to fuck Linda, fine, tell the world for all I care. But, you want to fuck your aunt. That we keep between us. Not another soul is to know. Understand me?”
“Yes Mum, I understand, I’m sorry.”
“Sorry, don’t be fucking stupid. You want to fuck her again?”
“Yes, Mum, yes I do.”
“Alright then, but as you like to keep things in the f****y, you can fuck me. Do you want to?”

Cathy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. What on earth had Linda said to her. But she realised, guiltily, she was off the hook. And if Maggie was serious, well and truly off it.
“Yes Mum, I understand, I’m sorry.” Phil told his mother.
“Sorry, don’t be fucking stupid. You want to fuck her again?”
Wow thought Cathy, that was unexpected, she’d thought her fun with her nephew was over, but maybe not.
“Alright then, but as you like to keep things in the f****y, you can fuck me. Do you want to?” Maggie said.
Cathy knew she must have misheard her s****r. She couldn’t possibly have said she wanted to fuck her son. No way.
“You’d let me?” Phil said.
“If you’re doing my s****r, I bl**dy well insist.”
Cathy watched as her s****r stood up, and began to undress. The business suite jacket came off. She put it neatly over a chair. Next the skirt. She unzipped it, then carefully wriggled out of it, placing it with the jacket.

Phil watched, as his mother stripped in front of him. He was hard again. She was a year or two older than Auntie Cathy, but she was just as pretty, he realised. She stood right in front of the sofa, in front of him, dressed now in her white blouse, and hold up stockings. That was a surprise. She unbuttoned the blouse, slowly, starting at the top. Maggie removed the blouse, now dressed only in matching white silky bra and panties. He’d last seen those hanging on the line at home, and now, wow! She removed her bra. Her breasts were larger than Aunty Cathy’s, but they were firm, with large dark nipples. His throat was dry, his chest tight. Then she pulled her knickers down, and carefully took them off, leaving her stockings and high heels on. He was surprised that his mother made so much effort for work. Immaculate makeup, hair always just so. The lacy topped stockings. Wow. His face was level with his mothers cunt. She was completely shaved. Her pussy lips slightly swollen, looked very inviting. His mouth watered.

Cathy watched as her s****r stripped in front of her sixteen year old son. It seemed the party was about to resume, with an extra guest. She got up, and went and locked the rear door. When she came back, Maggie was pulling her knickers down. Phil was getting an eye full of his mothers naked body. Cathy saw her s****r had a tattoo on her bottom, a large butterfly. Her up tight s****r, it just went to show, you can never tell. Cathy removed her sarong, as Maggie took a hand full of Phil’s hair, and pulled his face into her cunt.
Cathy walked to the sofa, and sat beside Phil, Linda was the other side of him, playing with his cock. She didn’t know what to do. Did she give Phil a blow job, or did she explore Maggie’s body. On the other hand she could play with herself. Play with herself, let Maggie set the pace, at least for now.

Maggie felt the tongue run down her pussy, then back up, where it stayed on her clit. She let out a sigh of pleasure. She saw Linda exciting herself with one hand, and Phil with the other. “Cathy, give him a blow job, will you.” She told her s****r. She watched as Cathy did as she had asked, then put a foot up on the sofa, so Phil could better access her wet, aching cunt. Cathy, and Linda had taught him well. bl**dy hell hadn’t they though. With a shock, she realised she was coming, and as she thought it, it happened. “Oh my god, oooow yessssss!”
She felt a hand at the back of her thigh, a hand caressed her bottom, then it was between her legs, the fingers inside her. She looked down. It was Linda. “That’s nice Linda, deeper.”
Maggie’s pent up frustrations were gone. She felt on top of the world. One orgasm was all it had taken. Now she needed to be fucked. She moved forward, opened her legs, and lowered herself onto her sons big, hard cock. She felt it on the outside of her labia, then the slight pressure, before it entered her. Slowly, very slowly she lowered herself, enjoying every moment. Savouring it. It filled her, it stretched her. Then it was all the way inside her. Her sons cock was buried deep in her cunt. There could be no going back. She was fucking her son, from today their relationship had changed forever, and that with her s****r as well.

Phil could hardly believe what was happening to him. He’d nearly shit himself when his Mum had walked in and caught him fucking his aunt, and her friend. Now his cock was inside her, and it felt good. She pulled his face into her tits, “bite them,” she commanded.
Phil bit his mothers nipples, gently, but she wanted him to bite hard, so he did. She was fucking him hard, sweat trickled down her back. He reached under her, and tickled her anus, then tried to put his finger in her.
“Later, do that later, just fuck my cunt now,” his mother told him.
He did as she asked, although, it was her doing the fucking. Up and down she bobbed. His cock almost out of her, then straight back down, hard, so it was fully in her. Deep inside her wet pussy. He felt her nails dig deep into his shoulders. She threw her head back. He felt her cunt contract. “Stick your finger up my arse, now” she commanded him. He did as she told him, and he felt it pulse involuntarily as she came, and kept on coming. He didn’t know how many times she came. Nor did he know it was called a multiple orgasm.

