Mother and daughter abused.

the continuing story of Paula and her daughter Lorraine. Mother and daughter love to fuck each other, and anyone else that will pay!

The house was on the sea front at Brighton. Close to the Metropole hotel. It was plush, but not flash. and over looked the sea. The sea was grey. The old grey widow maker. It was not a day to be at sea. Rain obscured what might have been a superb view. Grey and wet. They knocked on the door. It was opened immediately. They walked in, admitted by a doorman. He showed them both to a room on the first floor. A man in his fifties was the only occupant. He was dressed in flannel trousers, and a crisp blue shirt, which was open at the neck. He had the coldest eyes that Paula had ever seen, she shivered under their gaze. He was a handsome man, but Paula felt intuitively, without a shred of compassion. The was closed the door behind them. He smiled coldly at them. If he had asked her to dance at a dinner, she would have refused. He gave her the creeps. She was glad Lorraine was standing beside her. What was she thinking, no she wasn’t. She wished her daughter was anywhere but here.

As the door was closed behind them, Lorraine looked around the room, it was gorgeous. Edwardian splendour. Mr Hunter was cold looking, with grey blue eyes, which had no warmth to them, but he was good looking. True he was old enough to be her father, no older than that, almost her grandfather, but he looked athletic, with a nice tan. His teeth even and white. They had been sent here by their new “booker” as she was called. Miranda. She worked for Hans as both she and her mother did. Mr Hunter had booked them both, and had been very insistent that they were what they purported to be. Mother and daughter. Miranda had dealt with all of this, and negotiated the price. Paula and Lorraine were paid a fixed sum by their new company, and paid very well indeed.

Mr Hunter introduced himself. “And you are?” He asked.
“I’m Paula, and this is my daughter, Lorraine. If you’d like to tell us your requirements, I am sure we will be able to satisfy them,” Paula said.
Paula slipped an arm around Lorraine’s waist, then kissed her on the mouth. It was an invitation for the client to request a mother and daughter lesbian show, which he could join, should he so wish. They hadn’t been call girls for that long, but long enough for them both to learn that when they were booked together, the customer usually wanted them to fuck each other. That was fine with them, it was something they enjoyed.

Hunter looked the two women over. He noted the f****y resemblance. They were, he finally believed mother and daughter. He hadn’t thought Hans would try to deceive him.
The liked what he saw. The older woman had an excellent figure, and good legs. They were both more than good looking, gorgeous, and obviously paid a great deal of attention to their appearance. The young girl was just like her mother, equally leggy, but with slightly fuller lips. They were both about the same height, and he estimated, the same size.
“A drink, perhaps?” He asked them. There was plenty of time. He had booked them until the next morning.
After the drink, mineral water in their case, he told them to strip. He watched as they undressed. They wore short dresses, Paula’s a light blue, Lorraine’s dark green. Both dresses hugged their hips, and bust. Lorrain wore a black lacy bra and knickers. Her nipples clearly visible through the thin material. The front of her knickers were lacy, but the back to transparent. Paula wore matching white bra and thong. He saw the thong had ridden up into her pussy. They removed their bra’s. Their breasts were the same size, but Paula’s not quite so perky. Her nipples were just a little larger and darker than her daughters. They removed their panties, carefully hooking them over their high heeled shoes. Leaving the shoes on, they stood before him. Both had neatly waxed cunts. He liked that. Just a small area of pubic hair remained above the cleft of their sex. He liked what he saw. He liked it very much. Their red lips both pouted in what he found to be a most alluring way.

Paula stood in front of the huge fireplace, it was made up, but not lit. Beside her Lorraine stood, both naked, save for their shoes. Hunter looked them up and down. She saw him nod to himself. A door opened, and young woman entered carrying a bag. Paula noticed she had the same ice cold eyes. She was slim, about a size ten, at five feet seven, she was two inches shorter than her and Lorraine. Her blonde hair, pulled severely back in a pony tail. Paula estimated her age at twenty five. Paula was wrong, she was thirty. She was dressed in thigh high leather boots, which Paula saw had steel stiletto heels. She wore a black leather bra, and panties. The bra was cup less, the knickers crotch less. Her pussy was completely shaven. Her nipples pierced.
“This is my daughter, Tina. Now dress in these.” Hunter told them, and left the room.
Tina handed them each a pair of monster black high heels, so high they were both almost on tip toes wearing them. Paula pulled up the black leather thong she had been given. It was opened crotched, with a strange pad in the front. This Tina told them was to be placed over their clits. Paula arranged the thong accordingly. Leather straps were fixed to each of their wrists, and ankles. Lastly, a leather collar fixed around their necks. The leather was thick, and each had a steel loop embedded in it.

