The daughter, her mother, and her boyfriend and hi

It was just mid afternoon. A Friday afternoon, the weekend stretched out before her, as Lorraine turned the corner and walked down the street towards the house she shared with her mother. It was two weeks since the threesome with her boyfriend and her mother. A very eventful fortnight. Ahead of her she thought she saw Ross, his back to her, walking away from their house. She closed the front door behind. She heard her mother in the kitchen, and walked down the hall. Paula was filling the kettle, and turned and smiled at her daughter, “tea?” she asked.
“Oh yes please, I could murder a cuppa.” Lorraine replied. Paula was naked, but for a pair of white cotton knickers.
“Been doing it with my boyfriend again Mum?” Lorraine asked.
“Sorry love, yes. I know I should have asked.”
Lorraine couldn’t think for a moment why her mother should have asked. Ross had been fucking both of them either singly, or together since “that night.” Lorraine didn’t mind one bit. She had never been serious about Ross, he’d just been useful. He still was, but she wanted someone else. She wanted to experience other men, come to that, other women.
Paula put the tea mugs on the kitchen table.
“Mum, isn’t it about time we did it with one of your boyfriends, I mean its only fair.”

Paula sipped her tea. Lorraine had a point she thought. Then without saying a word, she picked up her Blackberry, and pressed a speed dial number. The call was answered almost straight away. After a few pleasantries, Paula said, “look John, I fancy a little fun, when can I come over?”
“Tonight? No, no that would be great, but are you sure?”
“No that sounds nice, you know me, I’d be up for that. Look John, I’ll bring my daughter with me, you remember Lorraine.”
“No John, would I have suggested it if she wasn’t out for some fun as well. John we both are, you know what I am saying.”
After a couple more minutes, and some yes’s and oh course’s, Paula pressed the end button. She turned to her daughter. “Well love, your wish is my command. Lets get dolled up, we are going out.”

Paula parked the car outside a very smart apartment block overlooking the harbour. Lorraine stood beside her mother as she pressed the entry phone button. The door buzzed, and they went in. The lift took them to the penthouse apartment. Lorraine had butterflies in her stomach. Serious big ones.
“Mum, are you sure about this?”
“Sure, you bet. Look don’t worry, you look great, just try to enjoy yourself.” Paula said.
They had spent a couple of hours getting ready, doing their make up, choosing what to wear, that had been the fun part, now she was just a bag of nerves. She had felt great in her new underwear, which Paula had brought her after “that night” serious silk underwear, see through, and very expensive. She could see, quite clearly, her pussy through the filmy material. Her new “hair do” looked good too. Paula had whisked her down to the beauty salon. She now had a Brazilian, just like Mums. Her legs had been waxed, her nails done, and her eye brows plucked.

The lift stopped, and the doors opened. A pair of wooden double doors opposite the lift opened and a tall dark haired man greeted them. He was tanned, not bad looking, Lorraine thought, around forty she guessed. The guy was John, and he kissed Lorraine on both cheeks, after kissing Paula on the lips, before guiding them both into the apartment. The doors closed behind them.

They walked into a huge lounge, whose windows over looked the harbour. The view was spectacular, even Lorraine could see that. The room was nicely furnished, large leather sofa’s, a small bar in one corner. In the room were three other men. All in their late thirties, at least that’s what Lorraine thought. They stopped chatting as the two girls entered the room. John introduced them, “Boy’s, this is Paula, and her daughter, Lorraine. They want to have some fun, a lot of fun, so I think we should make sure they enjoy themselves, don’t you!”
Paula looked about the room. Was this such a good idea, to bring Lorraine here. Well it was too late now. She was looking forward to the evenings “party, ” Lorraine would soon find out what was in store for them. When she had phoned John, she had intended they would have an evening with just him, let Lorraine be fucked by him. But he had told her about his meeting with his “friends.” So here they were. John handed both the girls a drink, and they stood around chatting. Paula looked over to where Lorraine sipped her drink with two of John’s friends, she seemed fine, and was smiling. Well that was a relief. Then one of the guys squeezed Lorraine’s bum, and Paula saw her tense.