Maggie had never had a multiple orgasm, and now she was having one, it almost frightened her. Her sons huge cock was as deep as it would go, inside her. It filled her. Her legs were cramped, but she didn’t want to take it out of herself. She dug her nails into him, fucking hell, Cathy and Linda had been right, Phil could do it, and do it well. More importantly, he had yet to come himself. She stopped fucking him, and just enjoyed the feel of his cock inside her. She opened her eyes. He looked so young, then again, he was. Sixteen. Fucking hell, they’d send her to prison for this, her and her s****r, and throw the key away. What had she done. The enormity of what she had done hit her, like a punch to the guts. She felt sick. What if he told someone. What if Linda told someone? Maggie stood up. Her legs like jelly. She looked at Phil, his cock still rock hard. Big, hard, and wet from her.
“Remember, Phil, this is our secret. No one must ever know. Promise me. Promise me Phil.”
“I promise Mum, but on condition,” Phil said.
“Condition, no Phil, no conditions. Promise me.”
“I promise, but I want to do it again, with you, and Aunty Cathy. I want to do it a lot!” Phil told her.
“Again,” thought Maggie, she hadn’t thought about that. She thought for a few moments, and made her decision.
“Alright, is that ok with you Cathy?”
“Alright with me? ‘Course its alright. Now though, its my turn!”

“Well that’s alright then, now lets get this party going,” Linda said, “that’s if a non f****y member can join in!”
“Well Lindy, I’m having Phil, so you’ll have to have Maggie, if you don’t mind, that is!” Cathy told her.
“Well if you don’t mind, Aunty Cathy, can I fuck Linda, and you do it with Mum?” Phil asked.
“You want to watch Phil,” asked Cathy, already knowing the answer.
Linda smiled to herself. She wanted to watch this herself. She looked at Maggie and saw she wasn’t so keen. Well that was her bad luck. “Come on you two, got to keep it in the f****y!”
“I’ve never done it with another woman,” Maggie admitted.
“Time you did,” Linda told her.
“I’m not sure,” Maggie said.
“Come on, we’ll show you, me and Phil,” Linda told her.

Maggie watched as her s****r sat on the sofa’s edge, her legs opened wide. Wide for her. Her cunt gapped open, an open mouth waiting for her. She watched as her s****r pulled her labia open, revealing the wet pink beneath. A bead of her juices run from inside her, and down onto her anus, which was also visibly wet.
“Like this Mum,” Phil said to her, as he pulled back Cathy’s clit hood, then licked the little pink head of Cathy’s clitoris.
Maggie smiled, “Phil, I know my way around a pussy, I do have my own.”
Even so, she was apprehensive. Maggie tentatively touched her s****rs wet pussy with her tongue. The aroma was heady, the taste, surprisingly pleasant. She had never before considered what her own cunt looked like close up. She wondered if it was as ascetically pleasing as her s****rs. Her inhibitions’ disappeared, as she feasted.
“Give her a little encouragement, Phil,” she heard Linda say. Then she felt hands behind her, one on each hip, a cock was gently slipped into her cunt. She pushed back against it, as it went deep inside her. She concentrated on her job in hand, as she gave oral to her s****r. Cathy was so wet, her legs now impossibly wide. Then she came in a flood, which ran onto Maggie’s face. Someone pulled her away from Cathy’s pussy. It was Linda, and she now replaced Cathy, and Maggie had a new task.

Phil was in heaven. Or as near to heaven as he was likely to get. His aunt had given him a blow job to end all blow jobs. Then he had fucked his mother, his aunt, and her friend. He had watched his mother and his aunt and Linda fuck each other in turn. Now his aunt and mother were trying to breath more life into his aching cock. He hoped they’d fail. His cock hurt. It ached. To be hard, was to be in pain. His cock felt no pain, and became hard yet again. They were playing games with him now. Games he enjoyed, if only he could rest, just for a while. He fucked Linda in the arse. She loved it. He had already fucked auntie Cathy in her arse, and his mother as well. She didn’t like it, well not at first. After a while she couldn’t get enough of it. Now though, it was Linda. She liked to have her back to him, as she sat astride, and she liked some tongue action at the same time. His mother was the tongue, reciprocating Linda’s earlier attentions. At the same time, she also fondled his balls, the sensations were fantastic. Linda bobbed up to far, and his cock came out of her. His mother went to put it back in, but Cathy told her to suck it first.
“Not likely,” she said. But the other two insisted. His mother first ATM. It wouldn’t be her last. They had all night, and all day tomorrow. Then, well then they would see. For now, he was fuck happy. Happiness indeed, for a sixteen year old.

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Encore! Encore! Fabulous read.
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very good
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Sexy as hell. I fantasized about my mom all that while.
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That lucky son.
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Very nice continuation..Thanks for posting