Mother and daughter, party - fucking each other an

The continuing story of Paula and her daughter Lorraine, prostitutes, who like to fuck each other as well!

The alarm woke them at seven thirty. They showered and dressed, ready for the cocktail party they had been booked for. More cock than tail. Little black dresses, every girl should have a little black dress, and both Paula, and Lorraine had several, and because they were the same size they swapped. Well why not they swapped everything else. Lorraine smoothed her stockings, and then put her bra on. It was a black silk one, with seam free cups, that matched the thong she already wore. She was bending over, buckling the ankle straps of her shoes, when Paula walked into the room.
“Mmmm, nice. Give me a hand with this zip will you.” Paula remarked.
Paula tuned her back, and Lorraine zipped her up. The dress was very clingy, made from a lycra mix, it hugged her body tightly.
“You look great Mum, can I borrow that next week, for Ross’s birthday?” Lorraine asked.
“Course you can, come on, the cabs here.”
Lorraine stepped into her own dress. She looked good, a sequined halter neck, it caught the light as Lorraine moved. Paula thought she’d borrow it for the party. Now though, it was time to work.

The room was small, subdued lighting. Intimate. There were two other girls there. John’s girls. Girls who were just doing John a favour, entertaining his friends. Paula smiled to herself, perhaps they should talk to Lorraine! Bjorn, Hans and Pieter, were there, the forth she didn’t know. The other two girls were dressed as both she and Lorraine were, in little black dresses. The older of the two, who she would learn was called Imogen had a Betty Jackson dress on. She was very pretty, slim, with short blonde bobbed hair. She moved with a quiet confidence, unlike the other woman, well girl. She was about Lorraine’s age, Paula guessed, maybe a year younger. Her dress wasn’t expensive, probably from a supermarket. Nothing wrong with that, but she was clearly not at home in her surroundings. Still getting use to being one of “John’s girls,” by the look of it. Her name was Beth, and as Paula had guessed, she was just short of her s*******nth birthday.

Beth had watched with growing trepidation as she looked around the room. “Fucking Imogen,” she thought. She had reluctantly agreed to come to this party with her older s****rs friend, Imogen. Immy, as liked to be called, had told her she’d have great time, free booze, and a night out in London, “come on, lets go and party,” she had told her. She’d lied to her parents about where she was going. Borrowed the awful dress she was wearing, and here she was, wishing she wasn’t. She felt a little better when she saw the other two women arrive. She had felt scared when it was just her, Immy, and those four old men. Immy seemed relaxed, and chatted to them, especially the blonde one. What was his name? She couldn’t remember. She’d been so nervous when they were introduced, that she forgotten them. The younger of the two women, was about her age. She sipped her drink, a vodka and coke. The two newcomers seemed to know the men. Music played in the background. She knew she should leave, and leave now. The two women were introduced, both to her and to Imogen, they seemed nice, that was a relief. Paula, and her daughter, Lorraine. That made her feel better, after all if a mother was here with her daughter, well, then it must be ok. She took another sip from her drink.

Paula chatted to Hans and Pieter. Bjorn was talking with Lorraine and the older of the other girls, Immy. Fucking stupid name, she thought. Imogen was much better. She saw the other girl, Beth stood slightly away from the others. Shy? If she was then she was in the wrong place. Hans, she liked him. Good looking, and witty.
“Would you and Lorraine come and do some work for him, later in the year?” Hans asked her.
“Of course we will, Hans, Stockholm isn’t it?” Paula asked him.
“You remembered! No, it would be in Amsterdam, if that’s alright,” Hans said to her.
“No that would be great, make sure we get some time to look round though, won’t you.”
“Yes, of course Paula, now, give me a kiss!”
Paula put her arms around his neck, and they kissed. She felt his erection through the material of her dress. Then he ran his hands down her back, and cupped her bum.

Imogen liked Lorraine. They chatted to each other, and Bjorn. Imogen liked Bjorn. He seemed alright, but they all seemed alright. But she was worried about Beth, she wasn’t getting into the swing of things. True Immy thought to herself, she hadn’t been entirely honest with her, but she’d be alright. John had asked her to come to the party, and if she had a friend, could she bring her. Beth’s s****r was coming, she knew the score, but she’d come on during the week, so Beth was here.
“Is that really your Mum, Lorraine,” Imogen asked.
“Yes, that’s really my Mum.”
“Isn’t it a bit, well awkward?”
“No, not at all. Plus I’ve always got someone to talk to, and we work a lot together.”
“What, you mean? Oh fucking hell girl, really?”
Lorraine laughed, “yes, really.”
Imogen felt Bjorn stroking her lower back, then squeeze her bum. She smiled at him, and felt his cock through his trousers. It was hard, and as she held it, it throbbed, in anticipation.
“Come on Immy, lets get this party going, shall we?” Lorraine asked her.
“Not before time,” Immy said, as Lorraine unbuckled his trouser belt.
Lorraine squatted, and took his cock into her mouth, as Immy held his balls.