Lorraine was relaxing. The drink was helping. The two guys talking to her were charming. They were really nice, if a little old. More her Mums age than hers, but then what did she expect. She had been surprised to see anyone other than John, but supposed they would go soon, and they could do it with John, she couldn‘t wait. Then one of the guys squeezed her bum. She felt herself freeze. She wasn’t expecting that. He stroked her bum cheek, moving his hand lower, and then under her short dress, caressing the bare cheek of her arse. As he did this, the other guy put his hand behind her neck and kissed her on the lips, she felt the tip of his tongue in her mouth. The other guy had his fingers under the back of her thong, and ran them lower, pulling the thong from between the cheeks of her arse. The tongue was filling her mouth, her face tilting up to his. A finger slide into her pussy. She would have gasped, if she could. The zip of her dress was unzipped, it fell to the floor. The two guys stepped back from her, and she was at last able to take a deep breath. She stood between the two men, both old enough to be her father, now dressed only in a black see through bra, and matching thong. She teetered in her six inch high heels, the height of which she was still growing accustom to. One of the guys his cock in his hand, was slowly wanking it. She looked over to where her mother stood, just a step away. Paula was sipping her drink, and smiled at her. Lorraine handed her glass to one of new friends, and then reach down and took his cock in her hand. It was rock hard, and far larger than Ross’s. Now the other guy had unzipped his fly, his cock Lorraine saw was even bigger. Not longer, but thicker.

Paula saw one of the guys put his hand up Lorraine’s dress, she also saw Lorraine relax. That was a relief. The kiss she thought had done the trick. She watched as Lorraine’s dress fell to the floor. Lorraine looked good she thought. True she’d helped her get dressed, and knew what she was wearing, she’d paid for it. She needed more practise wearing stilettos‘. Lorraine squatted on her heels, and began giving both guys a blow job. Satisfied that Lorraine was doing a good job, Paula turned back to John, and the fourth guy, Hans.
“Who are the two guys with Lorraine John?” Paula asked.
“A couple of very lucky guys by the look of it, the blonde one is Bjorn, the other is Pieter, both business associates,” John replied.
Paula knew John well enough not to enquire further. John was involved in all sorts of businesses, not all of them strictly legal.
“Lets adjourn to the sofa, and enjoy ourselves, and watch your daughter enjoying herself,” Hans suggested.
Paula sat between John and Hans, and almost immediately her dress was above her waist, and her knickers around her ankles.

Lorraine could just see her mother, as she walked to the sofa. She turned her head, and took the other cock into her mouth. She still didn’t know who the two guys were, but the blonde one was now fucking her mouth, holding her head as he did so. She gagged, but he didn’t stop. When it was the turn of the other guy, she saw her Mum was wide legged on the sofa, John had his cock in her mouth, and the other guy had his head between her legs. She saw Paula look towards her, but then the eye contact was gone. Lorraine sucked blonde’s balls, no hair there, unlike Ross. The other guy began to play with her cunt, which was soaking wet. She was aching to be fucked, but as yet neither of the two guys seemed inclined to. Then she forgot she wanted to be fucked, as a tongue circled her anus, it felt fantastic.

John slipped out of the room. He had something he wanted to check on, he saw Lorraine was having a good time. He’d told Bjorn and Pieter not to fuck her until he gave the word. The word was still a few minutes’ away. Just before he shut the door, he saw Paula straddle Hans, and then gripping his cock, slide onto it.

Paula felt the cock deep inside herself, it felt good. Then she began, slowly at first, to fuck. Slowly, then faster and faster. Hans gripped her hips from behind her, and she threw her head back, and groaned loudly as she came. When she opened her eyes she saw Lorraine looking at her, her eyes smiled, but not her mouth, which was still full of cock, was it Bjorn, or Pieter, she couldn’t remember, and didn’t care. Nor by the look of her did Lorraine who had a face buried in her pussy. Why, Paula thought aren’t they fucking her yet. Strange! Then John returned, and the thought was lost.

