The mother prostitued by her daughter!

The continuing story of the mother and her daughter - part 3.

Paula and Lorraine were at John‘s, and had just had a very pleasant dinner, and were sitting in the lounge which overlooked the harbour having drinks. Lorraine knew he’d want them to play with each other while he watched, then he’d fuck them both, it was what he always wanted, and he was not alone in liking to watch the mother and daughter. It was just over a month since she had first met John, and during that time he had asked the two of them to entertain several of his friends, that was how he put it. Not that she minded, she was having a great time. Something though, was nagging at the back of her mind, something that wouldn’t take shape, something wasn’t right, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. She’d spoken to Paula the afternoon before, but was none the wiser, although, now she came to think about it, Paula had said that John had asked her to be nice to his friends in the year or so that she’d known him, something she had done to please him. So Mum had been fucking John’s friends for a year or so. Lorraine tried to concentrate, she’d been out with her friends in a bar the night before, something had rung a bell then, but what? Then it came to her. Of course, they weren’t John’s friends were they, he didn’t really know them. Were they working for John as some sort of unpaid call girls? That would fit. True he brought them the presents, loads of clothes, jewellery. They had the free use of the hairdressers and beauty salons he owned. They never paid for any meals or drinks at his clubs, or bars. So was he using them, and if he was then how did she feel about it? Pissed off, but only because he was not being honest with them. Did she mind being used as a commodity. A prostitute. How would her Mum feel about it, what would she say if she knew, which she clearly didn’t, about being prostituted, and also her daughter. But was she right?

“You look as if you’ve got all the worries of the world on your shoulders love,” Paula said. “Did you hear, John has a couple of friends who want partners to keep them company, dinner, and a club.”
Paula was a bit perplexed, Lorraine usually jumped at the chance for a free night out. Over the last month they had been out together a lot, three, sometimes four times a week, and she had really enjoyed it. She thought Lorraine had too. Then Lorraine got up, from the sofa they were both sitting on, and without saying a word, walked behind her. Then Lorraine leant over the back of the sofa, kissed her on the mouth, and at the same time slid her hand inside her dress, cupping her right breast.

Lorraine squeezed Paula’s nipple hard between her thumb and forefinger, then looked straight at John, and said “So you want me and Mum to fuck some more of your friends, is that it John?
“Well only if you want to, no pressure Lorraine,” John replied, not exactly sure where the conversation was headed.
“So how much do you charge these so called friends of yours to fuck the two of us, a few hundred, or a couple of grand?”
John looked gob smacked, but she immediately knew she was right. The look of guilt on his face told her all she needed to know.
“I reckon it might be more, not often you get a mother fucking her daughter is it.” Lorraine continued.
Lorraine reached down to the hem of Paula’s short dress, and pulled it up, then rubbed her hand over Paula’s cunt, the material of her knickers was taut over her pussy.
“They like this, your friends don’t they, they always want to watch the two of us, do you charge extra for the lezzy show John.”
Lorraine pulled her mothers knickers to one side, and fingered her cunt.
“And lets not forget you like to watch us as well. Well get a good look John, take a real good look, or do you prefer my cunt? No you like us both don‘t you John, preferably together. I‘ll do her with my tongue in a minute, then we’ll swap over, you like that don’t you, don’t you! ”
Lorraine continued fingering Paula, keeping John distracted. That way, she figured he might just tell the truth.

Paula couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Lorraine was out of order, John wouldn’t do that, not to her. Then with absolute certainty she knew Lorraine was right. John had been using her for months and months, and she’d been blind to it. John had turned her into a prostitute. And what had she turned her daughter into. Fucking her and her boyfriend had been well wrong, God knows she shouldn’t have gone there, and to bring Lorraine here had been equally wrong. Now she thought Lorraine was going to end it. Paula started to say something, like they were leaving, but Lorraine said “Shut up Mum.” Paula shut up, then realised that Lorraine, even as she spoke was still fingering her wet pussy, and playing with her erect nipple, as John looked on, his erection obvious to her.

John was startled. Lorraine, little s*******n year old Lorraine had worked him out. He had been selling Paula’s body, unknown to her for just over a year, and she was none the wiser. He had several other girls who were just as clueless. This pair though, he couldn’t afford to lose, they were his big money spinners. Christ he was making a fortune out of them. Where was Lorraine driving the conversation, she was still playing with her mothers cunt, so maybe there was still a chance.
“Your right Lorraine,” he said, deciding on a little honesty. “Look you’ve enjoyed it, both of you, haven‘t you? So what do you say, work for me, I’ll pay you cash, fifteen hundred quid each for a nights work.”
“What the fuck do you mean John!” Paula interrupted.
“I want you and Lorraine to work for me,” John replied in a calm reasonable voice.
“Look, its simple. I want you and Lorraine to work for me, I’ll pay you both extremely well, in cash. Its something you both enjoy, and you’re bl**dy good as well.” John answered Paula.
Lorraine was about to say something when Paula continued.
“You want me to prostitute myself, and my daughter, so you can make money out of us!” Paula shouted.
“Look Paula, Lorraine, I want you to do some e****t work,”
Paula interrupted “prostitute.”
“e****t work, and maybe a little modelling. Fifteen hundred pounds each, per night.” John told them.