Paula watched as Lorraine sucked the cock, trust her to be the first! She felt her dress being lifted, and a hand was between her legs. She looked towards Beth, who was standing, rooted to the spot. She saw Imogen’s dress had been taken off, and she was just in her underwear, red and black, the bra was under wired, the knickers a small thong. She had a good figure.
She looked back, Hans was feeling her pussy, Pieter was behind her, fondling her breasts. She saw Lorraine had also lost her dress, as both she and Immy began to undress Bjorn.
“Lets get Beth shall we, I don’t want to keep you both to myself boys,” Paula said to Hans and Pieter. “But first, unzip me.”

Beth watched, with a sinking feeling in her stomach, as Lorraine sucked the guys cock. Her mother was just across the room for fuck sake. Immy joined in, then they were just in their underwear. She glanced towards Paula, and the two men she was with. That was just as bad. One of them had his hand up her dress, and now the other was unzipping her. She dropped her glass, and the liquid soaked into the carpet. She looked down at the mess at her feet, when she looked up, Paula and the two men she was with, were right in front of her. She gulped. They wanted her to join in. Paula took her hands, and tugged her into an embrace. One of the men put his hand up her dress, and ran his hand across the cheek of her arse.
“No, no I don’t want to,” she said.
No one seemed to hear her. Paula kissed her, on the mouth, her tongue flicked into her mouth. Disgusting. “I’m not a lesbian,” she thought. As she thought it, one of the men pushed her onto the sofa she was standing beside.
“I don’t want to, no, please no,” she said softly. She could hardly speak. She was scared. She should have left when she had the chance.
Before she could speak again, one of the men kissed her mouth, she tried to clamp it shut, but had been about to say something, anything to make them stop, and his tongue was in her open mouth. He tasted of whiskey, and cigars. Her dress was pushed up, she felt hot breath, through the material of her knickers.
“Her knickers,” she thought, “they were see through, they could see her.” Immy had brought them for her, those and the matching bra. White cotton, wasn’t party wear, apparently. So she had taken her to Tesco, brought her the black nylon see through bra and thong.
“Did Immy know about this so called party, did she know it was going to be like this?” Beth thought. “Course she did, the fucking cow, is this the sort of parties her older s****r went to? The fucking slut. Well she wasn’t a slut.”
“Leave me alone, please, I don’t want to,” Beth said again.
She felt her knickers being pulled to one side, and a mouth on her pussy, a wet tongue licked her clit. She tried to protest, but the words never formed, as her legs were pulled wide apart, and the tongue moved lower, onto her now wet cunt.

Paula pulled Beth’s thong to one side, and licked her cunt. It had a light covering of fine pubic hair, but there was none around her labia, where Paula now ran her tongue, and probed into her juicy pussy. As she worked with her tongue, she fingered her as well, the result was instant. Juices flooded from the girl. Paula lapped it up, then felt a cock rubbing against her cunt, she moved, so her legs were slightly apart, and the cock was pushed in. Paula pushed back onto it, relishing the feeling. She felt a hand on her head, pushing her away, the girl, Beth, was trying to sit up. Paula pulled her face away.

Beth pushed the face from between her legs. She wanted to go. She had been pushed onto her back on the sofa, her dress was up around her waist. She could see Immy watching her, her and that other girl, Lorraine, as was the guys they were with. They would be able to see her, she didn’t want to think about it. Her knickers had been pulled to one side, and somebody was kissing her pussy. A pussy which felt strange, wet and tingly. She knew the feeling, but not as strongly as this, from when she played with herself in bed. She looked to her left, then her right. The two men were there, but where was…. She looked down, the face she had pushed away was Paula’s. She felt sick. As she went to speak, a cock was pushed into her mouth, she gagged. The cock was pushed in and out of her mouth. He was fucking her mouth. The girls at school talked about this. A blow job they called it. She had never done it, she thought they were just showing off. Her dress was unzipped, and pulled down around her waist. Then her bra was unclipped, hands squeezing her tits. Distracted by the cock in her mouth, and her dress and bra being removed, she didn’t see the other guy, as he knelt between her legs. The first she knew, was when the cock was pushed into her pussy. “Ouch that hurt,,” she thought, she would have cried out, but the cock was still in her mouth. “I didn’t want my first time to be like this,” she thought, almost crying, as she was fucked. She was laying long ways on the sofa, but with one leg still on the floor, the other had been pulled onto the sofa’s back. The guy was between her legs, fucking her hard, so that her tits bounced up and down. It didn’t hurt anymore, in fact it felt nice. She put her arms around the guy, and gripped him hard, digging her nails into his back. She felt better when the cock was removed from her mouth. Immediately though, Paula cocked her leg over her, and lowered herself onto her upturned face. She saw Paula’s cunt, as it got closer to her face. The labia lips were parted, and they glistened, wet with Paula’s juices.