“Lorraine, stop what you’re doing, and come over here,” John called.
The two guys stopped what they had been doing to Lorraine, and allowed her to get up and walk to the sofa where Hans was fucking her mother. Lorraine saw that Paula hadn’t heard John, and when she opened her eyes after her orgasm she was surprised to see her daughter standing in front of her.
“Lorraine, kneel down between your Mums legs,” John instructed her. Lorraine did as she was told. Paula was still fucking Hans, but slowly. So what did John want her to do, give her mother’s cunt some attention with her tongue she supposed. Guys seemed to really like that, at least Ross did, and guys in the porno films she had watched. Well one film. If that was what he wanted her to do it was alright with her, that first time had been a bit weird, but that had soon passed. Lorraine saw Hans pull his cock out of her mother cunt, and automatically bent her head and sucked off her mothers juices. Then Hans rubbed something on his cock, Lorraine wasn’t sure what it was. Hans altered his position under her mother slightly, then, to Lorraine’s amazement pushed his cock into her mothers arse. Lorraine expected Paula to cry out, but she didn’t, she just let out a satisfying “ohhhhhhhhhhh.”

Paula felt disappointed as Hans removed his cock from her cunt, but quickly realised there was a whole night in front of her, and Lorraine. She felt Hans move her slightly forward, and knew what was intended. Lorraine was right in front of her, in the box seat. Her box! Ross hadn’t fucked Lorraine in the arse, come to that, he hadn’t done it to her either. Perhaps she should have ensured he had, certainly before she had brought her daughter to John’s house. Paula relaxed, just in time, as the hard cock pushed its way up her arse. Fucking hell it felt big. It felt fucking good. She pushed down onto it, tightened and relaxed her anal muscles repeatedly on its hardness. Paula heard John instruct Lorraine to lick her cunt, which Lorraine did willingly. The girl was really good with her tongue, Paula recognised, and closed her eyes as she enjoyed the sensations pulsating through her body. She felt a bead of sweat run down her back. Then Hans lifted her off his cock, and told Lorraine to suck it. Paula thought Lorraine would refuse, but after a couple of seconds, she did.

Suck his cock, its just come out of my Mum’s arse. He must be fucking joking. Then she realized he wasn’t of course. They’d all think she was just a girl if she refused, fuck that. So she took hold of the cock, and put her mouth around it, quickly forgetting where it had so recently been. John told her to put it back in her mother arse, which she did, then one of the guys whose cock she had been sucking, pushed her to one side, knelt between her mother legs, and entered her cunt with his cock. Fucking hell, Lorraine almost said out loud, two cocks at once, what must that feel like. Come to that, how did her mother get that cock in her arse. Then it hit her. She’d be next! She watched as her mother was fucked. Later she would learn it was called a DP. A double penetration. She would also learn that sucking a cock straight from an arse, was called an ATM, an arse to mouth. But that was later, and now was now. Now her mother was also sucking a cock, so only John remained unoccupied. That was about to change.

John watched as his three “friends” went to work on Paula. He’d fuck her later. Right now he wanted to fuck her daughter. He’d been concerned when Paula had phoned him and said she like to bring her daughter, in spite of her reassurances that the girl was up for a good time. Well she’d passed the test, she was it seemed just like her mother, willing to do anything. She was good looking too, just like Paula. Well turned out, that would be Paula’s doing, good body, nice firm tits, with slightly upturned nipples. Paula’s were a little bigger, her nipples darker. They both had great legs, long too. This could work out to his advantage, time would tell. Right now, well right now he was going to fuck her.

Lorraine was still on all fours, watching as the three guys fucked her Mum. Then she felt two hands on her hips, and she was pulled backwards slightly, and at last, oh at last, a cock slid into her aching, wet cunt. At long last she was fucking her Mums boyfriend, though what sort of boyfriend he was she at that moment neither knew, nor care. “Fuck me, fuck me,” she shouted, “harder, harder.”
John obliged, fucking like a man who has taken Viagra, which he had. He felt Lorraine come, noting, as if time itself had slowed, that Paula too was coming, loudly. Jesus he thought, like mother like daughter. Well, he thought, time to see if the daughter likes it up the arse as much as the mother. Too bad if she doesn’t, because I’m going to fuck her arse, and so are the other three, whether she likes it or not. He withdrew from her, and as he did so he felt her hand on his hip, as she tried, and failed to stop him from pulling out. Then he rubbed the end of his swollen cock on her anus. He saw it pucker and tense, then pushed into it. He’d already put some lube in her arse, with his finger as he’d fucked her. His cock slid smoothly into her, and as it did so she screamed, “noooooooooo, no, no, I don’t like it.” But John didn’t stop, he just kept going, slowly, gently even, but fucking all the same.

