Laura Gangbanged!

It had been a long evening, and it still wasn’t over. Laura took a round of drinks to the five men at the table, before returning to her stool beside the bar. She looked at her watch, it said a quarter to one. Quarter to one on a Wednesday evening, no she thought, a Thursday morning. She’d been warned that there would be late nights when she had taken this job. She had been offered it by an acquaintance. She had known Heidi for a few years. She was always extremely well dressed. Hair and nails just so. She now drove a new Mercedes sports car. The offer of the job had been made in the wine bar where she was working, for a fraction of the wage she now earned.
“What’s the catch?” She had asked Heidi. If something was too good to be true, then it usually was. Heidi outlined the job. It still seemed too good to be true, but she took it. Now here she was, dressed in one of the outfits the club had provided her with. A short pleated black skirt, too short, paired with a gold and green bustier. The bustier was too much like a corset for Laura’s liking. She wasn’t keen on not wearing a bra under it, but then there was no need, but she would have liked the insurance. Every time she bent over she thought her breasts were going to spill out. Every time she bent over the clubs clients thought the same by the direction of their gaze. She had never worn such high heels for work, and was not yet accustom to them. True she wore them from time to time, but not for work. She felt like a tart. Her hair and nails were immaculate, thanks to Heidi’s beauty ther****t, where she received treatment paid for by her new employer. That and her waxing, legs and bikini line. Well not so much a line anymore. The girl had got carried away and she now had a Hollywood. Nothing there at all. She hadn’t liked it at first, not the look or the feel. But now after a couple of weeks she had decided to keep it. It was clean and fresh.
The meeting looked as if it was breaking up. She was glad, she felt uncomfortable being here on her own with five guys, even though she knew Heidi was upstairs. Three of the men had left the room. The other two wanted another drink. She took them over. She placed one on the table, and was just placing the second on the table, when she felt something cold on the front of her thigh. She looked down, and saw, to her horror that it was a gun. The man moved it up her leg, and lifted the front of her skirt. It moved up further, until it was cold against the thin material of her panties. She look up, and saw the second man was hold his cock, rubbing it slowly. He seemed to leer at her. The guy spoke, breaking the silence. “Give him a blow job.” She knew it was a command, and not a request. She went to move away, but the gun barrel prodded her. “No, lean over and do it.”
She swallowed hard. “What should she do?” The thought passed through her mind, and immediately she knew there wasn’t a choice. She leant forward, across the lap of the guy. She took hold of the guys cock, which was now hard, the head of the penis engorged. She pulled the foreskin back, not being at all gentle, why should she be. The cock filled her mouth, as she took it into her mouth. At the same time, she felt a hand run up the back of her leg. It reached her bottom, and the hand stroked her bum cheeks. The guy, whose cock she had in her mouth, was holding the back of her head, and was now fucking her mouth. She almost gagged. The hand pulled her knickers below her bum, and explored the cleft of her buttocks, before reaching between her legs, and fingering her pussy. She felt his fingers inside her, and to her horror, realised she was wet. The fingers were rammed in and out of her cunt, almost in time with the cock, that was fucking her mouth. A finger wormed its way up her bum, twisting and turning as it was pushed fully home. Then suddenly the cock and the fingers were gone. She was pulled upright. She looked about the table, and saw that the other men had returned. The five were all there. Her bustier was unclipped, and it fell away. One of the men cupped her breasts from behind, and teased her nipples erect. Another unzipped her skirt, and it fell down, where it tangled with her shoes. She heard a tearing noise, and a sharp tug at her waist, as her knickers were torn off her. She was now naked, apart from her high heels. They bent her over the chair. A cock, was it the same cock, was pushed into her mouth, she gagged again, spittle dribbled from the corner of her mouth. Hands, yes hands, there were more than two, fondled her cunt, and her anus. Then a cock was f***ed into her wet cunt. Why was she so wet. She didn’t want this, but her body told the lie. The guy, which one, she didn’t know, fucked her cunt. Then they stopped, and she thought it was over. It wasn’t. They took her to a couch. One of the men laid on it, and she was pulled onto his lap, her back to him. He took hold of her hips, and pulled her onto his stiff cock. It slid easily into her pussy, then he took it out, and her pushed it into her arse, the juice from her cunt acting as the lube. She cried out, but the pain quickly subsided. Another of the men was between her legs, and she watched wide eyed, as he pushed his cock into her cunt. Despite herself it felt good. No she admitted, it felt fucking fantastic. She had fantasised about being taken like this. Well not exactly like this, but close enough. The two cocks were now both deep inside her, she gasped, and felt the familiar feeling in the pit of her stomach. She knew she was coming, and knew too that she wasn’t going to keep it quiet. “Oh fucking hell, oh…” she panted. She said no more, as a third cock was put into her mouth. She sucked it with gusto. She came again. “Oh fucking hell,” she thought, “I want more.” The fucking stopped. The men changed round. A deferent cock filled each of her orifices. The cock so recently in her arse was placed into her mouth, she gagged again, but the revulsion was gone in an instant, as the fucking continued. Relentless fucking. They all took their turns with her, each had her mouth, her cunt, and her arse. They didn’t care if she objected, or indeed if she was satisfied. One by one they came in her mouth, all five of them. She swallowed hard after each one.