As the collar was buckled around her neck, Lorraine wondered what sort of experience they had let themselves in for. Clearly some bondage. Her throat became dry, her stomach knotted, with anticipation. This was uncharted territory for her, as she knew it was for her mother. The door opened as Hunter returned. He had changed and now wore some kind of black Nazi uniform. His thin lips curled into a thin smile.
“From this moment on you will do exactly as I tell you. If not you will feel the consequences! To demonstrate!”
Lorrain saw he held a small handset, the size of a matchbox. He pointed it at her. She felt a stinging pain in her clit, and realised it was an electric shock, delivered to her clit via the device in her thong.
“Ouch, fucking hell, that hurt,” she exclaimed. Then saw how her mother reacted as a shock was delivered to her clit. She too yelled.
“That was smallest shock the device will give you. Remember, obey!” He said.
Lorraine felt Tina behind her, her arms pulled back, and her wrists clipped together, using the wrist straps. She looked over her shoulder, as Paula was also restrained. Then Hunter fitted ball gags. Red balled. Lorraine gagged, until she became accustomed to it. Hunter stood behind them both. Lorraine felt his hand between her legs, then his fingers were inside her. She was already wet with the imagined thought of what was to come. He took them away, but then his finger exploded her bum. She shifted her legs, to allow easier access, pushing her bum back a little. Hunter walked back, where she could see him, from the way he walked, she could tell he had an erection. Tina stood in front of her, blocking her view of Hunter. She fingered her, two fingers straight in, fucking bitch. Lorraine flinched.
“No one told you to move,” Hunter said, and rewarded her with an electric shock, only this time it was stronger than before.
“Jesus fucking wept!” She thought.

Hunter was behind her. He put a blindfold over her eyes. Paula didn’t like it. She bit on the ball gag. Tina told her to move, but she was rooted to the spot. Her reward, an electric shock, delivered to her clit. It hurt. She managed to move her feet, although not easy because she couldn’t see, and the height of the heels. She felt the floor drop away below her, and realised she was in a lift. She stumbled when it stopped. Then she was led forward, thankfully slowly. Her arms were unclipped, but then lifted high above her head, where she realised they were secured. Then Tina was between her legs, and they were f***ed apart. Wide apart, and fixed, to what she would later see was a leg stretcher. Paula wondered where Lorraine was, and what was happening. She heard movement to one side of her, then footsteps walking away, followed by quiet. Paula didn’t know how much time had passed, but her arms had gone to sl**p. Her feet hurt. She wiggled her toes, and her fingers, trying to keep some bl**d flow.

Hunter watched the two women as they stood in his dungeon. Both had their arms secure above their heads. Their legs wide, fixed in place by the leg stretchers. He’d leave them there for a while. In the meantime he checked his camera’s. Everything was being filmed.
Tina came into the small studio adjacent to the dungeon.
“Everything working Dad?” She asked.
“Yeah, what do you think of our guests,” he asked her.
“Nice, very pretty. Good legs as well. Time to get back?”
“No, leave them another five minutes.”

Lorraine was beginning to wonder if anything was going to happen. She knew it would, but what, when. She didn’t have much longer to wait. Without warning an electric shock passed through her cunt. What she would give to shove that thing up his arse, and turn it to max. She felt her tits being manipulated, this was nice, her stomach tightened. Then the blind fold was removed. She looked about her, and saw she was in some kind of dungeon. She was suspended from a beam by her arms. Her legs fixed in place. She saw Paula was next to her. She tried to smile at her, as her blindfold was removed, but the ball gag prevented it. She saw Hunter point that fucking thing at her again, and then the electric shock passed through her clit again. She inwardly screamed, and writhed on her bindings. Paula must be getting the same, she could see it in her eyes. Then Tina stood between them, fingering them. It felt good. But then the pay back, as the electric shock shot through her body. Was it her imagination, or were they getting stronger. No it was her imagination, she was almost sure. Her jaw ached from the ball gag. She watched fascinated as Hunter now came towards her, with a long wand type vibrator. He ran it over her body, it felt sooo good. Then he did the same to Paula. Back and forth, back and forth. She knew she was about to come, and wanted it so very badly. But he stopped, just as she reached the plateau.

