Mother and her daughter, and a giant dildo.

The continuing story of Paula and her daughter Lorraine

Lorraine knocked nervously on the door of the hotel room. Room 618. Her shoes were sinking into the deep pile carpet. She had butterflies in her stomach. She tried to dismiss them. She had been working for John for over a month, well a month since she had tumbled what he had been up to. In that time she had been paid to sl**p with a different guy almost every day or night, sometimes both, mostly with her mother as well. They were a popular double. Today she was on her own, she’d been booked alone before. Normally she was picked up at a club, one of John’s, and taken to a flat or hotel nearby. Today she truly was a call girl. She knocked again. She’d never had any feelings about prostitution before she had become one. Now she had strong feelings. She didn’t like the men, and women come to that, who exploited women. John had tried it, and had gotten away with it until she realised what had been going on. She knocked again, and the door was answered. She was taken aback by her client. Client, not a bad description. She walked into the room. It wasn’t a room, but a suite. The guy who let her in wasn’t a guy. He was an old man. “Oh fuck” she thought. He had to be seventy at least, maybe seventy five, or older. She wasn’t very good at guessing ages. She’d thought John old at one time.
“Come in my dear, come in,” he said in a soft Sussex accent.
She strode to the centre of the room, and looked about her. The “Gentlemen” was about five feet six, with white hair. He wore linen trousers, with a blue open neck shirt. He had piercing blue eyes, and an easy smile.
“Oh I say,” he said “but you are pretty. Now let me look at you.”
He walked around her, almost inspecting her. Not almost at all, he was.
Lorraine stood still, feeling his eyes x-raying her. She felt more naked, than if she had been standing nude before him. But she wasn’t nude, she was wearing a vintage wrap around silk dress, blue with white polka dots. She wore blue heels, small by her high standards, five inches. Almost nude seamed stockings, and suspenders. Dark blue lacy underwear, with French knickers.
“Lovely, lovely,” he said. “Would you like a drink, I know I would, I‘m terribly nervious.”
Lorrain had a Perrier water, from she noted, a sealed bottle. That made her feel better. He had a whiskey and soda. He seemed to relax after the drink. Lorraine sat in an armchair, he sat opposite. She crossed her legs, forgetting she was wearing suspenders, and flashing her stocking tops. “So he likes that,” she thought as she saw he eyes wander to her thigh. She re crossed her legs, this time making sure he glimpsed her knickers. He did. He talked for what seemed an age. If she was truthful, and nobody ever accused Lorraine of being anything but, he was interesting, witty. Charming. He had booked her for three hours, and already she had been here for one of those hours, though it didn‘t seem that long. “Perhaps he just wants to talk,” she thought. The thought had just crossed her mind when he asked. “I wonder, would you mind taking your dress off?”
Lorraine smiled, and stood up, “of course not.” She undid her dress, and took it off. She twirled around, and then stood before him.
“Is there something else I can do for you?” She asked him.
“Well, yes there is, but I………” his voice trailed away.
“I won’t be shocked, so whatever it is, just ask, and I’ll do it for you. That‘s why I‘m here.”
He opened a cupboard, and brought out a carrier bag, which he handed to her. She opened it. Inside was a dildo, still packaged. It was huge, long and thick. Clear plastic, with a blue spiral. It broadened towards its base. At its tip, was a bulbous head.
Lorraine swallowed had. “Fucking hell” she though, “this is going to make my eyes water, and no mistake.”
“Do you want me naked?” She asked.
“Yes, but leave the stockings and suspenders on, and your shoes, if that’s alright?”
“Oh course it is,” she said.
Lorraine reached up behind her, and un did her bra, rubbing her breasts in both hands, then squeezing her nipples, before placing the bra on a chair. Next she pulled her knickers to one side, running her fingers across her pussy. She opened her legs wide, and pulled her labia open, then dipped a finger into herself, then another. Then she removed the French knickers, turning her back to her gentleman, and wiggled her bum at him.
“Now its time for the dildo,” she thought. She held the dildo, and ran her tongue along it length, before sucking it, trying to make it as wet as possible. At the same time, fingering her pussy, which was fast becoming wet. The tip of the dildo was the size of a golf ball, no bigger, she thought. She held it against herself, then a gentle push, and it was inside her. She pushed it deeper, and then deeper still. She soon became use to the size of it, and began working it in and out of her cunt. The spiral ribs felt fantastic, and she increased the speed of her hand. She had almost speared herself as deep as the base, when she looked up, and saw her “Gentleman” holding his cock in his hand, wanking. She crooked her finger at him. He walked towards her, expectant. She didn’t disappoint. Lorraine wrapped her lips around his cock, and worked it with her hand. After a few moments, he stopped her.
“Now in your arse dear, please, the dildo that is.”
Lorraine pulled the dildo from her cunt. Got up and reached for her handbag.
“No, no, don’t go…..” The Gentleman said.
“I’m not going, just need a little help,” Lorraine smiled. She rubbed the lubricant onto the dildo, and then pushed some into her arse. Then she placed the base on the coffee table, and slowly, very slowly, she sank onto its length. Up and down she bobbed, impaled on the ribbed plastic. She knew she was coming, and tried to hold it back, but that was never her strong point. She came loudly. The orgasm so satisfying that it was almost frightening. A small jet of “come” squirted from her cunt, sending the “gent” into a squeal of delight. Then with the dildo deep in her arse, he put his cock in her mouth. She went to work on it, digging her nails into its shaft. He came suddenly, his cock fully in her mouth, gagging her.
Afterwards he apologised, though for what Lorraine wasn’t sure.
“Can I book you again,” he asked.
“I’d love you too. Perhaps you might like to book Mummy as well.”
“Your Mother? You mean, oh yes, yes, I’d like that, I’d like that very much.”