Lorraine was stunned. That was seriously a lot of money. Money for doing what? Fucking a few guys, being taken out. For the last month they had been doing just that. Paula had been doing it for around a year, so why not get paid for it? They were both doing jobs that neither liked. Lorraine was due to go to Uni, but didn’t want to. So why not? Fifteen hundred quid! Christ she thought he’d say a few hundred, five at the most. Fifteen hundred quid, what she couldn’t do with that!
“What if we don’t like who you want us to fuck?” Lorraine asked.
“That’s your decision, Lorraine.” John said.
“I don’t think it would be, so cut the crap. You want me and my Mum to fuck for you. You can stuff your fucking fifteen hundred quid, we are both worth a lot more than that, and you know it. We fuck each other, as well,” she added, still with two fingers working in and out of Paula‘s cunt. “Now, we know we won’t get to choose who, so make a sensible offer, or forget it,” Lorraine was not sure what had come over her, or if she had gone too far. She’d take the cash he’d offered, but somehow she knew she could have more, they both could, John would never start a business deal at his top end, no there was more to be had from this deal. If they were to be prostitutes, then better be expensive ones.

“Ok, ok, you’re right, you won’t have any choice.” John replied.
Paula just sat, legs spread wide as Lorraine played with her pussy, and her future was decided by her daughter.
In the end John agreed to pay them what they were worth, which was a lot more than what he had hoped to pay. They also agreed to a little stripping, and some modelling work, well that’s what he called it. Paula and Lorraine knew what it really was. Lorraine had just negotiated to become prostitutes, strippers, and to appear in porn films.
“Two last things John,” Lorraine said
“What now?” He asked.
“First, put the film on that you made of us, that first night, you know when you sold my virgin arse to your mates,” Lorraine said. She was bluffing, but it made sense, at least to her.
“Ok, ok, Lorraine ” John sighed. “What else?”
“You can have us for free whenever you want, now put the film on and fuck us both, my fingers are starting to ache.” She said, finally pulling her fingers out of her mothers pussy, she licked them both.
“I’m not sure I want to fuck him after what you two have just go us into, and what fucking film!” Paula said.
“Mum, shut the fuck up, and get your knickers off,” Lorraine told her mother.

Paula and Lorraine arrived home just after lunch. Paula was still stunned at the turn of events. Lorraine had been a revelation to her. If it had just been her, she wouldn’t have agreed to John’s proposal, she might be a lot of things, and yes she did put it about a bit, but prostitution, no way. When he’d suggested that both she and her daughter Lorraine work for him as e****ts as he put it, she’d been outraged. She would have told John to fuck off, and they would have left, and never set eyes on the bastard again. Lorraine it had seemed wasn’t upset in the slightest, and had negotiated a deal, and what a deal. A better deal than she could ever have got she admitted. But she was having second thoughts. If she hadn’t been so sexually excited, and for the most part on the brink of coming she would have taken Lorraine out of there. But the deal had been done. But?
“Lorraine, are you sure about working for John, he can be a right bastard.” Paula said to her daughter as she sat on Lorraine’s bed.
“Well, not sure exactly, but I think we should give it a go. Look Mum we need the money, I’ve seen your bank and credit card statements. Plus we both like sex, as we’ve discovered. We might just have some fun along the way, lets face it the last month has been bl**dy great, you must admit. And where else are we going to earn that sort of dosh! Look John‘s been selling your sexual favours for the last year, and mine for the last month, and making a fortune out of us. Lets make some money for ourselves.”
“I know you’re right, but prostitutes, Lorraine. Give me a while to get my head around it. And Lorraine, why are we letting John fuck us for free whenever he wants, I don’t get that.”
“I’m not sure Mum, I know he’s a good fuck, but I think it could work to our advantage, but only time will tell,” Lorraine said.
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2 years ago
lol id do that
3 years ago
What an exciting idea. This is a path breaking story. I am not exaggerating the story line of this story. What a lovely tangle of love and lust and greed. This is a gem. Work on it some more and you will win a prize for it.
3 years ago
Brilliant. This should be the start of an epic story
3 years ago
good smart girl