Then it was done. She felt ecstatic. Her body shone with perspiration. Panting hard, she got to her feet, naked in her heels. One of the guys said “More drinks love, and stay as you are.”
She walked unsteadily to the bar, her legs felt like jelly. She poured six drinks. One for herself, she needed it. Then took the drinks back to the table. Her cunt was still wet. Her arse was slightly sore, and also wet. She felt wetness on the inside of her thighs. Her nipples were still erect, as her tits moved gently as she walked. She handed the drinks to each of them. One of them smiled, but not a guilty smile. One of the others squeezed her bum. She was just walking back when the door opened and Heidi walked into the room.

Heidi took a second look at her, and met her at the bar. “You alright?” She asked.
Laura could only nod.
“Good, you look good naked, maybe you should stay that way. There will be a little extra in your pay packet for this, and if you like, every week!” Heidi told her.
Laura said nothing, her mind in a whirl.
“You want?” Heidi asked her again.
“Yes Heidi, I want. You could have asked before you fucking bitch. So how much extra?”
“Enough for some nice clothes, and a new car, that is if you keep doing this.”
“Is that what you do?”
“Sometimes, sometimes,” Heidi admitted.
“Hey girls,” one of the men called over.
“What is it Kurt?” Heidi asked him.
“Heidi, how about a show, you and the new girl?” Kurt asked.
“Well, how about it Laura, you game?” Heidi asked.

Laura knelt between Heidi’s legs, as Heidi leant back on her elbows on the table. The five guys sat around the tables edge, watching. Laura inclined her head, and breathed in the aroma of Heidi’s sex. It was a musky smell, and not at all unpleasant, Laura thought, as she ran a finger along Heidi’s cunt. Then she pulled her outer labia apart and put her mouth to the already wet pussy. She slid two fingers into Heidi. Heidi threw her head back, and closed her eyes, as she enjoyed the moment. Laura pulled Heidi’s inner labia apart, and tasted the wetness with he tongue. It was ambrosia. She lapped the juices up, and soon her face was as wet as Heidi’s cunt. Time seemed to stand still, and still Laura kept at her task. Laura reach between her own legs with her right hand, and fingered herself, making herself come so quickly it frightened her. She moved, straddling Heidi’s face, then lowered herself onto it. Heidi was soon busy with her own tongue, as yet again that night Laura came, again, and again. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, now………!”
One of the guys did as she asked, she arched her back, pushed back and came, Heidi drinking her in.

Laura was cold. Her body was still covered in sweat. But the cold felt good on her naked body. The guys had gone, she and Heidi were alone in the bar. Heidi lay back on one of the chairs, and took a long gulp of her mineral water.
“We’ve a special tomorrow night, interested?”
“Special?” Laura asked. “Similar to tonight?”
“Similar, and a bonus payment,” Heidi told her.
“In cash, and we have a deal,” Laura told her.
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