Paula watched as Beth’s mouth was fucked. She tried to say something, just as the Pieter’s cock entered her mouth. Then when Hans began to fuck her, her body seemed to jerk. Her body stiffened, then eventually relaxed. Paula looked about her. Lorraine was being fucked by Bjorn. Imogen was busy with the other guy. She saw Pieter take his cock out of Beth’s mouth. She needed some attention, and lifted her leg over Beth’s face, and lowered herself onto her face. She felt Beth’s mouth on her cunt, but no tongue action. “What was wrong with the girl?” She thought. Then a tentative tongue touched her inner labia, then another. “So, the girl liked to tease, did she?” Paula smiled to herself, “two can play at that game!”
Paula leant forward, across Beth’s body, and as Hans fucked her, so Paula added to her pleasure with the very tip of her tongue, lightly, so very lightly, on Beth’s clit.

Hans needed to come. Either that, or stop and rest. The evening was going well. The girls John had supplied were to his usual high standard. He remembered the first time he had fucked Paula and her daughter. He pulled his cock out of Beth, bl**dy hell she had a tight cunt. He clapped his hands, “time for a rest, I think, that and a drink,” he called. He watched as the others stopped what they were doing. Drinks were on a side table, he watched as everyone took one, all except Beth, who still sat on the sofa. Paula took her a drink, and sat beside her.

Paula saw that Beth was still on the sofa, she took her a glass of Perrier over to her. Beth took it from her, and gulped a mouthful. Lorraine joined her.
“Enjoying your work again Mum,” Lorraine giggled.
“And you’re not? Be nice to Hans, he wants us to do some work for him in Amsterdam later in the year. I told him to talk to you before we leave. I didn’t think you want him making the arrangements with John. Better you do it, then tell John what we’ve arranged,” Paula told her.
“Yeah ok Mum, leave it to me. I’ll do it in the morning, before we leave. Come on, we‘re on again.” Lorraine said. “Time for a swap over.” They got up, Beth stood as well, after Paula took her hand and pulled her up.
Hans had the four girls line up next to each other, kneeling on the sofa, their arms and chins on the sofa’s back, their bums in the air. One of the guys stood behind each of them, then as one, they sank their erections into the waiting pussy’s, and fucked vigorously, then changed to the next girl, until one by one, they had fucked them all.

Beth as she sat sipping her drink, had thought the party was over. She’d lost her cherry. She was no longer a virgin. A woman had licked her cunt, until she thought she’d wet herself, and then that same woman had sat on her face. She shouldn’t have liked that, but, as she became use to it, she had. She’d started to like being fucked, then she’d relaxed, and liked it even more. Then it had stopped, and she had felt disappointed. Was that all there was to it. No fireworks. No shooting stars, no bands playing. Now she was being fucked again, only this time four men were taking it in turns with her. As the second entered her cunt, she felt funny, her stomach felt strange. She was excited. She felt the need to pee, but then a tightening in the pit of her stomach. She couldn’t breathe. She was panting. The guy pulled out of her, to be replaced by a third. He thrust deeper than the other two, she liked that. “Oh my God, I like that, more, mmmm, oh God, of God, yes she screamed.” But her request was not met. He withdrew, the forth man replaced him. He fucked her differently again. Not so deep, but harder, and faster. So very fast. She screamed again, and for the second time that night, she came.