Hunter knew both women were near an orgasm. But he denied it from them. Instead, he took Tina to a gyno chair directly in front of them. Tina sat in the chair, her legs in the stirrups. He worked her with the vibrator, until her body shone with perspiration. He saw both the girls watching, from where they were bound, and gagged. Then Tina came, loudly, “Oh Daddy, yes, yes, yes, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.” As Tina came, so he hit the shock button, and he watched as both the girls twitched from the shocks. Soon they would need the gags to be released, but not too soon.

Paula watched as Hunter gave his daughter what she herself wanted, and what she knew Lorraine wanted as well. Then the shock ran through her again. She tried to shut out the pain her body was in. Hunter removed her gag, and she at last could take a deep breath. He did the same to Lorraine. He put his fingers into her mouth, and Paula tasted Tina. He untied her arms, and released her legs. Tina did the same to Lorraine. They both almost collapsed. Paula was led to one of the two gyno chairs in the dungeon, and before she realised what was happening, she was strapped into it. Lorraine was in the one next to her. Hunter announced that the first one to come would be spared an electric shock. Then a large rabbit vibrator was pushed into her pussy as was Lorraine‘s. The switch was flicked on, and all its wonderful functions went to work on her cunt. She must come. She mustn’t. She couldn’t allow Lorraine to suffer, because she couldn’t control her body. A second vibro was f***ed into her anus, and she knew she couldn’t control herself at all.

Lorraine was coming, as sure as night follows day. She tried, oh how she tried to stop herself. The veins stood out in her neck, with the effort to stop herself. She couldn’t let Mum have the pain of the shock treatment because of her. She groaned with effort. Something was put into her bum. It felt delicious. Tina licked her cunt, then moved away, and Lorraine watched as she did the same to Paula. Then it was too late, the pleasure valve was open. She came on a wave of pleasure, which washed throughout her body. She was vaguely aware that Paula was coming as well, but was lost in her own pleasure.

Hunter couldn’t believe that the two women could hold out for so long. He was equally amazed when they came together, loudly. Each trying not to. He smiled to himself. This was excellent. “Ladies,” he said to them, “You both came together, so you know what that means!” Before they could react, he switched the shock treatment on. They both screamed as the pain replaced the pleasure of moments ago. He increased the current, they twitched. Then Paula pissed herself. The golden flow catching the light as it flowed out of her cunt. Moments later, Lorraine followed her mothers example.

Paula couldn’t stop, as she pissed herself. She shuddered as she finished. Her body was covered in sweat, and she was exhausted. Tina untied her, then Lorraine. She was smiling. They were taken back upstairs, and allowed to shower. Then Tina returned. After they had re applied their make up they were required in the lounge. They were to wear just the heels they had been given earlier. They did as they were asked. It was after all what they were paid to do. They sold their bodies, the bargain had been made. They would honour the agreement.

Lorraine led her mother out into the room. The heels noisy on the wooden flooring. They, as requested were naked. They had showered and re applied their makeup, and once again looked the professionals they were. Tina was laying on the sofa, dressed as they were, she was masturbating as her father watched, still dressed in his Nazi uniform. Lorraine took the initiative, and went down on Tina. Her cunt was wet, as Lorraine ran her tongue over her pussy. Tina reached under Lorraine, and she felt her quick nimble fingers working their magic. She came so quickly, but continued until Tina was satisfied. She saw Paula, sucking Hunter off. His cock was rock hard, and long. But it lacked girth. He pushed Paula away, and instructed that she fuck Lorraine. They made love slowly, in front of the fire place. After the strains of the previous hours they took their time, enjoying the pleasures they could give each other. Their audience joined them. On the floor. Hunter taking his daughter from behind. As he fucked her, so Paula slid beneath her, and worked her eager tongue on Tina’s pussy, and Hunters cock as it went in and out of her. Lorraine, spread her legs, and edged her pussy to Tina’s mouth, where it hungrily went to work………
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