Lorraine hurried into the house. London at rush hour was no fun, no fun at all. She had taken the tube to Hampstead, assuming it would be quicker. It might have been she wasn’t sure. The tube at Hampstead was the deepest it went, the lift to the surface packed tighter than a tin of sardines. Some bastard had touched her up, but so tightly were they packed, she couldn’t turn and slap his face. Fucking perverts.
Paula was soaking in the bath, and looked up as Lorraine, hot and flustered entered the room. Paula had returned to the house on Flask Walk about thirty minutes before Lorraine, having had an afternoon booking herself.
“How was work?” Paula asked.
“Oh work was fine Mum, but the fucking tube was awful.” Lorraine told her mother as she undid her dress, then removed her bra, before sitting on the loo to remove her high heels. She rubbed her feet, before standing and unclipping her stockings. She undid her suspender belt, and lastly pulled her knickers down. Then she sat on the loo and peed, continuing the conversation about travel in London that she was having with her mother. She wiped her cunt, and flushed the toilet, then got into the bath with her mother.
“Ah that’s better.” Lorraine sighed, and lay back in the warm water. “How was your afternoon?”
“Better than working for a living. Lunch at the RAC club, then a fuck at a nearby hotel. He was very considerate, you?”
Lorraine told her mother about her “gentleman.”
“And, I got to keep the dildo, so we can have some fun with that!” Lorraine giggled.
“Not tonight we can’t, if you remember we have a booking tonight.”
That’s not for ages, come on, you’ll enjoy it!”
They dried themselves and moved to the bed, where Lorraine produced the dildo.
“Fuck me Lorraine, that is a whopper.”

Paula laid back, her legs wide, as Lorraine ran her hand over her cunt, and then caressed her clit. Her pussy was wet almost immediately. Lorrain slide two fingers into her, and then hold her labia apart, she pushed the big dildo in. Paula raised her hips, as the bulbous head stretched her cunt. Paula felt Lorraine push the dildo deeper, and as she did so, she worked her tongue on her clit. The dildo filled her. She clenched her cunt muscles on the shaft of the spiralled dildo, and came, and as she did, she pulled Lorraine’s face harder against her clit.

Lorraine heard her mother groan, and knew she was coming. “That hadn’t taken long,” she thought.
“Now, turn over, and stick your bum in the air!” Lorraine told her mother.
“No, its too big.”
“No it not, really Mum, its not!”
Lorraine licked the dildo, then spread lube onto it. She applied it liberally to her mothers anus.
Then she held the head of the dildo against Paula’s arsehole, applying just a gentle pressure.
She watched as slowly Paula’s orifice, slowly, but surely opened, and the head of the dildo slipped into her, and as it did Lorraine saw her mother anus grip the dildo. She smiled, remembering a few hours before, when she herself had been impaled on it. Paula she saw beads of sweat on her mothers back. She pushed it in, a little at a time, ever deeper.

Paula felt herself coming. It wasn’t just the dildo in her arse, which felt fantastic, that surprised her, she had thought it just too big to be remotely comfortable. She was wrong. Lorraine had lube it, and her well, the thought was gone as she cried out “Deeper Lorraine, fucking deeper, oh yes, yes, oooow Jesus fucking wept, I’m com………………ing” Paula panted.
Paula gulped in a mouthful of air, and then came again, followed immediately by another. She shuddered, but felt ecstatic.
“Enough Lorraine, no more.”
Even as she said it, she felt Lorraine’s fingers busy in her pussy, and came again. She was exhausted. It took her a few moments to recover. Lorraine had pulled the dildo out of her, and sat smiling on the bed beside her.
“Good?” Lorraine asked.
“Fantastic, Jesus Lorraine that was brilliant!”
“Glad you liked it, because the “gentleman” wants to book us both, said something about a double ended dildo! He likes to watch!”
“I can’t wait,” Paula said, smiling. She kissed Lorraine on the mouth, running her tongue around the inside of her daughters lips.
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Great story. Very erotic
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What wlse can she do as that was great
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that is hot & sexy