Lorraine heard Beth come. Fucking hell the girl was noisy, but then so was she, and come to that so was her Mum. All the guys had fucked each of them. Now was the time for the girls to fuck each other. Hans wanted to watch her do it with Paula. What Hans wanted tonight her got. Paula sat on the sofa’s edge, her legs wide apart, holding herself open, she smiled expectantly. Lorraine saw that Beth was beside Paula, and looked hesitantly about her, before copying Paula. Imogen was between her legs, and licking her lips, went to work, as moments later did Lorraine. Paula tasted good tonight, but then she had tasted good this afternoon as well! Beside her, she heard Beth groan, and then Beth put one leg over Paula’s leg. She felt Paula run her hands through her hair, then she pulled her in closer, and Paula’s cunt pulsated on Lorraine’s tongue as she came in a wet torrent. Lorraine slurped it up. It tasted good, so very good.
The girls swapped over, and Beth took her place between Imogen’s legs. This would be her first time doing it to a girl. True she had, had a face full of Paula, and had used her tongue on her. But she admitted she had had little choice. Now she did. She stuck her tongue out, and touched Imogen’s pussy. It tasted different to Paula’s. Taking a deep breath, she ran her tongue down Immy labia, and buried her face in her wetness. She heard Immy breaths, coming faster as probed deep inside her with her tongue. Immy’s hand was at the back of her head, pulling her closer. She judged Immy was about to come, true she was no expert. Then she struck. She bit Immy’s inner labia. Her bite was hard. Beth tasted bl**d in her mouth, as Immy gasped, and yelled in pain. Then she let go, and raising her head, she said “fucking bitch.” Then she moved over, and joined Paula as she continued to give her daughter oral sex.

The guys joined in again, Paula felt a cock in her cunt, while next to her Beth was taken from behind. Hans fucked the injured Imogen. Paula wondered what that had all been about. Bjorn fucked her harder. “Bjorn fuck me in the arse darling,” Paula asked him. Bjorn grunted, and withdrew his cock, then entered her arse. “Mmmm” she said in a husky voice, “that does feel good, now deeper, that’s it, Ohhh yes, I’m coming……..” Lorraine was suddenly gone, taken to the centre of the room, where she sat astride her man, and lowered herself onto his cock. It speared her arse. Bjorn withdrew from her, and sat on the sofa, where he pulled her onto him, his cock back where it belonged, in her tight arse. Paula took hold of Beth’s hair and pulled her face to her cunt. Beth’s tongue ran little rings around her outer and inner labia, darting periodically into her gaping cunt. Then Bjorn pulled his cock out, and told Beth to suck it. Beth shook her head. “Fucking do it,” Bjorn told her in his accented English. Beth reluctantly did as she was bid. Her head bobbing up and down. “Now put it back in her arse.” The hard cock slid back into Paula, and she sank onto it gratefully.

Beth thought she’d be sick. The cock had just come out of Paula’s arse. Bjorn told her to suck it, and by the tone of his voice she knew he meant it. She took the cock in her hands, and as she opened her mouth, she felt herself coming again, and couldn’t care less where the cock had been. She just wanted more. The guy that was fucking her wanted to change positions, which was good, because her knees were getting sore. He sat next to Bjorn, and she was pulled onto his lap. She felt the cock back in her cunt. She liked the way it felt in this position. She found that if she bent slightly forward there was a new sensation deep within her, “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she moaned, and came again, this time even better than before. Did orgasms just get better each time you had one, she wondered. Her guy ran his finger around her anus, she liked that as well. So she bent a little further forward, double pleasure. Then the finger was in her bum, then he pushed a second in. she knew what he wanted. He wanted to fuck her arse. Paula seemed to love it. Oh well, why not, she wanted to try. She lifted herself off his cock, took it in her hand, then guided it to her back passage, and tried to push it into herself. She felt the tip in her. It hurt, but her first fuck had hurt, this would be no different. Slowly she sank down onto the hard, stiff cock. The pain melted away, and she began to fuck him, rather than him fucking her. It felt good. She felt completely full. Lorraine was at her feet, her tongue on her cunt, god but didn’t that feel good. She saw Immy doing the same for Paula, and then Paula came. The girls were gone, replaced by the other guys. The one in front of her, pushed his cock into her cunt. Now she had two men inside her, and thought she had died and gone to heaven.

Hans did his deal with Lorraine. She and Paula were booked for a series of parties later in the year. Ten day’s in Amsterdam, all expense’s paid. Five grand a day each. What did he want them to do? Anything he wanted, he was paying. Lorraine agreed.
“What about that Beth?” Hans asked Lorraine.
Beth was called into the room, where Hans and Lorraine ironed out their agreement.
“Fancy a trip to Amsterdam in a couple of months,” Hans asked her.
“To do what?” Beth asked suspiciously.
“To earn some money, have a little fun,” Lorraine replied. “Doing what you did tonight.”
“What for money?” Beth replied her voice betraying her surprise..
“Its what we do, what you do?” Asked a puzzled Lorraine. “Don’t you?”
“No, I just came along with Immy to this party, she said it would be fun. I’ve never done anything like that before, honest.”
“Well do you want to, two grand a day, for a week.” Hans cut in.
She thought for a moment, before replying. “Yes, yes I will. And Immy?”
“Not Immy, just you, with Lorraine, and Paula.”
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great add to the series
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that was a good read hope thers more to come from your pen
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That was good. Going to read the other stories in this series