Lorraine felt as if her arse was on fire, and that, that fire was going to split her wide open. It hurt like hell. Through a wall of tears she could see her mother still with a cock in her arse, the blonde guy now. How did she bear it. But she seemed to be enjoying it, loving it even.
“Stop, please stop,” Lorraine cried. John stopped, but he didn’t take it out. Lorraine shifted her position a little, it was still painful, but not so much.
“I don’t like it, please take it out,” she sobbed.
She heard John say he wouldn’t. Then he moved slowly again inside her.
“Mum, mum, make him stop,” Lorraine cried.

Paula had heard Lorraine’s loud orgasm, and was happy for her, and immediately enjoyed her own, intense, earth moving almost. Then she’d heard her daughter scream as John fucked her arse. She’ll get use to it, she thought, but then Lorraine calling for her to stop him. Paula pushed the guy fucking her cunt away, what was his name, she then raised herself off the cock that had been in her arse, and knelt beside her daughter. She stroked her hair. “Just relax, and push back a little darling” She soothed.
“But it hurts Mum, it really hurts.” Lorraine said.
“John, put some more lube into her,” Paula told John.
John, using two fingers lubed Lorraine’s arse, “better?”
“Much,” Lorraine said.
Paula reached between her daughters legs, and stroked her pussy, “nice?”
Lorraine nodded to her mother, Paula nodded to John, who pushed his cock, slowly back into Lorraine’s sore arse.

Lorraine knew it felt better this time, and John was taking it slowly, he mother was giving some serious attention to her pussy. She concentrated on her cunt.
“Better?” Paula asked.
“Yes, a little, but don’t stop what you’re doing Mum,” Lorraine said.
Paula laid down, her head under her daughter. She could see John’s cock moving slowly back and forth in her daughters arse. Paula lifted her head, and pushed her face into Lorraine’s pussy.

“A little faster, if you want John,” Paula heard Lorraine say.
Paula saw John move quicker, but continued flicking her tongue on Lorraine’s clit.
“Deeper John, and quicker,” Lorraine said.
Paula smiled to herself, “that’s my girl, she thought. As she thought that, so she felt herself being lifted, and one of the other guys entered her wet cunt.

Lorraine was feeling odd. John was fucking her arse, her mother’s tongue busy inside her cunt. Her arse no longer hurt, her stomach was tight, a tightness that seemed to reach to her throat. Then it hit her, she was coming, only it was different somehow, she was about to let out a loud groan, when a cock was f***ed into her mouth. She came anyway, she came in her clit, and she came in her arse. It was fantastic, so fantastic, she almost peed herself.

Paula felt her daughters body tremble, and knew she was coming. Her cunt pulsated, and then she pissed into Paula’s mouth, just a little, an egg cup full. So Lorraine liked it up the bum as well. She swallowed the little gift, and moved out from under Lorraine. “In my arse as well boy’s,” she said, “now.”
Two of the guys obliged, Paula didn’t know which two, one in her pussy, one in her arse. She straddle one, the other knelt before her. Bliss. Beside her John withdrew from Lorraine, and put his cock in Paula’s mouth.

“John, thanks, that was a fantastic evening,” Lorraine told him.
“I’m pleased you enjoyed yourself.” John replied.
Lorraine smiled. She had enjoyed herself. That first cock in her arse hadn’t been a lot of fun, but with her Mum’s help it had turned out to be the best. She’s been mortified when Paula had thanked her for pissing in her mouth. But the orgasm had been earth shattering. That had been only the start of it. A cock in her arse and in her cunt at the same time had felt unbelievable, the cock coming in her mouth at the same time the icing on the cake. She’d had all four guy’s. She’d only asked her Mum if she could fuck her boyfriend, but four of them together, wow. What would she ask for her birthday! Paula had, had a fantastic evening as well, Lorraine knew the signs now. Paula’s eyes sparkled when she’d been fucked.
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That was great
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OMG! You are a wonderful writer sweetie.
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Four lucky guys.